Every Year


Hi all! This is a little story about a normal woman with a strange problem... Maybe with enough response I might continue the story and reveal the mystery OR I might just let you guys draw your own conclusions... Sorry for any switches between first and third person. I don't always catch myself.


Every year it's the same thing. The closer it gets to Christmas, the stranger Mandy felt.

"Are you sure you don't want to come to the party? It's not too late," her friend Erica asked.

"No," she answered absentmindedly. "I have something else to do." Mandy hung up the phone on a still talking Erica and walked towards her closet. Her hair was still wet from her shower, dripping down the almond colored skin exposed above her towel.

She took out a tight, light blue jean button-up corset and a pair of lacy shorts that stopped no further than the very bottom of her butt. Of course she knew in her mind that what she was about to do was ridiculous but she couldn't stop herself. She never could.

After applying several products to her hair to keep it from frizzing, she literally squeezed into her clothing and pulled out the highest pair of black stilettos in her closet. Turning to face the full length mirror in her room, she gave herself a once over. Her D cup breasts were threating to pop the buttons attempting to hold them in place, her wide hips adding to the deliciousness of her curves and her long, smooth legs were on display beneath the shorts that could easily double as lingerie. Her curly hair flowed down her back and framed her beautiful face that held plump pink lips and hazel eyes.

'I can't leave the house like this! I'll freeze! Someone will rape me!' she tried to tell herself. Her heart was racing but the fear she was feeling inside wasn't being reflected into the mirror. On the outside she looked cool, calm, and ready for what she knew was going to happen. She couldn't take control of her body and she sensed that whatever was controlling her knew it. She could only watch in horror as a wicked smile appeared on her face in her reflection. The world around her felt hazy and her skin tingled in anticipation. She walked towards her door with only her red clutch in hand and grabbed her car keys hanging by the door. The analog at the door stated it was already close to one thirty. She never leaves the house this late to go out. Just another sign that she was out of her mind. Usually she treaded carefully in the four inch heels she had on, but the force controlling her compelled her to stand straight and walk with confidence. She strutted down her porch steps like she was in sneakers going for a jog.

The night air was harsh against her skin but it turned out to be a relief. She felt as if she was on fire and the crisp wind was just what she needed to cool down. The neighborhood looked like something out of a fairytale. Everyone's houses decorated in white lights and inflatable characters. Trees were still covered in the snow that fell a few days prior and the ground covered in dew. Mandy kept to the sidewalk as she walked towards her car feeling defeated. She couldn't stop herself if she wanted to. All she wanted was an answer as to why this happened year after year.

Before she knew it, Mandy was sitting outside of a biker bar; "Big Billy's Biker Bar" to be exact and the crowd looked rough. The men were all in leather jackets and black boots or shoes. There were an assortment of different mustache/beard combinations and all had beers in hand. The moment Mandy stepped through the door, all eyes were on her. The music was loud and the lights were dimly lit. There was a haze of smoke in the air that made Mandy want to gag and everything was made of dark wood. There wasn't another soul in the establishment as dark as her and again she questioned how she hadn't been killed yet. Upon taking a few more steps into the bar, a man to her right grabbed her arm and spoke to her.

"I think yer lost little lady. How bout you get back in dat expensive car out der and go on home?" he said to her. His accent was throwing her off since his appearance didn't hint at the country twang she heard in his voice. Standing five feet and eight inches herself, the man towered over her still. The man had a bald head and brown haired beard that was cut like a triangle on his face. The arm he was holding her with was hairy and had a number of different tattoos making a sleeve. His fingerless leather gloves decorated with spikes matched the jacket he wore under a camo vest. He had a piercing in one of his ears and his breath smelled of cigarettes and beer.

"No, actually, I think I just found my reason for being here," she replied calmly as she eyed his body. He was big and meaty and Mandy groaned inwardly as she involuntarily began to get wet. He appeared to be in his mid to late thirties. Maybe just about ten years older than her twenty six years. The man loosened his grip on her arm then looked back at his group of pals and nodded once. He returned his attention to her and gave a confident smirk. He leaned down and lowered his voice to a whisper.

"We don't see yer kind round here much. No offense, but this place don't really seem like yer style," he said glancing down at her outfit. "Maybe you should head on home after all? I wouldn't wanna hear nothing bad happen to you out here all by yerself." Mandy looked up into his blue eyes and gave him her own smirk.

"I'm not by myself, now am I? I have a big, hot man in front of me. Tell me, when's the last time you had your dick sucked?" Mandy's entire heart sank as she heard the words leave her lips. 'I have to get control of my body back,' she thought. She could feel that this was the year she was going to get herself into something she couldn't get it out of. Her panic only increased as the guy eyed her hungrily and licked his lips. Again he turned around and gave some kind of signal to his friends before turning back.

"What's yer name, hun?" he asked.


"How bout we get some privacy den, Mandy." It was more of a command than a question and he promptly tightened his hold on Mandy's arm and pulled her towards the back. A few of the women in the bar were giving her mean looks despite the fact that they were sitting on other men's laps. One woman with heavy red lipstick and practically no shirt on even muttered "black bitch" as she walked by. Any other day that would have been enough to start a fight but tonight Mandy was more concerned with the fact that she had just offered to suck a strange man's cock. A big, hairy, tattooed man.

The man stopped at a door at the end of the hallway that held the bathrooms and pushed her inside the dark room. The music was a lot quieter and there wasn't any smoke lingering in the air. Despite the situation, Mandy began to calm down for the first time that night. The man closed the door then flipped on a switch and the room flooded with dim light. The air was cooler than in the main bar but Mandy was still burning up. She looked around for a moment and realized they were in a small office. There was literally only a small filing cabinet, a desk with a chair and another chair in front of it in the room. The tingling feeling was coming back and Mandy began praying for this to all be a dream.

The man pulled Mandy towards him by her waist and crushed his lips against hers and invaded her mouth with his tongue. She could taste the cigarettes he probably had just a few moments ago and smell his beer and cologne mixed scent. He grabbed her ass which elicited a real moan from Mandy. She wasn't used to being handled so aggressively by her normal lovers, unless of course, it was that time of year again. She wrapped her arms around his neck and allowed him to push her up onto the desk as he threw the small chair behind her out of the way. Mandy could feel that his pants appeared to be leather also although his belt was just a chain. When he pulled back, Mandy read what she assumed to be his name on the front of his camo vest. Rick.

"Rick, is it? How bout I show you a good time?" she said seductively. Mandy could feel her heart racing and her body reacting to Rick's rough fingertips on her open thighs.

"You sure know how to get a man hard," he said in a slightly strained voice. She pushed him back and ordered him to unbutton his vest and jacket as she squatted down to work on his belt and pants. Despite the situation, Mandy was shaking with anticipation of seeing his cock. She wanted to chastise herself for the thought but she knew she wasn't in control of herself and couldn't help the way her body seemed to want this man.

Mandy pulled the zipper away and reached into Rick's pants and pulled his heavy uncut dick out of a small bush of brown hair. It was long enough for both of Mandy's hands and just the right width. She used one hand to stroke down and drew back the skin covering the head. She then squeezed as she pulled back up causing Rick to moan in pleasure as a line of precum oozed out the blood engorged tip. She moved closer until his cock was lined up perfectly with his mouth and paused. She looked up at him as he looked down at her and thrust his hips forward to make the connection. Mandy took him the rest of the way into her mouth and sucked hard. She used her spit to lube his member and used her hand to stroke what she couldn't get in her mouth.

Mandy looked back up as she worked and watched as he threw his head back in ecstasy. He had taken off his gloves and his chest was now fully exposed. He was covered in a moderate layer of brown hair and he had a small gut which sported a tattoo of a red crown with thorns to the bottom left. His grunts of pleasure were fuel keeping Mandy going and her own pussy was throbbing. Rick suddenly jerked back and pulled Mandy to her feet panting heavily.

"I wanna see those tits," he half whispered as he roughly unbuttoned her corset. Her breasts practically spilled out before he got it all the way unbuttoned and he greedily attached the left one with his mouth. Her nipples were like dark chocolate covered pebbles that sat atop large areolas. As his mouth and fingers pinched and worked at them both, waves of pleasure shot through her body and she moaned loudly as she grabbed the back of his head in encouragement. He pulled himself away long enough to push her back on top of the desk and pull down her shorts. She wasn't wearing underwear so Rick bypassed working on the other breast to get on his knees and taste her shaved pussy. He took a moment to admire the mix of brown and pink before he began his attack.

Mandy's body was on fire as Rick nibbled and lapped at her clit. He pushed two of his beefy fingers inside her and that was all she needed. She came hard on his face with a loud scream and squeezed her thighs together trapping him until her pussy stopped contracting and the waves of pleasure waned out. Rick stood back up and pulled his pants the rest of the way down. He reached into the one of the drawers in the desk as Mandy caught her breath and pulled out a condom. He swiftly sheathed himself and walked back between Mandy's thighs. He grabbed her thighs in his hands and threw her legs over his arms. Mandy wiggled in anticipation as he positioned his cock at her entrance and pushed the head in. Mandy leaned back on her elbows and moaned in unison with Rick as he entered her. He pulled out and pushed in again, going in a little further and repeated until he was fully inside her.

"Fuck! You gotta tight little pussy," he grunted. The harder he pounded, the wetter Mandy got until her juices began flow out of her, completely soaking them in the process. Rick was covered in a fine sheen of sweat and Mandy was having a hard time not enjoying what was happening with her. She couldn't stop being disgusted with herself as she yelled out for him not to stop and that she was close to cumming.

"Oh, yeah! Fuck! I'm cumming, baby! Cum with me!" he yelled just as Mandy peeked and flew over the edge. She fell back onto the desktop and squirmed around sending some papers and other things flying off the desk. As Mandy gained control of herself again, the air seemed suddenly cold. The haze she felt like she was in was gone and she gasped in realization. She snapped out of her trance too early! Usually she was back at home before it happened and now she was naked in the back of a bar with some guy and she was in her full right mind again.

Mandy sat upright and looked at the smiling man. He began to chuckle and pulled the full condom off his dick and backed away from her in search of the trashcan. Mandy snapped into action and pulled on her shorts and hurriedly attempted to button her corset. Her curls were in a wild mess on her head and were blocking her view of the buttons. She heard the Rick guy chuckle so she stopped to look up. He already had his pants zipped back up and was working on his vest and jacket.

"Someone's in a hurry now. Gotta be somewhere?" he asked with a raised eyebrow. She needed to play it cool. She walked in like she owned the place so it only made sense to keep up with the act so she wouldn't seem crazy.

"My ride turns into a pumpkin at three," she said with what she hoped was a playful smile. Rick shook with laughter.

"Well, you a lil past curfew den! It's twenty after. You can straighten yourself out in here. I have to make sure everyone's out the bar by now," he said as he opened the door and left the room. Mandy looked around some more trying to put together some pieces. 'Do I have control because it's after three now? That's usually when I snap out of this thing but I thought it was because I'm usually home by now,' she pondered in her head. She finished buttoning her corset and cursed whatever was controlling her for not allowing her to grab a coat to wear. She pulled open the door and stopped when her foot kicked something. It was a nameplate and it had Rick's name on it. He must be the owner of the bar she thought.

Mandy peeked out of the door and down the corridor. There didn't seem to be anyone else there besides the bartender and Rick, which was good considering her nerves were threatening to turn her legs into gelatin. She walked as calmly and confidently as she could. When Rick heard the clicking of her heels her turned to meet her.

"I'll take you to yer car. Ders still some people out front. I'll make sure dey don't bother you," he offered. She just shook her head and stole a glance at the bartender. He wasn't dressed in the hardcore biker gear the other men were wearing. Just a simple black t-shirt and a pair of dark heavily ripped jeans. He did have a large tattoo on his neck and a few facial piercings, but that was it. He blew her a kiss as she walked past him which made her blush and quickly snap her head forward. There wasn't any music playing anymore but the air still held some lingering smoke and the place still looked rough. She could feel the cold air and hear some male voices as they approached the door. Her nervousness grew a little and she fought to not pass out from embarrassment and fear.

As soon as the door opened, the talking stopped. Most of the men and women still hanging around outside smirked at the two of them. A few gave her a disapproving frown but the others looked indifferent. They made it to her Mercedes in a few seconds but it felt like an eternity to her.

"Nice meeting you, Mandy. I gotta say it was a surprise dat you would go for a guy like me. A pleasant surprise though," Rick said. Mandy blushed but tried to hide it as she shrugged.

"Don't doubt yourself, Rick. Just because I'm black doesn't mean I don't find you attractive," Mandy replied. She was a little caught off guard at the truth in her words and wondered if she felt that way because she really found his rough appearance attractive or if it was because he gave her two amazing orgasms. He gave her a lopsided grin before responding.

"Dat may be true but I was talking bout how attractive you are." Mandy blushed again at his compliment then shivered from the night air. It had to be almost freezing out and she was shooting the breeze like it was a hot summer night.

"You better get on outta here. I see yer cold. Hope to hear from ya again sometime," he said as opened the car door for her. She nodded her head and got in the car not knowing what to say. She cranked up and didn't wait for the air to get warm before taking off. She made a vow to herself that these yearly excursions to random bars would stop with this last trip. She was going to find out why in the hell this kept happening to her and why it always ended at three in the morning. Better yet, why she always dressed up and went to biker bars in search of these big white men. She never even looked up how to get to them. All she knew was that she would get in the car and make the necessary turns and end up at places like the one she just left.

Mandy pulled her phone out of her clutch and google directions home. She cursed as she took a few wrong turns before finally making it to a road she recognized and found her way back easily. It was a little after four o'clock when she got back. She ran straight to her shower and washed the smell of smoke and sex from her body. She tied her now unruly hair up and fell into her bed still in her towel. Her mystery could wait to be solved in the morning. Right now, she needed sleep.


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