tagGay MaleEverybody Does It: Day Four

Everybody Does It: Day Four


Just a reminder that this story contains graphic sex between dominant and submissive categories, although the sex is not completely gay in nature, and there is a degree of humiliation involved. At this point, reading the previous installments would seem to be helpful in understanding the story.


Paul Lombardo felt empty as he packed up his briefcase before leaving work. This was the first day of the week that he hadn't spent on his knees in Mr. Johnson's office, and for some reason, he missed it. The degradation, the submission and most of all Rawle Johnson's cock.

How could this have happened? One day he was a happily married man with a nice home in the suburbs, with a loving wife and dreams of a family in the not-too distant future. Then he gets caught in a little harmless surfing on the Net, merely satisfying his curiosity, and it all gets turned upside down. All because of Rawle Johnson.

Paul grabbed the report he had been directed to finish by his boss before quitting time, and after setting it on Mr. Johnson's desk his nostrils caught the faint scent of the body oil that his boss used. It was some kind of very subtle coconut and vanilla aroma, and even though Mr. Johnson had been out of the office since noon the scent still lingered.

His boss said that he might not get back to the office that night but told Paul he should leave it on the desk because he would be in Saturday regardless so Paul did what he was told. He even lingered a little bit after 4 just in case Mr. Johnson came back, but Paul finally gave up and went home.

Diane had beaten Paul home, and after filling each other in on the news of the day, Paul asked Diane if she wanted to go out for dinner rather than slave in the kitchen.

"Actually babe, it's so hot out, I'd rather just sit by the pool and maybe cook some burgers," Diane suggested.

"Works for me," Paul said. "Suits or no suits?"

"Paul - we're going to be cooking and eating," Diane said with a laugh, and so Paul went to get his swimming trunks on.

With a 8' privacy fence on one side, a vacant lot on the other side at least for the present, and woodlands to the rear, their house was so secluded that they occasionally went skinny dipping, but usually only after dark.

"Ooh! That's almost as good as naked," Paul said when he saw the blue bikini that his wife had put on.

The top was made to look like a couple of clam-shells, and as he looked Diane over, with her plump little butt, skinny yet shapely legs and a perfectly flat stomach, he had to admit that while she might not be voluptuous, Diane had a body that not many 38 year old women possessed.

They floated in the pool together, with their backs against the back of the pool wall, and as Paul looked over the house and surroundings, he had to admit that he had it made. They had obtained the house just after the real estate prices plummeted, which was the only way they could afford something like it.

"Hear that?"

"What?" Paul asked, startled out of his daydream.

"The doorbell, dummy," Diane said.

"Shit. Choose you for it," he announced, resorting to their favorite way of deciding who would get stuck doing something that neither one of them wanted to do.

"Odds!" Diane yelped, and then slapped the water when she saw they had both thrown out two fingers. "I always lose!"

"Hurry back," Paul said. "Whatever they're selling we don't want it."

Diane nodded and threw on her terrycloth robe before scurrying to answer the bell, brushing her short blonde hair back as she reached the door.

"Yes?" Diane said as she looked up at the distinguished looking African-American man on the porch, dressed in a sharp looking cream colored suit with a pink shirt, and Diane braced herself for what she expected to be a sales pitch on some religion of sorts.

"Mrs. Lombardo?" the man said, his voice sounding like Barry White as he looked down at the woman who was more than a foot shorter than he.


"Please forgive the intrusion," Rawle Johnson said as he extended his hand. "I'm Rawle Johnson. I work with your husband."

"Oh! Mr. Johnson," she said, extending her hand and watching it disappear in the massive ebony hand with the immaculately manicured nails. "Please come in."

"Hope I'm not interrupting dinner," Rawle said as he stepped inside. "I don't make a habit of such things, but your husband did a report for me and must have left out a page of it. I was hoping that he had it with him because it wasn't at his desk."

"No, we haven't eaten yet, Mr. Johnson," Diane said. "Paul's out back. Follow me."

Paul Lombardo did a double take when he saw Diane slide the screen-door open with his boss right behind him, towering over the petite blonde with an arrogant grin than Diane couldn't see.

"Mr. - Mr. Johnson," Paul stammered while wading over to the ladder while his wife led his boss over to him.

"Nice set up you've got here," Rawle Johnson said, smiling as his subordinate grabbed a towel to dry himself off with.

"Diane - um - this is..."

"We've already introduced ourselves," Mr. Johnson said, smiling that dazzling smile toward Diane while watching Paul fumble with the towel. "Although you really should get another picture for your desk, because the one you have doesn't do justice to this lovely woman."

Paul smiled while watching Diane blush, her hands gripping the terrycloth robe tightly, and he knew that after only being around Rawle Johnson for a minute, she was already captivated by him. What did he have? Charisma wasn't enough to describe the hold he had over people, and Paul had seen it in action at the office with vendors and competitors. Now he was working on Diane., as she seemed to be falling for it hook line and sinker.

Then again, Paul thought as he watched the two of them chat while he dried off, hadn't it been the same with him. He had never visited those websites before - not until Rawle Johnson took over the local office. Oh, he had been curious, but now that curiosity had become an obsession.

"Like I was telling your lovely wife, I got the report but you left out the summary page," Mr. Johnson said. "I was hoping you had brought it home by mistake."

"I did?" Paul said, and was about to say that he was certain he had given him everything, but he didn't want to make a scene so he simply said, "I'll go in and check."

"Excuse us," Paul heard Mr. Johnson say from behind him, and was immediately aware that his boss was following him down the hall and into his bedroom where he had left his briefcase.

"I'm sure that I gave you the entire thing Mr. Johnson," Paul said as he opened his briefcase.

"Calm down, Lombardo," Rawle Johnson said as he walked over to the window and peeked through the curtains out to the pool area. "The report is fine. Matter-of-fact, your work is the only thing that saves you in a way, no matter how good a cocksucker you are."

"And speaking of that."

Paul looked up from the briefcase and saw Mr. Johnson standing there with his cock hanging out of the fly of her slacks, the limp black hose standing out starkly against the cream colored slacks.

"What if Diane comes in here looking for us?"

"Yeah. Wouldn't that be nice?" Mr. Johnson mused as he pulled and stretched his enormous organ while looking out at Paul's wife. "She ever going to take that robe off so I can get a look at her? Oh! Good boy."

Rawle Johnson looked down on Paul, who had gone to his knees and was bringing the black snake to his lips and sighed, "You can't get enough of this big black cock, can you?"

Paul stretched his mouth over the end of the bulb, spinning the tip of her tongue underneath the ridge of the foreskin before peeling back the shroud with his lips as his mouth moved down Mr. Johnson's manhood.

"She's a cutie," Rawle Johnson said as he leaned over and went through the pile of their clothes on the chair. "What do we have here? Is this a training bra?"

Paul looked up and saw that Mr. Johnson had Diane's brassiere in his hand and was looking at it intently, checking the padded cups and the tag on the back.

"Can't read this - 32A, or double A," Mr. Johnson said. "Do you know? No? Anyway, there's some tiny titties that fit in this thing. She's a teacher, right? What grade she teach?"

"Sixth," Paul said as he pulled the cock out of his mouth long enough to answer before going back at it.

"She looks so good - I'll bet people can't tell who the teacher in her class is unless she's up at the front of the room," Rawle commented. "You aren't a pedophile, are you Lombardo? Hate those fuckers, but as long as you're just playing it's okay. Ever dress her up in clothes to make her look young?"

"Couple times," Paul said, and then almost fell on his face when his boss pulled away from him, yanking the cock from his grasp.

"I must pay you too much because you got a nice place here," Mr. Johnson said. "Now here's what we're going to do. We're going to go out there, and I'm betting that your cute little girl will invite me to stay for dinner. Think that's possible?"

"Yes," Paul answered, rising when Mr. Johnson maneuvered his cock back into his slacks and motioned for him to get up.

"If she doesn't, you will," Mr. Johnson instructed. "And I will accept. You will then say that it was too bad that I didn't bring a bathing suit because it's so hot and the water is so cool. I will then say that because you've got such a secluded yard, we shouldn't bother with bathing suits. All of us, so I don't feel out-of-place."

"She'll never do it,"

"No?" Mr. Johnson asked with a raised eyebrow. "Not even if I asked her nice?"

"I don't think so. Really."

"Well, if not, we'll play it by ear. Now let's get back outside and have some fun."

Paul followed his boss outside, and just as Mr. Johnson had predicted, Diane chirped up.

"Mr. Johnson, would you like to stay and have something to eat with us?" she asked sweetly. "We were only having burgers and salads, but we would love to have you stay, wouldn't we honey?"

"Uh - sure - of course," Paul mumbled.

"Well, on only one one condition, Mrs. Lombardo" Mr. Johnson said. "Only if you call me Rawle."

"Oh. Okay, Rawle," Diane chirped. "And I'm Diane."

"Excellent Diane," Mr. Johnson said, and after he looked over at his subordinated he made a face and took off his jacket. "It is a hot one."

"Oh. Um. Too bad you didn't have a bathing suit," Paul said, having forgotten his line, and as he looked at his boss is in pink shirt, he was amazed that the man hardly broke a sweat despite the heat.

"You know, you folks..." Mr. Johnson said, but then Diane chimed in.

"Paul, you have an extra suit," Diane said.

"Honey, Mr. Johnson wouldn't want to wear a bathing suit of mine," Paul said, realizing how fastidious his boss was about things.

"No. Remember the one I bought you and you wouldn't wear because you thought it was too loud? It's just like the one you have on except for the color. It's still in the package," Diane said. "34 waist. Would that fit you Mr. - I mean Rawle?"

"Might be a tad big, but I can give it a try," Rawle said, and Paul looked at his boss, wondering how a man with shoulders and a chest the size they were could have a waist smaller than his own.

"I'll go get it," Diane said, and as she left Mr. Johnson smiled at Paul.

"Seems like the little lady wants to see me in a bathing suit," he snickered, and when Diane came out with the lime green shorts he thanked his hostess and went inside to change.

"You seem eager to see my boss in a bathing suit," Paul said, practically mimicking what Mr. Johnson had just said to him.

"Just trying to be nice," Diane said, and then tickled Paul. "Are you jealous?


"Well, I think it will be nice to see two good looking guys in swim trunks. Who knows? Maybe we'll all end up in bed together by the end of the night," Diane giggled mischievously, adding quickly, "Kidding!"

"What's taking him so long?" Paul muttered. "I better check. Maybe they don't fit."

Paul went in the house and back to her bedroom, where Mr. Johnson was naked as a jaybird. His muscles were bulging so much that it looked like he had been lifting weights, and when Paul entered Mr. Johnson shook his head.

"I was hoping you were Diane," Mr. Johnson said. "It would be terrible to have her see me like this, right?"

Paul had never seen Mr. Johnson completely naked, and it was a staggering sight. Not a trace of fat anywhere on his 6'3" frame, and besides his eyebrows there wasn't a hair on his body. Not a hair, a tattoo or even a blemish to break the rich smoothness of his supple black skin. His nipples were large purplish buds, and when Rawle Johnson saw his employee looking at them he make his muscular man boobs dance by flexing.

"Come here, Lombardo," Rawle instructed. "They look good enough to suck, don't they? Be my guest."

Paul leaned down and put his mouth over the plumb bud and sucked lightly on it, and when his boss told him to suck harder, he complied, going back and forth between them while holding his sides.

"You've got a talented mouth on you Lombardo," Rawle cackled. "Excellent oral skills. I'll have to but that on your next evaluation, if you make it that far. That's nice. Now why don't you slide you tongue over here. That it. Lick my armpits. Lick them all over."

With Mr. Johnson's hand holding onto his scalp, Paul's face was guided over to his boss's underarm, and after his boss linked his hands behind his neck he looked over at his subordinate lapping away at at the deep pockets of his armpits.

"Mm-mm, I like that," Rawle Johnson sighed and Paul lapped enthusiastically at the satiny smooth skin which had that same vanilla and coconut flavor as the rest of him did.

Paul glanced over at his boss, who was watching him do his bidding with his usual arrogant attitude, and averted his eyes when they met. Instead, Paul trained his gaze up at Mr. Johnson's bicep, which because of the way he was stretching made the muscle even more pronounced.

"I was hoping your little lady would come in," Rawle said as he stepped away from Paul and grabbed the trunks off of the bed. "She might have enjoyed watching you suck on my nipples and armpits."

Rawle Johnson backhanded his cock and pulled on his several times, and that made his swaying cock look even more outrageously large. When he saw his employee staring at him he shook his head before bending down and slipping on the trunks, his member flopping violently upward as the elastic slid up towards his waist.

"What do you think, Lombardo?" Rawle said as he posed for him while rearranging himself inside the trunks. "Think Diane will like this? They're a little loose, so they might slide down when they get wet."

"You can't go out there like that," Paul said as he shook his head. "They don't fit."

"Why? They're okay," Rawle snickered as he looked where Paul's eyes were, and then feigned surprise when he looked in the mirror.

"Why look at that," Rawle said as he reached down toward the right leg of the trunks and grabbed his foreskin which was peeking out from behind the lime green fabric, stretching it down even further than it was before. "The trunks you have on are the same style, but you don't have this problem with yours, do you Lombardo?"

Paul looked at the shrouded head of Mr. Johnson's cock, with the black cherry tip barely visible under the ebony shroud, and shook his head.

"Why do you like to make me feel like crap?" Paul said, trying not to look at something that was impossible to miss.

"Because I can, Lombardo. Are you mad about that, or jealous?"

"Both, I guess," Paul muttered as Mr. Johnson came up to him.

"You're honest, and I like that, but I don't like it when you start acting uppity with me."


"Shut up," Rawle Johnson hissed as he watched his subordinates face twist in pain, the result of the grip he had on Paul's scrotum though his soggy trunks, and as he squeezed he straightened Paul out.

"I've got the power. You're nothing," Mr. Johnson snapped. "I can make these sad little nuggets become raisins if I choose, do you understand?"

"Yes," Paul grunted. "Please don't. It hurts."

"Then be a good boy," Mr. Johnson said, releasing his grip and going over to grab a bag off the bed. "That way, we'll all have fun. I had this in the car."

Rawle Johnson lifted the bottle of Chivas Regal from the bag for Paul to see.

"Funny how that worked out," he snickered. "Me having that bottle with me. Diane like to drink?"

"A little," Paul said, grimacing as he tried to get his balls to stop aching. "Not too much because she gets a little..."

"A little what, Lombardo?"

"A little silly," Paul mumbled.

"Wouldn't want that," Mr. Johnson said. "Really wouldn't, because when it happens, and we both know it will, I want her to be aware of everything. Both of you. Now let's not keep the little lady waiting."

Paul went back outside where Diane was fiddling with the gas grill, trying to get it lit, and Paul stood by and watched his wife, waiting for her reaction as his boss announced that he had been to the liquor store earlier so they could have cocktails before dinner.

"Great," Diane said before lifting her head as Paul's boss put the bottle on the picnic table. "Darn thing won't light."

"Here, let me help," Mr. Johnson said, and while Paul didn't think Diane noticed Rawle Johnson's wardrobe malfunction at first, it was clear that she did now as she stepped back, almost falling into the pool as her head jerked back and forth, trying not to look at what was peeking out of the leg of the trunks while Mr. Johnson pretended not to notice and acted like nothing was wrong.

Diane looked absurd, Paul noted as her head kept twitching, as if Rawle Johnson's cock was a fishing pole and the hook was in Diane's mouth. Paul felt like screaming at her to just look at the damn thing, or for her to tell his boss his penis was exposed, but she did neither, and only when he saw Paul watching her watch his boss, did she break out of her trance.

"Burgers are inside," Diane blurted out as she went into the kitchen.

"It's lit now. Why don't we take a dip, Lombardo?"

Paul followed his boss out until he was up to his nipples in the water, watching as Mr. Johnson dipped his head underwater a couple of times before addressing his subordinate.

"Do you think your wife noticed something?" Mr. Johnson asked whimsically.

You know she did, Paul thought to himself as they watched Diane bringing the burgers out to the grill, and her face was still flushed from the experience even now.

"Diane," Mr. Johnson called out. "C'mon in and join us."

"Gotta cook," Diane said, shrugging her shoulders.

"The grill has got to heat up first," Mr Johnson said as he walked over towards her, the ever decreasing level of the water revealing more and more of his glistening ebony torso.

Paul was relieved at first when he saw that the water must have caused a little shrinkage and the tip of Mr. Johnson's tool was no longer hanging out, but then he saw that the lime green trunks, after getting wet, clung to his body like a vacuum seal had been applied, and the outline of his cock was now clearly defined right down to the knob of his glans.

"Shit," Paul whispered to himself as he saw Diane try not to stare at the obscene bulge that looked like his boss had a salami hanging in his trunks.

"Don't make us come up there and get you," Mr. Johnson said with a deviish grin.

"Okay," Diane said, and then took of her robe and set it on a chair, walking toward the water as Mr. Johnson retreated to give her room.

"Wish you took that robe off earlier," Paul heard his boss say softly to his wife. "You've got an amazing body, Diane."

"Cold," Diane said as she joined the men, and Paul saw the tiny pegs of her nipples poking at the clam-shell top.

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