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Usha's Story

Chapter 1 - Honeymoon

The telephone rang and Ruth Archer answered it in the kitchen at Brookfield Farm, where she lived with her three children and farmer husband, David, one of the locally prominent and influential Archer family.

"Hi, Ruth," her close friend, Usha Franks, nee Gupta, said.

"Hi! When did you get back from your honeymoon?" Ruth asked. Usha had married the local vicar, Alan Franks, a few weeks earlier, after a short engagement. "Can't wait to hear all about it," Ruth said, in a conspiratorial voice.

"Is David around?" asked Usha.

"No, he's at the market today and won't be home until later."

"Great! Can we meet? I have lots to tell you."

"You bet you can – soon as you like!" said Ruth. "Where do you want to meet?"

Having decided to have lunch at a favourite wine bar in Borchester, they met around 1230. Once they had ordered their lunch and were started on a second bottle of white wine, Ruth demanded to know all about the last few weeks. Usha started to describe her honeymoon to Ruth, detailing the places she and Alan had visited and describing the quality of the hotel where they had stayed. It wasn't until Ruth challenged Usha that she appeared to be leaving something out that Usha, reluctantly, admitted the truth and confided in Ruth her belief that Alan would never be a great lover, despite his unquestionable, unequivocal love for her. Quite simply he was not man enough size wise, nor was he assertive enough to satisfy her needs.

"So, why did you marry him?" asked Ruth, somewhat confused. She had always believed that Usha and Alan were ideally suited.

"We are well suited in many ways, but not sexually, well not in a conventional way," replied Usha.

"What does that mean?" Ruth questioned. "Not in a conventional way? What other ways are there?"

"Well," said Usha "we may have different needs, but maybe our needs are in a way complementary yet compatible."

"Go on," said Ruth, looking inquisitively at her friend.

"If I elaborate, will you promise never to reveal this to another living soul? If my family found out, they would die of shame."

"My god!" said Ruth, "this sounds serious – tell me what's going on!"

The honeymoon had started in a conventional enough way, Usha explained. However, it was soon very clear to Usha, that, as she had anticipated, Alan wasn't an assertive, or particularly accomplished, lover. They had been together for some months before the wedding and honeymoon and he had never taken her the way some of her former lovers had – hard, long and repeatedly! Her husband's endowment although not tiny, could only be described as below average in both length and girth, and his balls, too, were on the small side.

This was Usha's first marriage, she had a history of serial relationships, some lasting longer than others but all failing in favour of her ambition and career. She had co habited with her last partner, Richard. He had been the local doctor but their relationship had ended after he had had an affair, resulting in Usha kicking him out. Part of her regretted that decision and in hindsight she often pondered what might have been had she been more liberal towards his indiscretion. Who knows where that may have led them as a couple.

In the early hours on the third night of their holiday, despite Alan having made love to her shortly after they retired, Usha awoke wet and horny having had a very vivid dream. In the dream she was naked on a bed, on her hands and knees, whilst a large man with a massive cock shafted her from behind. The man fucking her made her orgasm over and over again, something Alan had never got close to achieving in their time together, Usha suspected that he never would.

Usha recognised the man in her dream as one of the hotel waiters. She slipped from the bed and into the en suite. Once inside, she quietly closed the door and, standing in front of the mirror, she took off her short nightdress and ran her hands over her dark, firm body. Despite being the wrong side of 40, her body was slim, toned and firm, the result of many hours in the gym and long, regular road runs. Her Indian descent gave her skin a wonderfully even dusky colour, the sort of colouration that many spent hours attempting to achieve out in the sun or under lamps. She pulled on her dark brown nipples and squeezed her small tits. Her body was on fire as she relived the dream and her hand travelled over her flat stomach and down through her jet black pubic hair to find her clit. She climaxed almost instantly as she imagined the waiter ploughing her deep and hard. She knew then, at that very moment in time, that Alan, as much as she loved him, would never be enough to satisfy all her sexual needs. She wondered how she would resolve her inborn natural desire for hard sex with her marriage to a gentle caring man.

The following few days were to address Usha's love/lust dilemma. During after dinner drinks in the lounge of the hotel, Alan, excused himself to visit the toilet. As Usha waited for him to return she caught the eye of the very same waiter that she had fantasised about not two nights before. He made a beeline for her and asked if there was anything he could get her. She said 'no', but, rather than withdrawing as one might expect a waiter to do, he held his ground and attempted to engage her in conversation. Usha was polite but not engaging, yet he persisted, even remarking how attractive she looked and commenting on the luck of her husband in having such a pretty wife. Strangely, she did not find him particularly attractive, certainly not in the way she had dreamed about him, and was becoming a little peeved with his attention, when out of the corner of her eye, she spotted Alan. Her husband appeared to be hovering some distance away, when, sensibly, he should be making his way back to his new bride. Usha, a trained lawyer, suddenly realised that her husband was avoiding interrupting the scenario he had encountered on re-entering the lounge. Could it be, she wondered, that he wants to see if I will respond to the flattery of this other man? Intuition told Usha that this could indeed be the case and she decided to explore her theory by making first small talk then more intimate communication, using both verbal and body language.

She leaned forward, giving the waiter a substantial view of her small, but firm and perky, dark-skinned breasts. She regularly crossed and uncrossed her shapely long legs. She tossed her hair frequently. Eventually, Alan, obviously realising that his prolonged absence would be noticed, returned to the table, at which point the waiter winked at Usha, and retired.

Usha looked closely at Alan, who appeared flushed and flustered, and asked if he was OK. He mumbled that he was and she suggested that they go to their room as it was getting late. Without a word, he followed her, as she got to her feet without waiting for a response from him to her suggestion.

Once in the room, Usha went into the bathroom and prepared for bed, but her mind and heart were racing. Alan's behaviour wasn't normal. Was he upset that she was talking to the waiter? If he was upset then why did he dally rather than return to her and terminate her contact with the other man?

She did not know the answers to her own questions but she was determined that she would find them. When she left the bathroom, Alan was sitting in a chair and she crossed the room to him and kissed him lightly. He still appeared somewhat flustered, and she asked what the matter was. He could only mutter that 'everything was fine.' Usha knew better and pressed him.

"Are you upset with me?" she asked.

"No," he responded.

"Then why the sulky face?" she bridled. "Is it because I was chatting to the waiter?"

"No!" was, again, his reply, but he did not look at her when he said it.

"It is, isn't it, silly? You know I only love and want you," and, with that, she slipped her hand down to his groin, only to be met by a very erect little penis!

'Well, now, what have we here?' she thought, 'what brought that on?' Lowering his trouser zip she reached in and quickly liberated his very hard penis, which twitched in her hand as she squeezed it gently but firmly.

"Why did it upset you so?" she asked. "Because he was looking at me that way?" Then it happened - just like that - his small cock jerked and exploded in her hand! She pulled him close to her, kissed his hair, and comforted him.

However, her lawyers mind was thinking, 'Wow, what have we here? Does he get off on the idea of other men paying attention to me? Maybe, this needs a little more research!'

Research it she did. Each evening she would take any opportunity to talk and flirt with other men, even to the point of dancing with one particularly fit guy as Alan watched from their table. Usha was careful and measured but as the week progressed she became more and more of the opinion that her husband became sexually aroused, seeing her interacting with other men – to such an extent, that she could bring him to climax within seconds of taking him in hand.

Each occasion, after they returned to the bedroom, she would explore with him what had got him so excited; each time he offered a lame excuse and each time she correctly challenged him until he hesitantly admitted that it had been as she had already ascertained; he got off on watching her flirt. His admission was always painful to him; always at the point of his ejaculation and each time engendered a sense of increased power and intelligence to Usha.

The initial comforting after Alan's emotional breakdowns and orgasms changed and developed rapidly along with Usha's confidence and control. One night, immediately after Alan had come in her hand whilst she was describing to him how a cousin in India had fucked her against a wall when she was a teenager; instead of hugging him better as she usually did, Usha pushed him onto his back and sat stride his head. As she pushed her own highly aroused pussy into his face, she was delighted to feel him start to lick her and continue providing that service until her own explosive climax.

The incident with her cousin had been real enough, She had just reached 18 and travelled with her parents on an extended holiday to visit family in India, her parents country of origin, before commencing her law degree studies at university back in England. Her cousin, Ravinda, was 25, tall, handsome, and already becoming a successful businessman. He persuaded Usha's parents that she would be perfectly safe joining him and a few friends in a night out on the town; they would never have agreed for Usha to go without a chaperone! Little did they know that before she returned that night she would have been pressed up against a wall and fucked like a cheap whore.

Ravinda's friends were fun and made Usha feel welcome, grown up and sophisticated as they included her in their party. During the evening, Ravinda had plied her with alcohol, something that she consumed only infrequently and never in great quantity, but she felt good in the company and safe with her big cousin.

Ravinda suggested that they walk the short distance home as the night was still warm. After turning a corner and before she knew what was happening he had taken her to a dark, narrow street with tall buildings on either side. Taking her in his arms he kissed her. She resisted his advances, but he was forceful and determined. Usha was not a virgin, she had a boyfriend back home, but she could not be described as 'free and easy' either. Her resolve, however, weakened by drink and his accomplished kissing and handling of her body, melted to a mere repeated, unconvincing plea for him to stop. He had no intentions of stopping; she was a hot little thing and would be gone in a few weeks, he was going to make the most of this opportunity.

With his hand inside her top and bra, he pulled and twisted the nipples on her small breasts and grinned as he felt her beginning to respond. He knew he had her and pressed on remorselessly. Lifting her skirt he delved into her panties and found her wet and open allowing easy access to his fingers. She came on his hand before he had freed his own sex organ. Taking advantage of her post orgasmic state, he pushed her legs further apart, bent his knees and positioned his rampant cock against her pussy lips. She cried out and moaned deeply into his kissing mouth as still standing, panties pulled to one side, he entered her tight young pussy in one fluid move and fucked her long and hard against the warm brickwork of the building. Ravinda came in long jets deep inside his cousin as she hung onto his neck and wrapped her legs around his hips.

The next day, Ravinda suggested to Usha's parents that he take her out in his car to see something of the surrounding countryside whilst they spent time visiting with extended family in the town. Usha tried in vain to come up with a good reason why she could not spend the day with Ravinda, but her father would hear none of it, thinking that it would do her good to spend time with people more her own age. He trusted her cousin to take good care of her.

Usha sat quietly as Ravinda drove out of town. In contrast he chatted away to her as if nothing had transpired the previous evening. When they had travelled about 20 miles, Ravinda pulled off the road and parked the car. When he turned to kiss his cousin, she instinctively backed away mumbling that, 'the night before had been a mistake.' Laughing out loud, Ravinda pulled her to him and kissed her deeply, until she started to relax and respond to his lips. He kissed well and if she was honest with herself she would admit that she was totally besotted with him and knew she would give herself to him again.

After what could only have been a few minutes, she was returning his kisses and did not object when his hand strayed under her T shirt to play with her already stiffening nipples through the thin material of her bra. Her bra was unhooked to free her young, firm, small breasts and to give his lips easy access to her nipples. As wave after wave of pleasurable sensation rippled through her body, she was mindless of the progress his hands had made under her skirt, along her thigh and into her panties. Others had touched her there but none in such an knowing and expert way. She threw her head back and came noisily as he finger fucked her and toyed with her sensitive clit.

When he released his penis, she hesitated only briefly before taking him in hand and stroking his length, it looked so big in her small delicate fingers. This holiday was to be the time of many 'firsts' for Usha, she had never performed oral sex on a man before, but understood what he was suggesting, when he placed his hand behind her head and applied gentle pressure there. She allowed him to move her face towards his rampant organ but bulked when she saw the pre come that her manual stimulation had generated. Ravinda was in no mood to be denied and used his strength to force her head down to his groin. Usha capitulated and with his encouragement and direction she began to lick and suck the head of his cock.

Usha was totally unprepared for either the force of the ejaculation or the volume of fluid it produced when Ravinda came in her mouth. His hands behind her head prevented her escaping the flood and she gagged as she was obliged to swallow his sperm.

With her parents blessing, Ravinda, spent many days of that holiday with Usha. They explored each others bodies to the full. Her, initial objections and inhibitions dispelled, Usha, became a very willing participant and sexual partner.

Her willingness was soon to be tested yet again however, just two days before she was due to return home. Ravinda had suggested they have a picnic with some of his friends by the river. They set off in the car and Usha had no reason to be alarmed when they detoured to collect one of Ravinda's friends, Sanjay. Usha had met Sanjay on that first fateful evening with her cousin.

They drove a short distance out of town to a secluded spot by the river and parked up before making their way to a grassy area on the river bank where they laid out the picnic. Usha's concerns that Ravinda's other friends had not materialised were dismissed and wine was opened and poured. The day was warm and the wine chilled; Usha relaxed and enjoyed the small talk generated between the three of them.

Her concerns resurfaced, when Ravinda suggested they skinny dip in the river. She had no reservations about nudity with her cousin but Sanjay was a different matter. After much cajoling and daring, Usha agreed to strip down to her panties but insisted on keeping those on to swim. The men had no such qualms and were soon naked and frolicking in the water. Usha joined them and her fears were soon forgotten.

Usha's problems started once they climbed out of the water, her wet panties did nothing to protect her modesty as her black bush showed through the transparent, thin, white, cotton material. Ravinda, standing behind her, had wrapped his arms around her lithe body and whispered that he was horny, she hardly needed to be told that as she could feel his erection forming against her bottom. Sanjay who was watching the couple with undisguised interest, made no effort to hide from Usha, his rapidly rising penis. Anticipating what the immediate future my have in store for her, she had struggled to free herself, but was held firmly, her arms pinned to her side by her cousin. Sanjay had moved in closer and to her horror, reached for and took hold of her panties with both hands.

She swore and cried but it made no difference, Sanjay stripped down her only item of clothing and rendered her naked and vulnerable. The only response from Ravinda, as Sanjay ran his hands over her tits and down to her unprotected bush, was to stiffen even more behind her.

Resistance was futile against the two bigger and stronger men, her tears and cries of protest and humiliation went unheard as an unconcerned Sanjay first violated her pussy with his fingers. Then, working in cooperation with Ravinda, they upended her and spread her on the picnic mat. They took turns to fuck her as the other held her down and watched. Inevitable it progressed to the two using her together.

Usha offered little resistance and submitted to their demands. Usha was to learn and to come to accept that, given the right circumstances, her body would often betray her as it had that day. She had orgasms with both Ravinda and Sanjay and had become a compliant, if reluctant sex toy for them. Right there on the river bank, 18 year old Usha Gupta, came of age, she was spit roasted, held down and buggered by both men and ended up being double penetrated.

Usha returned with her parents to England two days later, thankful that she was on the pill and that her parents knew nothing of her recent ordeals. If she had left Heathrow as a naive girl, then she most certainly returned as a more worldly wise young woman. All these years later, she often recalled, and never failed to be stimulated by memories of that holiday.

The holiday had changed her, she found her boyfriend to be annoyingly juvenile, despite being two years her senior, and quickly grew discontented with his fumbling efforts to satisfy her sexual needs.

At university it was rare to find her with other students her own age, she quickly developed relationships and friendships with lecturers and older staff members. One particular lecturer was instrumental in Usha's further development. Hugo, was in his mid 40s when he took Usha under his wing and into his bed. With his help her sexual education neared completion, but there was one more step she had yet to take and he provided the opportunity and the catalyst for that to be accomplished.

Hugo often hosted parties and after one such gathering, Usha found herself and another girl her age, the only ones remaining in Hugo's apartment. Erica was like a photographic, negative image of Usha; blonde, Scandinavian, pale skinned and ample breasted. The only similarity being their height and long hair. Hugo joined the girls with a bottle of brandy and casually suggested that they undress and get comfortable. Usha watched transfixed as Erica, took off her top to expose her braless, pale, heavy tits, then dropped her jeans and stepped out of them. Dressed only in panties she smiled at Usha.

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