tagBDSMEverything Has a Price Ch. 13

Everything Has a Price Ch. 13


The challenging option...

I ......................................... (hereafter referred to as 'slave'),

agree this day ....../ ...... / ................. to be bound by the terms of this agreement as laid out below, for a period of one year.

1. Slave's cock will be completely under the control of Mistress at ALL times.

2. Slave will wear a chastity device of Mistress's choosing at all times (except when Mistress removes it) to ensure point one.

2a. Mistress will wear slave's key around her neck at all times. An emergency key will be available in a secure location

3. There will be no 'periods' of chastity under this agreement. Slave will be in chastity for the whole year, allowed to cum only when (and if) Mistress decides she desires it.

4. For health reasons, Slave will be permitted a ruined orgasm 5/6 weeks after his last orgasm (ruined or normal) when Mistress intends to make him wait longer than a further seven weeks).

5. During the period of this agreement, slave is only permitted to beg to cum when Mistress is teasing/touching his cock/balls. Slave will not pester his Mistress at other times to cum or for release from the chastity device.

6. If at any time slave comes without permission whilst Mistress is stimulating/teasing him, slave will abide by whatever punishment Mistress deems necessary*. Since there is no set release date to reset, Mistress might decide to punish slave in additional ways (e.g. revoking the agreed teasing 'rights' for up to one month).

7. Mistress will keep her pussy shaved smooth for the entire period of the contract and slave will be expected to provide pleasure whenever Mistress requests it - NO EXCEPTIONS OR LIMITS! This will usually be provided by slave's tongue and/or toys, but from time to time Mistress may expect slave to use his cock to satisfy her. At these times slave will ensure he does not cum without permission (see point 6).

8. Mistress will pledge to provide at least three sessions of 'hands-on' teasing per week for the duration of the contract. These will last at least fifteen minutes each (depending on slave's ability to continue), but is free to tease slave as often, whenever and in whatever way she pleases.

9. Mistress may terminate this contract at any time without reason.

10. Slave may terminate this contract only by use of the safeword (Vanilla-Life), but by doing so he accepts that Mistress will enter into no further chastity play, will take part in no further S&M play and will no longer shave her pussy. Futhermore, slave will not be allowed to touch or see her naked until such time as her pubic hair has grown back.

11. During the period of this contract Mistress pledges not to renege on or alter significantly any of the agreed points.

13. During the period of this contract Mistress has the right to introduce cuckolding into the relationship.

If she decides to do this at any point slave will be supportive and do everything Mistress requires in order to make this happen and run smoothly. This does NOT mean that Mistress will definitely take up this option, but that if she chooses to do so by signing this agreement slave has already given his consent dependant upon the following points:

i) Mistress agrees that she will not 'date' another man or woman and that any encounters will be of a purely sexual nature

ii) Slave will be involved throughout the process of finding a suitable candidate, will be given a chance to object to any candidate providing there are legitimate grounds. In this instance Mistress will take his views into account when making any decisions, but ultimately it will be Mistress's decision.

iii) Slave will be present when the act takes place and will be expected to clean Mistress's pussy afterwards. If the other party is agreeable (male or female) then slave will be expected to clean/pleasure them also.

iv) Mistress makes no guarantee that slave will be allowed to cum at this time.

14. Throughout the whole period of the agreement Mistress will expect slave to eat his cum whenever she allows him relief. Slave will comply without question, regardless of method, time or location.

16. Throughout the period of this contract Mistress can expect slave to worship any part of her body at any time, for however long she chooses.

*Punishment: Mistress will decide a suitable punishment for transgressions during the chastity periods. These may include (but are not limited to) paddling, whipping, extension of the chastity period, cock and ball torment and intense anal stimulation (strap-on/butt plug/etc).

Signed................................................................... (slave)




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