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Eve's Awakening


"It feels so good to be home." the woman said to her husband. He took her coat and she began to rifle through the day's mail. She seemed totally ignorant of her daughter's immediate flight to the kitchen after greeting them at the front door. "Bill, bill, bill." she continued. "Your nickname is Bill. These must all be for you."

The man kissed her politely before relieving her of the stack in question. With bottled water now in hand, the same bouncy blonde resumed her trek from kitchen to staircase.

"Well, my darling." said the woman. "It looks like we're just in time for the Tour de Shayda."

The girl stopped and turned swiftly. "What, did you guys both lose your keys this time?"

"Not at all." the woman said. "I just wanted to make sure you were exactly where you were supposed to be. Odd that you didn't want to come with us."

"Oh come on. I think I've made enough appearances at birthdays for more than enough cousins this year. Ball pits and bounce houses aren't exactly my thing."

"You don't have anyone up there do you?"

The girl shot her mother a curt look before bounding up the stairs en route to her bedroom.

"Honestly Will, I don't know where she gets the energy."

Her husband emitted a short grunt as he took to the sofa. "Don't forget we were that age once. Everything moved at light speed back then."

The woman joined her husband on the couch with head laying on his shoulder, a hand resting on his chest. Whenever they breathed it was practically in unison as his scents, both natural and store-bought, mixed and mingled with her own. She loved these moments the best, just relaxing and filing away the events of the day; good food, great friends and the children! So much youthful energy could be so draining and yet so energizing at the same time.

As she doted on that last thought, her hand began to slide south toward the crotch of his pants and the flinch of his arm told her that he was no longer interested in weekend deals on electronics.

"Evelyn," he growled in a way that made her vibrate. "I think we should take this upstairs, just in case--"

"I know." she said, putting a finger to his lips. She took her time rising from the couch before letting her hair down and mussing it a bit with her fingers. It was a gorgeous shade of auburn that had settled into a sea of rolling waves from being pinned for so long. He followed her every step, letting the gentle sway of her ass lead him toward paradise as they both uttered a silent prayer against any interruptions.

Moments like these were precious and to be treated like fine wine, savored, but downed quickly so as to experience it at the peak of its glory. They managed to make it to the bedroom undeterred and not a second was wasted once the door clicked shut. Clothes were discarded bit by bit, revealing the sexiness of two silhouettes, mature but lusty, hell-bent on seizing the promise of pleasure for what it was worth. It was her turn to be the aggressor if she remembered it correctly. It had been so long since their last romp, he could instantly read the need in her eyes, causing his cock to stand on end.

Once she pushed him onto the bed and straddled him, it was difficult to tell who gave off the most heat between them. Evelyn immediately eased him inside of her and his head fell back against the pillows, instantly remembering the way she fit him like a glove. His hands gripped onto her waist, guiding her up and down in short, swift bursts. It wasn't until the moment that he sat upright to tease one of her nipples that it finally happened.

"Oh God, Will." she groaned and not entirely from satisfaction. "Please, just let it ring."

"You know I can't."

"Fine then. You are my prisoner."

He remained inside her, taking the call, while she nibbled on his neck, still grinding her hips in a desperate attempt at guerilla seduction but it was no use. It only took one sweep of his forearm to send her rolling toward her side of the massive king bed where she was left to pout. He grabbed his robe from the bath and made a hasty retreat while mouthing the words 'be right back.'

Evelyn rested her head on an upturned palm, entirely frustrated though determined to wait, but when he finally slipped back into bed two hours later, the moment had long since extinguished. After two attempts to rouse her from sleep, he rolled over and turned off the bedside lamp. He knew it was no good by this point. With her weekends devoured by a career in event planning and his invisible tether constantly tugging from the depths of the corporate universe, it was nearly impossible for their schedules to coincide, but they managed as most couples did by simply accepting it for what it was...unchangeable fact.

The early rise on Sunday morning was made a bit more bearable by the smell of coffee brewing down below. Evelyn rolled over to find the spot next to her slept in, but empty, which wasn't as great a surprise as it should have been. A quick glance at the clock told her that she was fortunate to have a pot ready and waiting as she wouldn't have time to stop for her usual before hitting the office. Bratty brides were a Sunday commodity and she would need the extra liquid pep.

Will was already at table, fully dressed, and being served by their daughter who was in her usual state of ignorant high school senior bliss."Oh my God, you guys have to try these pancakes! They're made with fresh fruit and cottage cheese and they're super Nummy. Dad loves ' em. Don't you, Daddy?"

Will responded by shoving one into his mouth like a fruity, bastardized version of a breakfast taco and Evelyn smirked, opting to reserve her comments. Thinking of their relationship pie chart, he made up more than half of the less serious side of their union. He did eat like a pig at times, but she decided to chalk this bit of frat-like behavior up to ego boosting before having a bite herself.

"Shayda, you're right." she said. "These are delicious and it was very sweet of you to make breakfast this morning. I swear, I don't know how you eat the way you do and stay so thin."

The girl turned off the stove before rushing to douse a hot pan in the sink. She replied in the haughty but adorable tone that she had taken on since that most magical eighteenth birthday. "It's all about clean recipes. I just switch a lot of ingredients out like they taught us in school. Besides, I'm not exactly a couch potato."

Will gave his fellow kitchen occupants polite kisses before sailing off to work with Evelyn soon to follow. Before taking off, however, she gathered the empty glasses, stopping to watch his car pull out of the driveway. Shayda twisted the tap while squeezing a bit of dishwashing soap into the pooling flow but found herself quickly pushed aside.

"Oh no, honey. Don't worry about the dishes. Just let them soak, I'll take care of them when I get home. Why don't you sit down for right now? I want to spill a secret I've been hiding for awhile now."

Shayda complied, stacking dishes while completing the task of putting bottom to seat. She bit her lower lip while anxiously awaiting the announcement. "As you know," Evelyn continued. "Valentine's day is later this week and you know how your father and I are always busy. Anyway, I purposely kept my schedule clear so that I could surprise him with a Jamaican cruise! Isn't that exciting?! It isn't like a two week honeymoon or anything but I am really looking forward to some time off."

"Oh Mom, that's wonderful! And it's perfect too because I was planning on staying at Janie's on Friday. Remember, you said I could."

"Of course it's alright, though I suppose technically I couldn't stop you now if I wanted to." She punctuated her statement with a goodbye kiss before heading out the door. " Guess I have to take my coffee to go. Just remember to keep the trip a secret!"

Of all the days in the week, Sunday was never Evelyn's favorite, but today she drove downtown with a smile. When her car pulled to a stop at the intersection, she lingered there while emitting a happy sigh. The tree lined streets that she had traveled day in and day out seemed different somehow, more vibrant than usual. Everything was bliss and as such she had made a personal decree that nothing would get her down. Every tablecloth could have a stain and every centerpiece wilted to ash. She would happily let a guest sit on her back if one chair was shorted. None of the trivial things mattered.

In that one concentrated moment, everything in her life was perfect. Will was perfect and so was Shayda. How fortunate she was to have carved out her own little piece of American suburbia. A single tear ran down Evelyn's cheek threatening to smudge her foundation and she dabbed at it quickly with the tip of her finger. She glanced in the mirror, rolling her eyes once she realized a certain blonde had been tampering with her radio presets again. Her hand went for the tuner, but in the end veered for the volume, cranking the latest rock anthems all the way to the hotel. Even the parking guard had to smile when he lifted the gate.

Evelyn was far from having a monopoly on high spirits and had she known what her daughter was up to, it might have put an entirely different spin on her mood that morning. Shayda's room smelled unmistakably of sex. Pink sheets and neon throw rugs made her actions feel that much dirtier as she rested her face on a fuzzy pillow. Positioned right behind her pert, upturned bottom was the flavor of the month, rock hard and very focused on his objective.

Shayda panted while clutching the sheets, breasts pressed to the mattress, her back arcing gracefully as she willingly took every thrust. She loved the feel of his fingers digging into the fleshy part of her ass and the way his thumbs held her soft pinkish outer lips splayed apart for optimum visual consumption. Both of their bodies were glistening from exertion and her cries of 'Fuck me, harder!' could no doubt be heard by at least two of the neighbors. More than likely they were fishing for excuses to feed their wives as to why they were stalling for church.

When her cell phone rang, Shayda didn't hesitate to answer. She was excited by the sound of her father's voice and unlike him, she saw no point to abstaining from a good fuck for the sake of a call. Though it was tremendously difficult, she made an extra effort to remain quiet while her box was being stuffed. It didn't help that he was one of the largest guys she had ever been with either.

"Oh Daddy, I'm so glad you called! Guess what, the eagle has landed..." She could hear his smile on the other end of the line and though she was secretly hoping he didn't, the thought of him knowing that she was being wicked only fueled her arousal. Will knew exactly what she meant by that phrase. They had a longstanding tradition of covert daddy/daughter gossip trading and he was always willing to pay for good information. When it came to gifts especially, insider tips were valued at a ten percent cut and this time Shayda was poised at substantial gains. When the call ended, she let out a squeal before flipping onto her back to relay the news to her beau. "And here I thought you were a good girl." He said.

"I am a good girl. Bad girls are just dumb enough to get attention caught. I prefer to fly under the radar." She grabbed his cock as she said this and guided it right back into her tight, waiting cunt and they began their rut anew as they would for several hours.

When Monday arrived, Evelyn awoke from another sexless night and the same empty spot that greeted her daily, though she was comforted by the sounds of the shower running. Dreamily, she gazed at the wrinkled sheets of that outline, running her fingertip along its length in an exaggerated but seductive manner.

"You know," she said in a husky voice just dripping with old Hollywood glamour. "If you keep showing up like this my husband might get jealous. We should run away together, forever, just the two of us my darling." She then scooped up his pillow and smothered it with kisses before tossing it aside with a chuckle.

After spotting his briefcase sitting solitary by the vanity, she calculated the time it would take to implement her latest romantic gesture. Now that the water had stopped he would soon be shaving. That was just enough time to pen a short note. Gingerly, she hopped over to the briefcase, fussing over the best place to put it. She pulled the elastic banding of the inside pocket toward her, hardly noticing the certain something that had caused her to do a double take.

She now sat cross-legged on the bed, fuming as Will made his exit from the bathroom. "What is this?"

He stammered as the frail but colorful object better came into view. It was a pair of ladies' thong underwear, but of course nothing that Evelyn herself had ever owned. She had several sexy pairs in her panty collection, but this one was downright trashy.

"Who is she?!" Evelyn roared."And what's more, who in the fuck do you think you are?"

"No, Eve, it's not like that, I swear."

"How could you disrespect me like that? Our home...Just tell me who she is. I want to know who she is, just tell me!" Evelyn was seeing red now. She had never been this out of control and she hated every second of it but yet she couldn't bring herself to stop. They continued the back and forth as it escalated, spiraling out of control until Will, who was never one for confrontation, finally spelled it out for her.

"She is me, Evelyn. The other woman is me. The panties are mine. I wear them."

"You...wear them?" Her expression was priceless and for a moment she wondered if she actually preferred the idea of him cheating on her. At least that was something she could process. "So are you telling me that you're gay?"

"No, no, no. It's nothing like that and I am very much attracted to you. I just like the way they feel and you know how stressful my job is. Wearing panties and stockings kind of helps me."

"They help you?" She parroted his words, still a bit bewildered. No wonder he was always dressed from the bottom down after his morning ritual. She felt like an absolute fool.

"I'm just going to go now." He grabbed his case and walked out of the room. There was no need to bother grabbing a shirt. He already had a spare in the car.

"They...help...you." She continued her mimic, hoping that by somehow repeating the words they would become more real and hopefully more acceptable. Evelyn spent the rest of the day lost in a haze that managed to extend throughout the rest of the week. She really tried to make him believe that it was okay but how could she when she couldn't even convince herself? They had known each other for decades and yet even though such a small fact had come to light, she felt betrayed.

Sick of moping , she decided what she needed was to hit a few balls on the court alone, but Shayda wouldn't have it. She literally raced up the stairs and back down again in record time, fully changed into a skimpy tennis top and skirt much like her mother's. There were days Evelyn swore that her daughter was not her own, but some strange alien spy placed in her home to observe human life in all its lacklusteredness.

The girl was indeed a beauty. It could not be denied. She was tall and graceful and full of life. She was also a good student with some A's, though mostly B's which Evelyn had suspected because the B was for ballet, the center of her universe. On some level she was almost afraid to take too much joy in her daughter's successes for fear she would wake up and it would all be over.

They quickly settled into their first match and at first she was glad of the company. With every serve and hit, Evelyn felt a little more energized and exuberant. It wasn't until a few of the younger male club members stopped to watch their game that she started to feel somewhat uneasy. It was obvious all their attention was focused on Shayda. And it should be, she tought to herself. That's the real reason he wears them. He's not attracted to me anymore. I'm just old and useless and that's the way of it now so get over it, Evelyn! Just let it go.

At night she laid awake, still trying to piece together the logic of why it bothered her so. I wear panties. He loves me. It's no big deal. So he can't wear them? No! It's wrong. It's weird. It's just not right. She tossed and turned until finally the draw of the moonlight overcame her. She slipped into one of her bathing suits and glided downstairs for a dip in their much underutilized hot tub. She and Will had bought it with plans to entertain their many guests, but what time could be had for parties when it was all spent acquiring the funds to pay for such luxuries?

Once she leaned against the padded seat amidst the warm churning water, it no longer mattered that she had to be up in four hours. The fullness of her breasts rose and fell as she breathed in deeply. She closed her eyes as tendrils of steam rose up to caress the sophisticated features of her face. In truth, she looked very good for her age. It came from seldom wearing a frown. At least that was one of the important lessons her mother had taught, but lately that was hardly the case as life had reared up and kicked her in the stomach.

The jets felt good against her back and she was sure it would feel good against other places too. That was when it dawned on her. Why on earth was she worried about prying eyes in her own backyard? It was the dead of night and surely everyone would be sleeping. She slipped off one of the straps on her suit, leaving one breast fully uncovered. She reached up to pinch and massage one of her pink, hardened nipples before slipping off what remained of her covering.

Her porcelain shoulders were dusted with the faintest smattering of freckles that only looked more sexy and dramatic under the cover of darkness. She turned to face the jacuzzi wall and her hand slipped downward, drawn by that invisible magnet toward soft lips whose sticky wetness remained unaffected by the aqueous surroundings. With fingers in a v-shape, they parted, allowing the jet spray to do its work. It more than felt good. It was as though she had somehow been jacked into a perverted machine that was optimized for overtaking her senses.

With eyes wide, her body tensed, then relaxed as the speed of her breathing increased. She could feel her heart pumping wildly now as the jetstream thumped and pulsed against her clit. She wanted to scream but refrained and instead imagined her husband to be at their window above, watching her put on a naughty show while he stroked his cock...in panties. She could only take so much. Overwhelmed by the stimulus, she clawed at the padded rim of the hot tub, humping the phantom that had her positively mesmerized until she fell forward, gasping. Water surged and splashed onto the deck over and over until at last she leaned back in a state of euphoria.

"I am a fool." She said aloud to herself. The water sloshed against her submerged ears, creating a hyperbaric effect that helped to isolate and divide her thoughts. Broken apart, it was easier to see the memories. There were loads of them and happy ones too; thoughts of time shared building and preserving the world that was theirs. Then there were facts. Though fewer in number they still made an impact. After a careful analysis, the biggest fact was that she had every reason to be thankful for a loving spouse when so many marriages around her had crashed and burned. A little cotton trimmed with lace was nothing and it would stay nothing, so long as he remained true.

With two days left before Valentine's, Will departed for work without so much as a kiss goodbye. Evelyn wasn't frazzled in the least bit by it. This was one of their more awkward disagreements and knowing him, he probably felt immensely sheepish. She was not known for apologies, but this time she felt it warranted given the circumstances.

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