Eve's Drops


I joined the team at Waterman's with the prospect of managerial advancement, a pay hike – naturally – and having dated just about every eligible girl at Forster Clark. But with a team of just seventeen here, the majority of whom were guys, something told me it was time to concentrate upon my career rather than sex life.

There was, however, one shining light on the female front, in the shapely shape of Eve, the girl that sat opposite. Probably in her mid twenties, a year or two my senior, I couldn't help but fancy her from the first day. An absolutely stunning brunette with great tits and arse and the most gorgeous pouty blowjob lips, it was evident she was the girl every other guy in the department wanted.

That first lunchtime in the bar with the guys I was bombarded with questions about what I thought of my sexy co-worker, and by two o'clock, each and every fantasy of the half a dozen other guys had been imparted. I formed the impression, though, that fantasies were all they were.

Sat alongside me at my desk, Eve was given the task of showing me the systems and working practices and generally taking in hand my initial training. There were of course other things I wished she'd take in hand, and it became harder and harder to contain myself. A regular visitor to the toilets, she must have thought I had a particularly weak bladder. Or maybe she realised the effect she was having.

This girl had office chic down to an art form, each day finding new outfits to tease the senses. Her breasts would strain against sheer pastel shirts, constricted and aching to break free whilst her nipples retained a permanent nub, owing to the air conditioning. As time went on, the shorter her skirts became, revealing a pair of soft, creamy thighs and the most angular legs outside the catwalk. Rarely was she without heels, always black, always high.

To put it rather crudely, I just wanted to lift Eve onto the desk, lift up that little skirt, and fuck her brains out.

The trouble was, after two months the training was more or less done. No more close contact, no more legs brushing mine, no more furtive glances and no more sensuous scent teasing my nostrils. And though I sat opposite, we had one of those great big partitions that turned each desk virtually into a booth, cut off from those around us. I had to keep thinking up new ways to slip round and see her, the most stupid queries on simple cases. Eve must have thought I was a complete moron.

Six tortuous months passed and, despite a little innocent flirting and an ever-helpful demeanour, unfortunately there was no reason to suspect that feelings were mutual. Besides which the office telegraph suggested she preferred women to men.

One morning, however, things took an incredible turn.

With a tough week ahead and a lot of catching up to do, fresh back from the summer holiday, I caught the early train and headed into the office an hour early. Eve's eight-to-four shift meant she was always first in, and it was her low-pitched voice, the only disturbance in an otherwise empty office, that drifted lazily down the aisle. So wrapped up was she in the conversation that I managed to make it to my desk unnoticed, the solid screen between us dictating that she remained hidden, though her words permeated the barrier and my early morning haze.

Subconsciously I began to listen in, my attention drawn as the conversation veered off on an unexpected tangent. "Yeah, yeah, I know honey, I didn't want to go either," Eve apologised. "But as soon as I get home tonight I want you waiting to fuck me silly."

My eyes widened, eyebrows nudging my fringe and I felt myself shrinking into the chair, frightened all of a sudden of discovery. I barely dared breathe.

"What do you mean, what am I doing?" Eve giggled. "What do you think I'm doing?" she added teasingly.

There was a slight pause before she sighed. "Mmmm, that's it: yeah I'm just squeezing my right nipple a little through my shirt...Oh, it feels won-derful."

I shrank deeper into the chair, a trickle of sweat snaking its way down my brow, barely able to believe what I was hearing and that she could be so brazen. But then I guess she wasn't used to company at this time of day.

Caught in a hybrid of emotions, I was jealous to discover she had a lover, yet at the same time turned on beyond belief by the words and my perception of what she was doing to herself touching distance away. If only I could see. If only...

Her breathing, just audible above the air conditioning, came quicker, punctuated by little groans of pleasure. "Oh God, hun," she gasped. "I'm gonna have to put you on speaker. I need both hands..." she added with a throaty chuckle.

As the air conditioning ground to a halt, leaving the office in total silence, I held my breath till it hurt. The scraping of her chair on the carpet allowed me to steal a lungful.

Suddenly the speakerphone kicked in, the voice of Eve's previously silent companion filling the air. "You dirty little hussy," rang out the voice, a female one.

So the rumours were true.

"Lick your finger, Eve," continued the female caller. "Then rub your fingertip between your legs and imagine it's my tongue."

All I heard was an exaggerated slurp, followed by Eve's throaty groan. I pictured her fingertips easing aside her black thong, always a black thong whenever a hint had inadvertently offered in the past, and breaching her pink little pussy lips. The scent of female arousal clung to the air.

"Find your clit and roll it, baby – work those fingers," commanded the voice from the speakerphone.

"Oh God, yeah" exhaled Eve, her chair creaking painfully as she busily pleasured herself mere yards away, yet sadly concealed the other side of the partition. "Oh my God, Suze..." my co-worker groaned.

"That's it, sweetie," encouraged the mysterious Suze, a mental image quickly forming in my head of a busty blonde, older than Eve and doubtless the dominant one in the relationship.

"Now imagine that hard cock you were telling me about ramming deep into your pussy," continued Suze, her own breathlessness suggesting she too was busy at home pleasuring herself.

Eve extinguished heavily from her lips. "Oh yes Suze, I need his cock so bad."

Unable to contain myself any longer and, with the opportunity of a lifetime so near yet so far, as carefully as possible I eased the chair back and slid to the carpet, rotating on my backside so I lay flat beneath the two conjoined desks like a mechanic fixing a car. So wrapped up in her ministrations was Eve that the scrabbling for position beneath the desk went unnoticed.

Tilting my head back among a mesh of spaghetti wires and cables, a thick screen of dust choking me, slowly Eve's extremities came into view. Her cute little feet, freed from their heels, kicked inches from my face, toes curling and uncurling to match her breathing. How I could just take the big toe between my lips and run my tongue across the underside. I wanted to lick every part of that scrumptious foot.

"Oh fuck, yes," exhaled Eve, perhaps picking up on my telepathy, the scent of female excitement wafting beneath the desk, teasing my olfactory senses.

Tilting back as far as my neck would allow, my eyes found her angular calves, quivering lightly as the sensations from her clitoris spread through her whole body. Then it was up to her tremulous knees, held together only by the lowered black thong, and then... And then those milky white thighs, firm and fully exposed. What little amount of skirt that covered her middle on any given day had been forced up, concertina-like at her belly. Oh how I longed to climb all the way under, to kiss and lick her inner thighs, to nuzzle at the skin, sinking in my teeth and send her into an even greater frenzy of lust than she was already in.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh," she growled, that delectable swollen pink snatch, seemingly freshly waxed, finally coming into view.

Petalling lightly, there was a feint glistening around a pair of labia that seemed to be blowing a kiss my way. Oh how I yearned to return the kiss, to tongue that syrupy twat and make her writhe. I wanted to flick eagerly at her clit, hear her beg for more, whilst teasing her arse with a finger. I wanted to drink her cum until I was sick of the taste. I wanted, I wanted...

Yes, that pussy had me mesmerised, yet her fingers were elsewhere. The answer came quickly. "Oh God, my nipples are like bullets," she wailed to her invisible companion, those shapely breasts regrettably out of sight.

I watched her pussy intently, waiting in anticipation, my breath uncontrollable, but thankfully Eve was so occupied with hedonism, a fire could have broken out and she'd not have noticed. I was aching for Suze to command her to finger her cunt.

Suddenly the order came and I grinned as once more Eve's hole was plugged, two eager fingers buried inside to the accompaniment of a breathy groan. Expertly the digits worked in and out, in and out, pausing only to squeeze the clit, upon instruction from above. Her fingertips danced, circling the luscious labia, then penetrating so easily. Once inside they curled over her clit. From her toes to her belly, Eve's skin was trembling. 'Oh Suze I'm gonna cum," she moaned, voice reaching a new high pitch.

"Oh God, me too," sounded her girlfriend from the speakerphone. "Keep imagining his thick cock drilling you," resonated Suze's voice, "his balls itching to unload his thick hot seed."

"Oh fuck, yes," pleaded Eve. "I want him in me. I want his huge cock."

"Imagine him bending you over the desk, fucking you hard from behind like the complete slut you are while I sit in front and you lick my pretty little cunt."

Wow, this other girl was good, pressing the right buttons for Eve, who stood, turned around and leant back against her chair. Arse wiggling in the air, so I had the perfect view, one leg was half-raised, the thong still attached at her knees. Mashing her fingers together, she thrust back and forth into her pussy, mimicking the action of a cock. In and out went the fingers, right to the lower knuckles, each thrust eliciting a wail of pleasure. Juice pooled in her palm as she frigged ever harder.

Yet it was her next exclamation that took me by complete surprise. "Fuck me Nick, fuck me hard."

"Fuck her, Nick," echoed Suze.

My jaw dropped open. My head was swimming. She wanted me? That was me she imagined was fucking her now. She had fantasised about my cock to the extent that she had confided in her girlfriend? I was staring into the cunt of a girl who wanted my cock this badly? Yet I was trapped under her desk like a grubby voyeur and sorely risked blowing it all if she discovered me now. I had to remain concealed though my cock was straining for freedom.

In and out pistoned the hand, her cunt stretched and dilated, her moans filling the office. My word, it was lucky we were a bunch of idle so-and-so's, for there was no subtlety in Eve's actions, and no stopping should another worker happen to have fancied an early start. She was past the point of no return. Oh how my male colleagues would die to witness this. The grin spread across my face.

"Oh fuck, yessssss," breathed Eve, the words tailing off before she shrieked like a startled cat, and all of a sudden the frigging slowed as the climax came intensely. "Oh Ni-i-i-i-ck."

Cum gushed over her knuckles as the orgasm held her hostage. Her toes curled one final time and her body pulsed. Leaning forward over the chair, knees planted on the floor, breath racing, she controlled herself steadily before hungrily cleaning each finger, smacking her lips together. How I wanted to taste the syrup of those fingers.

Satisfied, my co-worker smoothed the tiny skirt back down her thighs and adjusted her thong. A few loving words to Suze and the office was quiet once more, but for the thumping off my heart.

There is mileage for this story to continue. As ever, any feedback and suggestions are welcome.

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