tagNovels and NovellasEvil Benni Ch. 04

Evil Benni Ch. 04

byEgmont Grigor©

Bess is beginning to feel nesting tendencies towards Benni just at the time her dad is eager to start up an affair with the sophisticated scarlet woman, Mrs Lucas. The story crawls onwards, though without too many adulterous affairs, and the hero is given the opportunity to buy stock in the company – daddy's little daughter's idea to give Benni greater incentive to remain close to her side.


At lunch Benni said to Kevin Saunders that Marlene was acting suspiciously towards Barron who had to go out of town, so if Marlene happened to ask how was lunch with Barron, could he play along?

"Barron's taking up with someone again, eh," laughed Kevin. "I wish I still had the firepower in my loins to do that. I remember..."

Kevin managed to cram in lurid details of four affairs before the waitress arrived to take their food order, apologizing for the delay and offering them another drink on the house, which was accepted. Smiling, Benni asked the waitress with a wink to make sure it was top shelf wine.

"Now boy, what are these ideas of yours about drumming up more business?"

Benni suggested the wall of the waiting room should be replaced with glass, so that clients in the waiting room could see their vehicles being serviced – how clean everything was, how caring the service people were and they the name workshop should be changed to car nursery."

"That's a daft name."

"A nursery is synonymous with care and most of our clients' vehicles are young and some owners even proudly call their vehicle their baby."

"Hmmmm. Barron should seek professional advice about that. Have you told him your ideas?"


"Why not?"

"Because he's not used to me discussing anything but sales with him yet. He doesn't think I know anything about overall marketing, business operations and planning."

"But you do."


"Well that Barron is a fool. He only needs to see the skill you've employed to cover his ass today to realize that. Marlene's at work today, isn't she?"


"Then he would have told her that he was going to golf with me, because what man tells his wife he's off to pull down the knickers of another woman? Then you saw me drive up, realized the implications and had me scuttling off for a free lunch before she saw me."

Benni said that was pretty accurate, but there was more.

"She saw your car, and then Bess saw your car and now they are at the hairdressers yakking on about anything that comes into their heads."

"Oh shit."

"But I told Marlene that there was a rattle above the steering wheel in your car and we were looking for it while you were at golf, and I told Bess who saw you that you were dashing off to golf late, and her dad would be displeased about that."

"Well done! With a tortuous mind like you seem to have, no wonder you were able to milk that mistress of Balfour's to bring him down. Has Barron now latched on to that woman?"

"I wouldn't think so – none of you were told her name, although you were pumping me like crazy, especially you."

"Yeah, right. So who is she?"

"Disclosure would ruin her socially and probably destroy her marriage. Sorry, Kevin, we're becoming good pals in my opinion, but I simply cannot tell you. Sometimes a guy has to remain true."

"Well said, Benni, I admire you for that although it frustrates me, and yes I would agree we are becoming good friends. That fact you have some integrity makes me feel even better about you."

"Only some integrity?" grinned Benni.

"And I rather like your attitude. I hear you're plumbing Barron's daughter?"

"Er, we are going out a bit."


"Er, yes."

"Well, take some advice from an old coot, son. You finish off your degree over the Internet thing as banks and other financiers like fellows to have degrees these days, and encourage that little bunny of yours to accelerate completion of her business administration degree that she's doing part-time. Then your two can gradually take over running the business."

"Bunny?...Running the business?"

"Oh that bunny thing. Apparently Barron asked Bess straight out what was going on between you two and she looked at him in the eye and said you were going at it like bunnies. That really appealed to him."

"She said that to him?"

"Yes, what did you expect her to do – lie?"

"No, of course not. But she could have said..."

"My boy, her father thinks it's the funniest things she'd said to him since in that first year when she was beginning to talk and express herself."


"Yes. I'm getting the impression you think everything between people is black and white; it's anything but. You accept that, don't you?"

"It's taking time, but I seem to becoming more in tune."

"Did you have a hard life as a kid?"

"Um, you could say that."

"Now, you keep you mouth shut about this, but Barron thinks you're the best salesperson he's ever come across – you're become his top performer in less that a year whereas it often takes some years to get into the groove, as he puts in. Then they who stay on only really begin to succeed when they have built up a loyal following to secure repeat business. You haven't had time to secure repeat business."

"I've had thirteen return clients."


"Yep, eight came back to buy another vehicle and five traded in for the latest model after I phoned them."

Kevin grinned and shook his head.

"Barron says you've got a knack of selling people something they didn't know they wanted."

"Oh, they usually know what they want, Kevin, only they haven't been encouraged to focus on it. Incidentally, we're taking advance orders for the facelift model you're driving, can I..."

"Fuck off you, Benni – I'll decide when I want to upgrade, not you."

"Of course, definitely Kevin. I'm only pointing out opportunities. The resale value on your vehicle is beginning to slide, and there's nothing we can do about that. But in order to get a few samples of the new model running around town, we are prepared to offer a little incentive."

"What kind of incentive?"

"In your case Kevin, I'm prepared to upgrade you to all leather trim, the premier paint finish and, oh, toss in a hand crafted white and black calfskin golf bag with your name hand-tooled into the white leather section."

"Black and white leather, not white like the two pros have got, eh?"

"Yes, it looks more distinctive."

"I'll think about it."

"Good, drop in after we've finished here. I'm putting the order in for the golf bags on Monday and Barron wants one, but I'll make sure only yours is black and white."

"I know what's going on here, Benni."

"Of course you do, Kevin. It's your decision entirely. You don't want the improved upgrade model and your old golf bag has many more years of life left in it. Your decision entirely, so what do we do? Come to an agreement now or do you want to give more thought about these opportunities I've presented.

"Who wants a flashier car anyway – the moment you drive it out of the door it's losing value. Of course most people who see you driving about in it don't know that.

"Now, let's get you another drink, Kevin."

They watched the waitress approach.

"Doesn't she have nice tits?"

Kevin thought at least the boy got that one right.

"Same again, thanks Tina."

"Oh, by the way, Kevin, I'll know someone who'll take your current car. I'm prepared to offer you $500 above the indicative resale value I can show you on the computer."

"I'm on to you, Benni. I know what you're attempting to do."

"Yeah, you're too long in the tooth to be outsmarted by a young gun like me, Kevin. But I know you'll come to your own decision just as I know you'll sign up for the facelift model within the next hour. Nice doing business with you, pal."

"I haven't..."

"You wouldn't want to fib to me, would you Kevin? I rather look up to you as a role model."

"You're full of bullshit, Benni. Little wonder you're the top performing salesman. When do I take delivery of car and golf bag?"


Because the various wedding party clients booked into the salon had all gone through and to to experience their moments of delight as the groom and beautifully coiffured bride stood before the pastor, priest or Auntie Maud the celebrant, the hair salon was able to take mother and daughter for late simultaneous bookings at adjoining chairs.

"How is that boy really treating you, Bess?"

"He's a young man, mom."

"All right, young man."

"Very nicely, thank you."

"I mean is he tender towards you?"

"When we get going mom, we having such a cracking time I get so aroused that I can't decide if I'm Bess, a mess, or lost in space."

"I don't mean THAT. I mean when you're lounging around, just talking?"

"He's about as considerate and sensitive as you are to me, mom."

"Well, I'm not sure how to interpret that answer, my dear."

"He's fine mom, just like you; he rarely gets up my ass."

"Darling, really! There are other people listening."

"I was speaking figuratively, mom, but only you wouldn't know that."

There was a brief pause and coffee was delivered to them.

"Thank you, Annette."

"Thanks Annie."

There was another pause as they sipped, until...

"I visited his mom this morning."

"Good heavens. What's she like?"

"Not feminine like you, mom; she'd eat you for breakfast."

"You mean she does that judo stuff?"

"No, mom. She's a small mountain – six feet high, three foot across and she juts out her jaw and her hands are the size of bread and butter plates."

"My goodness."

"She told me Benni cried day and night when he was a baby so she put him out in the hen house at nights to sleep, so they could get to sleep."

The chatter in the salon stopped abruptly, the only sound was the shuffling of the hairdressers' feet and the snipping of scissors.

"My god, the rats."

"Apparently never touched him, mom; probably due to smelly nappies."

"That woman is inhuman."

"Steady on, mom, I've got the feeling I'm going to like her; you know where you are with her."


"Let's move on, mom. He burned down the schoolhouse, apparently trying to exorcise bad memories."

"Discipline at the school must have been lax."

"The sole teacher, a foul male, was psychologically assailing him as well as dipping his hands into the panties of some of the girls."

Even the shuffling sound of feet stopped.

"Oh dear."

"The Judge dismissed the firebug case, saying the boy had been intolerably provoked and was justified, though not lawfully, in trying to remove those horrible days from his mind."

"How remarkable – one would not expect to find a humane Judge like that these days. Is there anything else?"

"Some young women at college were having a dildo party..."

"A party - doesn't everyone use theirs in private?"

Everyone one in the salon nodded, except for two young hairdressers who shook their heads and two elderly clients whispering, "What's a dildo?"

"Is that all – scarcely seems a reason to justify the expulsion of the young man; he couldn't have even there as it would have been the female dorm."

"There's more, mom," said Bess, suddenly realizing that half the clients and all of the hairdressers were now grouped around her, listening.

Bess shrugged and continued; they wouldn't know it was Benni.

"He had been invited by one of the girls to the dorm at 9 o'clock provided he dressed in only a cape and wore a mask."

"Oh, I see, it was Halloween?"

"No, I figure it would have been several months after Halloween."

"He entered, excited the students and had sex with his girlfriend. Then another wanted some and another and so on. He brought all twelve young women to an orgasm – either true of faked – and then his girlfriend was back for more."

"Ooooooooh" and calls of 'Unbelievable" came from the women gathered around Bess and her mom.

"I want him; he sounds super hot," giggled Annette.

"I still can't imagine what people would do at a dildo party – the thought I have makes me feel quite faint," Marlene said.


Benni arrive back from doing a demo, selling a brace of Trailblazers to a husband and wife.

Barron beckoned his into his office.

"How did it go, boss – you're still standing," Benni grinned.

"She'd much too much for me," Barron winced and she doesn't want me back."

"But why? You've being going to the gym to tone up and you always eat well; you should have had horsepower to spare."

"Benni, she's a fucking vampire – she totally drained me, so much my balls feel like two dried peas. Then she had the gall to tell me I'm not mobile enough for her, sprawl over her too heavily and come much too fast. She's used to what she calls 'an elegant lover who is a long stayer'.

"Then the bitch kissed me and said there is no need to meet again. I feel totally humiliated."

"Well, she's vampire-like, isn't she?"


"And you plug Marlene and presumably without complaint?"

"Yeah – she sometimes moans I'm into her too often."

"Well then, you're the man, Barron. Marlene is the gal you have to worry about but she's happy so you've the man. Marlene probably thinks you're the greatest stickman on the planet."

"Yeah, you're right. Thanks a lot Benni, I feel much better. Fuck that other bitch."

"Right on, Barron. Now, what did you want me for?"

Barron scowled.

"Benni, I've had a heap of people talk to me about you."

"Yeah, what about?"

Barron said the first was Marlene, telling Barron he had to fire Benni because he burned down a schoolhouse and was almost jailed for it and practically raped a whole dorm of senior students which is why he was thrown out of college in his final year.

"Are those allegations true, Benni?"

"Yeah, more or less. The Judge more or less ruled that I had justification for burning down that schoolhouse. I can get you the Judge's report and newspaper cuttings stating that I'd become a local hero for what I did. People wrote letters to newspapers saying that would have done the same thing had they been in my shoes."

"Really? Well, that explanation is good enough for me, Benni. It must have been a terrible time for you."

"Don't say that, boss. Everyone around here reckons you have no heart – you're ruining my image of you."

"Yeah, yeah Benni. This is serious stuff you know."

"I know, but one can still smile and even laugh, no matter how deep the shit gets."

"I guess so, but what about riding twelve babes in one session? I can't imagine how you'd be able to do that."

"Control, boss. You have to have the ability to keep it up, but you also have to exert control not to fire the cannon every time or even most of the time. Those senior babes were so hot they were only concentrating on getting themselves off and finding out it they could scream the loudest."

"And you were invited to be there?"

"Yes, absolutely."

"And none of the women left when they saw you nailing your girl friend?"

"No, they stood around either cheering or arguing who was going next."

"And you never forced yourself on any of them?"

"Boss, I've never had to do that if my life; once babes see my dick they want it."

"You're a very lucky man. Fuck sacking you, I envy you."

Benni shrugged and asked could he go. He was told to remain seated.

"Half an hour ago in comes Bess and with her mother still here, demands that I promote you to new vehicle salesman supervisor and allocate stock in the company."

"Why would I want stock?"

"To induce you to stay here to be with her."

"So long as she's offering me pussy...er...oops."

"That all right, Benni – you always tell it how it is. Bess always gets me around her finger so I've decided to recommend to the board that we allocate you $50,000 worth of stock which I'm buying back off Bert, as he wants to reduce his holding in the company.

"I don't have money like that."

"You'll be given five years to pay otherwise the allocated but upaid stock return to the company. Bess will be offering to manage your financial affairs to get them paid down much sooner, perhaps within two years."

"I'll have to work my ass off to generate that sort of income."

"I was hoping you'd say that," grinned Barron.

"I've spoken to Lane Kaplan and he's accepted an upgrade of car in return for you jumping over him as the senior salesman to the new position of assistant sales manager new vehicles – brackets, non commercial."

"Wow, thanks boss."

"You need to thank Kevin. He came moaning to me about you selling him an upgrade when he didn't really want it but conceded he'd made the decision, and you were very particular about telling him that.

"Then Kevin got up my nose saying that you're tossing in a black and white calfskin golf bag whereas mine will be white just like the big guns at the golf club have from buying vehicles off you. I told him he was a fool buying a new car just to get an exclusive golf bag and he reckoned that was bullshit, that as soon as you began talking to him he realized he wanted that new model."

"Yeah, I'll thank him but I don't know what for?"

"Because I didn't want to issue new stock and when I was grouching about selling down some of my holding to make stock available to you, he offered to sell back some of his.

"Then, when I said I really didn't want to push Lane out of his seat as the new sales supervisor Bert said I should make you deputy sales manager which was a brilliant solution as we're hitting new records. New sales manager Stan Tippett is now completely into admin, without time to devote to sales training – practical as well as out in the field."

"Geeze, I do have to thank Kevin."

"It seems he's taken a shine to you – he and Maud never had kids you know, though they've got nieces and nephews, but none living near them. He wants to see you succeed just like he did, as he was a kid who broke out of real poverty."

"Oh, I didn't know that. What success did he have, he only drives a Chevy and even then not top of the line?"

"You're young, and still on a learning curve, Benni – never forget that. Bert could buy this dealership ten perhaps twenty times over. At one time he and his dad owned Mersey Oilfields and sold out to one of the big boys during the big fuel crisis. After pocketing those millions, he went out and bought a new set of tires for his eight-year-old car. Not everyone is what they seem, boyo."

Benni thanked Barron again.

"That's all right, son," said Barron slapping him on the back. "Oh crap, look at the time. We're meeting at the golf club at six for cocktails then early dinner. I've invited senior execs of the company and wives - they're all coming even though it's such late notice; makes you wonder what people usually do on Saturday night. Kevin is coming and Bess is asking the Slaters."

"I think she means the skaters."

"Whatever. Bess has taken a baby sitter out and is fetching back your dad and mom."

"Dad and mom at the golf club?"

"Yeah – I've told Bess to charge up a new suit and new dress to the company if your folk feel they need it."

"I-I don't know what to say."

"Say nothing. You've already thanked me twice."


Gladys had never used a non-family babysitter and was nervous above having one in the house, what with her mother's good china in the cabinet and her father's coin collection in the attic.

She fretted until Bess arrived and Gladys was relived as she recognised the sitter – Mavis Young or Mavis Setter as was she was when they were at school together. Mavis had reared four boys so Gladys' two would be no problem for Marvis; she now had no fears about the good china and coin collection.

When Bess saw the size of Mr James she was glad she'd take an Avalanche from the pre-owned stock; he was huge. She'd need the V8 power to move these two giants!

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