tagLoving WivesExchange of Wives Ch. 02

Exchange of Wives Ch. 02


(Author's note:

All the characters in the story are 18 and beyond.

Story so far : Vishok, a Development officer in an insurance company is posted at Kanara, a small town. He and his wife Vani come across another couple, Munir and Nusarat Jehan. They become friends and when cross attraction develops they take a trip to a holiday resort. Exchange of partners has occurred and they are now poised for cross fucking.)


Munir left holding Vani by her waist.

I turned to Nisi. She could not look at me eye to eye. In a low voice she said, "I am going to bathroom to change. Please Jiju, put off the lights."

"Then how shall I see your beautiful body? "

"Jiju, Please. I feel very shy."

I did not want to spoil the mood by displeasing her. So I said, "Okay, we shall do with the night lamp. Will that be alright?"

She reluctantly agreed and went into the bathroom. I closed the communicating door but did not engage the bolt as per my plan with Munir. I turned the lights off leaving the night lamp on. I changed to the night dress of shirt and pajamas but left the bottoms untied. I sat in the sofa waiting for Nisi to come out.

All along our friendship I had a strong desire to fuck Nisi. Many a times while fucking Vani I had fantasized of Nisi. Now the moment had arrived when my wish would be fulfilled. The thought alone was enough to rouse my lund. Add to that the fact that I had not ejaculated for last twenty four hours and what Nisi did in the bus and you will understand the condition of my poor lund. It was long thick and hard enough to poke a hole in Berlin wall. I was trying to pacify it with gentle stroking while sitting in semi darkness waiting for Nisi to come out.

While stroking my lund my thoughts veered to Munir and Vani next door. By now he must have kissed her, may be he was caressing her breasts or her cunt. I remembered our wedding night and how she allowed me to do those things. May be Munir's lund was already in my wife's chut. Friends, it is one thing to theorize exchange of wives, it is all together different to hold yourself knowing that her chut is filled up by someone else's lund. A wave of strong jealousy besieged me and I almost got up to go and 'rescue' my Vani when Nisi and her breasts flashed on my mind. I forgot about Vani and stroked my lund to full erection.

Presently she opened the door a crack and peered out. Satisfied that the room was indeed dark she stepped out.

She had put on a night dress of silk shirt and pajamas and looked small and petit like a schoolgirl. But the jutting globes on her chest did not belong to an immature schoolgirl, they belonged to a mature woman. The way her boobs were swaying and thrumming with each step of her walk showed that she had worn nothing under the night dress. Even in the dim light her small pointy nipples could be seen trying to poke holes in her shirt. My lund had a short fit of jerking, spewing out a quantity of love juice.

She was looking so sexy and enticing that I felt a strong urge to grab her, throw her on the bed and mount her thrusting my aching lund in her sweet vagina. But I held myself because I had planned to lead her to a couple of strong orgasms by slow leisurely fuck. If I could do that.

She came to stand where I was sitting. She was surprised seeing my erect cock and said, "Oh, oh, Jiju you look ready for me."

I held her hands and said, "You made me randy, my dear. Remember what you did in the bus?"

She sat down on the floor at my feet and went for my lund saying, "Yes, Jiju, yessss. I want to finish what I have started. May I?"

By the time I said, "Go ahead, it is all yours," she had opened her mouth and taken the lund in. Even while it was fully erect, about half of it could go in without difficulty. The rest of it which remained outside, she held in her fist.

She waited for some time to get adjusted and then started sucking the cock. At the same moment she started stroking with her fist the part of the shaft outside of her mouth. Her warm smooth mouth and her sucking were highly ticklish and the lund started throbbing.

While continuing sucking action Nisi brought her tongue into play. It licked the head and the shaft that was inside the mouth trying apparently to find the notch which separates the head from the shaft: corona glandis. She could not find it simply because the foreskin was covering it as well as the entire head. Nisi however was not daunted. She started bobbing her head making the lund go in and out of her mouth. At the same time she continued stroking the part of the shaft which was outside. With every motion inward the foreskin got pulled up baring more and more of the smooth bulbous cock head. When the head was fully denuded of the foreskin and its notch exposed she ran her tongue all around the rim and over the smooth slippery slope of the cock head. She caressed the tiny slit with the tip of her tongue. The head swelled like a blooming flower and put out large quantity of love juice. Soon her small mouth was filled up by the distended head while her lips formed an O around the shaft.

Undaunted by the massive head filling her mouth Nisi started sucking on it. The lund became stiffer and longer if any. After some powerful sucking she brought it out, spit on it for good measure and gave it few fast strokes of her fist. I again felt her mouth on the head as she took it in.

This time I steadied her head with my hand and with free swing of my pelvis started fucking her mouth. She clamped her lips over the thick shaft. I gave few fast thrusts and then in one slow motion pushed the lund deep down her throat and held it there. Only four inches had gone in and she gagged and I had to pull out completely. Her eyes watered and her spittle flowed freely.

She recovered quickly. I thought that with bad experience of gagging she would not allow me to fuck her mouth. But then I did not know Nisi. She stroked the lund holding the shaft in her fist and promptly took it in. This time she herself moved her head to 'swallow' the lund. She could take in an inch more before gagging. She gagged again, I pulled out again.

She was not through with the lund yet. Now she nibbled and licked only the head with her lips and the tongue. When the lund started throbbing she repeated the cycle of deep throating and gagging, taking in more and more of the lund with each attempt. A stage was soon reached when all the length of my lund could go in her throat. By that time the lund had become so sensitized that I would have shot my load if I had not withdrawn it quickly.

Like wise Nisi continued torturing my lund. Inside or out her tongue licked it and caressed it. Time and again she slipped the hole lund out of her mouth gliding her lips along the shaft and over the slippery slope of the smooth head. She would then spit on it, spread the saliva around, open her mouth take the lund in and repeat the whole cycle.

Soon I reached the point of no return. Nisi was not far behind. I did not want to shoot my load in her throat because that would delay fucking her chut for which I had been waiting so long. I decided to take over the charge.

I disengaged myself gently and kissed her. I could taste my own love juice mixed with her saliva. Carrying her in my arms and with kiss continuing I took her to the bed.

I laid her on her back. I stretched out by her side. One of my arms went around her neck holding her head for the kiss. My other hand got busy with the buttons on her night shirt.

As soon as she felt my fingers on her naked breast she gasped in my mouth. I was craving to see those magnificent boobs but could not; I had to satisfy with touch only. I used my fingers to locate her nipples. Bending my head I took one and then the other between my lips and sucked. Whimpering sounds came out from her throat and she arched her back trying to push as if her whole breast in my mouth.

My lund had been sending me the messages of fast approaching climax threatening to shoot the load without fucking. I therefore did not dally for long on the breasts.

Without wasting time I zeroed on her pajama bottoms. One tug and the knot on the waist string was untied. Nisi held on my wrist but did not resist. She lifted her hips to help me pull off the pajamas. Her shyness over powered her even in the darkness. She covered her vulva with her hand and turned to her side away from me.

However even when she was excited as much as I and wanted the lund pronto, she thwarted my attempts to turn her around. My coaxing and cajoling did not work. She remained in curled up position with her knees drawn on to her chest.

When my attempts to turn her failed, I did a simple thing. Putting my hand on the globe of her buttock I forced open her crack. I wetted the fingers of my other hand with my own saliva and smeared the saliva on her but hole. She cried out, "Ooui Jiju, it tickles," and jumped. In the process she turned on to her back and stretched her legs. I promptly threw myself on her and pinned her down by my weight. Breathlessly she said, "Jiju, not in the butt hole, I do not like it, it is very painful."

I said, "In that case let me fuck your chut."

She stopped struggling and spread her thighs. I settled in the V of her thighs my pelvis looming above hers with the lund hanging downwards pointing towards the cunt. Considering Nisi's delicate built I bore my weight on my elbows and knees. She glued her mouth to mine and at the same time passed her hand between our bodies to grab the lund. She practically dragged the lund to the opening of her vagina.

As soon as she engaged the cockhead in the mouth of her chut the lund jerked to higher degree of thickness and hardness. I gave a strong shove and the whole of it was sheathed in her vagina. She uttered a prolonged Aaaaaaaaah and jerked her hips.

Tempestuous fucking started immediately setting aside my plans for slow leisurely fuck. For the time being I forgot the delicate built of Nisi and pounded on her pussy lustily. She turned out to be much tougher than she appeared. She could tolerate each of my powerful strokes which shook her body like a rag doll. She also actively participated in the battle by swaying her hips every other way as if determined to dislodge my lund from its roots.

Within minutes she hit her orgasm. Suddenly she clung to me rigidly with her arms and legs, the only movements being short jerking of her pelvis and milking action of her throbbing vagina. I could feel goose bumps on her otherwise smooth skin. He breathed irregularly and let out a sharp "Uiiiiiii" from her throat before relaxing equally suddenly.

Her vagina however continued throbbing. I could not hold on further. My pelvis pushed the lund in her chut as deep as it could go and held it there. The lund then jetted out thick semen in uncounted number of squirts. Each squirt was accompanied by wave of ecstasy bursting out of the lund and spreading all over my body. In the end the pelvis gave few short jabs before relaxing.

Both of us relaxed equally suddenly. The after shocks of orgasm subsided gradually. She unwound her legs from my waist. The lund started wilting. I kissed her sweet mouth and tried to dismount. She however held me on, running her hands on my back.

"Few minutes more, Jiju. I like your weight on me. When will you f ... fuck again?"

Poor Nisi. In her innocence she did not know what Munir and I had in store for her. Anyway it was time to put the plan into action.

I snapped my fingers.

Suddenly the lights in the room went on flooding it with bright luminosity. Munir and Vani standing near the door clapped their hands saying, "Bravo, Nisi, bravo."

Nisi was stunned for a while. Then she reacted. The same delicate arms which held me before, now forcibly pushed me off. She turned to her side in curled up position and burst out crying.

This was the plot which I had planned with Munir to cure Nisi of her shyness. Earlier when Munir went to his room with Vani I had closed the door between the rooms but had left it unlatched. While I and Nisi were in the throes of passionate fucking Vani and Munir had quietly entered our room. They waited till we climaxed and I signaled by snapping my fingers. That is when they switched on the lights.

The mood in the room sobered in spite of the fact that both Munir and Vani were as naked as we were. Munir stepped up to approach Nisi but Vani held him and said, "Let me handle this. You two guys keep away."

Vani stepped up to her. The first thing she did was to cover Nisi with a spare bed sheet. She then leaned over her, put her hand on her shoulder and said something, which we could not hear.

At first Nisi shook her hand off but Vani persisted and continued talking.

Meanwhile Munir and I sat in chairs completely at home with our nudity. I was anxious to know how it went with him and Vani. I asked, "Did Vani give you trouble?"

"You will be surprised. Guess what happened."

"What happened?"

"She sucked my lund."

This was news to me. After marriage I had on several occasions tried to coax her into sucking my cock. She did it once only and then adamantly refused to do it again. So, when Munir succeeded in making her suck his cock I felt somewhat jealous and determined to fuck her in mouth at the next opportunity.

I asked, "No kidding? How did you convince her?"

"I guess she was fascinated by my circumcised lund. I did not have to do much. Little cajoling did the trick. I must admit that for a novice she did a good job."

"I am glad that you 'broke' her."

"She told me that she has not sucked you more than once?"

"True. After that first time she has been refusing stubbornly."

"Don't you feel jealous?"

"In fact I do."

"You need not worry because she also said that she is going to suck you at the earliest. But I suggest that you wash your lund thoroughly well and offer it with the fore skin drawn up."

By that time Vani was done talking with Nisi. Nisi had stopped crying and was sitting propped up by some pillows. Once again she was dressed in her night dress, a simple gown of silk this time. The cloth being thin could not conceal her heavy breasts with erect nipples. Lower down it took the shape of her lovely thighs and vulva complete with the central slit. A patch of moisture appeared over her pussy.

Vani called us guys to the bed. When we reached there Nisi clung to Munir who embraced her and said, "There, there. The sky has not fallen yet, my brave little tigress."

Vani said, "Good news, my dear sister has consented to try fucking with full lights on."

Nisi, "Before that I would like to know who had his brilliant idea."

I came forwards and said, "I plead guilty, my dear. I apologize for the shock I gave you, but that appeared to be the best remedy for your shyness. Back in our village we had a swimming instructor. If a new comer was afraid of plunging into the water, the instructor would suddenly push him in the pool. He would then plunge himself in the pool and help the struggling boy out. This method of his proved to be sure fire cure of fear of water. I thought similar method would work on you. I am sorry."

Nisi caught my hand and put it against her cheek and said, "Don't be sorry, Jiju. You did the right thing and I am glad that it is you who did it. What do you say, Munir?"

Munir, "I agree with you."

I asked, "Shall we all revert back to our partners? Nisi, what do you want?"

Nisi, "Whatever you boys decide is okay with me."

Munir, "In that case, I propose you two carry on. You are his for to night, Nisi, so let him finish what he has started. Come on Saaliji, let's go, we also have a long way to go, remember?"

Vani, "Yes, I do. Good fuck dear."

The last was addressed to me accompanied by a very wet and prolonged kiss on my mouth. Did I taste Munir's lund? Probably.

Once again Munir left holding Vani by her waist. I closed the door and bolted it this time.

When I turned to her she put out her arms to welcome me. I gently gathered her in embrace and asked, " You are not mad at me, are you Nisi?"

"Oh no. Not at all. But wait a minute, what are you doing?"

My fingers were searching for the ties of her gown. She held my wrists. I said, "I am trying to remove your gown. See, I am completely naked; it is unfair you should be clothed. Want me to put off the lights?"

She released my wrists and said in a meek voice, "No, no. Leave them on. But, Jiju I still feel very shy of you."

"We will take care of that too."

"Jiju, you will have to tell me what you want me to do."

"For a starter, I wish to hear from these sweet lips of yours the words like cock, pussy, cunt. Then I wish to see in full light Munir's lund fucking your pussy: and if it is okay with you, I wish to see you writhing in sweet ecstasy under the onslaught of two cocks at a time, one in your chut and the other up your ass. That is all I want of you."

"Oh my God, yours is a tall order. And the language you speak. Can Vani didi hear such words? I get funny feeling on hearing them "

"Oh, she not only can hear but also speak them. Does Munir not speak dirty while fucking?"

"He does of late. But I get tickled when he speaks dirty."

"Those words are meant for tickling you. Tell me where exactly you feel tickled?"

"You know very well as to where, why have you to ask?"

"Yes, I know but I wish to hear coming out of your mouth."

After much cajoling she hesitantly whispered in my ear, "In my cunt...."and giggled.

"See, it is not that difficult. Now say, cock, lund..."

She reluctantly started. As she continued verbalizing dirty words she got excited. There were frequent eruptions of goose bumps on her body. Hearing from her was very erotic to me too. My lund, which had wilted after last ejaculation started getting stiff once again. She clung to me throwing her thigh across mine. She rocked her pelvis and rubbed her vulva against my thigh. She felt for my hardening lund and grasped it in her fist.

We had all the time in the world, there was no hurry. Both of us had an orgasm recently and hence were able to take things easy. As if on a cue she lifted her face and I kissed her smooth cheek.

In fact I kissed all over her face. She turned her face this way and that presenting to my mouth the part which she wanted kissed. I varied my kisses from simple pecks to deep slobbering ones. In the end she brought her mouth to mine.

Nisi had a rosebud mouth befitting her petite built. While her lower lip was full and fleshy the upper one was projecting a bit forwards giving the mouth an appearance of perpetual pout asking for kiss. Both were soft and delicate and of course, sweet.

The kiss started a simple peck of lips on the lips. Even then it proved to be highly erotic. Our excitement escalated fast and so did the force of kissing. Now the lips mashed with lips rubbing from one corner of mouth to the other. I brought out my tongue and with its tip painted my saliva on her mouth. She gladly opened her mouth when I tried to insinuate the tip between her lips.

My tongue entered her mouth like a lund entering the chut. Her warm silken mouth closed up on it again like a chut griping a lund. The feeling was so sweet that we stopped struggling for a while.

I withdrew my tongue after roaming about inside her mouth. Now it was her turn. She made a shy entry in my mouth. I closed my lips over it and sucked on it. When she withdrew I picked up her lower lip with my teeth and gently bit on it. That ignited a small battle of mouths involving lips and teeth and tongues with saliva from both sides flying freely around.

Need to breath terminated the fierce kiss. Our mouths were wet and swollen. Nisi shuddered and said, "Oh my God, jiju , it looked like you were trying to eat me."

"I did, my dear. You are so sweet. Wait till I start eating your bhos."

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