tagGroup SexExchange Students Ch. 1

Exchange Students Ch. 1


Chapter 1: Getting To Know The New Roommates

Andrea and Nicola giggled as they struggled with their suitcases up to the fourth floor. The elevator didn't work (they were soon to find out that it was more unusual for it to work than not) and the early September heat in Rome was unbearable, even inside an apartment building that was built to stay cool.

At long last they finally made it to their floor and were just about to start unlocking the door when it opened. Both girls stared when they saw the incredibly good-looking Italian in front of them. He must be the boyfriend of one of their new roommates. The girls said hello and started to enter the apartment when the guy stopped them.

'Excuse me,' he said to them. 'What do you think you're doing?'

'We're moving in,' replied Andrea. 'We're renting a room in here.'

'You're what?' asked the Italian incredulously.

'We're moving in,' repeated Nicola. 'Are any of the other girls here?'

'What do you mean by "the other girls"?' the Italian persisted, still not letting them in.

'The girls who are renting this apartment.' Andrea was getting annoyed now, this guy was starting to get on her nerves.'

'There are no girls renting this apartment! This apartment is let to boys and we're expecting two boys to show up today!'

'There must have been some misunderstanding,' Nicola said. 'We were sent these keys by the Sisters and we were assured that boys and girls lived separately in the apartments belonging to the church.'

'That's right,' the Italian agreed. 'And we're expecting two boys, Andrea and Nicola.'

'WHAT?' the girls asked. 'We're Andrea and Nicola, and we're girls!!!'

At that point another guy walked up behind them and asked what was going on. The guy they'd just been talking with started speaking too quickly for them to understand, but it was obvious that he was explaining what was going on. The second guy burst out laughing and motioned for everybody to come inside the apartment and go to the kitchen where they all sat down.

'I should have known,' the second guy said in perfect English. 'It just didn't occur to me that they wouldn't know your sex so I didn't think twice about your names.'

The girls looked perplexed so the guy continued.

'In Italian the names Andrea and Nicola (he pronounced them in Italian to underline the difference) are boys' names, our equivalent of Andrew and Nicholas. The Sisters obviously didn't know that they're girls' names in English.' He explained this in Italian to his friend and all four of them started laughing.

'Well, people usually call us Reah and Nicki,' Nicola said when she'd stopped laughing.

'Pleased to meet you Nicki, I'm Giuseppe and this is Roberto.'

The group started exchanging handshakes and started discussing what to do next. Giuseppe decided that they should call the Sisters and then he and Roberto would help the girls move to their new accommodation. Five minutes later, after talking too fast for the girls to understand, he hung up the phone and started explaining. It was only a few days before the start of the new semester and all student accommodation had been allocated. The Sisters didn't think anything would become vacant before Christmas.

The girls were devastated. They had been looking forward to their year at the University in Rome for such a long time, and now it seemed as though they'd have to go home. Their scholarships didn't pay for any private accommodation and neither girl's parents could afford to pay the astronomic rents in Rome.

Roberto and Giuseppe looked at each other and nodded. They couldn't throw these pretty girls out on the street. So they asked the girls to stay put while they went and checked something. The girls didn't know what else to do so they agreed. Half an hour later the guys came back with two more Italian hunks who were introduced as Enrico and Paolo. The guys explained to the girls that they'd talked things over, and as far as they were concerned the girls were welcome to stay in the room that had been allocated to them until they found something else.

The girls knew that they didn't have any other options, and after a long trip and with the blistering heat they decided to accept the offer. They were shown to their room where they went and started unpacking. An hour later, having unpacked and showered, the girls were lying on their beds in light summer dresses when Giuseppe knocked on the door and poked his head in.

'We were wondering if you'd like to come along with us to a bar. We could all get to know each other better over a coffee.'

The girls thought it was a great idea and soon all six of them set off to the bar around the corner where they ordered six coffees. The guys were very entertaining. Giuseppe spoke the best English so he acted as a translator whenever the girls' Italian or the other guys' English didn't cut it. They found out that Enrico and Giuseppe both had girlfriends who studied at other universities. Paolo and Roberto, on the other hand, were free agents and paid very much attention to Nicola and Andrea respectively.

The girls explained that they didn't have any boyfriends. They were roommates back home and had jumped at the chance of seeing a little bit of the world as part of their studies. Nicola was 5'9", with blonde hair and blue eyes. Her body was slim, with 34B breasts, a 27 waist and 32 hips. Andrea on the other hand was a short and curvy redhead with green eyes and a face full of freckles. She had voluptuous 36D breasts, a 28 waist and 36 hips to her 5'5". Roberto couldn't keep his eyes off her cleavage, which was showing off her firm 20 year old breasts without a bra.

As it got late the girls reclined the guys' offers to take them nightclubbing, claiming that they were quite tired after their long trip. Giuseppe and Enrico went off to the nightclub, but Roberto and Paolo offered to escort the girls home. Roberto was 5'10 with short dark hair and green eyes and he put his arm around Andrea as they started walking. Behind them 6' Paolo with the shoulder length brown hair and velvet brown eyes was walking next to Nicola, chatting about school.

When they came up to the apartment they decided to sit in the combined living room and kitchen area and share a couple of bottles of wine. Paolo turned on the TV and started explaining the show to Nicola while Roberto pulled Andrea down on his lap and started kissing her.

Andrea had been with a couple of boys back home, but she'd never been kissed with such passion before. Roberto's tongue invaded her mouth and she replied eagerly. She could feel herself getting wet between her thighs as Roberto's groin grew harder and harder against her thigh. Roberto's hand untied the strap that was holding her dress up and started kissing and sucking on her nipple, she moaned out loud.

Nicola and Paolo could hardly concentrate on the TV show and without warning Paolo turned around and started kissing Nicola's lips hard, forcing his tongue into her mouth. Nicola's first reaction was to struggle, but then she saw her friend's nipple being licked by Roberto and she realised how horny she was. She was much more experienced than Andrea, but she'd never fucked an Italian before and she wanted to know what they were like.

Nicola started unbuttoning Paolo's shirt as she straddled across his legs. Paolo on the other hand was busy pulling her dress over her head, revealing her perky little breasts with stone hard nipples. When Paolo's lips closed in over her nipples she moaned out loud, this guy sure knew how to get her wet.

Andrea stood up in front of Roberto and let her dress slip to the floor, he then pulled her panties down and revealed a neatly trimmed red bush. He ran his hand over her mound and between her legs to feel how wet she was, then he kissed her and motioned for her to sit down on the sofa. While she was doing this he quickly shed his clothes, revealing an 8-inch fat cock and a mat of dark hair on his chest. He kneeled in front of Andrea, pulled her to the front of the sofa, spread her legs and buried his face in her pussy.

Andrea moaned out loud as Roberto started eating her. His tongue went up and down her slit, flicking repeatedly across her engorged clit and then pushing into her hole, sliding in and out of her wetness. Andrea wrapped her legs around Roberto's head and gently pushed his head against her mound.

Paolo and Nicola looked across at the other two, then exchanged glances and nodded. They helped each other get completely naked and then Paolo helped Nicola down on her back and manoeuvring herself into position to suck Roberto's big and juicy cock into her hungry mouth. Paolo then kneeled next to Andrea on the sofa and gently pushed her head towards his 9-inch shaft. Andrea willingly sucked this huge cock into her wet, warm mouth and sucked until it was as deep as she could possibly get it.

Nicola used her hands to help her while sucking off Roberto. Her hands tightly squeezed the base of his cock and she moved her mouth to lick his balls and one by one suck them into her mouth. Meanwhile Roberto had started using his fingers on Andrea's pussy. While his tongue fucked her hole real deep and hard his fingers alternated between her clit and fingering her asshole.

When Andrea couldn't take it anymore she let herself go. Her pussy contracted hard around Roberto's tongue as she squirted her juices onto his face and into his mouth. When she stopped shaking, Roberto finally pulled his tongue out of her pussy and focussed on his cock, which was being sucked by Nicola. He leaned over and started squeezing her tits as she sucked him deeper and deeper. He'd never been sucked so good before. One minute she had his balls in her mouth, the next she throated him again until her face was buried in his hairy groin.

He looked over to the sofa where Andrea was now concentrating on sucking his roommate's huge cock and looked at the wet cunt he'd just been sucking. He knew he had to fuck it before the end of the night. Right then he felt Nicola squeezing his cock with her tongue and he couldn't keep it in any longer. He shot his cum down her throat, squirt after squirt and she swallowed everything.

Nicola pulled away from Roberto, got up on her legs and started kissing Paolo. Paolo could taste Roberto's cum in her mouth. He quickly looked down and saw his friend kneading Andrea's huge tits and that was enough for him to reach the point of no return. His shaft started twitching inside Andrea's luscious red lips and with a loud groan he shot his load straight down her throat.

Roberto pulled Andrea with him to the floor. His cock was hard again and he motioned for her to sit down. She straddled him and let her red haired mound go down and slowly engulf his member into her sweet, tight, young pussy. When he was as deep as he could get he told her to start riding. With every thrust her huge tits bounced up and down, more and more and he reached out and started squeezing her nipples, which only made her ride faster.

Paolo pulled Nicola down on her back and spread her legs to get a good view of her shaved, wet cunt. He could tell she didn't need to be licked, but he was thirsty and wanted a taste before he fucked her. He started lapping up her sweet juices as he ran his tongue along her slit, from her asshole to her mound, over and over again. He could smell how horny she was for him and this realisation made his cock go real hard again, as if he hadn't fucked in months.

When he could wait no longer, Paolo took hold of Nicola's ankles and pressed her legs against her chest. He manoeuvred his hips in position and then thrust into her wet pussy as hard as he could. His 9 inches only made it half way in the first thrust, that's how tight her young, juicy little pussy was. So he pulled out a little and then used all his power to thrust back inside her, this time burying the length of his shaft in her, feeling himself hitting her cervix. They cried out in unison as he started grinding against her mound, moving his cock around inside her tight pussy.

Roberto was enjoying the view of Andrea's bouncing tits and his cock sliding in and out of her juicy cunt, but he felt he wasn't getting deep enough so he pulled her off and placed her on her back. She spread her legs apart, again showing off her tiny little fuck hole for him. He couldn't resist and entered her quickly again, grinding deeper with every thrust. His fucking sent her tits bouncing again and this time she started playing with them herself, squeezing her nipples real hard.

Nothing could be heard in the room except heavy breathing and the unmistakable sound of cocks sliding in and out of dripping pussies. Paolo and Nicola were both close to cumming, but neither one wanted to give in yet, so Paolo pulled out of Nicola's hot cunt and she got down on her hands and knees on the floor. Paolo ran his pussy juice covered shaft across her asshole to her clit and then shafted her hard and deep. As he started fucking her again he took hold of her tits and started squeezing them. He pulled her up and she turned her head around. Their hips were moving to meet each other, he was kneading her tits and they were kissing with their tongues deep inside each other's mouths, their moans deafened by each other.

Roberto looked at Paolo and Nicola and pulled out of Andrea's pussy once again. He made her get on her hands and knees in front of Nicola and while he entered her pussy from behind she quickly licked Nicola's pussy and also managed to touch Paolo's cock as it was sliding in and out. Then Roberto pulled her body up as he was fucking her from behind. Her tits were touching Paolo's hands on Nicola's tits. He looked at her, chuckled and let go.

Soon the girls were fondling each other's tits and kissing deeply as their new Italian roommates were fucking them from behind. Nicola was the first one to let go. She felt her pussy contract and before she knew it she was screaming out loud and squirting her juices as her pussy spasmed around Paolo's cock. With this extra pressure Paolo couldn't hold on either and started pumping his seed deep inside Nicola's cumming pussy.

Andrea looked over at Nicola and Paolo and knew that she too had to give in. Her body started shaking and her pussy cramped around Roberto's cock as she cried out in passion. Roberto kept on pumping for a short while, but he was unable to stay in control with the tight little pussy cumming around his shaft so with an intense moan he finally released his load inside Andrea.

When they'd all cum, the guys withdrew their cock from the girls and all four collapsed on the floor. They were all startled as they heard the sound of a key opening the front door.

To Be Continued...

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