tagIncest/TabooExchanging Butts Ch. 02

Exchanging Butts Ch. 02


Even though the sex with my wife had been great my cock was still hard and I was hornier than ever. I couldn't resist the temptation to visit my daughter. I quietly enter Judy's room and walked over to her bed. She looked like a beautiful angel laying there. I pulled back her covers and then lifted her gown to completely expose her boobs. Softly I caressed her boobs and belly.

Soon I was tweaking her nipples twisting and pinching them. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked up at me smiling. I brought out my focal point and put her under as I decided to carry it one step further. When she woke up from the trance I pulled off her panties and ran my hand over her thick bush. Gently I pushed her legs open and gawked at her wet pussy and proceeded to run my fingers over her cunt lips.

Eagerly I explored her entire crotch including her tight anal opening. Lifting her panties to my nose I inhaled her sweet aroma as my other hand worked feverishly on her teenage twat. I slid my thumb over her clit and began diddling her as I slowly pushed two fingers inside her pussy. Neither of us said a word as her breathing became more shallow and erratic and my fingers drove deeper and faster.

Within a couple of minutes her hips bucked up to meet each of my thrusts. Judy was now panting and biting her lips as she came closer and closer to orgasm. I smiled down to her as I felt a tremendous shudder run through my little girl's body. Pulling out my fingers I licked them clean before helping her put her undies back on. I leaned over and kissed her mouth and told her good night.

Until this day I don't know how I got out of her room without trying to fuck her. My mind was running rampant with thoughts of my wife and daughter. It was a restless night's sleep. I woke up a couple times in a cold sweat and debated my next move knowing I couldn't hold out much longer; I had to have sex with my daughter. I walked into the kitchen still rubbing my eyes in the morning as Judy greeted me.

"Good morning daddy," she cooed still wearing the skimpy nightie. My cock sprang to life instantly as Judy walked toward me. My eyes gawked up and down her body as she hugged me tightly and gave me a peck on the lips. Then I noticed that she was cooking breakfast.

You cooking us breakfast, baby? To what do I owe this honor?" I asked her staring at her ass in those silky panties. I had no fear of Betty walking in as she had already left. So, walking up behind Judy I began rubbing her ass.

"I wanted to thank you for helping me to stop smoking daddy," she cooed almost sensually.

"If it works it is indeed my pleasure," I answered proud of that accomplishment.

"But, daddy, I think you should let me stay home from school today and you should stay home with me," She said with an edge in her voice as she turned off the burners on the stove.

"You know I can't do that. After all what would your mother say if I let you stay home?" I asked in my best fatherly tone.

"You see daddy I think you did a bit more than hypnotize me to stop smoking. I think you are making me do naughty things with me like rubbing my ass right now. For some reason I am unable to tell you to stop. Come on daddy confess. What would mommy say if she knew that you had hypnotized me to do sex acts with you?" she said with confidence. My hand flew off of her ass as she turned around to face me. Butterflies ran through me as I replied.

"Well, Judy this is no way to talk with your father. You can't prove anything and besides who says she would believe you anyway? I asked putting on my bravest face. We were nearly nose to nose and she smiled like a shark facing down a minnow.

"Daddy even if she didn't believe me you two would have a big argument and more importantly to you wouldn't be able to touch me anymore," she cooed. Then my daughter ran her finger from my neck all of the way down to my belt. I could already feel the erection reforming in my pants.

"So what is it you want to keep you quiet?" I nervously asked hoping I knew the answer.

"Well, daddy, as I said I want you to stay home with me all day today. You see big daddy I want to be your little baby girl slut," she said huskily wrapping her hand around my now very stiff member. I let out a grunt as she held on to it and brought her mouth closer to mine. A second later she had her tongue in my mouth and was unzipping my trousers.

As Judy unfastened my belt I reached for the phone as we kissed and called first her school than my office. While I was on the phone she continued to play with my cock as she pulled it free from my clothes. We would kiss between my parts of the conversation and I found my hands trailing over her youthful soft body. Hanging up I whispered, "Ok Judy I want you; I want you to be my baby girl slut."

The words were barely out of my mouth when I felt her slide to the floor and her lips touch the soft mushroom head of my cock. Then her tongue swirled all around it as she cupped my balls. Gradually she worked more and more of my seven inches into her mouth. Before long she was mouth fucking me. I held onto her shoulders to keep my balance as she pumped her fist up and down the base of my pole.

Reaching down I pulled her sheer gown off over her head causing her to dislodge from my cock for only a second. My knees were rubbing against her nipples as I threw my head back in extreme ecstasy. My cock hit the back of her throat and her cheeks caved in at the extreme vacuum pressure her sucking was creating. It didn't take long until I exploded into her throat.

My breathing was so heavy that I couldn't even speak to warn her about the massive load of spunk that shot from me. Judy gagged but kept on kissing and caressing my cock. Looking down I saw my spunk dripping from her chin. Smiling at her gently I pulled her back up to her feet as she asked, "Daddy how was that for you; did you like it? "

"Oh yes, my sweet baby girl but we have only just begun. My little cock sucker you will do things you never imagined slut of mine," I answered. We both knew now that there was no further need for me to hypnotize her or her to threaten me with telling her mother. Lust had captured both of us. I scooped her up in my arms and carried her to her bed. Quickly I stripped off the remainder of my clothing and leaned down and gently pulled her panties down her voluptuous long legs.

Seconds later I had my daughter in my arms in her bed; our hands exploring feverishly as we kissed savagely. The all consuming lust was like a fire in my belly as I nibbled her neck and then worked down to her boobies. Judy held onto my head, entangling her fingers in my hair, as I kissed, and bit and sucked from one tit to the other. My hand fed her tit flesh to my mouth while kneading and squeezing the beautiful globes.

My daughter was grinding her pussy against my leg as I ravaged her breasts. Finally, I could not take it anymore and had to taste her honey pot. Letting go of her tits I quickly kissed down her belly. Her legs melted apart for me as my lips reached her thick forest. I ran my fingertips over her cunt lips as my mouth proceeded to get closer and closer. Then, there it was her hot little pussy only a couple of inches from my face. Wrapping my arms around her thighs I leaned in and gently kissed her pussy lips.

If the sample I had gotten the night before was any indication I was about to get the sweetest treat of my life. Slowly I worked deeper and deeper into her steamy opening wanting to savor every second of this experience. Then I flicked my tongue across her clit causing my daughter's body to shudder. Swirling my tongue rapidly over her piss hole I licked it as if I had not had sex in years. Her hips bounced off her bed as I used my tongue alternatively on her clit and to scoop out her sweet honey pot.

"Oh fuck yes daddy eat me; eat my cunt. Fuck yes, daddy; please fuck me, fuck me now," Judy pleaded. My cock had returned to full erection in spite of the thorough blow job she had given me minutes before. I couldn't resist this plea as I was also burning with passion. Pulling my face from her opening I caressed her all over running my hands all over her crotch.

My fingers explored her pussy as I finger fucked her with two fingers and then pushed my pinky into her tight anal opening. As I did that I was getting up on my knees. Then removing my hands I fell gently on top of her soft and sexy body. Our lips found each other and we greedily kissed with our mouths melded together as one. I moved my hips up and down so I was rubbing my cock against her clit.

Then gasping for air I drew back my hips and slowly slid my cock into my daughter's pussy. I got halfway in before pulling back and pushing back a bit further this time. After about five initial strokes I was finally balls deep in her. I stopped for a minute buried all of the way in just enjoying the sensation of her tight pussy wrapped around my member. Judy's hands were caressing my back and her eyes were pleading for me to take her.

Pulling back I began rhythmically fucking her. In and out I thrust my cock each stroke a bit harder and faster than the last. Soon Judy's hips came up to meet each of my thrust. We were like a father/daughter fucking machine. A bomb could have dropped and we would not have noticed it. I was now slamming her out of control with sweat pouring from our bodies in total rapture.

I knew I should pull out of her before cumming. I had no idea if she was on birth control of any kind. But, I just could not seem to stop pounding her. Judy wrapped her hands around my ass squeezing it and pulling me into her. As we got close to cumming she dug her long nails into my ass flesh. With her cunt muscles squeezing my cock hard I let out a very loud grunt throwing my head back and exploded deep in my daughter's pussy.

She held me inside of her. Her head was jerking back and forth out of control. A little cooing noise came from her between her gasps for air. It felt like an earthquake under me when her entire body shuddered in a massive orgasm. Judy dropped her hands and her whole body relaxed as I fell beside her onto her single bed. I wiped drops of sweat from her forehead.

"Baby girl, maybe we should eat some of what you cooked before it gets bad. Then we can come back to this," I whispered still trying to get my breath back. I helped her up and followed the sway of her nude round ass to the kitchen. At first, we sat there in silence devouring the now cold food while recovering from our mutually intense orgasms. Then she put her fork down and looked me in the eyes.

"So, besides helping me with the smoking thing and doing sexual stuff with you what else did you do to me when you hypnotized me?" Judy asked in a serious tone. The question startled me making me jump as I had been openly staring at her full breast. I felt myself blush as I looked back into her eyes.

"That is it honey, I swear I only tried to help with your smoking and gave myself the enormous and precious opportunity to feel your gorgeous body. I didn't hypnotize you into fucking me this morning although I cannot say the thought hadn't crossed my mind," I nervously answered. Judy stood up with her ass right in my face. She pulled the cheeks apart showing me her rosebud.

"Now daddy, quit playing games with me. I am a smart girl, you know. And, therefore I know, you want this ass so, tell me, tell me what else you did?" she replied purring.

"Nothing Judy, nothing at all," I answered gulping. I reached for her ass and she swatted my hand away. Then she took a step away from me and seductively wiggled her assets.

"If that is true then how come I have been wearing sexy nighties and don't know why. Why is mom also wearing them? And for that matter father why are mom and I giving goodnight kisses like lesbians? Answer me that daddy," she demanded.

She had sat there and figured it all out. No doubt that she would deny me anymore thrills until I spilled all of the beans. Getting myself together I explained, "I did tell you and mom to wear your hot gowns as I enjoy a sexy view. As for the kissing I told you both that if you had sexual feelings for each other to let them go and that it was ok to passionately kiss like that if you felt like it."

"You mean mom is really hot for me?" Judy asked with eyes bulging.

"And evidently you are hot for her. All I did is suggest that both of you let your sexual feelings toward each other out. It is up to both of you whether you go any further. My only hope is that I get to watch if you eat each other's pussies and I'd love to do a threesome; but, that is up to you guys," I said in a virtual whisper. She backed up until her rump nearly touched my face.

"I don't know about that daddy. Right now I need you to make my ass yours," Judy cooed now obviously turned on once again I pulled her hips tighter to me and planted little kisses all over her soft teenage cheeks. Carefully I moved our plates out of my way and bent her over the table. Her cheeks fell to the sides displaying the full beauty of her ass crack and pink pussy lips inches from me.

Shoving my chair across the room I knelt behind the hot sight and grabbed a cheek in each hand as I resumed kissing every millimeter of her ass. It did not take long before my tongue was swiping her crack rapidly up and down while I played aggressively with those sweet cheeks. She was pushing herself back up to meet my attentions when I finally stuck my tongue into her bowels.

"Fuck yes daddy, eat my shit hole; it feels so good, fuck yes," she moaned. My tongue dug deeper and deeper into her back door until it was over halfway inside. Soon I was using it like a mini-cock fucking in and out and in and out of her tight passage. The taste was a sexy contrast to her sweet pussy honey with a sharper tangy pungent flavor. My cock was twitching I had to take her ass right away.

"Fuck Judy, your ass is fucking unbelievable! I have to ram my cock in there right fucking now," I snapped somewhat desperately but still in a demanding tone. I grabbed the tub of butter and smeared my cock with it and then used two fingers to shove plenty of it in her ass hole. My daughter cooed with pleasure as I coated her tunnel with the butter.

Taking a deep breath I placed my soft mushroom head at the greasy opening. Gently I pushed the head inside of the puckering hole. This caused her to gasp and her body tightened up. Grabbing her hips I pushed slowly in, inch by inch. Judy cried out a couple of times but told me not to stop. I could feel the skin being shredded from my cock; at least it seemed like it.

Once my cock was all of the way in and my balls were resting against her pussy lips I pulled back. Then I moved my hips forward again and soon we were in a full-fledged butt fucking. My thrusts got harder and longer. Judy moved one hand to her clit and was furiously rubbing it while her other hand was playing roughly with her tits. Dishes clattered on the table as I pounded my daughter's shittie depths as hard as I could. My fingers dug deeper and deeper into her fleshy ass.

Letting out an enormous grunt I suddenly splashed her shit hole with several shots of my hot sticky spunk. Shudders ran through Judy's body as she was clearly cumming along with me. Catching my breath I just stood there as my cock softened and we recuperated. Then my cock fell out with a little pop and I helped my little girl up and we tenderly embraced.

As we were both sweaty and messy we decided that we should take a shower together. I think we both needed to rest as our shower was tame by comparison to what we had already done. I must say, however, I really did enjoy it as we washed one another off thoroughly. Her body felt so nice and soft as I ran the wash cloth and soap all over it causing renewed stirrings in my privates.

We spent the entire day playing together. Soon I knew her body as well as I knew every nook and cranny of her mother's body. During our recovery periods we ate and drank and discussed various possibilities. Judy decided that she would wear sexy clothing and flirt shamelessly with her mother that evening as she really wanted 'mother loving' in the worst way. At bedtime it was her intent to go for it and do what she could to make love with Betty.

So what about Jennifer; do you still want her?" I asked. She lay in my arms and thought about it for a minute. Then she frowned realizing that she must have told me something under hypnosis.

: What all did you ask me when you had me under? How much privacy do I have left?" She was not quite angry but rather a bit worried as she asked. I hugged her reassuringly.

"Judy, the only things I know that I haven't told you about is you and Jennifer experimented a little and that you have been with three guys. I don't know any of the guy's name or any details of any of it I had to ask questions you would not answer if you were conscious to be sure you were under so we could take care of the smoking thing. As far as I know that is it. Oh yeah I know you skipped school three times," I said apologetically.

"You mean to take care of the smoking thing and to have wild hot sex with your own daughter, don't you daddy?" she was cooing with forgiveness.

"Umm, Yes but it didn't start out that way. I meant only to do the smoking but you turned me on so much," I whispered and gently and romantically kissed her.

"Yes dad, I am still interested in Jennifer. I think I want to 69 with her and suck her titties. I think I want to watch you fuck both her and mom. But, most of all, daddy I want to be your total hot slut. I will eat, suck and fuck anyone you tell me," she growled sensually. She was thrilled that I had known all about her sex life and still wanted to make love with her.

However she made me promise not to hypnotize anyone into having sex ever again with either of us. We agreed that I could use hypnosis to find out information that would be useful in a seduction attempt and maybe even have them flaunt their bodies while they were under hypnosis but that was it. Judy was anxious to try it out and sent a text message to her friend Jennifer to come over to our house right after school. As soon as Jennifer walked in the two girls disappeared into Judy's room.

The plan was for Judy to tell her friend how she had been hypnotized into stopping smoking. As Jennifer also smoked and needed to stop herself we hoped she would take the bait and let me put her into my hands; hopefully literally. About 15 minutes later the two of them waltzed into the living room where I was sitting in the middle of the sofa. It took only thirty seconds to put Jennifer into a trance. I told her about the cigarette stuff and then wasted no time getting to sexual topics.

ME: "Jennifer, do you like sex?"

Jennifer: "Yes sir, I love it," she spoke as if talking about the weather.

Me: "Take off your pants and show your underwear to me and Judy and wiggle your ass in our faces. Do you like to suck cock or eat pussy or both? And, are you a virgin?" I asked with my heart racing. I watched with anticipation as my daughter's best friend stood up and unzipped the fly of her tight fitting jeans. Jennifer had jet black hair and soft blue eyes and was a couple of inches taller than Judy at 5'6" and likely weighed 160 pounds as her breasts were at least D cups and her ass was very big but appeared to be very firm. She peeled off the pants and Judy took them from her.

Jennifer: No, I am not a virgin and yes I absolutely love to eat pussy and suck cock," she said with her ass inches from our faces. Then Jennifer sat back down waiting for the next question or instruction.

Me: "Take off your shirt and bra and show us your tits and then play with them until you cum or I tell you to stop. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? Do you want my cock in your pussy and/or ass?" This question made me nervous as I didn't want my ego crushed if the girl said no. My cock was unbelievably hard as I saw her enormous tits for the first time. Calmly Jennifer sat there and was caressing and pinching her boobs.

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