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Exchanging Favors


Dipti stopped the shower with her wet hand and watched her naked frame in the big wall mirror hanging across the wall. Her hair wet sticking to her neck and shoulders and dripping water onto her naked skin. Her body was wet with water as she looked at her petite frame, her breasts sticking out and her nipples giving them a cone shape. Her slim waist and those wide hips on top of those toned legs thanks to jogging daily. She had just shaved her pussy before her showe and now it looked very clean and delicious with the lips slightly swollen and pink.

She grabbed the towel and started to dry her body as she walked out of the shower and into her bedroom. Her clothes were placed on top of her bed neatly. She sat on the bed and placed her hand on the smooth sheet of the bed and moved it a little. She looked at the clock, she had one hour to get ready and reach her friends place. The friend who was getting her out of trouble by helping her but it didn't seemed that way to her.

Dipti had been married for 3 years now to Rishi with no child, they lived in a nice apartment. They wanted to have a big house before they have any kids. She didn't have to work because her husband was wealthy. Was wealthy. Until he suffered a big loss in business and went in debt. She never in her scariest nightmares would have imagined that she would have to do something like this and that also for money and a favor. A simple exchange of favors as her friend Mona had put it. Dipti's husband was now working on a big deal to try and cover up his losses and if he did close this deal then the happy days would return back for them. But to land this deal and sign the contract he needed the 2 important persons of the other company to agree and sign the contract.

One of whom was Deepak's friend and Deepak was Mona's husband. Mona had convinced Dipti that her husband will help Rishi in getting the contract if she could do something in return for Deepak. She was a bit surprised at that coz Deepak knew Rishi so why was he asking for something in return from her rather then her husband whom he was gonna help.

"He has always liked you & he wants to sleep with you," were the words of Mona when she told her of the arrangement and continued with,"you sleep with Deepak & he'll help out your husband. No ane has to know about anything. You'll be happy with this, your hubby will be happy & so will my Deepak."

She was tonguetied at hearing that and didn't knew how to respond to that so she just quietly left her place and came back home. But after a few days she found herself pondering over the idea due to their financial situation and how much Rishi wanted this contract. It would almost kill him if he didn't get this deal which he had been working for almost 2 years now. She thought about talking with Deepak and trying to ask for his help without anything in return atleast not from her.

Dipti picked up her red skimpy panty from the bed and raised her left leg & inserted it then her right foot. She pulled the soft fabric up from her feet towards her thighs and she raised her hips and placed the fabric ontop of her bald pussy. She remembered how that conversation had went with Deepak.

"He's your friend, aren't you gonna help him out?"

"I wanna, but see, this is, uh... This is the only chance that I can get with you."

"What does that mean?" she asked a little confused.

"I have always been in love with you, with your body to be specific. That's why I friended Rishi & pushed Mona to become friends with you. I've waited for an opportunity like this & now that its here, I'm not gonna let it pass," he said stepping closer towards her.

"I'm not gonna do anything like this with you," she said taking a step back and hitting into the wall behind her.

"You will do it. I know you will coz if you don't then poor Rishi won't be able to clear his debts & he'll be on the road & so will you," he was now standing just a feet apart from her towering her with his big 6 ft frame.

"Please...," she said when he placed his hand on her shoulder. Her heartbeat quicked at the touch and she was feeling scared and was having difficulty in breathing.

"Just one time. You be with me alone for one time and I'll help out your Rishi."

"No, I can't do it. I can't cheat on him," tears started running from her eyes ruining her makeup. He backed away looking at her crying and said,"the meeting is after 3 weeks & if you'll be in bed with me before that then Rishi will get the contract or..." he left the sentence unfinished and walked away from her.

She remained in shock for almost 2 days after that little incident and was in a dilemna. She didn't know what to do, whether to help out her husband who had provided her with everything she ever asked for and sleep with another guy or just let him suffer this horrible loss. Mona came a few more times to her to convince her about this and in the end she did succeed.

She picked the red bra which Mona had brought for her and placed it on her breast. She brought her hands back and clasped the hook then ran her hands through her bra covered breasts. It was a very soft fabric and the feel of it against the skin was very delicate and arousing. Then she stood up and picked the red dress and wore it. She went in front of the large mirror and saw herself. She was looking gorgeous in this dress which came down mid-thigh and showed her legs along with her cleavage and shoulders. She did her hair and a little makeup and was ready to leave.

Rishi had gone out of town for some business work and would return after two days and she was gonna spend these two days with Deepak in his house. She still couldn't believe she was gonna do it but she didn't have any other choice that's what Mona had told her. She got into her car and drove towards her destination, it was only a 10 minute drive and she was parking her car in their driveay and got out. Mona was standing outside waiting for her. She greeted Dipti and hugged her saying she looked beautiful and her husband would be very pleased.

They entered the house and made their way towards the bedroom where the room was nicely decorated for their coupling. She still didn't understand what was the deal between this married couple. Mona helping him to get someone else in bed with him? Whatever it was, but she was just gonna do this once and get it over with. But still there was a little fear in her heart and she wanted to run. She thought of just leaving everything and running out but she was so terrified that she couldn't move.

"You wait here and be comfortable, Deepak is taking a shower," Mona said leaving her alone in the bedroom. She went and sat on the bed, she felt the softness of the sheets and the stuffy mattress where she will be fucking in a few moments. She hadn't fucked anyone except Rishi and she was a virgin when she got married. Rishi was a good lover but still the thought of being with someone else scared her but now that she was sitting alone on the bed of Deepak who will be fucking her for the next 2 days brought a sudden excitement inside her and she felt her pussy getting a little moist.

"Sorry to keep you waiting my love," Deepak said as he entered the room only in a towel around his waist. This was the first time she was seeing Deepak naked. Almost naked except that towel. He had a muscular chest with little hair on it and a flat stomach also with few hairs. He came and sat right next to her looking at her hungrily.

"I've been dreaming about this moment since forever," he said and leant in to kiss her. She couldn't move away or respond so just kept still. His lips met hers and she felt her heartbeat rising again and her pussy getting moist. He pulled her lower lip out with his teeth and then started sucking on it between his lips as his hand went around and started rubbing her back and neck. He placed his other hand on her tit and started squeezing it which made her moan & move a little but he kept her still with his strong hold on her.

He fell on the bed with her and pushed his tongue inside her mouth and started exploring the insides of her mouth as his both hands started squeezing her tits hard making her moan into his mouth. He pulled back a little and looked at her, she was breathing heavily and her lipstick was smeared on her lips and chin now, her eyes were closed and she opened them to see him staring at her hungrily. He stood up and removed his towel to show her his hard cock standing erect and ready for action. Her eyes grew wide at the sight as this was the first time she was seeing a man completely naked who wasn't her husband with a hard cock waiting to fuck her.

"Remove your clothes & get naked. I wanna see you naked," he said stroking his cock now. She got up from the bed and started walking away but he grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him pressing her body against his naked and slightly wet body.

"what's the matter?" he asked squeezing her tits again.

"I'm scared and... I wanna, I wanna go home, please," she said trying to get herself free but Deepak was too strong for her. He held her still and grabbed her hand and brought it close to his cock.

"Touch it," he said licking her cheek and she did. "Now stroke it with your hand."

She started stroking it slowly and he pushed his tongue inside her mouth again this time holding her by the neck firmly. With the other hand he cupped her pussy and started rubbing over her dress. Her pussy was getting wet now and she wanted a little more. He moved away from her and held the hem of her dress & pushed it up and over her body. Now she was only in that red skimpy lingerie.

"Remove them aswell," he ordered stroking his cock. "Quickly."

She unclasped her bra and let it fell down to the floor and with trembling hands she hooked her fingers in the side of the waistband and brought the panties down her legs slowly. Her eyes were glassy now and she was about to cry. She thought she would die of the humiliation of standing naked in front of another man who is not her husband.

"That's more like it. You shaved your pussy for me? Didn't you?" he said teasing her but she didn't reply to that. He picked her up in his arms and threw her on the bed on her back. Her legs opened as she landed hard on the matress and he grabbed her legs and spread them wide and buried his face in her sweet pink pussy.

He could smell her arousal and he gave a long lick from her asshole to her clit making her squirm. He gave another slow long lick then started eating her pussy.

"Your husband ever did this?" he asked in between licks and she just moaned, "NOOOOO."

He started flicking and sucking on her clit as his left hand squeezed her tit and pinched her nipple in between his fingers and his right hand was teasing her asshole.

"Hhmmm, uh ooohhh!" came from her mouth as he sucked her clit and then inserted his finger inside her wet dripping pussy and pinched her nipples aswell. He kept on sucking her clit and fingering her pussy and soon she had her first orgasm from pussy eating.

"Aaaahhhhhhh! Huuuhhh!" she cried and writhed her hips jerkily as she came hard on Deepak's mouth but he kept on drinking her pussy juice as it flowed and didn't let go of her. When she calmed down and relaxed a little he got up and placed his cock at her dripping entrance and pushed it in. It went inside easily due to the wetness and he was buried inside Dipti's pussy balls deep.

The one thing that he wanted the most in the world was to do this. Bury his cock to the hilt inside her pussy and fuck her hard like her husband had never fucked her before and possibly will never do in future. He leaned forward and kissed her lips hard and started moving his cock out and then all the way in. All the way slowly out and a hard push all the way in shaking her with each hard thrust. He picked his pace and started pounding her pussy hard and fast as his lips were sucking and chewing on hers. Her moans were muffled by his tongue inside her mouth and her hands started scratching his back from the immense pleasure that she was receiving from such a hard fucking.

She felt her orgasm rise and she came hard digging her nails in his wide back. He felt the pain of that and tightness of her pussy and increased his pace even more hitting her very hard with his pelvis. With each thrust he was shaking her to her core. A few more hard thrusts and she came again instantly. Never had she witnessed such hard and intense fucking of her poor pussy and she knew it would be sore afterwards. He buried his cock to the hilt and came himself washing the insides of her pussy with his cum.

He kept on kissing her and sucking her lips as they both came down from their orgasmic high. He lied beside her and caressed her sweaty naked body breathing heavily. He was not done with her yet, he had two whole days to do this with her and he was gonna use this time and her body thoroughly. He had kept a few pills of viagra in his drawer just in case he needed them and by the looks of it he will be using some of it.

Dipti was lying naked in the bed taking a nap after the thorough fucking she just had. The sheets were in a mess, the pillows were torn, she had bite marks all over her body, her nipples and pussy ached with the assault they had endured. She had never fucked this much perhaps in her entire life how much Deepak had fucked her in these 2 days. He hadn't let her wear any clothes and kept on fucking her whenever his dick got hard which was quite often. He had fucked her on the floor, in the shower and even in the kitchen while Mona was preparing dinner for them. He even made her suck his cock to get it hard again and when it got hard he fucked the shit out of her pussy.

The room smelled of sex, sweat and cum. Deepak came and sat beside her looking at her as she slept. He had fucked her to his heart's consent but was not finished. He wanted to do one more thing before she left his place. He had already used all of the pills and he knew that she would not be walking straight for atleast a week but she had aroused him so much that he had to have her again. He grabbed her waist and pulled her up on her knees. He raised her ass and made it stick out, her face buried in the pillow, her eyes still closed and he saw the redness on her white asscheeks and the finger marks. Her pussy was swollen and agape. His cock was hard and he had just one thing on his mind now to fuck her ass to complete this fantastic stay.

He lubed up his cock and applied the lube on her puckered hole and inserted a finger inside and slowly fucked her ass with his finger. There was no response from her so he place his cockhead at her anal opening and slowly started pushing it in.

"Noooo..." came a muffled voice from Dipti but Deepak wasn't gonna stop now and he grapped her hips tightly and kept pushing his dick inside. Slowly his dick was getting buried in her tight ass. Her ass was very tight he felt his cock would explode from the tightness of her ass.

"Unnhhhhh! It hurts!" she said when he was balls deep in her ass.

"Don't worry baby, it'll get better I promise."

With that said he started moving his cock out and then inserted it back in again. Half out and all the way in, half out and all the way in his cock was moving in that tight asshole of hers. He had dug his fingers in her soft asscheeks and she was just moaning at the pain and pleasure this slow fucking was giving her. This was probably the slowest fuck in these two days that she had witnessed and it was very pleasurable, different definitely but also pleasurable. He wasn't gonna last long due to the tightness and soon just came filling her ass with his cum or what was left of it. He collapsed on her back and kissed her neck and said,"I love you Dipti."

She ignored that and went back to sleep tired of even responding to that or getting up and washing herself.

Dipti was sitting on her living room couch reading some article on her laptop when Rishi came home. He looked very tensed so she asked him,"what's the matter honey? You look tense."

"I didn't get the contact."

That was a blow in the gut for Dipti after all she did and to hear that her husband didn't get the contract, "What happened?" she tried not to sound too frustrated feeling betrayed by her best friend.

"Well there were supposed to be 2 members with whom we were signing the deal. But at the last moment-"

"Last moment what? Tell me honey what happened at the last moment?"

"They told that there are 3 members. And the third one is the head and probably the one who calls the shot and, uh, and he--"

"What?" she asked almost not believing what she was hearing. It all seemed like a nightmare to her now.

"He put it on hold. Said that he needs time to think about it."

"So is that a bad thing?" she asked still not getting the situation.

"Maybe yes. Coz the other two wud've been easy to deal with but this third guy is not easy to please."

"So now what?" she asked rubbing his shoulders.

"The meeting has been scheduled next week. Second half of the meeting that is." he said and got up. "I'm gonna take a shower and head to bed, I'm tired."

"Okay," she said and saw Rishi going up the stairs.

She didn't know how to respond to this, she fucked Deepak for two days so he could get this deal and now this. She was angry at Deepak and didn't know what to do. She buried her face into the pillow and started sobbing feeling betrayed and taken advantage of. She couldn't even tell Rishi about this and she started wetting the pillow with her tears.

Let me know what you think of this story & if you want me to continue this ahead.

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