tagNovels and NovellasExchanging Flesh Ch. 06

Exchanging Flesh Ch. 06

byeric shawn listo©


Even though Mae and I were still trying to make it work, not long after the night with Bobbie and frustrated from the big girl’s constant refusal to repeat it, I found myself in another situation where my dick won out over my better judgment. Melissa was a former roommate and another good friend of Mae's. She had told me many tales about Melissa. Bringing men to their room and fucking them in her bed not six feet from where Mae tried to sleep. Many times Melissa would call to Mae, inviting her to join in. Mae would pretend to be asleep because she knew Melissa was trying to torture her. Mae was a virgin and remained one until I met her.

Melissa was no more than five foot two and seemed almost completely round. A little butterball. She was feisty with a ready smile. She had a killer overbite like the actress Beverly D’Angelo, who I had just discovered in the movie Hair. Long thick chestnut hair that she parted down the center framing her heart shaped face and almost white eyes. A slight far away look sparkled there. Part of her charm was that she didn’t think she was as smart as the rest of us. Maybe that’s why she tried harder in other ways. She was a lovely singer and later in life made a good living doing that.

The night we got together was remarkably similar to the night with Bobbie, except Mae and I weren’t fighting. We’d gone out, had some drinks with other friends and gone home. At that point, Melissa lived on the same floor as Mae but they were no longer roommates. I walked the two ladies up to their floor and Mae and I said good night to Melissa at her door. There were kisses all around and maybe I felt a tight little squeeze from Melissa. Mae and I went off to her room which was around the corner and down the hall.

I was hoping for a little action from Mae, but soon found out that was not going to occur. We were taking it slow getting back together after a major falling out and, according to Mae, part of that was not having sex. Heavy petting was allowed; just enough to get me all bothered and then good night. Which was what she did that night. She even said that she thought things were going well as I left.

Her door closed behind me and I started for the staircase nearest to it. For some reason, I decided to go back the way I’d come--past Melissa’s door. I fully expected the door to be closed but something made me go. I rounded the corner and to my pleasant surprise, I found Melissa standing in her doorway wearing a nightie which covered her round body completely.

She had a kind of loopy grin on her face as she said, “I was thinking if good night kisses are going around, maybe I could get one.”

I looked back around the corner to see if Mae’s door was closed. It was. I turned back to Melissa. “You seem to have been pretty sure I was coming back this way, Mel.”

“I was,” she replied. “How about that kiss?”

“Sure,” I said. I’d always found Melissa strangely attractive. Probably because of Mae’s stories about her.

I moved into her and placed my hand on the side of her face, bringing her mouth to mine. Her lips were soft and yielding. My tongue probed under her overbite and found her tongue. It tasted of cigarettes and gum. She fucked her tongue against mine and we played for a moment.

Our mouths parted and I sighed, “Too bad this can’t happen.”

Melissa winked one of those white eyes at me and replied, “Who says it can’t happen?”

I thought about it as I slid my hand from her face down to her neck--she had a very slender neck for such a hefty girl. Her jaw was strong and prominent with no excess fat. Actually, she had a beautiful face. My hand found its way down to her breast which was large and soft under the cotton fabric of her nightie. A hard nipple pressed against the cloth.

“That’s not the best way to keep something from happening.” She smiled.

She undid the button at the top of her gown and drew my hand inside, placing it on her breast. Her hard nipple was under my hand, the entire areola crinkled into a hard bud. I’m sure she knew she had me where she wanted me.

But I decided to play hard to get, something I no doubt was learning from Bobbie. I said, “Aw, c’mon. Mae’s just around the corner. Half the girls on this floor know who I am. Someone could walk by any minute.”

“I know I’m going to get you into my bed. So why don’t you just come in now and save some time.”

I hemmed and hawed, all the while mashing the tit around inside her gown. I knew I was going to go in but it was fun to pretend I wasn’t.

Finally, she grabbed my crotch. “I’m going to suck your cock right here.”

She got down on her knees and unzipped my fly. In an experienced flash, she had my hardening dick out of my pants and in her mouth. She worked it softly and stared up at me. I swear she was smiling with all that dick in her mouth. I quivered when she started lightly running her teeth along my shaft.

Somewhere down the hallway a door opened. I pushed her into the room and slammed the door behind us.

The room was glowing. She had lighted candles all over the place. I think she’d been expecting company. Me. And there we stood. Actually, she was sitting on the floor with her gown off one shoulder, exposing a gorgeous little boulder of a breast. The brown nipple erect and swollen. Me? I was standing there with my pecker pointing out of my pants.

Mel got to her knees and lifted the gown over her head. Her body was a succulent little round ball. Tits the size of cantaloups with dark brown nipples. She wore no panties on the chunky cheeks of her abundant ass. Her shoulders were rather slender for her size and they melded into that long neck and that gorgeous face. She was a beautiful, corpulent little package. I really wanted to fuck her.

“So,” she began. “Here you are in my room at last. I’ve wanted this for so long, I can’t believe it. Mae’s just wasting your time, Danny. She doesn’t even like sex! And, Danny, you are one guy who should have all the fucking he can get.”

She started moving toward me on her knees.

“Let’s leave Mae out of this,” I said.

“I’m sorry. You’re right. Just let me suck you off and then, if you don’t like it, you can go,” she said, as she reached out and touched my prick which was listening to every word she spoke. “Mae says you love the way she sucks your dick. I’ll bet I can do better. Want to find out?”

Well, I did like the way Mae blew me--when she’d do it. But then, I had taught her what I liked, so there was little mystery.

I watched Melissa as she undid my pants and dropped them around my ankles. Then she stroked my penis with her hand and put the head in her mouth. She held it there for a moment and then plopped it out with a loud pop. She lapped at the huge engorged head as if it were a lollipop or an ice cream cone. All the while, stroking up and down its length with her fist.

“So what do you think?” Her voice was a low croon. “You’re pretty thick. Do you want to find out if I can get your dick down my throat? Mae told me it’s the one thing you want and she can’t do it. I bet I can. Just give me the word, Danny.”

Melissa lifted my dick and took one of my testicles in her mouth. She rolled it around on her tongue and plopped it back out. Then she brought her tongue from the base of my shaft all the way up the underside to the tip where she licked a large drop of pre-come that she found there.

“I think you’ve made your decision.” She smiled up at me.

I barely mumbled, “Suck it.”

She grinned and swallowed my dick. She put her hands on my ass and just drew me into her mouth; taking my whole rod inside and holding it there. She didn’t move a muscle. I could feel the head of my dick go down her throat. Not since Vera had anyone done that for me and here was this little chubby girl deep throating me like a porn star.

She let go after a minute or so and drew her lips off my prick. Taking a deep breath, she said, “Wow, I almost didn’t think I could do it. Your dick is so big.”

She was complimentary, too!

“Okay, big boy, now I want you to come. I’m gonna suck your cock until you shoot your load way down my throat.”

She took my dick to the back of her throat again and she started pumping. Sliding her mouth down so her nose was buried in my pubic hair and her lower lip brushed my balls then sucking back to the tip--only to slide down again. I thought I’d come every time the head of my dick hit the back of her throat. I grabbed her head and began to push with the rhythm.

Mel was right. I’d never had a better blow job. Mae wasn’t even close. She sort of jerked me off in her mouth. Mel used her hands on my ass alone. Her magic was performed by her tongue, lips and throat.

My prick was ready to explode and I began to count the number of trips it took to the back of her throat. One--two--three--four--and BANG! I held her head so my cock was deeply in her mouth and came down her gullet. I could feel her throat gurgling on the head of my dick. Our bodies frozen. The feel of my sperm squirting out and the thought of it shooting down into her belly was ecstasy.

After a few moments, I gently fucked her mouth with my prick to drain every drop. She seized it at the base and kept her mouth on the head drawing her hand toward her lips and applying pressure as she did. She milked me dry.

Then she removed her mouth and stood up in front of me. She brought her face to mine and I bent to kiss her. Her mouth was full of my come as I had hoped. She generously shared the salty stuff as our tongues mingled and moved it back and forth from mouth to mouth.

Melissa gave a final lick at my lips and smiled up at me. “Well, better than Mae? Yes or no?”

I had to admit, “Better. Definitely better.” My voice was hoarse.

She laughed and with a final tug at my dick she turned away and walked over to the bed. I got a view of her generous backside, her lush buttocks rolling gently as she moved. She sat on the bed, rather primly placing her hands on her knees.

“So, then, you’ll stay for a while?” she asked.

There was nothing to say. I took off my shirt and kicked my way out of my pants and shoes.

She giggled. “Thank god. My pussy is about to explode. Come here, baby. I need that dick. Tonight, that monster is mine.”

As I stepped toward her there was a knock on the door. Melissa and I looked at each other for a long moment. Then she said aloud, “Who is it?”

“It’s Mae. Can I come in?”

We stared at each other, absolutely frozen. After another excruciatingly long moment, Mel called back, “Just a minute.”

“Are you crazy?” I hissed.

“Maybe,” she whispered. “But I’m not losing you now.”

“Just tell her to go away!”

Mel winked at me. “I don’t think so.”

I grabbed my clothes and started for the adjoining room.

She stopped me. “My roommate’s in there.”

I stood there, naked, silently imploring her what to do.

Finally, she said, “Get under the bed.”

I tossed my clothes under the bed and got down on all fours. It was too close to the floor--only about eight inches of space. I told her it was impossible.

She looked wide-eyed and made a choice. “Get on the bed, then.” “What?”

“Just do it. Trust me.” She drew back the sheet.

I wasn’t sure how much I trusted her but there was no option. I got on my back in the bed while she threw her gown on. Then she threw the sheet over my head, covering me up.

At that point, she proved to me how wicked she was. She climbed on the bed nestling her mammoth thighs over my groin. I could feel the warmth of her pussy. Then she caught hold of my prick under the sheet. I raised my head up in protest but she pushed it back down.

“Come in, Mae,” she called.

I heard the door open. Melissa’s weight was heavy on me and I couldn’t forget her hand on my dick since she had commenced to gently stroke it. I couldn’t see anything, of course, so I listened intently.

I heard Mae’s voice. “I’m sorry. I hope your not busy. I just need to talk.”

Melissa: “Not at all. Just looking at this damned history.”

I felt a thud on my chest. She had plopped a heavy book on top of me. She flipped it open. I thought it was an odd time to study but kept it to myself.

Couldn’t Mae see my shape under the sheet?!

“It’s pretty dark in here. Can you see all right?”

Thank you--too dark. Then I felt a pillow placed and fluffed over my face. And more pillows were arranged around my head and torso. Clever Mel.

Then Melissa began to rub the head of my dick against her cunt lips. I couldn’t believe it. The soft folds yielding to my hard tool.

Somewhere beyond my sheet, she said, “Come sit over here, Mae.”

Just inches from my head, Mae sat down on the bed. Melissa was playing a game now. A very dangerous game. But what could I do? Jump up and scold her? Have Mae confronted with my dick comfortably fit into her best friend's hand? By the way, my fat little vixen was beginning to dip said dick into her wet cunt.

“What’s the trouble, honey?”

“It’s Dan,” Mae said. “I don’t know what to do. All he wants is sex. I mean it’s supposed to be a relationship, not a fuckfest.”

Melissa had about half my dick in her vagina and, to tell the truth, it was exquisite. Her pussy was hot and juicy. And Mae was sitting there while I fucked her friend. Of course, she didn’t know what was going on, but I couldn’t believe she didn’t find it a little odd that Melissa was studying history on her knees.

“Don’t let him have it, Mae. He’s just another guy who wants to dip his dick.” Mel was teasing. I’m not sure who. I drove my hips upward in answer and she jumped a little.

“Aren’t you uncomfortable studying on your, knees?”

“Oh, no, my back went out. It’s the only way I can sit, actually.” And she sat down pulling the rest of my cock inside her. She let out a gasp as it filled her and said, “See, there was a little spasm. A pretty big one, actually. It comes and goes. I may have to move around a little bit to loosen that muscle up.”

“I’m sorry,” Mae said.

“It’s all right,” Mel replied. “Happens all the time.”

She started to move up and down on my cock. Fucking me right in front of Mae. I was shocked and unbelievably excited. Her pussy was a huge cavern of womanhood swallowing my manhood. Mae’s pussy barely accommodated my big prick.

They droned on about Mae and me. Melissa’s voice was remarkably calm, I thought. How Mae wanted romance. How if we could just get back to what we had before things would be great. All the while, Melissa telling Mae that she shouldn’t have sex with me until she was sure I was hers for good.

And all the while, Melissa was grinding my tool with her tool box.

I noted Melissa’s breath was beginning to get shorter and I felt an increased frenzy in her machinations. The head of my dick began to pulse--a sure sign I was about to come. I felt Mel give in to our secret joining. She grabbed the base of my cock under the sheet.

“What are you doing?” Mae’s shocked voice rang out. I pictured her seeing the round little woman grabbing her own crotch. Melissa was cool, “I'm sorry, honey. Just talking to you makes me think about us. You’re so unhappy. I know we could be good together.”

What the fuck? I’d never heard this before.

Mae’s voice: “Melissa, I’m not into that. I know we fooled around once, but it was nothing. It was an experiment.”

I sure was listening now.

Melissa clutched the base of my dick and actually lifted herself so the whole thing came out of her cunt. Then she dropped herself down on me again. She knew what she was doing, all right.

“You may have been experimenting but I was serious. You know how I feel about you, Mae. Don’t hurt me by saying that.”

“I’m sorry, Melissa. I know you have feelings for me. God, what kind of bitch am I?”

This was getting good.

I saw a shadow cross the sheet as Melissa reached out to touch Mae. She was now fucking my cock in earnest.

Mel said, breathlessly, “It’s okay, honey. I understand. Just come here, okay. Everything will be all right. Come to me and give me a kiss. Just one kiss while I jerk myself off.”

“Oh, Melissa. I can’t.”

But her shadow moved toward Melissa and they embraced above me.

“One kiss, honey,” Mel said. I saw the kiss in my mind. Melissa’s mouth meeting Mae’s soft full lips. Her tongue snaking in to find Mae’s. Mae yielding and finally enjoying her girlfriend’s assault. This was intense and fucking exciting. My third leg quivered and I met Melissa’s pumping with ball deep thrusts.

She jerked away from Mae, “Oh yes. That’s it.”

She increased her pace.

Mae pleaded. “I can’t do this. Even to kiss you is cheating on Danny. What would he think?”

“Oh, shut up,” Mel said. “He’s probably dreaming about the three of us together, right now.”

She pulled Mae into another embrace. I imagined Mel massaging Mae’s small tits with her free hand. In my mind, Mae unzipped Mel’s gown to suckle at her big nipples.

Melissa was fucking me relentlessly and her breath was a rapid pant. She was about to come.

I couldn’t believe it! My dick was buried in this radiant woman while she was sucking face with her best friend--who was my girlfriend! And Mae had no idea what was going on. It was too much. I started to really fuck back.

Melissa immediately stiffened and with a yelp, shrieked, “That’s it! Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Make me come.”

A torrent of wetness flowed over my prick and I felt the pulsing pressure of her climax. I couldn’t hold it any longer. My dick exploded in her pussy, shooting gobs of come up inside her cunt. I also yelped.

Mae leapt off the bed and Melissa let go of my dick and gripped the sides of my chest, pumping up and down.

Mae screamed, “What are you doing? What's going on?”

There was a pause as we kept fucking--we couldn’t really help it--before Melissa replied, her voice deep with sex, “Well, Mae, it seems I’m fucking a man. You came at a bad time but I thought, what the hell, maybe you’d like to join us.”

She leaned on my sheet covered chest and rested her head there while she put pressure on my dick with her cunt muscles.

Mae’s voice: “I can’t believe you did this to me. Playing with me. I hate you. You’re not a friend at all.”

The door slammed. She was gone.

Melissa started to laugh. It was a high pitched bray.

I pulled the sheet off my head and glared at her.

“You should have seen her face. Shit, if she knew it was you, she’d have died.” She put her hand over her mouth to contain her glee.

“You are a bitch,” I said.

“Oh, yeah,” she said, squeezing where my cock was still in her pussy. “Are you going to tell me that wasn’t the most incredible screw of your life?”

I looked at her. Her long neck, her narrow shoulders. The gown had fallen down--or been pulled down by Mae--and her breasts were exposed, hard nipples and all. Her weighty bottom was heavy on me. My dick, incredibly happy, remained in her cunt.

But she had played the both of us and I was still a bit pissed off about it. I said, “Well, you’re really wicked.”

She chortled and leaned over to kiss me. Her tongue was sweet with Mae’s perfume. I pulled back. “What's all this crap about you and Mae anyway?”

“Darling, little Mae has a few things to tell if she chooses. Some of them don’t promote her image as a good girl.”

I stared at her, fairly sure I didn’t want to get further into it at that moment.

Melissa ended it for me. “Tell you what though. If she doesn’t tell you, you come on back here and I’ll fill you in. That is if you’ll fill me up while I do it.”

Melissa lifted her gown over her head and tossed it to the floor. She stretched backward, reaching her fat little arms behind her head. Her tits bobbed up and down. My hand impulsively shot out to catch one. My other hand discovered her ample hips. I really had not had a chance to search that luscious body. I caressed her as she talked.

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