tagGroup SexExchanging Flesh Ch. 08 Pt. 01

Exchanging Flesh Ch. 08 Pt. 01

byeric shawn listo©


***Hey folks, you can easily read this and enjoy without having read the rest of the novel. I try to do that with each chapter. I just like to keep a thread going. Be forwarned however: this is a “group” grope but the ladies are sisters and a bit of “gay” experimenting goes on plus a little anal. If any of that stuff is not for you I understand if you bail. Enjoy!***

Valerie was a regular fuck of mine when Mae and I were on the outs. Which even after the wedding was pretty often. We’d have a fight and I’d pick up the phone and call Val and she’d tell me where to meet her. We spent a lot of overnights at her sister, Darlene’s, house. Darlene lived with her boyfriend, Robert.

Valerie was one of those pear shaped ladies. Narrow shoulders and upper body with almost no tits. Her nipples, however, were tough little plugs of tootsie roll, dark and round. They were great fun to chew on. Her thin waist with a cute little outie navel, expanded into large hips and thighs with gorgeous teardrop ass cheeks. Valerie was tall, about five nine, with a lovely face, almost aristocratic. She had a small mouth that was always smiling--when it wasn’t filled with cock.

Valerie’s great passion was cock sucking. She adored it. I could be sitting in a chair watching TV. She would come over, shuck my pants down around my ankles and tell me to sit back. Val would take my soft prick and lay it on her tongue, looking up at me mischievously. If my dick started to get hard, she would take it off and tell me that I had to be completely soft before she started. She wanted to make me erect in her mouth. If I passed the soft test, Val closed her lips around my member and suckled my entire little self in her mouth. It was a warm gentle place to be. Sometimes she would take my balls and prick in her mouth at the same time and as I hardened, drop one testicle out at a time as her mouth filled up.

Valerie didn’t like me to participate when she sucked me off. If I moved my hips or put my hands on her head, she would stop and scold me, threatening to stop.

Soon I would be hard as a rock and knocking the back of her throat. Then Valerie would take my prick out of her mouth and, cooing, would kiss it up and down the shaft, holding it in her fingers like a flute. She’d put the head of it near her open lips and flick it with her tongue or put it in her wet mouth and roll it around.

This could go on for minutes that seemed like hours. Excruciating pleasure.

Then, Val would start kneading my balls and the game was afoot. She gripped my cock firmly at the base and began bobbing her head up and down in my lap. This is when it was hard to keep from lifting my hips or grabbing her head. Valerie kept her dark hair short and I longed to clench the short hair in my fingers and pump her mouth but I knew from past experience if I did she’d stop and I’d be sitting there with a raging hard-on and no help. This was Val’s game and she was good at it.

Her head action increased slowly in tempo, her mouth always moist. When she felt my cockhead expand, she knew I was going to come and she would make her choice. Val liked to either make me come in her mouth until I saw the semen, which had filled her mouth, squeeze out the corners and drizzle down her chin and on my cock. Or, when I was about to come, she would pull her off my cock and holding her mouth a few inches away would squeeze my cock so the semen arched in the air and land in her tongue. She had a real sense for this and always bathed her tongue with my come.

Either way she chose, Valerie always gave me a come filled kiss when she was done. Then she would pull my pants up and zip up my fly, patting it rather maternally as she went about her business.

One time, Mae and I had a huge blowout--as usual about sex--and I found my horny self at Darlene and Robert’s house in Valerie’s bed with her sleeping self by my side. Even though we had had great sex the night before I woke up with a rampant hard-on. Hoping for a morning blow job, I gently prodded her large butt cheeks with my cock. Sliding it up and down between them. I had never fucked her up the ass--I think because she didn’t care for it--but I knew it would wake her up.

Before long, I heard a sigh and then a little giggle as her hand came up over her rump to grasp my aching rod.

“Somebody’s up early,” she said, turning around to face me.

I kissed her sweet mouth and said, “I seem to be ready for action, too.”

“Darlin’, you always are.” She gave my dick a long pull. “Why don’t you go piss this one away and hop in the shower. Get him all nice and clean. I think you’ll be glad you did.”

I needed no convincing. Valerie loved to give a blow job in the shower. And we were at Darlene and Robert’s so I knew it would be very comfortable. Robert had put in a huge shower stall, big enough for a party. I suspected he and Darlene did some swinging.

I said, “Oh, baby. You read my mind. Don’t be long.”

I slipped out of bed and went out into the hall. I was sure Robert would be off to work, but I thought Darlene might still be around. So, I covered my genitals as I bee lined it for the bathroom.

After doing my business, I turned on the water in the shower and adjusted the temp, comfortable, not too hot. Then I got in and started soaping up. Before long, I heard the door open and close. A hand reached in and drew the curtain back.

Standing before me was a naked Valerie--and a naked Darlene!

“Whoa!” I said., covering my groin, though I didn’t think I had to.

“Darlene and I were wondering if you had ever been sucked off by two women at the same time,” Valerie said. I looked at Darlene who had a grin on her broad face. She was an inch or two shorter than Val, with what the Romantic authors would have called a marvelous peasant’s body. Broad with heavy breasts and ass and a solid waist. More fleshy than Val although they were sisters. I knew she was proud of her tits, always wearing tight turtlenecks with firm bras to make them stand out above her good waist. Now I saw she didn’t need a good bra--they were standing out perfectly well by themselves, rosy tipped and proud. Her face was broader and flatter than Val’s more aquiline features, but the mouths were identical small round O’s--perfect for sucking cock. I wanted them both on my prick badly.

“No, I never have,” I said. “But how could I refuse two such lovely ladies.”

Valerie smiled and slipped in the shower behind me. She reached around my waist and lifted my cock, cradling it in her hand.

“Now, Danny, I’d like to introduce your cock to my sister. All right?” she asked.

“By all means,” I said.

Darlene stepped into the shower stall and stood in front of me with her large breasts touching my belly. She smiled up at me and said, “I’ve heard so much about the big guy, I just couldn’t wait any longer.”

She kissed my mouth softly.

I replied, “If I’d known there was an interest, you wouldn’t have had to wait.”

Then Darlene knelt in front of me on the shower floor. The water dampened her light brown hair. She inspected my growing cock as her sister stroked it.

She said, “It’s beautiful, Val. You were right. Long and, oh so, thick. And look at that perfect head. Like a shining red helmet.”

“Wait’ll you taste it, Darl. The skin is so sweet and soft,” her sister replied.

I was raging now. My cock standing proudly to all their compliments.

Darlene opened her little mouth and said, “Feed it to me, Val. Feed me this big cock.”

Valerie whispered in my ear, “Wait’ll you feel my sister blow you. I may never get you back again.”

She put the head of my penis in Darlene’s waiting mouth. Darlene held it there and swirled her tongue over the spongy head.

“Hmm, tasty,” she said through the cock meat. Val fed her another inch or so which was willingly received. She gently sucked the inches in and out of her mouth. While doing that she began to caress my testicles in their sacks.

Valerie kissed my neck and then slid her tongue down my wet back. Her hard nipples scratched down over my ass cheeks which she soon pried apart and started sucking on my anus. I was glad I’d washed there. I spread my legs a little father apart and grabbed the curtain rod for purchase. This was going to be a hell of a blow job.

Darlene dropped my balls and said, “Suck his nuts, Val.”

Then she sucked my cock down her throat until her wide nose was buried in my pubic hair. Valerie turned herself around and slipped between my legs holding my thighs for support. Then she sucked each of my testes in turn rolling them on her tongue. She also took an occasional lick at Darlene’s huge tits. I sensed some sisterly love I had not heretofore suspected.

Meanwhile, Darlene was sucking Mr. Penis in earnest. Her technique was very like Valerie’s. Perhaps they studied together. Her small mouth felt so tight on my cock it was almost like an asshole. She kept the pressure that firm. I felt my come rising but I didn’t want to miss the main course.

“Hey, I thought I was going to get to feel two mouths on my cock. Did you forget?”

Darlene stopped her witchcraft and released my hard dick from her mouth. She licked a drop of pre-come and said, “I guess I was getting a little carried away. Come on, Valerie, we have to keep our promise.”

Val slid out of her acrobatic position and, as Darlene moved into place, took her own place before my cock. They faced each other with my erect penis between them in line with their mouths.

“Told you,” Val smiled at her sister.

“You were right, sis. It’s absolutely perfect,” replied Darlene.

They put their tongues on either side of the base of my dick and, in unison, slowly drew them down the entire length of my shaft to the head, which they engulfed it in a passionate kiss. Their tongues and lips kissing all over and under my cockhead.

“Oh, shit,” I exclaimed.

Their giggles on my knob only felt better.

Then they took turns sucking my dick. One sister holding it for the other. One long suck to the back of the throat for each. My nuts were squeezed by one of four hands. One of twenty fingers was inserted into my anus. It was fantastic. So, I must admit, was the power of standing with two gorgeous sexual creatures bowed to me. Servicing me like a god. I gotta say I liked it. Maybe it was the shower water spraying down soaking their wet naked bodies.

Soon they were playing a game of passing my cock back and forth with their tongues. It was fun and got us laughing.

Then, Valerie started sucking on Darlene’s tits while Darlene sucked my meat for real. She pumped it in and out at an astonishing speed. I could tell she was getting turned on and I could feel my ejaculate coming. I noticed as Val had shoved her hand into her sister’s cunt which I only then realized was bare. Darlene shaved her pussy! I was surprised because of the two girls Darlene always seemed the more straight-laced. That and the fact Valerie had the hairiest crotch I’d ever seen. Thick dark curls from her navel down around her cunt lips and up the crack of her ass.

Anyway, Valerie was driving her hand into Darlene’s bare pussy when Darlene looked up at me and said, “Do you want to fuck my tits, Danny?”

I knew I wasn’t going to last, so I said, “Maybe later.”

“That’s what I hoped you’d say.” She grinned. Then she said to her sister, “This big thing’s about ready to POP. You want a taste?”

Valerie took her mouth off a big tit and said, “You take it, honey. Just save some in your mouth for me.”

“Thanks sweetie,” Darlene replied and they kissed.

Darlene then went back to work on my cock. Val gripped the base of it with her free hand and jerked it for her sister. The sight below me--big tits, little tits, big beautiful asses, my cock in one sister’s mouth while the other sister sucked at her sister’s tits and held my cock for her while frigging her sister’s bare cunt--was the end for me.

My cock erupted in Darlene’s mouth. I gripped her head in my hands to hold on--no complaints like from Valerie--and pumped gob after gob onto her tongue. She squealed with pleasure and held on for every drop. Then she began to tremble and shake as she orgasmed to her sister’s menstruations. Her head flopped back off my penis and I saw, in her open mouth, my white semen coating her tongue. It gurgled as she moaned her orgasm.

Two hands were pumping my cock for any remaining jism. Valerie, her other hand softly caressing her sister’s body, took a suck at the head, and said, “All gone? Gimme some, Darl.”

Then she held her sister in her arms and lowered her mouth onto Darlene’s open lips. They kissed long, their tongues bathing in my come. Darlene held my shrinking cock as they did this.

When they broke the kiss, Darlene said, “This is the sweetest come I’ve ever tasted.”

Valerie replied, “Told you so.”

They stood up and each put an arm around my neck. Valerie kissed me to give me a taste and then Darlene did the same. Their breasts pressed into me--Val’s little corks, Darlene’s large, firm udders--and we stood under the shower for a while.

Darlene murmured in my neck, “Valerie didn’t come. Maybe we should take care of her.”

“Of course,” I said.

Valerie heard and said, “Why don’t we dry off and get into that big bed of yours, Darlene? I think watching Danny fuck your bare cunt while you suck off my hairy bush will get me off real well. Maybe the two of you, too.”

Darlene said, “Sounds good to me. What about it, Dan?”

What could I say?

“Ladies, I am at your service.”

They kissed both my cheeks at the same time and we were off.

As we made our way, naked, down the hall to Darlene and Robert’s bedroom, I felt almost grateful to Mae for having a fight with me. This was about the most incredible sexual experience I’d ever had and it was only beginning. I’d never really thought much about Darlene sexually, probably because of Valerie and she was Mae’s friend as well. But now, as I watched her good peasant’s body move in front of me, the ass cheeks bouncing delightfully, I didn’t know why. She was older than Valerie by three years and Val was older than me by two and Robert, her boyfriend, older than all of us by ten. I guess I thought of her as another generation. Now I thought it was a generation I wanted to get to know. These girls were sex machines.

Once in the bedroom, Darlene lay down on her back on the big bed. She spread her legs to show me her shaved pussy with its red shiny lips. Her cunt opened in invitation. She held her breasts out to me.

Valerie whispered in my ear, “Fuck her tits, Danny. I want to watch you fuck those big jugs first.”

She pumped my cock to life and I climbed onto top of Darlene straddling her waist. Valerie gathered saliva in her mouth then deposited it in the crevice made by Darlene’s pushed together breasts. She similarly slathered my cock.

Valerie moved around to hold Darlene’s breasts for her meanwhile positioning her own juicy tidbits over her sister’s face.

“Fuck her tits, man. Fuck ‘em hard,” Valerie said heatedly as Darlene bit into her dark engorged nipples.

I plunged my penis into the sweet flesh. Darlene had the most amazing skin. It was smooth and almost seemed to bounce at the touch. Her breasts felt like two balloons, heavy balloons, but they responded more firmly to the touch than other skin. The feel, and the fact Val gave my cockhead a lick every time it emerged from the valley, made it very pleasurable to slide my dick between her pillows.

Darlene was really working over Valerie’s little breasts, roughly grinding her teeth around the flesh. Valerie seemed to be responding a lot when I realized I couldn’t see Darlene's hands. I guessed where they were and what they were doing. I only wished there was a mirror so I could watch.

Valerie soon groaned deeply and began kissing Darlene’s big tits while my cock fucked them.

Then she said, “Oh, this feels so goddamn good. But I want to watch you fuck my sister’s bald cunt while she sucks my hairy bush.”

So, she released my cock from Darlene’s breasts and slid up so her sopping pussy was over her sister’s waiting mouth. I watched Darlene’s tongue reach out to lick Valerie’s clit.

“You better give Darlene’s pussy a few licks, Danny. Get it nice and wet for your big, horse cock,” Valerie suggested as she writhed on her sister’s mouth.

I moved down to Darlene’s bare snatch. The skin was so white it made the redness of her genitals glow. I found I didn’t have to do much licking--she was soaked. But I tongued the soft flesh anyway, just to partake of her shaved pussy skin.

Valerie bent over to inspect my progress.

“She’s soaked, Danny. Go on, put it in. Tease her with that big cockhead first. I love it when you do it to me.”

I placed the engorged head of my penis at Darlene’s entrance. Valerie held her face inches from the connection. Then I teased the lips of the pussy, rubbing the head up and down almost going in then pulling out.

“Hmm,” Darlene moaned into Val’s cunt.

Valerie, eyes bright, said, “She likes it Danny. Go ahead, give her the head.”

I found the angle I wanted and inserted the head of my cock in to the crown. Darlene’s hips came off the bed. The lips of her pussy sucked at my cock.

“Jesus, more,” Darlene breathed.

“In a minute,” Valerie said. “Danny, just fuck her with that much dick. Fuck her lips with your red knob.”

I did as I was told.

“Oh., he’s so big, Darl,” Valerie purred. “He’s stretching your cunt lips wide.”

“Give me more. I need all of that big thing,” Darlene bellowed into her sister’s cunt.

Valerie said, “Not yet.” But to me, she nodded wickedly.

I knew she wanted me to surprise Darlene with a big push. To tell the truth, I was ready. I wanted in this juicy cunt. I diddled her a brief set then I drove my cock into her cunt to the hilt. It slid in like a dream. Darlene’s big ass came high off the bed and she screamed, “Jesus Fucking Christ. It’s too much. It’s too fucking big.”

I held it there feeling her cunt muscles accommodating themselves around my cock.

Valerie laughed and ground her pussy on Darlene’s mouth. She said, “I told you, big sister. You ain’t never felt nothing like that, have you?”

“No way. Omigod. It’s so thick. I can’t believe it.” Darlene moaned.

“You ain’t felt nothing, yet,” Val said. “Fuck her, Danny. Make her come with me. I tell you, I’m so hot it won’t take long.”

I began pumping her cunt with my dick in long strokes. Taking it all the way out and plunging back in. Darlene spread her legs further to ease the action. She was so wet it didn’t matter.

I could tell from the half-masted eyes in Val’s face, Darlene was working her pussy hard. Val watched my cock split open her sister’s cunt with great relish. I worked on Darlene but she was intent on bringing Valerie off. Soon, she did. Valerie writhed and moaned, squeezing her hard nipples with her fingers. As she came in Darlene’s mouth, she said, “Fuck her. Fuck her. Fuck her.”

And I did. Every thrust was met by Darlene’s bucking hips. Her cunt sucked my cock and spit it out again. Harder and harder.

Valerie climbed off her sister’s face and began sucking her large nipples. Darlene’s head was back, her mouth a hard line as she started to come.

“That’s it. Fuck her, Danny. Fuck her like she’s never been fucked before,” Valerie screamed.

Darlene’s hips were high in the air, as though she was trying to pull away from my cock. I kept pounding into her, feeling my own orgasm on the way.

Valerie gave up Darlene’s tits and brought her head down to watch our union. My big dick pounding Darlene’s sloppy cunt. Her eyes glistened. “She’s coming, Danny. Fuck her. She’s coming.”

Just then, Darlene reached the height of her long orgasm. She gasped for breath and clawed at her breasts. Her mouth released a long bellow.

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