tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExcitement in the Cinema

Excitement in the Cinema


This story was written with help from my friend Tim. Thank you!


It was my fourth date with Tim. We'd had a lot of fun the past few times, dinners, dancing etc. Tonight, the plan was dinner and a movie, and maybe a little extra something back at my place. Dinner had gone great. Great food, great wine, and great conversation. Seen as Tim picked the restaurant, I got to pick the movie. I chose the newest comedy, but after about 10 minutes, realised it was a mistake. The "laugh-a-minute" reviews couldn't have been more wrong. My attention started to wander...

I looked around the screen. It was a late showing, so the only other people I could see were a young couple in the front row, miles away from Tim and I. I turned to look at Tim. Even in the darkness, his eyes seemed to shine. I rested my head on his sturdy shoulder. Running my gaze down his muscular chest, down to his jeans. I started thinking about what might be hiding in there. We hadn't done anything sexually together yet, just a bit of kissing at the end of each date. Just thinking about the kisses...

I reached my head up and planted one on him. We felt like teenagers, smooching on the back row. I rested my hand on Tim's knee. He was too busy pushing his tongue into my mouth to even register the touch. I started slowly sliding my hand up his leg. It wasn't till I was half-way up his thigh that I knew he'd noticed me. I felt his breath catch, midway through our kiss. I slowed slightly, but never ceased my slow ascent towards his crotch. Getting closer and closer, I noticed some slight movement in the zipper region. And as my hand reached his crotch, I felt his semi-erect dick pushing back at his jeans.

I still don't know why it was so exciting. The childish fumble in the dark? The fact we could get caught? Or just that it was my first time touching him? Either way, as I slowly ran my hand slowly up and down Tim's bulging member, I could feel both of our excitements building. It was growing in my hands to point where I thought his jeans would burst open from his hard cock pushing against his fly. My nipples started to get hard as I guided his right hand to my firm breasts. Even with my bra on I knew he was getting excited from feeling my erect nipples poking through the thin material. I couldn't wait any longer. I slowly unzipped his jeans and started to run my finger up and down his shaft. He started to breathe harder from the teasing. The feel of his thick penis getting me wet.

He started to undo a couple of buttons on my blouse and placed his hand on my chest, rubbing and caressing over the top of my breasts. The fear of being caught at any time made it feel so intense and naughty. I loved it. I stopped kissing him for a moment as I checked that the coast was clear. Reached in and pulled out his rock hard cock. It was perfect. Long, thick and hard in my hand. He let out a quiet moan from feeling me slowly start to rub his shaft up and down. I pushed him back and as I leant over and spat on his cock, then I started to pump his cock up and down. I tightened my grip slightly, which started to drive him wild. All I could think about was feeling this thing deep inside me. It all felt so naughty.

The thought that someone could have been watching us, watching my hand on his dick, made me so wet that I could feel it soaking through my underwear. I reached down under my skirt and slowly rubbed my swollen clit through my panties. Swirling it round and round, my breathing started to really pick up. Soon after, Tim noticed what I was doing and couldn't help but watch. I started to pump his cock faster and harder making him fall back in his chair, eyes rolling back in his head. I knew he was nearly on the edge of releasing his load, spraying all over my hand, so I slowed right down, driving him insane.

He took a look around and whispered to me "Sit back Katie. I want to try something. Trust me". "Ok" I say "just be careful no one sees what you are doing" So I sat back in my chair. Not knowing what was about to happen. I watched Tim move down in front of me, between my legs. He started to kiss up my thigh while slowly moving my legs apart. He kissed my skin so softly with his warm lips, tickling the sensitive skin with his gentle kisses. Before I knew it, he started to move his tongue over my wet pussy through my pants. I was paralysed from an overwhelming feeling of pure pleasure. I held his head and pulled it in, closer to my clit, feeling his tongue try to burst through my underwear. I couldn't help but start to moan slightly, a little louder with every stroke of his tongue. My moans were drowned out by the film (or so I thought) as he started to pull my underwear to one side and thrusted his tongue into my soaking wet tight pussy. It felt so good. His warm tongue pushing in and out of my pussy. I pushed my pussy into his face as I could feel myself about to cum. As I felt myself fall victim to wave after wave of pleasure, a spotlight was shone on my face.

Tim removed his face from between my legs, stood up, and came face to face with the cinema attendant. Tim grabbed my hand, and we ran from the cinema, flagging down a taxi just outside."Your place or mine?" he asked with a wink.

The five minute cab-ride back to mine was torture. The thought of being watched by the cinema attendant... I was still so horny, and I could still see Tim's throbbing member through his jeans. As I fumbled with my key in the lock, I felt Tim pushing up against me. His hard cock pushed up against my ass, as he began kissing my neck. I turned around backing into the door to open it, as Tim leant in to kiss me, pushing me inside my house.

We never broke our kiss as I led him to my bedroom. I started to unbutton his shirt, running my fingers up and down his shirt, his toned chest... Once his shirt lay on my bedroom floor, I reached down to undo his jeans, lowering them. I stepped away from him slightly, breaking our kiss for the first time since we got through the door. I pushed his shoulders back slightly, sitting him on the edge of my bed. As I lowered myself to my knees in front of him, he lay back, as I completely removed his jeans and boxer shorts.

Coming up that close to his dick. Mmmm. He was still pretty hard, and his perfect dick was begging to have my lips wrapped around it. Holding on to his member, sliding my hands up and down slowly. Then I gently kissed the head of his dick. Working my way down his shaft, all the way to his balls. I licked my way back up to the top, running my tongue around the head, licking the pre-cum from the tip. Sucking his dick into my mouth, pushing it in, deeper and deeper, until the whole thing was forced into my mouth and throat. His dick was now fully hard. I could feel it throbbing in my mouth. Hearing the slight moans escape from his lips. Tim sat up, put his hands around my arms, and pulled me to my feet. Stepping back from him, I slowly unfastened my shirt. Sliding my sleeves off, and dropping it on the floor next to his. I turned around, unzipped my skirt, and slowly slid it down over my ass. Standing in front of him, in my red lacy underwear...

He pulled me forward, kissing my stomach lightly, while running his hands down my back, gently cupping my ass. His hands wandered upwards, as his fingers worked to undo my bra. Sliding it off, releasing my firm breasts, inches in front of his face. He pulled me in close, spinning me round and lay me on my bed. Tim was completely naked at this point, with me just in my panties.

He moved on top of me, between my legs while kissing me so deep and passionately. It felt like our tongues were dancing together the way they were connecting. I could feel his hard-on between my legs, pushing against my pussy through my panties. I could feel it pulsing on my clit, making me so wet, hoping it would burst through my panties into my wet tight pussy.

"Take me, Tim" I whispered into his ear, "I want to feel you inside me." Then I slid my panties to one side, feeling his cock rubbing against my bare clit. I reached down and grabbed his cock and rubbed it a couple of times before lining it up with the entrance of my pussy. We were both breathing really fast by now. Tim slowly eased the head of his penis in and holds it there, teasing me, allowing my body to accustom to his thick hard cock. I reached down to grab his ass, and I pulled him all the way inside of me. It felt sooo amazing. I could feel every inch of him deep inside my pussy. He started rocking back and forth, sliding it in and out, making me moan out loud.

"Do it, Tim. Fuck my tight pussy!" I screamed. So he started pushing it in harder and faster. My tight pussy stretched around his thick cock. I wrapped my legs around Tim, pulling him in to me tight. Forcing him deeper in to me. He reached down, squeezing my breast with one hand, and he reached down to rub my clit with the other, all the while driving his hard cock into me.

I arched my back, and closed my eyes as I could feel myself giving in to my second orgasm of the night. He pulled out his dick, and replaced it with two of his fingers. Finger fucking me as he watched the pleasure roll through me, leaning over to kiss me, his tongue assaulting my own, as I moaned my way through the kiss. As my pussy stopped spasming around his fingers, Tim broke our kiss, and lay at the side of me. His cock was still stood up tall.

I knelt up on the bed, slid my panties off fully, and moved to straddle Tim's cock. I flattened it down against him, and grinded my pussy against it. Spreading my juices over him, before rising up, and forcing his dick back inside of me. I slowly raised myself up again, rocking my hips forward and backwards slightly, my pussy gripping on to his dick.

I started bouncing up and down on Tim's dick. Sliding up slowly and gently, and slamming myself down. My breasts bouncing slightly with the movement. Tim grabbed my ass, squeezing it, caressing it, pulling me back down on to his dick.

Tim started moaning louder, his breathing became deeper. I needed to feel him shoot his hot load into my wanting pussy. I bounced harder, impaling myself on him. I reached down to rub my erect clit as I could feel yet another orgasm coming. I wanted us to both come together this time.

With one long moan from Tim, I felt his dick tense up inside me, pushing me over the edge making my pussy tighten from my orgasm. I push down as hard as I can on his dick as he started to spray his load deep inside me! I could feel every shot of cum shoot up inside my tight pussy. I then collapsed on top of Tim kissed him softly, and we both lay there, before drifting off to sleep....

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