tagNonConsent/ReluctanceExclusive Club Ch. 01

Exclusive Club Ch. 01


"Excuse me, are you Mr. Henderson?"

I looked up from my video poker game. "Yes..."

A black man, wearing a security guard uniform was standing next to me. His name tag said 'Phillip'. "Mr. Henderson, your wife has taken ill. We'd like to take you to her."

"Of course." I quickly cashed out and followed the security guard through the casino.

"Your wife is okay Mr. Henderson. She's in the back in our infirmary."

He swiped his card on a door and we entered a long hallway. I noticed cameras everywhere. All the doors had card access like in a hotel and several also had keypads. We came to one with placard that said Medical and the security guard swiped his badge and then pressed numbers in the keypad. A little light blinked red.

"Damn," he said. He tried again with the same result.

I started to get a little anxious. Another security guard approached from a side hallway. "Hey Dan," said my escort, "can you see if you can open this door?"

"Sure," said Dan.

Phillip moved back and Dan leaned over and swiped his card. I watched intently, anxious to see my wife. Suddenly I felt a prick on my arm and looked at Phillip. He had just stabbed a needle in my arm. "What the?" I stammered. Both men took an arm as the door opened.

"Don't worry Mr. Henderson; it's sort of a muscle relaxant."

Firmly holding my arms, they led me into what appeared to be some kind of control room. There were several blank TV monitors along one wall and what looked like a sound mixing station in the corner. "What's going on? What is this?" I said. My legs felt kind of rubbery and they helped me into a chair. "Where's my wife?"

"In a moment Mr. Henderson you'll see your wife," the black man said kindly.

They gently pulled my arms behind my back and I felt handcuffs click around my wrists.

"Sorry about this Mr. Henderson. We don't want you to get hurt."

"What do you mean? Where's my wife?" I was starting to slur. I couldn't move my legs or my arms. "What have you done to m, m, me?" I managed to get out before Phillip put a gag in my mouth and tied it behind my neck. The second guard went over to the consoles and began flipping switches.

"Relax Mr. Henderson," said Phillip, "you'll be able to see your wife in a minute. Here, let's lean your head back." He leaned my head back against the back of the chair and I stared at the bank of three TV screens that began to come to life one at a time. The screens displayed a fairly large room with what looked like twenty or more elegantly dressed couples quietly sitting around two sides of the room. All of them were wearing fancy full or partial face masks. Several large TV monitors were on in the room and all were focused on a door off to the side.

Dan quietly spoke into a microphone which came out the speakers in the other room. "Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we have chosen a young couple from the Midwest to be the subjects for this evening entertainment. Mr. Henderson is a respected banker in their hometown and his wife, Melody, works at home taking care of their two young children, Timmy and Margaret, who are with their grandparents while the Henderson's take a little Las Vegas holiday that they won on a local radio station."

All of the TV screens showed our latest family photo. I wanted to scream but all that came out was mumbled. Then the TV pictures went to a picture of Melody in a bikini taken ten years ago. "At eighteen Mrs. Henderson was second runner up for Miss Dairyland," continued Dan. "She should have won, don't you think?"

I saw several heads nodding agreement in the audience. "Although this picture was taken ten years ago, the years have been good to her," he went on. Half of the TV's kept the picture of her in her bikini and the other half switched to a collage of very recent shots of her working out in the gym in a brown leotard and tights. Her medium length blond hair was tied back in a ponytail and she looked like every man's dream. Then several screens shifted to a video of her leaving the gym and walking confidently to our minivan. A handsome young man walked by and they smiled at each other, but as he walked past we could see him turn his head back to admire her long legs and firm butt.

The camera zoomed in on her face as she unlocked the side door of the van and slid it open; then shifted to her ass when she leaned in to place her gym bag between the kid's car seats. A murmur went through the audience in the room while she remained bent over adjusting things.

"What in the hell is going on?" I wanted to scream, but it came out muffled through the gag.

Then Phillip said, "I'll bet you're wondering about all this aren't you. You see Mr. Henderson you two didn't really win the radio contest for an all expense paid vacation to Vegas. Well you didn't win it fair and square anyway." He paused for a moment. "You see we picked you." He didn't say anything else, just turned back to look at the monitors as more images of my wife appeared. Shots from the grocery store with the kids to all of us at the lake with her wearing that hot one piece that didn't leave much to the imagination.

How did they know all of this? I tried to ask, but I found that the words that came out around the gag were so badly slurred that they made no sense. Whatever drug that they injected me with was affecting my speech as well.

Phillip said to me while he watched the TV monitors. "Mr. Henderson the drug we gave you will keep you from moving for awhile. Later on we will give you another injection to counteract the first and then you can go join your wife." He continued, "You might be wondering why we chose you tonight?" He looked at me like he expected an answer. "First it's because your wife is a totally hot. And second, it's because you and your wife have everything to lose if you talk about tonight with anyone after we let you go."

Then Bob spoke into the microphone and I heard if from the speakers on the wall. "I know that you all have seen some of these picture before in the prospectus..."

"What prospectus?" I cried to myself.

Phillip continued, "You also might be wondering why we've brought you in here to watch. It's because it's important that you see what happens tonight so that you will know how damaging it would be to your reputation if videos were sent to the wrong people."

Bob's voice continued from the speakers in the room, "But we want to ensure you that Mr. and Mrs. Henderson are not actors; nor are they in the trade; nor employees of ours. They thought that they had won an all expense paid Vegas vacation package and had no idea that they were brought here for your entertainment pleasure. Now it's time to introduce you to our special guest tonight."

A door opened and my wife was led into the room by two beautiful naked women. One of the women was very shapely; the other was slim with small breasts. My wife's hands were behind her back with some kind of leather cuffs. She was blindfolded with a black cloth that was tied behind her head and there was a similar gag in her mouth.

She was wearing a long black dress that plunged in front to midway between her breasts and had a slit up each side that went to her waist. As she was led in I could see under the slit that she had on black stockings held up by a garter belt, but apparently no panties. She had on black high heels. A diamond necklace was around her neck with long dangly diamond earrings, a diamond tennis bracelet on her right wrist and another on her ankle. They had done up her hair in swirls on top of her head and she looked very classy. The audience in the room applauded. I tried moving, but I couldn't. I couldn't even turn my head away.

She briefly tried to pull away from the two women, but they held her firmly and walked her to the middle of the room between two poles. The TV's in both rooms switched to views from different angles of the three women. I could see that Dan was busy moving switches and one of the cameras in both rooms zoomed in on my wife's face and stayed there. Even with a blindfold and gag, her fear was obvious.

A naked body builder type walked in through the same door. His cock was fully erect and stuck out from his body like telephone pole. The guy wasn't overly built, but enough to make me feel a little inadequate. I could hear female voices in the audience murmuring their approval.

He walked up to my wife and released a wrist from the cuff and lifting it, attached it to a ring on the pole. He took her other wrist attached the second cuff to the other pole. Her arms were up at a two and ten o'clock position and the two woman attendants placed her hands on the poles so that she could support herself.

All of the TV's in front of me switched to three different frontal views of my wife. It was as if I were sitting in the audience. Bob said, "Ladies and gentlemen, Mrs. Melody Henderson." The three naked people turned and lifted there hands to her like they were introducing a beauty contestant and the audience gave her a big round of applause.

"I think that they like her," said Phillip, obviously pleased.

Bob announced, "I don't want you to worry about Mr. Henderson." There TV screens switched to a camera in the room I was in and there I was sitting, with my hands cuffed behind my back, and gag in my mouth and watching the monitors in my room. "Mr. William Henderson, or Bill as he's known by his friends and coworkers, is sitting in our control room watching the entertainment as well. Everyone, say hi to Bill."

"Hi Bill," said the audience. Several waived like this was just fun and games.

Then the cameras cut back to the other room and Bob continued, "We want to thank you all for coming. Please relax and enjoy the show."

The naked man moved up and put a hand on my wife's face, but she jerked it away. While her head was turned away from him, he ran his fingers down the side of her face and neck. He tilted his head and kissed her neck. Although she tried to shy away from him she had no significant freedom of movement.

The TV's around the room as well as those in front of me split to different views as he moved behind her. He reached around and let his hands slide down the front of the dress. He caressed her breasts through the dress and I heard my wife make a muffled cry. His left hand slid down to her stomach and he pulled her against him while he kissed the back of her ear. She tried unsuccessfully to move away from his cock, which was jabbing her in the butt. His hand slowly slid down her stomach and disappeared under the slit of the dress. Again she moaned in fear through the gag. He kept his hand under the dress from several minutes while kissing different places on her neck. Her whole body shuddered.

The man stepped back and moved around to her front. The audience sat transfixed. He put a hand on her jaw and kissed the side of her mouth. She tried moving her face away but he held her firmly.

One of the naked women moved behind her and unzipped the back of her dress down to her bra strap. While the body builder kept his lips against her unwilling mouth, he moved his right hand inside the dress and cupped her left breast while the camera zoomed in. The naked woman unhooked the left strap on the dress and pulled that side down until we could see that his hand cupped a black pushed up demi-bra that made her breast look like it was a size larger. The bra only supported the bottom of her breast so her brown areola and nipple were clearly visible in the camera lens. His hand softly caressed her breast, teasing the nipple. A murmur of approval went through the crowd.

The other woman unhooked the strap holding up the right side of the dress and the two women pulled the top of the dress down around her narrow waist to expose her nearly naked chest.

The man moved his lips to her right nipple and again she whimpered. When his lips moved to the left nipple, you could see on the TV that he had excited the right one because it was now erect and was the size of a pencil eraser.

The body builder alternated between her breasts for a long time, occasionally leaving a little hicky behind. I noticed a couple of the males in the audience massaging their groins. He reached around her back with both hands and unzipped the dress even further until you could see the top of the black garter belt against her white skin. Then he slowly unzipped it down even further until the crack of her pale ass was visible. He resumed kissing her breasts while rubbing his hands over her buttocks which were still covered by the slinky dress.

After a couple more minutes of kissing and caressing he grasped the sides of the dress and slid it down her stocking covered legs. She wasn't wearing panties and the perfect V of her light brown pubic hair became visible with the camera providing an amazingly detailed view. We could even see the slit between her pussy lips under her soft down. "Awe look at that sweet pussy," said one of the men in the audience. A couple of people shushed him.

One of the naked women alternately lifted each of my wife's feet and removed the dress from around her ankles. The body builder moved back around behind her, knelt and buried his face between her ass cheeks. He alternately kissed her cheeks or ran his tongue up and down her soft, smooth buttocks. My wife groaned and twisted her body, but could not move away. He sucked purposely to leave a large hicky on her ass cheek then he leaned back.

One of the naked women knelt down at her feet and attached a belt around her ankle. The other woman supported my wife while the first one tightened the belt forcing my wife's leg toward the pole. They then repeated the process on the other leg until she was forced to stand with her legs apart. Then the women moved to the side.

The man bent forward and resumed kissing her between her ass cheeks. He brought his right hand up between her legs and cupped her pubic mound. Again my wife whimpered while he ran his tongue down the crack of her ass. The cameras couldn't catch it, but apparently he was giving her a rim job because she wiggled her butt and whimpered. He moved the hand cupping her mound and slid a finger between her pussy lips. Massaging her clitoris, he continued to lick her ass for several more minutes. She shuddered and he slid a finger inside her vagina. She whimpered as he slid his finger in and out.

One of the women assistants knelt in front, at her feet and removed both of my wife's high heels while the man continued finger fucking her pussy. Then he stopped and the woman, kneeling at my wife's feet leaned forward and licked her clitoris. The other woman moved up, sucked one of her nipples into her mouth as one of the TV screens zoomed in on the woman's lips encasing her nipple. Melody moaned differently; it was a sexual moan and her body twitched. The body builder's tongue went back between her ass cheeks and we heard another loud moan escape from my wife's gagged lips. I wondered if the restraints were still necessary since she was obviously on the verge of an orgasm.

One of the TV screens switched views to a camera in the floor, between my wife's feet and we could see the man's tongue probing her anus while the woman's tongue worked on her clitoris. This brought a murmur of approval from the crowd.

Her whole body tensed and shook while the orgasm wracked her body. Finally her head drooped and her body relaxed. The audience broke into applause.

The three naked people stood up and the two women stepped back. The camera on my wife's face became the center of attention as the body builder untied and removed the gag.

She breathed in a lungful of air and then she licked her lips. The man moved around in front and tilted her head up with his hand under her chin and kissed her lips. This time she didn't move her face away. Another round of applause broke out.

"Alright ladies and gentlemen," said Bob, "it's time for a short break to get your drinks refilled before we continue.

The big busted woman brought a glass of something over to my wife and brought it up to her mouth. Melody drank greedily and what looked like water ran down her chin to her chest.

The three attendants were joined by two girls and a black man, all sans clothes. They refilled drinks and let the audience touch them. The body builder's cock was still amazingly erect and several of the women smiled up at him and stroked it appreciatingly.

Melody couldn't see any of this and just stood there with her legs spread, waiting for what was next. Several of the men and a couple of the women walked around and ogled her body, but no one touched her.

The room lights flickered like it was time for the next act and the audience silently moved to their seats. The three newcomers left the room.

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