Executive Platinum Ch. 02


She looked at me, and broke into a grin. I couldn't hold a straight face any longer, broke into one myself. "Ok you tease. You may have gotten me naked faster than anyone ever has before but I'm not that easy. Close your eyes."

I did, keeping them shut as I heard her climb out of the pool and seconds later, as she pulled the towel from my hands and wrapped it around herself, I opened them again. She hadn't bothered to dry off, the water was still running off her hair, but she lowered her face and pulling a corner upward dried her face before turning and facing me. She raised her hand and with a grin on her face shook her finger at me.

"You're very good, aren't you? This is by far the most skillful and enjoyable seduction I've ever been in but..."

Seduction? The word echoed through my head, her words seemingly in slow motion. I hadn't thought of this as a seduction. We were two adults, thrown together by circumstances, sharing a bit of time together, sharing a mutual attraction. I interrupted her words by taking her face with both hands, pulling her to me and kissing her.

At first she was caught by surprise, but it didn't stop her from returning the kiss. Her breath tasted of mint; her lips were warm in sharp contrast to the cool skin of her face. I moved my arms around her shoulders, pulling her to me as my tongue found hers. She didn't resist, her body molded to mine, nothing between us except a now wet towel and my shorts. Her arms wrapped around my neck, holding me closer as I bent to kiss her.

Her mouth hungrily sucked my tongue; my hands began caressing her body, running up and down her back, sliding onto her bottom. My cock began stiffening in my pants. She relinquished my tongue, pulled back from our kiss, leaning back slightly into my hands which I'd moved back up to the middle of her back. "God I haven't had a kiss like that since I was a teenager."

"It's been a while since I've wanted to kiss someone like that."

"You're very good at it, but you need to listen for a minute before we do it again." My hands were again wandered down her back towards her bottom again. "Jim! Stop please!"

It was amazing how much I suddenly felt like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Here we were, two full grown adults, hell -- we both had full grown adult children -- and her "don't" made me feel naughty myself. Reverting back to childhood days, I immediately answered as if I had no clue what she was saying. "Stop what?"

I'd arrested my hands from their downward movement, moved them back up her body and again rubbing her back. She'd shown no resistance to that.

"I was about to tell you that this has been a most enjoyable day, but that despite your very talented seduction and having gotten me naked faster than anyone has ever before -- that I will not have sex with you on the first date."

The words went into my ears and probably rattled around a bit before they exited right back out again. I really didn't believe her. Instead I leaned back down, holding her against me and kissed her neck, nuzzled the soft spot beneath her ear, and sucked her earlobe.

"Oh God, Jim." It was said with one of those tones that said it had great import behind it.

"Humm?" I hummed at her, my mouth full of her earlobe. I felt the goose bumps appear on her arms where I was touching them.

"You were saying?" I whispered, inhaling the scent of her hair which although changed hadn't been totally annihilated by the chlorine of the pool water.

"Jim," she said again, a little firmer. "I need you to stop."

"And just why do you need me to stop?" Her hands took my head, holding me away from her body. The towel began to come loose, she let go with her hands and grabbed it, tightening the tuck that kept it from falling to the ground.

"I'm serious. I don't want you to think I'm a cock tease. Stop for a minute and listen." I stopped.

"As good as you feel, as much as I think we both want this, I'm serious -- I won't have sex with you on a first date." The words were no longer a conversation, she'd given a command and I realized we weren't playing anymore. I relinquished my hold.

"I didn't realize this was a date," I answered, "but it's not my way to make someone do what they don't want to." I relaxed my arms from around her back, but when I did, she locked hers around me holding me even tighter against her.

"Jim, it's been a long time since someone has shown me as good a time as you have. It's been a long time since I've wanted someone as much as you. I just need you to know before we get to out of control what the limits are." She sighed. "I came to San Diego to meet a man that I'd never met and spend the weekend with and implicit in that was the fact that I might end up in bed with him. The only thing that's changed is the man. Regardless, the same thing I told Ned before I came here applies; I don't go to bed with a man on a first date.

I don't think at first I quite understood what she was saying, but gradually I realized that she was serious. Incredulously I answered, "Good heavens Gloria, we're both adults; we've both got kids old enough to be doing this, we're both having a good time, it's pretty obvious we both want this, why should we call it quits now?"

For a moment she just looked at me, I could tell she was contemplating the exact thing I'd just asked, then with a sigh she said "Because I gave my word."

I pondered it for maybe a split second before I intelligently said "Huh? You gave your word to whom?"

She sighed again, that exasperated sigh of someone admitting what they really didn't want to. "I gave my word to my mother."

"Right," I answered incredulously a moment later. Totally surprised by her answer, I shook my head in disbelief.

"You told your mother you were coming to California to meet and spend the weekend with someone you'd been conversing with on the internet, someone you'd never otherwise met before but had only talked to, but not to worry, you weren't going to sleep with him on the first date?"

"Jim, it's not like that." She leaned back against my arms; I was again holding her upright. Her hands came up between us, her hands slid onto my naked chest. Her voice again sounded sheepish, almost childish, confessing what was sure to sound silly. "It was a long time ago, just before my very first date. I was 16 and getting ready to go out. Just before I left my Mom came into my room and closed the door behind her, which she only did when I was in trouble. She said 'Gloria, I've raised you and taught you to do the right thing, to know right from wrong, but from now on you're on your own. You'll meet boys and do things that feel good and it's easy to get carried away. Believe me; I know that hormones make youngsters crazy. What you choose to do is up to you now; I won't be there to look after you. Just promise two things. Never let your date get into your pants on a first date and stay out of his, and never have sex without protection." I was mortified; I couldn't believe my Mother was being so blunt. She said "Promise me. Do that and you'll do OK. If it's a good thing it will still be there the next time, if it's not you'll never regret it." I gave her the old "yeah, yeah, whatever" but that wasn't good enough. She said "I'm serious. Promise me, you'll keep your panties on and you'll always use protection.

She looked at me and smiled. "I promised, and I never had sex with a guy on a first date -- but that was only one of the promises." She looked a bit rueful as she continued, "I only had sex without protection once, but with me that was all it took. Anyway -- I promised myself I'd never break my promise again."

I didn't know what to say, I'd never been so flabbergasted. I did nothing for a moment, not knowing whether I should kiss her again or what. She solved the problem, reaching around my neck with one hand and pulling me down a bit to kiss her again. I didn't hesitate.

I pulled her to me, our mouths and tongues dueling hungrily. Her arms went around my neck, the towel held only by the pressure between our bodies. I felt my cock hardening between us, she surely had to be feeling it also. Once again the tuck of the towel came undone, this time the towel falling away from her back leaving it completely naked. I stopped my hands at her waist as she'd requested, stopping where I supposed her panties would have been.

I suddenly pulled away, the towel between us starting to fall. It hung up on one breast, her other exposed. She caught the towel with her arm holding it in place, but made no effort to recover her exposed breast. I reached back and lifted the towel; she shifted her arm to keep it there.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"I can't keep this up or we're going to break your promise,"

She said nothing, the look in her eyes telling me she was in agreement. I reached out my hand and she took it. "Come on, I'll make dinner."

I headed into the kitchen, grabbing my shirt from the laundry room as we went in. She headed back to get her clothes, reappearing a few minutes later. I already had dinner well under way.

When she reappeared, she walked up behind me, putting her arms around me. "Thank you," is all she said.

I turned, put my arms around her, pulling her to me hard. She'd put on the same blouse she'd had on the day before on the plane, my hands on her back told me she didn't have a bra on. I turned her face up to me, where I again kissed her, then pulled away looking at her with a grin, sliding my hands to her arms where I gripped them, breast high. The location of her nipples was barely evident though her blouse. She said nothing, just looked at me, and I relinquished the grip on her arms, slowly trailing a finger across her breasts until they reached the little nub that was barely visible. Bringing my thumbs into play I tweaked both nipples through her shirt causing them to erect and show much more than they had. I slipped my hands to her waist, pulling her lower body against mine where my cock, although not rigid, was firmly pressed between us.

"Ok, Miss "I don't want to be a Cock Tease," so be it. You put up the rules, I agree to your rules. No sex tonight. Chastity belts in place; no oral sex, no intercourse -- nothing but hot and bothered for us tonight. I'm not going to eat your pussy until you come no matter how much you want it. I'm not going to pleasure you with my toy," I flexed my waist muscles, my now nearly rock hard cock bobbing in greeting between us, "no matter how much you beg. But in return," I paused for effect, "you can expect that I'm going to make you wish you hadn't set that rule." I slid my hands back up between us, a quick squeeze of her unencumbered breasts for now, feeling her nipples in my palms, then bent over and kissed her again. "But for now, let's eat."

Dinner was surprisingly relaxed, despite the undercurrent of sexual tension between us. After I'd cleaned up, we took a fresh glass of wine out to the balcony where it was still surprisingly warm and the city was spread out below us. A love seat, a couple of glasses of wine, two people who were mutually attracted to each other -- she snuggled against me and I put my arm around her. Surprisingly we just sat and talked for quite some time until she said "Will you shut up and kiss me?" I did.

My hands wandered up and down her sides and back and when I again reached to caress her breast my hand slid effortlessly into the vee, finding her bare nipple already hard to my exploring fingers. I pushed a little with the back of my hand and the vee easily opened allowing her breast to be completely exposed.

I pulled away slightly from the kiss, watching my fingers tease her nipple. "This isn't your shirt, is it," I stated more than asked.

She tried to kiss me again, "What difference does it make?"

"Absolutely none," I answered. "It's just that it shows some wonderful cleavage that doesn't normally get exposed. You wore it yesterday and then you wore it again tonight to look and feel sexy and it just dawned on me that it wasn't yours. It isn't, is it."

She nodded, "I borrowed it."

"From who?" "Does it matter?"

"No, I'm just curious." She didn't answer, we went back to kissing, but my hands began untucking the shirt to take it off her. "I was just curious about whose clothes I was going to be taking off of you," I continued as I began pulling the now untucked shirt up her body. She sat away from the chair back and raised her arms as I pulled the shirt over her head. She turned and pulled at my shirt, so I helped take it off before we sat back together.

"You're still somewhat of an enigma to me." I ran a finger along her normal tan line. "You normally wear conservative clothing," after which I ran the finger down between her breasts, tracing about where the line from the plunging vee of her shirt would have been, "but yet yesterday and today you wore someone else's shirt that shows off a sexy side of you." I circled first one breast and then the other with my finger, drawing a figure eight, "you don't spend much time in the sun," to which I finished by drawing my finger along the obvious edges of the swimsuit tan line, "yet somewhere not too long ago you spent some time in a swimsuit."

"I borrowed it from my daughter, Melissa."

"And what Pray Tell, made you borrow a sexy shirt from your daughter?"

"She suggested it."

"Is there a story there?" I asked, sensing that there was.

"Sort of. Maybe a little."

"Go on."

"Melissa's been probably my biggest supporter since, well, since forever. After we broke up she was pretty upset, but after the divorce and she went to college she kept telling me I needed to get back out in the world, to move on with my life. A while back the two of us took a short vacation; we went to Miami for a long weekend. She'd been saying we just needed to get away, saying that it would do me good to have a change of scenery. So when she suggested a beach weekend, we just did it. I had an old one piece swimsuit that I thought was perfectly fine and put it in to go. We got everything packed up, and what I didn't know was my daughter took my bags out. When we got to Miami, I found that I had nothing to wear except what I had on -- or to buy new clothes, or to wear Melissa's stuff. Later she admitted she did it on purpose, to make me quit wearing clothes that she called "fuddy duddy." On Saturday evening we went bar hopping and dancing, and she had me wear that shirt. She said it made me look hot."

"I'd agree with that, it does."

"Thank you. When I decided to come and meet Ned .... Well, I ..."

"I understand" I interrupted.

She leaned back again against the chair while I looked down on her now topless torso. This time she made no effort to cover her breasts.

They were medium sized, two large brown areolas were in sharp contrast to the pure white of the skin of the rest of her breasts; the area under her areolas puffed out just a bit more than the rest of her breasts. Her nipples were extended, the overall effect being that her breasts were slightly cone shaped. A curved brown tan line well up on her chest told me she was unused to exposing her breasts with any of her normal clothes, although a second tan line said she had actually been out in a bikini somewhat recently. I reached up and ran a finger over her other nipple which responded to the attention.

We began kissing again, this time my hand shifting back and forth between her bare breasts, occasionally sliding around her bare shoulders onto her bare back. It didn't matter where I touched, her body responded like a cat -- I could almost hear her purring. Her breasts seemed to be connected to her breathing - the more I played with them the more ragged her breathing became. I stopped our kissing and play, had her sit up and raised my right leg into the seat, turned her around so she was leaning back into me. I adjusted my cock which had grown rock hard but was in an uncomfortable position directly between us, so she could lean back against me without either of us being uncomfortable.

I moved her hair, apparently freshly cleaned while I'd been making dinner as the slight chlorine smell was gone, away from her neck. My nose behind her ear drew a giggle of pleasure, but when I sucked her earlobe, it drew a moan. My arms were both over her shoulders, a globe of breast in each hand. I drew her nipples not with my fingertips but with the fleshy part between my thumb and forefinger as I caressed them.

"Ummm." She purred. "That feels so good." I slid my hands outboard a bit and began rolling each nipple under a thumb. She arched her back, forcing them harder against my thumb. I pulled away slightly when she did, teasing, which drew a growl of displeasure. "Harder" she demanded. "Too soft."

I brought my thumbs and forefingers together with her nipples between them in each hand, the small nubs now larger where they had continued to grow with my attention to them. "Oh God, Yes!" she moaned. I pulled each nipple away from her body, her breasts becoming more cone shaped as I did so. The elasticity gone, I began twisting each nipple back and forth. Her breathing was well beyond ragged, now intermittent as she occasionally realized she wasn't breathing and took gasps to get caught up. "So good, so good when you do that," she panted. I released her breasts, raised my fingers to my lips where I wet them with my saliva and reached back down to again roll her nipples between my now lubricated fingertips.

"Do you play with your nipples?" I whispered into her ear as I again pulled her breasts into cones with her nipples, the saliva now evaporated away.

"Ye....es" she whispered, almost inaudibly as I continued sucking and playing with her earlobe.

"When you masturbate?" I mouthed into her ear.

"I took her moan of pleasure as a 'yes'", but I wanted to hear her say it. "Do you play with your nipples when you masturbate?"

"Yesssss" she hissed. I again lubricated my fingertips, the jerk of pleasure as I slid them over her nipples suddenly giving me an idea. "Oh that's so good when make them slippery like that." She moaned. I released her breasts, pushing forward a bit on her shoulders until she took the hint and sat up.

"Sit still, I'll be right back," I told her.

I returned momentarily, my fingers already coated with lube. I set the tube on the chair beside us as I came out; I don't think she saw as she made way for me to slide back in behind her. Carefully, not touching my now slippery fingers to anything, I retook my position and she slid back against me again.

"What did you do?" she asked as I again reached around her shoulders.

"This" I answered as my lubed fingers found her nipples.

Gloria gasped at the sensation, the lubrication now making it impossible to pinch or get friction on her nipples. I tried to pull her nipples again, my fingers slipped off. I tried to pinch them again; they easily slipped from my grasp. I again rubbed my thumbs across them; this time, with no friction, she moaned in ecstasy. I began easily pinching down with thumb and forefinger, each time her nipple shooting away from my grip which caused a little twitch in Gloria. With each different movement, I felt her growing tension against me. When I began trying to twist her nipples like I had before, I couldn't as my fingers wouldn't grip her skin but her hand gripped my leg. "Harder," she again begged, "Harder." I tried, but I couldn't, with the lube my fingers just slipped off. Her breathing was again out of control, but her begs of "harder" had changed to "don't stop, don't stop," her back arched, trying to push her breasts against my fingers and hands. Suddenly, she convulsed and doubled over, her hands coming up to grip mine, crushing my hands to her breasts trying to prevent my fingers from moving again. The lubrication on her nipples was now against my palms however, each time I moved my hands caused another convulsion -- her legs pulling together towards the core of her being. I moved my hands slightly again, and she gripped them, trying to keep me from moving. Giggling or crying, maybe both as I couldn't tell which, she said "My God will you stop? You're driving me crazy!" I didn't move. A few moments later with a sigh, she said "I didn't know that could happen. You made me cum with just my nipples!" Her hands were still gripping mine, but this time when I moved my hands she allowed just a bit before she gripped my hands again, squeezing her legs together again.

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