tagRomanceExercise in an Apartment Complex

Exercise in an Apartment Complex


It was the start of a three-day holiday weekend, late Friday afternoon. With many people already gone, the nicely furnished and equipped exercise room of the apartment complex was empty except for one man who was moving weights. Don rented a small one bedroom apartment but its size was ample for a single divorced man whose work required him to travel often. His divorce was finalized about two years ago.

In a few minutes, a slightly younger woman entered the exercise room.

"Good to see you, Don. Thanks for the telephone call indicating that you would be exercising."

"Certainly good to see you again, Pam."

They talked briefly before she started to use the treadmill. Pamela rented a two bedroom apartment unit that even had a fireplace -- one that used electricity to provide the illusion of an actual fireplace. Her work was in an office. She had been divorced for just over one year.

They had seen each other from previous contacts and conversations in the exercise room. At different times -- they shared the indoor swimming pool, the hot tub, and the sauna. Both especially liked the facilities during quiet times when few people were using the rooms -- occasionally they were the only two people in the exercise room, the sauna, or the water. Each had seen the other in sweat suits and swim suits.

A few times at a shopping center, they met each other by chance -- but then could spend hours together shopping, eating restaurant meals, and seeing movies. From time to time, they went grocery shopping together. Don gave her advice on the type of digital camera to purchase. They danced together at several socials sponsored by the apartment management. Each had seen the other in street clothes.

Both considered the other to be a special friend.

Weighs were moved up and down, the treadmill moved. Both continued to exercise but were aware of the presence of the other. They finished about the same time and walked toward the exit door from opposite ends of the room. Don was dressed in gym shoes, dark shorts, and a deep green T-shirt. Pamela was dressed in sandals, pink shorts, and a white blouse.

One spoke, "Let's go to the club room and talk a little."

"Yes, but first I need to use the unisex restroom."

One suggested, "We could save some water and use it together."

An "OK" was heard.

Both went into the small unisex restroom, almost together -- closed and locked the door. The couple embraced, a lingering sensual kiss and exploring of lips and tongues occurred. His hand touched her dark hair and the back of her neck, she squeezed his hand, then released, and squeezed again. More kissing and exploring mouths with tongues followed. His hand touched her shoulder and upper arm. Her hand touched and rubbed his chest through the fabric of his green T-shirt.

Soon a hand was touching a firm breast and squeezing a nipple through the fabric of her white blouse and bra. Her hand dropped below his belt and rubbed the fabric of his shorts that covered a growing bulge.

One said, "Let's find a better place for this exercise, but first I need to use the facilities and wash my hands. Don't leave, just wait here."

The other watched, as one eliminated some colored warm liquid.

Instead of going to the club room to talk, Pam suggested her apartment. In a few minutes, the couple were walking up the stairs to Pam's apartment.

Once inside, she asked. "How is this for an exercise room?"

No equipment was visible but through an open door part of a bed was seen.

Pam was standing with her back to the door, Don was next to her --- chest to chest. Mouths, lips, and tongues explored. Don placed a hand on each of her ample breasts and gently pinched the nipples through two layers of fabric. Pam's hand touched his inner thigh, then slowly her hand moved up under his shorts until her fingers touched his equipment that would be exercised later. The fabric of his dark shorts was strained by a growing bulge.

"I have wanted to be with you even more since the recent dance," Don said.

"The same for me," replied Pam. "Let me change clothes. Please get some cold drinks from the refrigerator."

The bathroom shower ran for a brief time. Minutes later the bedroom door opened and Pam walked toward the living room sofa. Don was looking at a magazine, a drink in his hand. When he heard her approach, he looked up. Pam was wearing dark blue short shorts, a red blouse, and sandals. Her ample breasts seemed to be straining to be released from the blouse. Her nipples were more erect then earlier. He thought to himself that this gal was hot for his cool cock. It had been a long time since he had been inside a woman's body.

"You look great," stated Don. And added: "Really great."

"Thanks," responded Pam as she sat down on the sofa next to him, kissed him, and sipped her drink.

Soon, Don touched her hair and rubbed the back of her neck. She touched his shoulder, a hand dropped to his chest. His hand gently rubbed a breast, he could feel and even see her nipple respond.

"That feels so good," exclaimed Pam.

She pulled Don's green T-shirt over his head. His body, naked to the waist, was lightly tanned. Don slowly unbuttoned her red blouse, it fell on to the sofa as she stood up and faced him. Light from the electric fireplace seemed to dance and move across the room.

"Like my red bra?" she inquired. "My ex modified it and liked me to wear it on special occasions."

"Yes. I like your modified bra. But I really like what is inside the cloth strips."

She was wearing a bright red bra that had the centers cut out. Like a framed picture, her ample breasts were framed in the narrow red cloth strips. There was little support, but her breasts while large were still firm. The two mounds of flesh with the pink nipples and areolas were of similar size -- almost a matched pair.

"You have a nice pair, almost like matching bookends," exclaimed Don. "And yes, I think that this is a special occasion. Possibly the start of many special times together."

Pam smiled.

Don started to kiss, suck, and lick a breast and its nipple. In time, equal attention was provided for both. Two pairs of hands, almost at the same time, reached down to the top of the shorts being worn by the other. Soon both pairs of shorts were pushed over hips and dropped to the floor, her sandals were kicked off.

Pam worn no panties, some neatly cut dark hair surrounded the treasure at the juncture of her legs. Don's cotton underwear, shoes and socks followed. Don was completely naked, Pam was wearing only the red modified bra that framed her ample firm breasts.

"I like you wearing that type of bra. Please leave it on for now," requested Don.

"You like mounds of female flesh framed in narrow strips of red cloth?"

"Yes. It is a nice picture. Actually like two pictures. Two very similar pictures."

"But unlike a two dimensional picture, my mounds are three dimensions." Pam replied.

"Three dimensional things are much preferred."

Their eyes met, both smiled.

Light from the fireplace danced across their naked bodies creating areas of light and shadows as they walked toward the kitchen. With some easy listening music playing, the couple entered the small kitchen so they could dance on the tile floor. The dancing was fun and brought the couple much enjoyment and pleasure in being practically naked and very close together. Don's penis was partially erect and pushing on her stomach.

One said, "This certainly is much better then dancing while wearing clothing."

"I noticed that your manhood is getting some exercise," stated Pam. And she added, "I can feel it pushing against my stomach."

"Would you like it to push against something else?" Don asked.

"What would you suggest?" Pam asked.

"When I came into the apartment I could see part of the bed."

They danced for several more minutes. Finally, Pam said: "I want this."

Pam quickly reached down and grabbed a partially erect cock. Then pulled it toward her bedroom. Don quickly followed.

Still holding his cock, Pam turned on a table lamp in the bedroom.

"This is a special lamp that I purchased for my now ex. When we separated, he let me keep the lamp. Said his new girl friend would not care for the lamp when she saw it and found out it was a gift from me."

"I like the lamp. It is artistic." Replied Don.

The special lamp had two bulbs -- a standard bulb and a red bulb -- and a red colored shade covered with several black fabric cut-outs. The cut-outs of a nude man and a nude woman were in various intercourse positions. Two statements were printed on the shade:



The lamp was in the shape of an erect penis, about twenty inches high. A curving box with lid represented two connecting balls was at the base of the penis lamp.

Don smiled and laughed softly as he saw the lamp and said, "That red light you turned on certainly is suggestive."

"I believe you already know what is going to occur."

"Is this your red light district?" Don inquired.

"Yes, you could say this is OUR red light district."

Both smiled. Nothing was said -- but each was thinking about the pleasures that would soon be coming. Sexual pleasures of touching and probing.

Pam lifted the lid off the box -- -- and pulled out a small bottle of lubricant and a condom. "I like to be prepared."

Can you take all of the penis lamp into your body?" Don asked, and softly laughed.

"Not yet. But I believe that you will make an excellent substitute and fit my cylinder in a satisfactory manner," stated Pam as she motioned for Don to lay on his back on the bed.

Quickly, Pam was between Don's spread knees. Fingers of one hand squeezing, then releasing the base of his manhood. Her tongue flicked out and lightly touched the head of his penis -- many times. Pam kissed the pink tip, but soon opened her moist mouth and covered the pink head of his organ. Her tongue licked the naked cock rim. The pink flesh at the end of his cylinder gradually became coated with her saliva.

Her head was on his lap, he ran his fingers through her hair. Pam opened her mouth wide. Slowly -- inch by inch -- she took his bare shaft into her mouth. Her lips touched his pubic hair. Head bobbing started. Up and down her mouth went, Don's manhood growing ever larger. One hand held the base of his manhood -- squeezing, stroking, then releasing. Squeezing, stroking, and releasing. She rubbed the skin where his cock and balls came together.

Her other hand cupped, played, and stroked his hair covered balls. Then her tongue licked his balls. Separately each ball was gently sucked into her mouth and covered with her warm saliva -- the ball was released, then sucked in again. Often! It seemed to Don that this erection was his largest ever. His eyes closed, he sighed and moaned.

"Yes. Yes. Wonderful. Please continue the blow job."

"You like a bare cock blow job?" She asked.

"YES. Definitely YES!"

Pam continued pleasuring his bare erect cock and balls. But now her lips could not reach his pubic hair. Her attention was focused on the cock head, rim, part of the shaft -- -- and his balls.

"I very much appreciate the pleasure that you are giving me. It has been a long time since I have been touched by soft hands," said Don. "Much too long."

"You are more then welcome." Pam continued the bare cock blow job for several more minutes. Then she said: "It is your turn now. I would like to sit on your face. May I?" Pam asked.

Don's reply was quick: "A very positive and loud -- -- YES!"

In moments, Pam was standing over Don's face and holding on to the bed's metal headboard. Don looked directly up and saw the moist pink pussy lips between her legs. Beyond was the modified red bra with her ample breasts free to swing and sway slightly as she moved. Pam lowered the pink treasure between her legs onto Don's mouth -- slowly.

At last, his mouth and tongue licked and sucked her clitoris and pussy lips. His saliva mixed with her natural lubrication -- -- the female and male mixture covered her pussy and his mouth. She reached back and played with his erection -- -- his cock enlarged. Red light from the special penis lamp lit her breasts framed by the red modified bra and created curved shadows by her breasts.

"I like the shadows and curves of your breasts created by the penis lamp. One nipple is highlighted and I can see its shadow." Don said.

"I am glad that you are enjoying the view."

"I am enjoying the view and much more." Don said.

Many minutes passed before Pam moved her pink treasure from Don's mouth.

Pam opened a condom and placed it on his swollen manhood. With her lips she rolled it part way down the shaft. Her fingers completed the unrolling.

She moved -- -- her face was on the bed, her ass up in the air, and her legs spread wide. Don got in back of her, his hands on her hips. Slowly his erect cock easily spread her pussy lips apart and entered her body -- from the rear. His manhood continued to move into her moist treasure deeper and deeper, until his balls were touching her ass.

Then almost out. Then in, and almost out. Frequently! His thrusting started slow but gradually became faster. His balls often bounced off her ass during the deep thrusts. A full length mirror on a closet door allowed both of them to see the reflections of their naked bodies and enjoy the sexual activities. Pam moaned softly.

"Please continue, Don. I love you rod inside my moist cylinder."

"And I enjoy being inside your warm tunnel."

Their bodies were being reflected in the mirror. Their eyes met, both smiled.

"I like this type of exercise," exclaimed Don. "And I appreciate seeing the reflection of your breasts in the mirror."

Pam's answer was, "Yes, I like this exercise. But I can not see your cock."

"Why can't you see my cock, Pam?" Don asked, laughing softly.

"Because it is moving and deep in my cunt. But I can certainly feel your cock."

"You like my cock rubbing your cunt -- you want me to fuck you?"

"YES! YES! Fuck me hard and fast." Pam replied.

Her fucking continued. Finally, Don withdrew and took off the condom.

Positions were changed. Pam was on her back, her legs spread, her ass elevated on a pillow. "I would like you to insert this female condom. I want the pleasure of entering you without wearing a condom," stated Don.

Don was between her legs looking at her moist cunt and her ample breasts still framed in the modified red bra. Pam opened the female condom and pushed it into her body.

"I enjoy watching you insert the female condom into your body."

"I pushed it in as far as possible. Your cock will have to push it in further," Pam stated.

"Believe me, I will enjoy pushing the female condom with my hard rod."

Slowly, Don moved forward, his bare cock fully erect approaching her pink treasure. His rod easily pushed past her pussy lips and entered her cylinder. Deeper and deeper he went, exploring her vagina with his firm, rigid rod. He liked the feeling of not wearing a condom -- -- but yet having the protection. The additional cost was certainly worth the pleasure.

His cock moved in, and almost out. In, and almost out. Repeated many, many times. Pam was moaning, moans of pleasure. Her orgasm was coming and she started to shake.

"I am coming. Fuck me harder and faster."

Don rammed and thrust into her body -- harder and faster. Soon a wave of motion started deep inside her, and spread through her body. Her fucking continued for several more minutes. Then another smaller wave spread through Pam. Her orgasm was over.

"Oh, Don. That was very pleasing."

Don needed only a few more thrusts and his cock exploded -- cum shot into the female condom. After withdrawing his organ, Don pulled out the female condom and turned it inside out. His finger tip touched the cream colored 'cum', then he placed the finger in his mouth. Another finger covered with 'cum' was offered to Pam. She opened her mouth and took the semen into her mouth. A smile came across her lips. They shared a long sensual kiss -- -- -- together, they shared his cum.

Both spoke, almost together, "Thank you. You are welcome. A wonderful pleasure."

"Would you like to join me in a long shower," inquired Pam.

"Yes. That would be appreciated. It has been a long time since I have had a shower --- with a woman," replied Don as he removed the red bra. And added: "We can save water by showering together."

Completely naked, the couple walked to the bathroom. Once the water became warm, they stepped into the shower, the warm water splashed on their bodies. He took soap and a wash cloth and rubbed her back, ass, and legs. The treasure between her legs got extra attention. She turned and faced him, they embraced and kissed. Soap and wash cloth rubbed her breasts, stomach, and legs.

But her pink treasure got more attention, but only with Don's soapy hands. One hand rubbed her lower stomach, pushed past her pubic hair, and rubbed her clitoris. Don's other soapy hand rubbed her lower back, and played with her ass hole. In several minutes, his fingers tips met near the entrance to her tunnel of love and pleasure.

Then it was Pam's turn as she applied soap to Don's back, ass, and legs. He turned and faced her, this embrace and kiss was especially long. His chest, stomach, and legs got more attention. With only her soapy hands she washed his sexual exercise equipment -- the head, shaft, and balls were covered with soap suds.

They separated, the warm shower water splashed over each.

Don got out of the shower first and started to dry off with a large thirsty pink towel. Pam stepped out of the shower, cleaned the top of the shower walls, then bent over to clean the lower walls. Her firm rounded ass -- legs slightly spread -- were in full view of Don.

"Like what you see?" asked Pam.

"Yes. A very positive yes. I enjoy seeing your rear view and your cunt lips," replied Don. "Your ass is nice and firm. Shows what regular exercise can do for a person."

The couple came close together and faced the bathroom mirror. But they had been in the shower for a long time, the mirror was covered with moisture and only a hazy image of two naked people could be seen.

Pam cleaned the moisture off a long mirror fastened to the bathroom door and had Don step to the side. Stark naked, Pam pushed the side of her body against the edge of the mirror. Her left breast and nipple touched the mirror reflections of her left breast and nipple. Her right breast was only reflected in the mirror. Her cunt was reflected in the mirror. She moved her head toward the mirror. Her lips touched the mirror reflection of lips.

"Do you like the double everything, Don?" Pam asked.

"Yes. It looks like you are kissing your identical twin. And your one breast and nipple is touching her breast and nipple. Two pairs of breasts -- -- four breasts. Two slits. Very nice."

"Please look in the hall way closet on the top shelf and get my digital camera, Don."

In less then a minute, Don was back with Pam's digital camera. Fortunately, his camera and Pam's camera were made by the same company and operated in very similar manner. Actually, Don had suggested that she purchase that brand of camera. Many pictures were taken of Pam touching and kissing her mirror reflection.

"It is my turn now Don to take pictures of you and your reflection."

Don stood by the mirror stroking his manhood. His mirror twin did like-wise.

"Kiss the lips of your mirror reflection, Don."

Don's lips touched the mirror lips. Stroking continued. Pam took a number of pictures. Some full length, others were close-ups.

Still in their birthday suits, the couple prepared a simple meal of salad, soup, desert, and wine. Plans were made for Saturday -- a late afternoon movie, a restaurant meal, and some more exercise. Requests were made by both. Pam indicated that she had some adult toys that could be used.

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