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Exhibition Bound


Hi. My name is Debby. This is based on a true story. I thought you would find my experience interesting. It sure was interesting living it.

My experience begins about 4 years ago, in Farmington Hills, MI. My boyfriend at the time was Bill. It was my first real kinky relationship. You know how that is. Your first of everything is quite an experience, and this was no exception.

He introduced me to bondage, and flashing. I loved it! He would often spring the unexpected on me, and it was wonderful. Bill thought it would be interesting to expose me to some things all at once and some things a little at a time. After breakfast one morning, he told me were going to play a kinky little game. Well, you know how a statement like that tends to get your attention.

Right there in the kitchen, he helped me strip naked and then led me into the bedroom. He had me lay on my back, on the bed, and then produced some soft nylon rope, at the four corners of the bed. My mind was quickly getting foggy, and before I really knew what was happening, he had me tied there, naked. I could only slightly move, because he had me tied so tight. All I could do was squirm, not knowing what was to happen next. God, it was such a sexy feeling to be naked and tied, with him standing there. This alone was enough to get me wet, and we hadn't even done anything, yet.

What did Bill have in mind? He told me this was the day a crew of men were coming to install new windows in the living room. But, I still didn't quite understand his intentions, until he started opening all of the bedroom window blinds and opened the bedroom door wide open. He stood there in the doorway and looked around the room. Then he looked at me. I must have had a look of fear on my face, because he smiled. Then, he went to the dresser and took out one of my bras. He walked back over to the door and smiled at me again, as he dropped that bra in the doorway to the bedroom.

Our bedroom was just off the living room, and the doorway was not far at all from the front door. He knew there was no way the men would not see this bra laying there in the doorway. That smile on his face was a mean one, but it was so sexy.

Then, the doorbell rang, and his face lit up. "I have to let the men in, and then go to work. I will be back for lunch. The fun is about to begin sweetie. Enjoy your morning." Then, he vanished from the doorway, not allowing me to say a thing.

There I was, all alone. I was all alone, naked and tied spread eagle to our bed. All of the window shades were open, and it was a bright sunny morning. I thought of calling out to Bill, but I could hear him talking to some strange men, in the living room. I was not in any position to complain or even to draw attention to myself. God, can you imagine the thoughts that went through my mind?

Then, I heard our front door slam, and shortly after that, our car was driving away. I couldn't believe it! Until that moment, I didn't really take him seriously. Bill actually left me there, like that. Until then, I thought he surely would come back into the bedroom, shut the door, and take me while I was tied. But, he didn't come back.

First, a few minutes went by, and I heard the strange men just feet away, in the living room. They were working and talking. I was lying there, squirming helplessly on that bed. Bill was surely far away by then, and I was helpless, tied to the bed. What if one of the men came looking for the bathroom, or noticed the bra Bill so conveniently left in the bedroom doorway?

The thoughts I had were indescribable. I was scared and nervous. I was worried I would be seen like that. If these men wanted to take me, I wouldn't be able to stop them. Every window shade in the room was wide open and I could see the men walking past the windows. Their truck was parked in the drive, and when they needed tools, they would have to walk past the bedroom. I lay there watching as each sweaty body walked by, just waiting for one of them to look in the window and see me.

I spent 3 hours like that. There were five strange men just feet away from me, while I was bound and helpless. God, I was wet! It was amazing, thinking of all the thoughts going through my mind. My nipples were hard and aching, and my mouth was dry from all of my heavy breathing. I thought of what I would have done if one of them had seen me.

And, what would I have done if he had come in and laid his hot sweaty body on mine. Or if he had put his head between my spread legs and lapped up my hot sex. Just the idea of me being naked and tied, and visibly wet might be enough to call his fellow workers in and forget about the windows they were installing. I wouldn't be able to stop them, but I wouldn't want to, either.

I would actually beg them to take me, if I had to. All morning, I was secretly hoping they'd see me and they wouldn't be able to control their desires to have me. I even thought of the possibility of more men being there than I could see. I was even thinking of calling out or making some noise to get one of them to notice me there. Then, I heard a car turn into the drive. It was Bill. He had planned it perfectly. The men were just finishing up with the windows and he waited until they were gone to come into the bedroom.

He didn't say a thing to me, but looked at me and the needy look I had on my face. He got on top of me and took me, right there. I wanted to grab him and hold on, but he didn't untie me. He just ravaged me. I had wanted him for more than 3 hours, and I finally had him in me. I nearly passed out. The climax I had was overwhelming.

After I came back down to earth, Bill was laying there beside me. I was still tied, and there was an obvious wet spot on the bed between my legs. But, I was satisfied. He asked me how I liked my first experience, and I was speechless. After that day, we got on the Internet and started looking for like-minded couples and what kind of fun this might bring. After a while of searching, we met Barry and Sue. First we met at dinner a few times, and got to know one another. Then, we started switching partners during these dinners so I was feeling up Barry, and Bill was rubbing Sue's leg. Then, we quickly moved up to actual date swapping. Barry and I saw one movie, and Bill and Sue saw a completely different movie.

Being the flirtatious type, I was kissing, touching, and driving Barry crazy. He obviously wanted me. I teased him even more by telling him he could eventually tie me up and have his way with me. That night, when I confessed this to Bill, he got very horny. He said he would try to make it happen, some day soon.

We continued our fun with Barry and Sue, and one night I agreed to cook them dinner, at our place. A couple of my former co-workers, John and Holly, were also there. The dinner and evening went great. Everyone seemed to love my cooking. After dinner, we relaxed in the living room. Bill mixed a pitcher of drinks, and I made up some snacks. Somehow, a porno movie was put in the VCR, and everyone was watching and getting horny. Strangely enough, the movie was about a girl who got stripped and tied spread eagle to the bed. We were all getting drunk, and watching it with interest.

After a while of this, Bill moved close to me, and whispered in my ear. He wanted to know if I would like another session being tied to the bed. He said I could tell the others I was getting tired and head off to bed. He would come in and tie me down, and then go back and continue to party with the others. After everybody went home, he would come in and ravage me. Of course, I loved the idea.

In the bedroom, Bill slowly took off my clothes. Then he threw me on the bed and tied me down. My nipples were hard, and I was already getting wet before he was even finished. God, I was getting into it.

He stood up to look at me. I was squirming, and testing my bonds. I was completely helpless, and getting more horny every second. The idea of being naked and tied to the bed was exciting. With friends in the next room, it was incredible. I could hear them talking about the movie, and I could hear Sue and Holly giggling.

I didn't even notice that Bill had left the room. He left the bedroom door wide open, just has he had when the window installers were there. If anyone on their way to the bathroom had looked in, they would see me for sure, naked and tied to the bed. It was amazing how that made the situation so much more intense.

For the next hour or so, the party continued. I could hear my friends talking, and laughing, but I couldn't make out what they were saying. I could make out Bill's laugh over the rest. He seemed to be having a good time. My pussy ached when I heard his laugh. I imagined him standing by the bed while laughing. A knowing laugh, telling me I was his for the taking. Then, all of the sudden everybody got very quiet. All I could hear was the porn movie, on the TV.

Bill came into the bedroom, and shut the door behind him. He turned on the bedroom lights and stood beside the bed. He watched me, just as I had imagined he would. Then he smiled, and told me he had a surprise for me. He said the party was moving into the bedroom.

Before I could react, there was a knock at the door and it opened. In walked Barry, John, Sue and Holly. They all stood around the bed, looking at my bound and squirming body. I looked to Bill for an answer, but he just told me to relax. He told me this was the next step in my experience.

He offered to refill everyone's drink, and then promptly left the room. This left me, naked and bound, with my friends smiling down on me. A very interesting feeling for sure, but I didn't quite know what to think.

Any more chance for thought was quickly taken away, when I was blindfolded. This allowed any of them to do with me what they wished, and I wouldn't know who it was. This was an added sensation for me, letting my mind visualize on it's own. Both men then encouraged the women to have some fun with me. I could feel soft bodies exploring mine. It didn't take long for me to start enjoying it. I couldn't tell who was who.

During this exploration, I heard my lingerie drawers opened. Barry and John were making lewd comments about my sexy under things. They seemed to be impressed with what they found, suggesting their wives should have some items like mine. Despite my protests, the panty raid continued. But, this invasion of my lingerie drawer was quickly leaving my mind. In my blindfolded state of mind, the roaming fingers exploring my body were taking their toll. Think of it. I was naked, blindfolded and bound to the bed. And, I was drunk. This drunk wasn't just from alcohol, but also this overpowering experience. I was totally in the control of others, and I was enjoying it. I think this was at least part of Bill's ultimate plan.

The evening continued, with the men joining in on the fun. I was fucked several times, and spattered with cum more than once. I couldn't count the times I came, but each one was very powerful. I was in a sexual dream state for the last couple of hours. I couldn't do anything but accept what these nameless bodies were forcing upon me. When I came back to reality, I was untied, and the blindfold removed. I could see I was covered with sweat and cum. I felt like a total slut.

Bill told me it was a very eventful evening, and I had been the perfect sexual toy. He asked if I enjoyed my experience, and all I could do was smile. I was still in the euphoric state of bliss, from an incredible sexual experience. My mind was still sorting the feelings, as I came back to reality.

After a while, I was able to sit up and look around the room. A lot of my lingerie, bras and panties were strewn around the room. Some lying on the floor, on and about the bed and hose draped over the dresser and mirror. It looked like a sexual tornado had come through. It felt like it, too.

After an assessment, I found many items were missing. That made it feel even more humiliating. I envisioned Sue and Holly enjoying my lingerie. I had visions of both women turning their husbands on while wearing my undies.

A few weeks passed, then Bill said he had a surprise for me. He took me into the bedroom, where he had two spreader bars and some large pillows on the floor. He told me this was another way to tie someone, making it more fun.

Well, of course I was game, and was soon naked and secured. My wrists were bound to one bar, and my ankles to the other. I couldn't even move, so Bill picked me up and plopped me on the bed. He had me lay on my back, as he connected each bar to some fancy connectors he had hidden under the bed. There I lay, spread eagle on the bed. Bill adjusted the bars so my arms and legs were spread wide and I could struggle, only slightly.

Fond memories of my first experience came back to me, and I was soon eager to hear what Bill had in mind, this time. I could only see a little of what he was doing, because I was bound so tightly. Straining to see, I could see Bill walking around the room, as if he was setting something up. I could also see a strange leather bag on the dresser. Soon, the doorbell rang, and Bill smiled. He said our party guests had arrived, and went to answer the door. He didn't even give me time to say anything.

All I could hear were voices of several people. Then, they all came into the bedroom. Holly, Sue, Barry and John were all standing around the bed. It looked like I was going to be a party, again. I couldn't help but smile. Then, Sue and Holly started taking their clothes off. Down came jeans, and off came blouses. I couldn't believe what I saw. Sue was wearing my pink bra and panty set, and Holly was wearing my black teddy. They both looked great. But, I didn't get to see much more before Bill blindfolded me. And, just like last time, my mind started visualizing what was about to happen.

I felt the bed moving, as at least one person was getting on top of me. Before I knew what was happening, I had someone's wet pussy mashing against my face. And, at about the same time, a hot tongue was licking at my aching clit. I yelped in pleasure when the tongue found it's mark, but my own tongue was soon very busy, too. Whoever she was, she tasted wonderful, and she had a skilled tongue, too. It knew just where to go and what to do. Her hips clamped down on my head, so I couldn't move, even if I had wanted to. She rubbed her wet bush all over face, but her tongue never stopped licking my clit. She was obviously enjoying the control she had over me, and so was I.

As quickly as she got on top of me, she got off. She was replaced by the other girl, who got into almost the same position. But, instead of smashing her pussy against my face, it seemed she was wearing some sort of strap-on. She told me to open wide, and soon my mouth was full of a large thrusting cock. It wasn't a real cock, but it sure felt the same. This cock was fucking my mouth and I had to open wide to take it all. Her tongue was working on my clit, and I couldn't control myself. My body wiggled and shook as her tongue kept sinking into my pussy. I struggled to swallow the strap-on, overwhelmed by the sensations of being at the mercy of these two women. The men were just the cheering section, and giving the girls ideas. But, from what I was experiencing, the girls didn't need help. They had enough ideas of their own.

Then, the strap-on was removed from my mouth and the girl on top of me seemed to be switching her position. She got down between my bound legs and wrapped her arms around them. Pulling my body up to her, she plunged her tongue deep into my pussy. With a squeal, I pleaded with her not to stop. And, she didn't. I could feel her teeth against my pubic area, as her tongue skillfully wiggled inside me. I tried to thrust up to get even more of that hot tongue inside me, but I couldn't move. Her hold on my legs was strong, and she took her time snaking that tongue into my pussy.

I couldn't contain myself. I screamed when she dived into my pussy. Then, if that wasn't enough, she sucked hard on my sensitive clit. Her arms had a vise grip hold on my legs, and she moved with me, as my body reacted to what her mouth was doing. I came against her face in a powerful climax.

Before I could recover, the spreader bar holding my legs was disconnected from the bed. Then, my legs were raised up over my body, and the bar was secured at the head of the bed. This made me nearly fold in half, and my naked ass was waving up in the air. In another quick movement, a mouth was again between my legs. I felt soft feminine arms grab around my waist and a tender but forceful mouth go to work on my still throbbing sex. In this position, my ass began a sensuous shaking, with the skilled female form along for the ride. Our combined weight made the bed bounce wildly, and my screams reverberated through the room.

Just as I was getting close to climax again, I was left alone, my twitching crotch waiting for what was to happen next. I wasn't kept waiting long. But, what was getting the attention was my ass. Something cold was globbed on my ass hole, and soon after that, my ass was impaled with something long and hard. I could only assume it was the strap-on that was previously in my mouth. But, it seemed so much thicker, invading my ass.

I could feel someone's nipples brush past my legs, as my ass was being fucked by this thing. Sweet, sexy kisses planted on my calves, driving me further into her power. Her body between my legs, her arms moved to either side of my head. In this position, she repeatedly pushed into my ass. I could smell the perfume of my mistress. She had me captive, and I wanted more of it.

Deeper and deeper, that fake cock rammed into my ass. It was strange to know it was attached to a woman. Strange, but nice. I could tell she liked it, too. Her breath was quick and little drops of sweet smelling sweat were dripping onto my body. She was a determined mistress. Determined to have her way.

I wanted a tongue on my clit, as before, but I wasn't the one in control. That female controlled cock was in control. I was beginning to want it deeper inside me, mostly because I knew it was a woman doing it. I didn't know how much I would like that combination. I was being fucked by a woman, and I loved it.

And, a strange combination, it was. A soft body, but a powerful one, too. A female in control of what I experienced. Well, actually, there were two women in control of my mind and body. I could feel their lips on my pussy, knowing where to go and what to do. They were controlling my orgasm, and forcing it to build until I would cum over those lips, those soft female lips. God, what a delicious feeling.

Up to now, it had been only men. I didn't even think of being with another woman. I had no idea of how it would be. However, this cock shaped thing was finding a spot deep inside me, and that spot was liking it. Although I couldn't see who it was connected to, I didn't even visualize a man. I visualized it being Holly or Sue. I visualized it being a woman.

I wanted to be released from my bonds so I could wrap my arms and legs around her body. I wanted to feel the power of her thrusts, and to let her know I wanted more. There were many strange and different feelings rushing though my mind. I wondered if Holly and Sue were lovers. I wondered if this was their first experience like this.

No, that couldn't be possible. The lips that were on my sex were experienced lips. The lips that were in control of my orgasm were soft and tender, but they also knew how to be rough. The little bites on the inside of my thighs, and nibbles on my clit came from experience. Even the cock ramming into my ass seemed to know something only a woman could know. I loved it.

My mistress was now breathing harder, and she seemed to be close to cumming. My pussy was dripping, my ass was full, and I couldn't get enough of it. She started shaking and then so did I. We both came together, as she rammed that cock into my ass. She leaned down and kissed me on my nose, my cheeks and then my lips. Her tongue only slightly entered my mouth, and then it was gone. She was teasing me.

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