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Exhibitionist Lingerie Spa for Men


One day at work, a good friend of mine suggested I check out a day spa that caters to men only. He mentioned that they keep their existence very quiet and only allow new clients who have been referred by existing, discrete clients. He whispered the name, Fallen Angel Spa. Curious, I asked why the secrecy when he explained that they only have hot, female employees who wear very sexy lingerie. And their "services", which although are the usual spa services, are performed in a much more "personal" way. I immediately took the hint and scheduled an appointment for the upcoming Saturday morning.

I arrived at the correct address, but was quite taken aback because it was just a plain door with only the address number above the door, in a really run down industrial area. But I forged ahead anyway. The really tiny lobby had just a call box on the wall. Once announcing who I was, the door was buzzed open, and to my welcome surprise, I entered a very high-class and nicely adorned front lobby that opened up into a large room containing a couple rows of barber chairs. It looked like any of those really swank spas with the big store fronts.

It took me a few seconds to take it all in, so at first I didn't notice the lovely blond receptionist sitting low behind the counter. I could only see her smiling face, as she welcomed me to the spa. The young, and very hot receptionist then stood up as I approached the counter. Wow, she was topless, and sporting a really nice rack that was just begging to be ogled. I delightfully followed her to a little locker room off to the side. She instructed me to come back out wearing one of the robes and to feel free to use the lockers if I wished. Thinking I was to play along, but taking a big risk of being thrown out if I didn't follow the rules, I removed all my street clothes and donned just the robe.

I was then escorted to my stylist's station by the topless receptionist. She was wearing only a very short skirt and high heels, so she really didn't need to tell me to follow her, as I would have followed that swishing ass regardless. Soon thereafter, my stylist appeared from the back room.

Through the mirror, I caught her approaching from behind me. She sauntered ever closer and playfully swung her curvy hips as she circled around and arched up against the counter in front of me, taking a practiced, sexy pose. She paused for effect before speaking, knowing that she could distract any man from conscious thought, simply by posing in sexy lingerie. She definitely had that effect on me alright.

She was probably in her early thirties by the way she carried herself, but still had the tight body of a much younger woman. Long, strawberry blond hair cascaded down her soft bare shoulders, gently kissing the tops of her succulent breasts pushed up for effect by a very purposeful corset. She had a very beautiful face atop a curvy body that was definitely poured into the corset bodysuit. My dick was visibly trying to bust out of my robe, and I had absolutely lost any control over it.

She purred when she spoke, introducing herself a Rachel, and welcoming me to the Fallen Angel Spa. I found it difficult to concentrate as we began to discuss what services I'd like. She offered the usual spa treatments, haircut, nails, waxing and hot sauna, without even hinting of any "added" services. Thinking with my dick of course, I selected those services that would give me even the slightest opportunity to engage in my exhibitionist tendencies in front of these lovely ladies. So I agreed on a full-service haircut, back waxing (even though I only had a few stray hairs) and hot sauna at the end.

Rachel then led me to the hair washing station where I was introduced to a young, hot and very sexy Latin minx named Sophia. She wore a see-through robe with a frilly bra and panty set underneath. She had a medium build, but even through the shear robe I could tell she had a very taught body. She had me lay back with my head in the basin. I had my eyes closed as I restfully pondered the soapy, head massage I was about to receive from this lovely Latina.

In a sexy accent, Sophia quizzically asked, "Why do you close your eyes? You're supposed to enjoy the sights of all the beautiful women in lingerie walking around the spa."

I replied, "Why, I was just exercising a little imagination, and picturing you nude as you washed my hair."

She laughingly replied, "Silly boy. You don't need to imagine that at all. Just open your eyes."

Hearing that, I quickly opened my eyes and looked to find Sophia already had her robe off, and with hands behind her back, was releasing her bra. She was in a playful mood, looking directly into my lustful eyes and visibly excited that she could play into my carnal desires. Her perky boobs soon sprung free from their confinement and jiggled ever so gracefully, for my full enjoyment. They were perfectly round, jutting straight out, and topped with engorged nipples that just invited my wanton touch. My hands arose as if on autopilot, heading to cop a feel. A playful scolding from Sophia's waving finger allowed me to gain control once again. I could tell my wandering hands were going to get me in lots of trouble throughout the day.

She then continued, turning away from me and bending over to slip her panties down her heart-shaped ass. With a little celebration wiggle, she delighted in her accomplishment, as she revealed to me that she doesn't do that for all the customers, especially the new ones. She stripped fully nude only because I was definitely one of her better looking customers and she was feeling particularly randy that morning. She also reminded me to thank my friend who recommended this place, as he was a long-time customer who called in a favor this time. Oh ya, I'll definitely be thanking him.

Having Sophia fully nude was only the beginning though. As she then climbed on top of me to perform her hair washing duties. She straddled my hips and reached way over me to adjust the water spigots and grab the bottle of shampoo. She pressed her perky boobs right into my face every time. Then she rocked back and forth, dry humping my swollen dick, as she massaged my scalp and washed my hair. After a thorough first rinsing, she paused and rose up, giving me a full view of her surgically-enhanced tits and bald pussy. Appearing to contemplate a missing step in her hair-washing routine, she quickly piped-up, upon remembering what she forgot.

She then dis-mounted me and proceeded to pull open my robe, fully exposing my naked, well-toned body within, just itching for the opportunity to show off to any admirers. I take care of my body, with lots of tennis, cycling and of course weight training or volleyball at the local nudist resort. I was also blessed by the endowment gods, as I sport a very well-shaped dick that is both long and beefy. I constantly thank my Catholic circumcision, which caused my little helmet to grow big and strong, much to the delight of the ladies.

Once again I thoroughly relished the usual reaction, as Sophia quipped a little gasp at seeing my fully-engorged, male pleasure tool spring into action. She uncontrollably wobbled back, tits jiggling, as if to give it room. She felt compelled, unable to turn away, as she stared at it with shocking admiration. I noticed her lips parting, knowing the look well, as I also surmise that a little wetness was building between her other lips.

Sophia finally spoke, as I laughed at her condition, "Well, that's quite a cock you have there fella. Can I uh, uh, ya know, take a little ride while I finish your hair, please?" I replied that I'd be happy to comply with any request from a naked lady. Excitedly, she began to climb on top again, when she stopped herself as if forgetting something important, and climbed back down.

Disappointed, I asked what was wrong. She replied, "Um, hang on. We have something special for customers like you. It's you lucky day. But, I gotta go get my manager for this... be right back." As I saw her naked ass sprint away around the corner. Now I was a little concerned. Was I in trouble for something? Why does the manager need to get involved, ugh? Wait a second; Sophia was the one who opened my robe in the first place, so why could it be my fault. I closed my robe anyway while I wait there with a wet head.

I spied the two women returning, Sophia excitedly leading the way, totally comfortable walking through her workplace without a stitch on. I gathered she must do that a lot. I hope I'd see more of the employees casually walking around naked.

The early forty-ish lady with Sophia introduced herself as Barbara, the general manager. She too was wearing lingerie, and held herself pretty well in a white baby doll. A few years had passed, but she still gained my full attention; even hoping to see her mirror Sophia's current wardrobe. She seemed a little blasé and irritated that Sophia had dragged her out onto the floor before her morning coffee had taken effect. But the bouncy, lithe Sophia assured her the interruption would be worth it.

Sophia began telling Barbara about her discovery, while I had a hard time tearing my gaze away from the jiggling, pert love mounds on display right in front of me. Sophia spouted to Barbara, "Remember when you said that whenever we get a real hunk through the door that we can take a few liberties and have a little fun if he's willing." Barbara nodded her head ever so slightly, as Sophia continued, "And you know how all us girls are card-carrying exhibitionists; always looking for a little nudie fun. And how difficult it is to find an actual cool guy who will put up with us, that isn't a total ugly perve. You see where I'm going with this Barbara?"

The lingerie-clad manager is becoming curious at Sophia's rant, sneaking glances my direction when her naked hair wash girl makes each point. Overhearing the conversation, the topless receptionist another lingerie-clad stylist soon enter the room, curious as to hear what Sophia is going on about and what it has to do with me.

My robe is still covering me, but with all the excitement, the tent is holding a full complement of circus folk again, just itching to break free for an admiring gallery.

Barbara finally agrees to let Sophia expose her discovery, but only after she gets the nod from me that I'll participate in the silly games. She gingerly lifts one side of my robe and peeks inside to make sure I'm "fully-presentable", as I nod to assure her I have been for awhile. She then quickly whips off my remaining cover and yelps a big "ta-da", announcing her discovery. Gasps from the whole room responded to my fully-engorged monster dick. Barbara then loudly and excitedly announced, "Let the games begin..."

That must have been the catch phrase in the Fallen Angel Spa that released a whole lotta pent-up libido. For when hearing those magical words, all three of the still lingerie-clad women in the room quickly got as naked as Sophia. Barbara told Sophia that she could have the parade honor because she was the first to discover that they had a new hunk of the week. She quickly got me fully-naked in the chair and purred that the parade can wait, because she wasn't done with my hair yet. She then took her previous position on top of me and while completing her hair washing tasks, had her wet pussy fully-stuffed with my dick.

She rode it for a good long time while the three naked ladies in the room watched intently, each with a hand in their crotch. They were obviously working towards their own elevated state of arousal. But I noticed each stopped long before the groans would have normally started, and left the room. Then even Sophia stopped riding my dick at the first sign that I was approaching an orgasm. She revealed that I would have plenty of opportunity later, but that in fairness to the other girls, I needed to stay hard and not release until it was the right time. This game sounded good to me, so I accepted her terms. She dried my hair and dick and led me out into the main salon.

She led me around like a trophy, which of course I thoroughly enjoyed. Playing the part of a peacock really kept my dick hard, as I actually enjoy the exhibitionism and public teasing much more than actual sex. Let's face it; the actual act of sex gets rather procedural after a few years. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but exhibitionism is different every time and the thrill of almost getting caught is addictive. So being paraded around a business, showing my hard dick to a bunch of hot, lingerie-clad women was beyond exciting, and words really can't begin to describe the feeling.

I quickly found out that the "parade" at this secret spa involved being naked myself, and being led around the entire establishment by the prize-winning employee, who was of course naked herself. As a matter of company routine, all the stylists and helpers are only required to wear lingerie. But if they feel the need, for whatever reason, they are free to get as naked as they desire. But since all the employees are exhibitionists at heart, and perfectly comfortable tending their duties in the buff, a few rituals have emerged, such as the hunk-of-the-week parade, of which I am the main attraction this time.

Before we begin the "parade" game, Sophia stands me in the middle of the main room and while slowly stroking my dick, explains the rules to me. As I'm led around to meet each stylist in turn, they are supposed to strip while chatting up a conversation. Then on my second lap, after every employee is naked, I have to do whatever the employee asks of me. Curious as to the "whatever" clause, Sophia explains that it may include either a sexual act to be performed, or an act of exhibitionism. She has already determined from talking with me that I'm probably up for either, so doesn't even bother to ask. I like this girl.

We first return to my assigned stylist, Rachel, who promptly slithers out of her tight corset upon realizing I will soon be in her chair, and she can grind and slither up against my swollen member at will. I was right about her, those curves keep their shape even when the corset is removed. I turned to Sophia and whispered in her ear, asking if Rachel would ride my dick while I'm in the chair getting a haircut. Sophia just smiled. I smiled back at Rachel, moving close and stuffing two fingers up her pussy as I cooed that I couldn't wait to get in her chair.

The next three encounters with stylists were surprisingly similar. Each of the girls, Mandy, Bridget and Wendy, were very skinny, with flat chests and similar attitudes toward the parade game. They were young, right out of glam school with their own little click, and only stripped to stave off any future ridicule. Definitely not into it, but they each did have a nice little, taught ass. Each of the three had a customer in their chair, men all fully-clothed of course. Each guy was appreciative of me and the game though, for each had been trying for a few visits to get their favorite stylist out of their lingerie. Glad I could help guys.

Sophia and I passed the front lobby, just to make sure the blond receptionist was greeting new customers in the nude. She was, and even told us she stayed nude on her smoke break out in the alley behind the building. She was hoping to flash an unsuspecting worker from one of the other businesses in the industrial park, but since it was a Saturday, nobody caught her this day. Their loss, but she vowed to keep trying.

Sophia then led me into the back rooms of the spa where the saunas are located. We rounded a corner and bumped right into the spa attendant. She either got a jump on the game, or just decided to go feel the freedom that day, because she was already nude. And boy was I enamored within a microsecond. We all laughed off the collision, but my dick took the full force of the hit. It took a few seconds for us to realize what happened, but quite a bit longer for me to come to my senses, as I was dealing with the pain of a bruised dick combined with a fluttering heart, both caused by this gorgeous specimen of womanhood standing right in front of me.

She had a beautiful face, with cascading blond hair. I estimated she was in her mid thirties, and just exuded sexual passion with the way she moved and expressed herself. Besides all that, her prominent weapon of mass distraction was her very large and perfectly-hung breasts. I was beside myself with anticipation. They were easily D-cups or larger, and stood very firm, without a hint of sag at all. They were so perfect, I suspected they just had to be store-bought, but maybe not, because they perfectly complemented the rest of her body and didn't have that usual crease on the side.

I just stood there, frozen. But, both girls sprang into action, their maternal instincts engaging fully, as their concern focused on my possibly-damaged dick. It had been fully erect before we rounded that corner, a result of Sophia's diligent attention to use any and all means to keep me erect during the parade tour. And when I'm standing while fully erect, my dick points straight out in front of me, unlike most guys who point off to the side. So, I have a spear out in front of me, leading the way, and it's not the first time I've accidently bumped into something, or somebody. If I hit hard enough, it bends pretty good, and a hard dick is not supposed to be forcibly bent like that. It hurts.

Both girls dropped to their knees for a closer look, and carefully inspected my dick. After a few tugs and plenty of probing for any visible bruising, the girls declared that there weren't any obvious signs of damage. And after a minute or so, the pain subsided. Whew, we didn't want a broken dick to spoil the day's fun.

Once gaining our composure, Sophia proudly introduced me to her favorite person at the spa, Sheila. Of course I had to Sheila why she was already nude, to which she explained that because she was the sauna attendant, she was constantly going in and out of the dry and steam saunas. It was her duty to "attend" to the customers and make sure they were enjoying themselves. And she also admitted to preferring to be nude as much as possible, even when out on the main floor. She wasn't fully nude though, as she stepped back and twirled for effect. She was wearing a thick, gold-beaded belly chain. It was decorated along its length, with a cascade of dangling beads in front and back. Just enough decoration to draw attention to her perfectly-shaped ass and inviting bare pussy.

Then as she slithered into a super sultry pose, she purred, "Besides, it would be such a waste to cover this body... don't you think... monster dick boy!!"

I asked Sophia to stay awhile, to which she readily agreed. Sheila was just so delightful to talk with. There's much more than just a sultry body to admire, she was witty and very intelligent. Two traits that I always gravitate toward with boundless enthusiasm. Sophia boasts that her friend Sheila is a licensed psychologist, concert pianist and lots of other interesting things. Curious, I ask Sheila what she's doing in this place, considering all the other interesting jobs she could have. She delighted in telling her story, "Oh, I still dabble in those other activities, and still conduct a few group therapy sessions each week, but I really enjoy my time at the spa. Where else can I stay nude all day, man handle guys at will, be a total cock tease and satisfy my addiction as an exhibitionist." I couldn't agree more.

I tried my best to look Sheila in the eye while listening intently to her story, but I couldn't help sneaking lots of glances down her shapely body, especially when her animated storytelling caused her vivacious boobs to shimmy in an ever so rhythmic dance. I could tell she really enjoyed the attention, as I also totally enjoyed her downward peeks at my engorged play toy. The tension was felt by all.

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