Expect the Unexpected


"Hey man. Her cunt's really flowing again. Look at how her thighs look like rivers."

She felt a tongue slip across her clit and into her pussy. It was just too much. Instantly, Christina began to cum.

"Damn man, this bitch is cumming on your face. Man you just barely touched that cunt and BOOM."

Still, the second man has yet to say a word. However, his tongue was working wonders on her clit and pussy. Christina was flailing her head side to side. This was even more exaggerated when the man slid his hand back and began to massage the butt plug in her ass. Christina screamed out in pleasure as yet another mind rattling cum shot through her.

Christina's entire body was quivering as she was released from her spread eagle position. She was carried to what felt like a padded table of sorts. Her legs were lifted, spread and placed into stirrups. She was again bound - her feet buckled into the stirrups, a thick leather strap across her abdomen, her arms down along her sides with her wrist buckled to some sort of bracket on either side.

"Man you were right. This old gyno exam table is coming in handy. You bring the stuff you need. Good. Get it, we gotta make her ready."

Christina lay there not knowing what was coming next. She heard water running in the distance. Soon followed by footsteps returning to the table.

"Man that bag looks like it is about to burst. Let me get her ass ready."

Christina felt the butt plug being removed. Just as soon as it had popped out it was replaced by another butt plug. Then she felt the flow of warm liquid.

"OH GOD! These guys are giving me an enema!"

Christina was in total embarrassment. This is something she normally does in private; and only when absolutely necessary. It was only lately that she and Doc had played by cleaning one another in preparation of an evening of mutual anal play. But these guys were flushing her out. A leather-gloved hand began to massage her abdomen, not roughly this time, but rather gently, similar to the way she and Doc massaged one another when they had given each other their cleansings. Suddenly, the forced enema was not as bad as it had started out.

Christina felt a towel draped between her legs and the cool metal of a large bed pan being slid to the edge of her buttocks. As soon as all was in place, she felt the butt plug enema tube being pulled from her. Immediately she emptied into the pan. Embarrassing and yet a relief at the same time.

The relief soon faded as she felt the butt plug tube being slid back into her ass. Again the warm flow began to fill her and cleanse her. Again the gloved hand massaged her abdomen, but this time the thumb of that hand toyed her clit at the same time. Christina's body began to push her clit against the thumb as the warm fluid continued to fill her. The flow had stopped but the thumb had not. Christina felt her cum building again. She couldn't help it. In spite of the embarrassment of two strangers giving her an enema, the thumb on her clit was driving her to the edge of another cum.

Then it hit her. Her orgasm was intense as it shot through her body. And just as she began to cum, the butt plug tube was removed. Her body contracted and she emptied once again into the large bedpan. However, this time, instead of just emptying as before, her contractions caused her to expel the fluid with force.

As her cum began to subside, the butt plug tube was inserted once again. Christina could smell the aroma of mint waft around her nostrils. The minty fluid was allowed to slowly fill her. Again the gloved hand massaged her abdomen. The fluid was allowed to stay inside her as the hand massaged her abdomen. More gently this time, the butt plug tube was removed and the mint aroma fluid was allowed to slowly drain from inside her. As the fluid drained, the gloved hand continued to massage her abdomen.

"Man that mint smells good. Bet it will make her ass taste just as good. Bet it will make our cocks taste just as minty when she sucks them after we've had her ass."

Christina didn't know what to think or how to react. She had been kidnapped, threatened at knife point, had her clothes cut from her, had been forced to endure hours of torment, plus having two complete strangers give her multiple enemas. Now there was yet to be more.

The men cleaned Christina and then carried her to what felt like a thickly padded bench. Her arms were pulled outward to each side and locked into that position. She was bent at the waist. Her butt was poised upward and outward. Her legs were now being spread and locked into position. Her thoughts were again interrupted by the shock of a tongue on her ass. Just as suddenly, the tongue was rimming her ass.

Christina moaned at the sudden pleasure, her pelvis began to rock and she pushed back onto the tongue as much as her current bound condition would allow. The tongue then pushed into her ass, causing Christina to moan loudly. She tried to push back further, but her bonds wouldn't give enough. She yelped in frustration, wanting the tongue to push deeper. The man saw that Christina was urging him to do so and complied, pushing deeper, tongue fucking her ass.

"Man her ass tastes like mint. Gotta get me some of this. Hand me that lube, I'm gonna pop this ass."

Christina felt the lube being squirted into her ass. She heard a similar squirt and had a mental image of lube being applied to a throbbing cock. She thought, "At least these guys are kind enough to use some lube instead of just taking my ass." Christina felt the slimy head of a cock at her ass. Instead of trying to escape, Christina knew to push her ass back as best she could to prevent any pain. The head of the cock spread her and then pushed forward. Christina felt her sphincter beginning to tighten, but she pushed back as if trying to expel her insides again causing her sphincter to relax. The head of the large cock popped into her ass and the cock slammed deep into her. Christina could feel the assailant's balls slap against her wet pussy and clit.

"Man this ass is tight. And she is hot man. She took the whole thing and is moaning like a bitch in heat. Look how she be pushing back on my cock. Man, oh man, I'm gonna plow this bitch's ass."

Christina felt the cock begin to pummel her. No warm up, no foreplay. He was just ass fucking her as hard as he could. Christina struggled to get into a tempo, but finally, she succumbed to his onslaught. He was really pounding her ass, when he suddenly removed his cock. The other man then slammed his cock into her. They were tag teaming her so neither would cum too quickly. Christina first smelled the mint aroma and then felt the cock head being forced between her lips. The first man was forcing her to take his mint-flavored cock into her mouth.

With the second cock slamming into her ass, Christina became a wanton whore. She engulfed the cock into her mouth and began to moan as the ass fucking continued. Just as suddenly as he had shoved the mint-flavored cock into her mouth, he withdrew. She then felt the cock in her ass being withdrawn. it was then replaced with the other man's cock. As he began to pummel her ass, she felt the second man's cock at her lips. No force needed this time, Christina opened her mouth and greedily took the mint-flavored cock as deep as she could, twirling her tongue around it, and relaxing her throat to prevent from gagging. The tag team swap continued for what must have been an hour or more. Christina came 5 times during this onslaught. Her body was quivering from the last orgasm when she felt the locks being removed from her arms and legs.

"Damn man. Didn't I tell you her ass was gonna be hot. She musta cum 4 or 5 times. That bitch is one fine ass fuck."

The men lifted Christina and carried her to a bed. Christina slumped onto the bed. She couldn't muster the strength to move and knew it was useless in trying. Her orgasms had sent her into a relaxed euphoria. She felt a hand begin to massage lube onto her already fucked ass. She then felt a man assume a spooning position behind her. The hot, throbbing cock head easily slid into her gaped open ass. The man wrapped his arms around her and rolled onto his back. In doing so, he rolled her body atop his with his cock, embedding it even deeper into her ass. A moan escaped her lips as the cock pushed deeper as he adjusted his position.

"You got her man? Good. Cause we gonna ride this bitch again. You got her ass man. That just leaves me her hot cunt."

Christina hated that word, but now she wanted to feel her "cunt" being filled with the other man's hard cock. She didn't have to wait long. The head of his cock worked into the wet opening. The moment he was positioned, he slammed the entire length of his engorged cock into her cunt.

Christina let go of her fears and began to moan, pushing down onto both cocks. Then out of nowhere, she heard the words flowing from her mouth. At first she couldn't believe it was really her spewing forth these vulgarities. But then, she knew it was she, the wanton bitch that had been released. She continued to yell at the two men.

"OH Oh Oh Yessss Fuck me! Fuck my cunt. Fuck my ass. Pound your cocks into your bitch!"

Both men began to gyrate inside her. As one pulled slowly from her ass, the other sunk deep into her cunt. Then as he withdrew, the man behind her sunk deep into her ass. That pace continued as she could feel her cum building again. One cock in her "cunt" and one in her ass - each taking her deeper and deeper - driving her closer and closer to her orgasm.


Christina screamed as her orgasm began to erupt. She began to have a mind blowing cum. It rolled over her from head to toe. It didn't seem it would ever stop. In time it finally began to subside. As it did, the men slowed momentarily. But only to change their tempo. The man atop her began to pinch and pull her rock hard nipples. Then the two men began to fuck her in unison. Both cocks were slamming into her at the same time. She could feel the heated friction along the thin membrane between her cunt and her ass. She was filled completely with each simultaneous thrust. The cock in her cunt began to pull out completely only to slam it's way back into her. The men began to pick up their pace. And Christina felt another cum building inside her as she felt the cock in her "cunt" begin to swell.

"Let go her hands man. Now bitch, reach down and spread those cunt lips. Spread em wide. I'm gonna cum all over your cunt and clit."

Christina did as instructed, but this time not due to any threat of harm. No, now she wanted this assault. She wanted to feel his cum. The man's cock head felt as though it had swollen to twice its previous size. As the man pulled his cock from her cunt, Christina spread her lips as wide as possible. She knew her clit was completely out from under its protective hood. The first jet of cum hit directly on her clit. This sent her over the edge again. Christina began to cum as the second volley of the man's cum hit her cunt lips. Jet after jet of cum covered her cunt and clit.

Christina moaned uncontrollably as her own cum hit her hard. Her muscles clenched tightly around the cock in her ass. Wave after wave of her orgasm rolled through her. As she began to regain her senses she felt the cock in her ass throbbing. The heat in her ass was intense. Her thoughts were once again interrupted when she heard the first man's voice.

"Man she was hot. This bitch has got one hot cunt, ass and mouth. OK man, seems you got her ass well under control. So fuck that ass good man. Make that bitch cum again."

Christina heard footsteps retreating away from them, then a door open and close. A hand was slowly untying the scarf that blindfolded her. Then the second man spoke.

"I told you my sweet, always expect the unexpected. Hope this was just as hot for you as it was for me. When I drew this card from your fantasy wish jar, I had an immediate hard on, and have had all week. Now, I'm going to roll you onto your hands and knees, cause I'm going to finish fucking my "bitch's hot ass, before I have her cunt again".

Christina smiled as she was rolled onto her hands and knees. Doc's cock never left her ass. As soon as she was comfortably in her new position, Doc began to pummel her ass. Christina just screamed out with even more enthusiasm.

"Oh yessss. Fuck your bitch. Fuck my ass with your cock. That's it, slam your bitch's ass. Oh yeah, good cock. Fuck that ass."

Deeper and deeper she could feel his cock slam into her ass. Her hand instinctively went down to her pussy and clit. No, this time, she was playing with her cum covered "cunt". She worked the sticky cum into her cunt and over her clit. Doc was reaching round her and pulling on her breasts and nipples. Again, a cum began to build and she was lost to her orgasm. Doc's cock was beginning to work as deep as it could, his balls were slapping against her cum covered cunt lips. Christina began to moan as yet another cum coursed through her. Just as it began to subside, Doc pulled his now throbbing cock from her ass.

As Doc approached her head, Christina opened her mouth wide. The mint aroma hit her nostrils just before his cock slid into her mouth. As she began to suck his cock deep into her mouth, her cum covered hand began to play with his balls and pull on his ball sack. Her other hand sought out her cunt again and lathered her fingers with the combination of the sticky cum and her own cunt juices.

Christina then placed a slick finger on Doc's ass and quickly slid it into his ass. She crooked her finger to find his prostate and began to massage it. She then added a second cum and cunt juice coated finger. As she massaged his balls, pulled on his ball sack and fingered his ass, Christina felt the head of Doc's cock swell in her throat. She knew Doc was about to cum. She pulled back and released his cock from her mouth.

"Cum on your bitch. Cum on my mouth and tongue. Let your bitch have your cum."

Christina crooked her fingers in his ass as Doc began to jack off his cock. Christina opened her mouth and held out her tongue. Doc began to shoot as his blast of cum landed n her tongue. One jet of cum landed on the bridge of her nose, another on her chin. The last two again landed on her tongue. Christina lowered her mouth over his cock and sucked as hard as she could. She milked his balls as she finger fucked his ass and massaged his prostate, trying to get the last drops of cum from deep within him.

"Oh baby, you do make one hot bitch. Now, we can go into the house and get cleaned up. We have a video to watch."

Christina looked up at her lover and surprised him with her comments.

"Yes, baby, I want to watch the video. But no need to clean up lover, as your bitch wants to stay all nasty with all this cum all over her and in her. And then your bitch wants even more of your cum tonight."

Christina finally looked around. The warehouse was actually Doc's three car garage. Christina saw the three video cameras around the garage. Her thoughts began turn to how the evening's events were going to look on the video. And she wondered, who the other man was. Doc slipped two fingers into Christina's still gaped ass and began to lead her out of the garage, into the back yard, across the patio and into the house.

"By the way my sweet. Congratulations on having such a successful week. Our celebration is only beginning. Now, you drew a card from my fantasy wish jar. Here it is early Saturday morning, and you have yet to fulfill what's on my card. Is that just another thing that became lost in the shuffle this week?"

As Doc continued to lead Christina into the house by his fingers in her ass, she leaned her shoulder onto his and her hand wrapped around his cock as they made their way to the to their playroom.

"Thank you for a wonderful way to celebrate the week, and for fulfilling the fantasy on my card. It was more than I had ever expected. And no, my sweet, your fantasy has not been lost in the shuffle. Remember, I have until Sunday afternoon to fulfill what was on your card."

A wicked smile spread across Christina's face that was not unnoticed by Doc. Doc returned the smile and Christina felt a sudden jerk in his cock as it also responded to the upcoming and unknown possibilities. Doc again wondered just which card she had drawn. He knew that by Sunday afternoon, he would find out for sure. But now, they had a video to watch before he had "his bitch" again and again tonight.

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