You stand back to admire your handiwork. You have tied me face down to the bed, and placed pillows under my hips to raise my ass high into the air. My ass and pussy are on full display, just begging to be used. You have blindfolded me to ensure that what you have planned remains a surprise. Leaving me there temporarily, you set about gathering the bits and pieces you intend to use during the night. Camera, lube, assorted dildos in varying sizes, vibrators, gag and a multitude of other toys. I lie there, bound, trying not to fall asleep while I wait for you to reveal your plan.

You have deliberately ensured I am drunk, having given me double shots during the evening rather than singles. Knowing that I am extremely relaxed and take it extraordinarily well when I'm drunk, you have decided to play and test exactly how far you can go with my body. Tonight, you are totally in control, intending to push the pain/pleasure boundaries until I beg you to stop even while I am coming. You want to show me unbelievable pleasure, whilst I am at my limits, and then push just a little further. You will keep going until I am constantly begging for you to stop, not just asking once, then force me to take just a little more so you know how far you can take me. It is not your intention to use your dick tonight, unless it suits your plans. You take a photo of me in my naked, bound glory before you start.

You begin by placing an inflatable dildo into my pussy and expanding it to capacity. I moan with pleasure in my drunken state, feeling full and wanting to be fucked. You lube up a butt plug and thrust it into me in one go, not bothering to warm me up with foreplay. I gasp as it enters me, but it is roughly the same size as your dick and not painful. You turn it on to vibrate and leave the toys there. Click! Another photo for your collection.

First test in your plan tonight is to spank me, to find out how hard and how many I can take before I beg you to stop. You turn on the video camera and start with a couple of light slaps on each cheek, to prepare me for what is coming next. I moan with delight as you do this, still desperately wanting to be fucked. You spank me hard, so that it leaves a red imprint on my perfectly rounded ass cheek and you listen to me gasp with shock. One on each cheek, then you continue hard until I start moaning. You know this cannot be my limit, and keep going until I am squealing in pain with each blow and begging you to stop with each one.

This is good, you want me to feel the pain so I am familiar with it, so I know what I can handle when you really go to town. You want me to know my limit, then force it a little further to show me what I can really take. Pushing my face into the pillow, you deliberately spank me five more times on each cheek for good measure, your dick stirring with each muffled scream as I try to wriggle free. My ass is glowing as you pull back, committing the number to memory. You turn off the video camera and take a photo of my reddened ass.

I am breathing heavily as you pull out the butt plug and dildo. You select a large vibrator and force it into my pussy, I gasp as you thrust it into me. You put the inflatable dildo into my ass now, and expand it. It is at about half capacity when I start groaning as I struggle to adjust to its size. You counter this by turning on the vibrator and fucking me with it. With each moan of pleasure you inflate the dildo one more step, until it is fully inflated inside my ass. You take another photo.

You start massaging around the toys with your lubed up fingers. I relax as you do this, enjoying the sensation as you massage my holes, gently sneaking the odd finger in next to the toys. You remove both toys, and once again turn on the video camera. Using both hands, you start fingering my pussy and ass at the same time, massaging, pulling this way and that, stretching me, preparing me for what will be coming later. You turn me slightly to the side to expose my gaping holes to the video camera, before you turn it off. You continue, using your lubed up fingers to manipulate me and ensuring I am adequately warmed up. Every now and then you start finger fucking me, bringing me to the brink of orgasm before finally allowing me to come. I relax even more and momentarily doze off.

Seizing the opportunity, you decide you will start with my ass first. Selecting a tapered dildo which resembles anal beads you quickly lube it up and insert the first bead into my ass. I barely stir, and taking your advantage you thrust it into me until you feel resistance. I am instantly awake, though the shock that awoke me has now subsided and I wonder if I imagined the ache in my ass. The dildo is half way in, and this isn't the biggest toy you have for my ass tonight. You give me another shot, deciding I should have one an hour to keep me in this compliant state, to keep me yours.

You push on the dildo until the next bead goes into me. I moan as you do this, still uncertain whether it actually hurts or if I'm just tense, although I don't know the size of what you attempting to put in me and in my state I can't tell any difference. Deciding to press on, you push again. It is not so easy this time, my ass is resisting the large invader. I moan as you persist, fucking me with it slightly, easing it into me. You can feel it is close, and pinch my clit as you push harder on the dildo. You feel it drawn into my ass as I squeal, again I don't know if this is from the pain in my ass or the pleasure in my clit.

One more bead until I have taken all of this dildo. You take a photo of it sticking out of my ass. Determined that I shall take this without extra stimulation, you again start pushing against it. You don't relent this time, no fucking me with it, no easing back, just a constant pressure forcing it into my ass. This time I know I feel it, and it hurts. It is not a pain but an intense ache with no relief. I tell you it hurts, but you just tell me it will be worth it and to relax so it is over quicker. I try to relax and allow it into me but the ache is persistent. The last half of the bead is in me, just a little further and my ass will naturally draw it in deep, holding it in place. I cry out in pain but you keep going, noticing I haven't asked you to stop yet so you won't. I continue to groan as you wait for it to move those last couple of millimeters. Knowing I would probably do it if you played with my pussy, you resist the temptation, wanting me to feel every moment from now on, the pain, the slow unrelenting stretching of my ass. You nudge the dildo just a little harder and watch as it gets sucked into my ass. I cry out in relief, though the ache is still there, a little less intense as I adjust to this thing in my ass.

You take a photo of my ass, raised in the air, slightly reddened and proudly displaying a butt plug. You push a couple of fingers into my pussy so you can feel it, and decide you will fuck me for a minute, and a minute only so I feel completely full and am begging you to come. You fuck me for a minute, bringing me to the brink of orgasm as I scream for you to fuck me. Withdrawing, I am left unsatisfied and tell you I need to be fucked, begging you to do me. You tell me that only whores beg to be fucked, and ask me if I'm a whore, thrusting your dick into me for effect. Briefly satisfied, then empty again I protest, telling you I'm not a whore I just like it. Selecting the same large vibrator as before you force it into my pussy, making sure it stays open and prepared for later. You turn it on and fuck me with it as you tell me what you think of me, lying there bound to the bed, blindfolded like your little sex slave, there for you to use me, stretched and full of toys in my pussy and ass. Still fucking me with the vibrator, I start to breathe heavier as I near orgasm and you continue to tell me what a whore I am, letting myself be used like this, that I am only there for your pleasure and you will use my pussy and ass until you completely own them. I come hard for you, screaming in ecstasy as you marvel at the reactions you can create in me.

You take a photo of the toys in me, before turning on the video camera. You take out the vibrator, then slowly pull the butt plug out of my ass, immediately replacing it with the last, large dildo.

The head of the dildo is in me before my ass has a chance to relax, and keeps me stretched ready for you to play. You turn off the video camera. Taking your time now, you massage around my ass and gently fuck me with the large dildo in an effort to work it further into me. Once satisfied, you start fucking me with it a little harder. I groan in pain and ask you to stop. You do, and respond by making me drink another shot. Starting again, the pain in my ass returns and I moan. You pick up the clit vibrator and push it hard against my clit, turning it onto low as you continue fucking my ass. The pain mixed with pleasure confuses me, I don't know if I want it to stop or keep going and so let you continue. Turning the vibrator up to medium you start fucking me a just a little harder. I squeal, and beg you to stop another time, my ass stretched around this monster dildo as waves of pleasure emanate from my clit. Rubbing the vibrator against my clit, you continue fucking me, a little squeal escaping from my lips with each thrust. A third of the way into me, you stop temporarily to insert a slender vibrator into my pussy. You turn it on high and leave it there, resuming your assault on my ass and clit.

I am begging you to stop now, sobbing in between breaths as I come. You continue, because with the end of each orgasm the dildo slides just a little further into my ass. You are close now, so close to stretching my ass around the whole dildo, using it in a way no one has before. You gag me and turn on the video camera before beginning your final assault on my ass, making me come whilst forcing the dildo into my already stretched hole. I scream into my gag as waves of orgasm crash over me yet again. You persist, fucking me harder now, determined to see all of this dildo inside me. Changing tact, you stop fucking me and use the same ploy you did on the beaded one, applying constant pressure and slowly forcing it into my ass. I am squealing constantly now and you debate stopping, then decide you won't have an opportunity to do this again for a long while and continue. You are so close, and it would be a proud feat if you can get all of this in me. You continue forcing it and fucking me with it, knowing that this is now purely for your pleasure. You are so close. Another two minutes and you have the dildo in me.

You marvel at the sight, knowing you have taken my ass further than anyone else has before, and that you have discovered my limits, even though you had to get me drunk to do it. Smug with satisfaction, you turn off the video camera and remove the vibrators as I lay there sobbing, reddened and unable to get rid of the intruder in my ass. You take a photo and sit back, admiring your handiwork. You run your hands over my ass, around the dildo, across my pussy. You plan your next move as you admire me, bound and completely yours for tonight. Thinking the shock may have sobered me up a little, you remove the gag and make me drink one last shot, knowing that you probably shouldn't give me any more tonight.

You gently remove the dildo, and quickly move to take a photo of my stretched and gaping asshole. You lube up your dick and thrust it into my ass, so that you may truly feel the effect your handiwork has had on me. You fuck me gently for a little, feeling my ass slowly return to normal, clamping down around your dick. I am moaning with relief as much as the pleasure of having you in me, as you pull out and shove your dick into my mouth. Telling me that since I wanted to be a whore tonight while you were fucking me, you will continue to treat me like one, you slowly fuck my mouth, until you feel your dick is sufficiently clean.

I am starting to get sleepy now, as you put the large vibrator into my pussy yet again. You turn it on and leave it there while you select your next toy, before deciding you will use your fingers again. I am moaning with pleasure now, even as you remove the vibrator and start fucking me with your fingers. Using both hands, you fuck me as before, pulling me this way and that, opening my pussy, readying it for later.

Selecting a large tapered dildo, you lube it up before thrusting it into me. Fucking me with it, you are patient as my pussy adjusts to its size. It is causing me only a little discomfort as you work, my body is completely relaxed at the moment, on the verge of passing out. Once you are content, you have decided I have taken this large dildo a little too easily. You take a photo, and select another toy to stretch out my pussy.

I am essentially passed out now as you use the second largest toy in your collection. You turn on the video camera as you work it into me, the only resistance now coming from my relaxed pussy. I moan softly in my sleep as you fuck me. I moan constantly, though I don't come. In surprisingly little time, this dildo too has been accepted by my pussy. You turn off the video camera, and take a photo of this toy.

You pick up the last, final dildo. The largest toy in your collection. You remove the one in my pussy, and immediately replace it with this. The dildo is huge, tapering up to the size of your fist. You fuck me with it, and I start to stir in my sleep. You can see my pussy struggling to accommodate the giant toy, stretching around it as you push it ever deeper into me. I am half awake, not completely registering what is happening. Moaning, then squealing as this giant invades my pussy. You want me to really feel it as you stretch me, and roughly dildo my pussy to help fully rouse me. A couple of slaps on my tender ass wakens me completely, and I respond by yelping with each thrust of the dildo. In my compliant state I am merely making noise as you fuck me. The dildo is very large, and only half in me. You doubt whether I will be able to take it all, but will exhaust all options in trying. You decide the best option will be to do as you did with the butt plug, and use a combination of rough fucking with constant pushing.

You push against the dildo until I yelp in pain, amazed to see it has not gone any further into me. Using both hands to grip, you start fucking me with it, forcing it deeper into me. It is slow progress, even though I am at my most compliant. Eventually it is two thirds in me. Pausing a moment, you put the clit vibrator onto medium and push it hard against my clit. Continuing, you fuck me with the dildo until it becomes obvious that no more will go into me. I am squealing with pain and begging you for relief as you persist, determined. Realizing it is fruitless you withdraw the dildo.

You lube up your hand and push your fingers into me, deciding that I must take your fist as a replacement for the dildo. I am begging you to stop in between orgasms as you work me, manipulate and stretch me until you can fit your hand in my pussy. You know that unlike the tapered toys, your hand is also stretching me deep inside. You are not gentle, working my pussy deep inside, making it your own. My noise is distracting you, a combination of pleasure and pain, and you pause to put the gag on me once again. You turn on the video camera and thrust your hand into me yet again, knowing that there are few other ways in which you can demonstrate how completely you own me.

I am sobbing now as you continue, the pain producing such unbelievable pleasure as you massage my g-spot and use my pussy. You can feel my pussy attempt to contract around your hand as you make me come, my body needing to come but unable to do so in the usual way. The intensity is unbearable as I lie there sobbing, sensations overwhelming me. You decide that my pussy is sufficiently used now, and attempt the giant dildo one last time. It moves into me easier than previously, and in little time you have it fully in me. You turn off the video camera and take a photo of my pussy stretched to its maximum limit. Admiring it for a while, you leave it there. You remove the gag and tidy the room, cleaning and putting away the toys as I lie there helpless and full.

You remove the dildo and take a photo of my gaping, used pussy as I pass out yet again. You untie me, and gently thrust your dick into my pussy to see how it feels after such a workout. Whilst not satisfying you in the usual manner, it is strangely arousing, and you fuck me until you come deep in me. Content, you remove the pillows from under me and put me to bed, ass and pussy used, your cum deep inside me. You finish tidying the room and place a glass of water next to the bed, ready for me when I wake. You take one last photo and join me in bed. As you lie there in the dark you commit to memory how far you took me tonight, and start planning ways to spoil me in the future. Or perhaps punish, depending on the situation. You wonder how much I will remember in the morning. You know the photos and video tonight will be part of your ultimate, most personal collection, to refer to for inspiration. You won't show me them all at once, rather you will show select pieces when the situation suits, either to turn me on or to provide proof I can do it. My pussy and ass are now truly yours.

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