Explanation to the Sorority Ch. 02


Leaving the restaurant, we again boarded the elevator. Getting off at the floor where Nya's six sorority sisters waited for us, we walked toward the room, Nya's arm encircling mine as she hugged against me while we strolled, tortuously slowly, as Karelle dallied down the hallway looking at the paintings.

I knew she held probably only a passing interest in hotel hallway art. She had a much more intense interest in teasing me, however. Nya was frustrated, too, at Karelle's languid pace.

"I really want to fuck him, Karelle," she said, standing impatiently in front of the door to the room. "Can we please get on with it? What you did in the restaurant gave me one orgasm, and I can't wait for the next one when I hump his face."

Nya was a fast learner.

Smiling, Karelle finally joined us at the door, knocking lightly. She reached down and squeezed my butt. "Goodness, but my pupil and her toy are impatient!"

Joanne opened the door. "They're here!"

We stepped inside to find that the room arrangement was the same: a semi-circle of seating around the area where I would surrender myself to Nya's pleasures as Karelle coached and the other girls watched.

I was forced to relate in exquisite detail everything that had happened in the restaurant. The girls listened, often squirming in their seats, whispered intonations of excitement or disbelief ---or a combination of both---surfacing throughout my description. When I'd finished, Cindy rose immediately from her seat, strode to stand in front of me, and pushed her finger between my lips. She looked at Karelle and said, "I only had one more demerit than Nya. I figure that entitles me." She returned her eyes to mine and said, "Suck." I complied. She stroked her finger in and out of my mouth, turning it in a fashion vaguely reminiscent of how she fingered my asshole the night before.

"This is a truly sexy, arousing act," Karelle said to the girls as I continued sucking on Cindy's finger. "It's loaded with implications, though, a guy sucking like this. If he does it to you, it may very well mean you've found someone who will delight you with his oral skills on other parts of your anatomy."

Karelle was right. Given the chance, I would have performed magnificently on Cindy's pussy and her clit, I was sure.

Cindy's impulsive action at the conclusion of my story about what happened in the restaurant made it clear that everything Karelle had set up and so masterfully directed for these coeds was having an effect on their views of female sexuality. I seriously doubted any of them would any longer put up with bullshit from insensitive, arrogant boyfriends. It was also clear that, in their own ways and on their own terms, they would begin exploring avenues to test whether a guy might be a candidate for providing the experiences they'd seen and heard about in the last 24 hours.

Nya spoke up. "Enough, Cindy. This is my reward for being the best pledge. It's time for me to take Scott's ass."

As in the restaurant, the excitement those words produced in me made it difficult not to bite the finger inside my mouth. I released Cindy's digit and drew in a big breath, signaling my arousal to all the girls.

"Before that, Scott, this is the place for a summary. Your role for us has been to provide insight into the male psyche to help us all understand the appeal of surrendering yourself and opening up completely so that a woman wearing a strap-on can fuck you in your asshole. Please summarize as you and Nya disrobe."

Nya stood up and eagerly began shucking off her clothes. She wriggled out of her tight jeans in what must have been record time.

"It's like I said before. I find it incredibly sexy and arousing, and it makes me hard as a rock to know the woman I'm making love to is intensely sexually turned on, including the times we have sex without her using a strap-on." I was out of my shirt. "But every now and then, because it's something that really drives the woman wild with lust, I thoroughly enjoy being the sex object, acting like a little tramp for her pleasure as she focuses completely on the purely sexual side of the interaction, looking for the most intense way of ramping up the strength of her orgasm as a result of what she sees, what she feels, what she tastes." I was out of my shoes and socks at this point, and my slacks were at my feet, freeing my cock, which was hardening rapidly as I continued my "summary" for Karelle and the girls.

Kicking away the slacks to stand naked in front of them, I took the three steps between me and the couch and reached behind Talia to retrieve one pillow and behind Jenna to get the other pillow. I concluded the summary as I laid the two pillows on the floor in the center of the semi-circle and motioned Nya, who was now completely naked, to stand in front of me.

Nya needed no urging. Her lovely pussy was quickly only two inches in front of my mouth.

"When my partner uses me to have the kind of mind-blowing orgasm that I want to produce right now for Nya in front of all of you, there is nothing else in the world that is a bigger turn-on for me."

Nya had spread her pussy lips wide apart. Her distended clit was pink, clearly visible, and sexy beyond description. "Suck my clit, Scott," she directed urgently, planting her pussy squarely against my mouth.

Karelle said, "A fine summary, Scott. Thank you. As your mouth is full right now, we won't require any more explanations."

The girls giggled but quickly fell silent. I'd never been in the company of a group of women watching a porn movie, and that's the only thing I could think of that might have compared to what was going on right now in front of them. I had no way of knowing whether what the girls said at this point is anything close to what women might say, for instance, at a strip club watching the guys get naked. What they DID say, though, certainly increased my arousal (again, if that were even possible).

Nya was humping my face enthusiastically. "Damn, Nya, you're going to erase his lips if you keep that up!" exclaimed Kristi.

"I like it, too, when a guy sucks my clit," said Cindy.

Jenna said, "Make him put his hands on your butt, Nya. It feels great when a guy is so hot for eating you out that he grabs your ass and pulls you even tighter against his face."

Jenna must have been experienced receiving cunnilingus. Her suggestion was excellent, though, and I reached behind Nya to plant my hands on her tight, firm, rounded ass and pressed her pussy even tighter against my face.

"Hump him good, Nya. You're representing all of the pledge class of '08!" cheered Celia.

As it was the night before, my cock was stiff and pulsing as I orally serviced the woman whose legs were planted on either side of my face. As she held my face against her crotch, directing me precisely as she wanted me while I sucked her clit and tongued her pussy, I could occasionally steal a glance upward. Whereas the night before, Karelle had kept on her top, Nya was nude. I got a glimpse of the undersides of her firm tits, which were capped with long, firm, erect nipples.

If a guy sucking on her finger was a hot button for Karelle, one of mine was taut, erect nipples. Nipples that broadcast the woman's sexual arousal. A lovely pair of breasts capped by hardened nipples that jut out so far the woman's sexual arousal can not be disguised no matter how thick the bra cups . . . well, even the thought of that can make my dick hard.

Nya was very turned on if her nipples were any indication.

"Ummph, ummph," Nya groaned as she struggled toward the inevitable orgasm that she was clearly trying to delay in order to prolong the pleasure. I was having none of that, and I redoubled my efforts on her clit. I wanted her to have an intense orgasm as soon as possible because I was mad out of my mind to be fucked to my own intense climax.

"Aaagh," screamed Nya, shuddering through a long orgasm. The contractions of her pussy around my tongue let me know her climax was deep, strong, and overwhelming. She backed away from me, nearly falling down, before dropping to her knees on the carpet and hugging her breasts in front of her as the aftershocks continued to course through her nude body.

I was entranced by the sight and incredibly happy and proud that I'd given that gorgeous young woman such a great orgasm. It startled me when Karelle touched me on the shoulder.

"Nya and I have decided on the position she's going to take you," Karelle said to me as Nya finally stopped shuddering in pleasure. Leaning into my ear as I remained on my knees on the pillows, naked and erect in front of the girls, Karelle said conspiratorially, "Well, it wasn't so much a mutual decision as a suggestion I made that Nya found to be intensely erotic."

Karelle got the girls' complete attention with that statement, and the excited chatter about how Nya had really used my mouth and face as a way to get off quickly trailed away.

Karelle positioned herself on the floor in front of the couch between where Talia and Jenna were sitting and scooted back up against it. Bending at the knees, she spread her legs open and patted the floor in between them. "Here, Scott. Come sit here and lean back against me."

I swallowed hard. It took only that much description for me to know what was coming. My cock bobbed in anticipation.

Nya had recovered enough by now to get up and walk to Karelle's bag. She drew out the odd-shaped dildo and walked back to drop to her knees in front of me. I was now seated on the floor and scooted completely back against Karelle. My back was pressed into her breasts, and she had drawn her legs up enough that I was able to rest my upper arms on them. I spread my legs, and Nya walked on her knees forward enough to lean toward me, one arm supporting herself as she placed her hand in front of my crotch. She held the dildo in front of me as Karelle had done the night before.

"You all should have seen his eyes when Karelle told him to suck the pre-cum off her finger in the restaurant. That was the hottest look I've ever seen a guy give to a woman," Nya told the girls. "Look at me like that and get this good and wet for me to put into my pussy," she said.

Complying on both counts was easy. With my gaze locked on Nya's eyes, I opened my mouth and let her slide the dildo inside. Then, as I slurped at it and sucked on it and generally made a display of getting it good and wet, I looked at Nya with abject lust and abandon.

I truly did want to be fucked by this ebony beauty.

"She's a very good student, Scott. She may even be a natural," said Karelle softly into my ear. I quickly realized that one reason Karelle had suggested this position for Nya's taking of my ass was because it would allow her to whisper sexily to me throughout my entire fucking.

My cock twitched at the thought as I sucked on the dildo.

"That's good," Karelle announced, and Nya withdrew the purple plastic implement from my mouth. Nya backed away and stood to slide the end that had just been in my mouth inside her slick pussy.

"Does it feel good, Nya?" Joanne asked.

"Ummmmm," was Nya's only response. She seated the dildo and reached for the harness.

"You like watching the woman strap in, don't you, Scott?" Karelle said into my ear. "You like seeing her ready herself to slide her strap-on inside you, isn't that right?"

I was hoarse with excitement when I replied. "Very much."

Then, without warning, Karelle put her hands behind my knees and lifted. The result was that I slid a ways down the front of her top. The back of my head was now pillowed against her breasts.

More important, she had opened me up for Nya. Holding my legs up as she was meant that Karelle had put my upturned and naked butt on display. Nya reached for the bottle of lotion that Talia handed her, and squirted a generous amount into her hand. The stiff phallus jutting from her crotch moved sexily with her motions.

"This is for your ass," she grinned, and she laid her hand against my upturned butt right at the cleft between my cheeks. Quickly pressing the copious amount of lotion in between my cheeks, she thoroughly coated my anus and surrounding area. Then, scooping excess lotion onto her finger as it ran down between my cheeks, she rolled and slid her finger in the furrow that was my shameless display before her. When her finger was generously coated, she placed the tip squarely against my hole and said, "Open it for me, Scott."

She was really a good student! Karelle reiterated this: "We talked about how to take you, how to get you as hot and hard as possible." Karelle rubbed my shoulders gently as she continued her commentary. "She's going to push into you with her finger, Scott."

Nya advanced her finger, slipping just the tip inside me. Holding it there, she said, "That's right. Karelle told me what to do to make you crazy. That will make me crazy, too. I 'm so hot and wet right now, I can't wait to fuck you." She slid her finger deeper, and I opened wider for her.

They kept this tag-team commentary up for an agonizing five minutes until I was panting and shamelessley flexing open my asshole and clamping back down on Nya's finger in a wanton attempt to get her so hot that she had to immediately take me with her strap-on. I'm sure Karelle orchestrated this tease beforehand.

Nya finally withdrew her finger. Karelle pushed up from lying back against the couch, and as a result I was rocked forward to sit opened-legged on the floor in front of Nya.

"Off the couch, ladies. We need it," said Karelle. "Now."

Talia and Jenna scrambled off the couch, and Karelle seated herself in the center of it, scooting back completely. She drew her legs up and again indicated that I was to place myself in front of her, comfortably ensconced against her breasts and between her legs.

I didn't need a second invitation.

Nya stood in front of the couch, the strap-on protruding from her crotch. Her firm tits and hard nipples jutted out proudly, matching the protrusion of the dildo. She was a black panther, salivating before pouncing on her prey.

I slid down without prompting, presenting my opened and twitching asshole to her view. Nya began smearing lotion all over her fake cock.

"Isn't she beautiful like that, Scott," Karelle said huskily. "Aren't you desperate for her to take you?"

I whimpered shamelessly in front of the girls.

"She's going to drive her dildo deep inside you, Scott. Can you take it? Can you take it?"

Nya finished with the lotion on her strap-on and leaned forward to wipe the excess on her hand across my opened asshole.

Karelle again grabbed behind my legs, raising them, and this time I was perfectly positioned, my ass at the edge of the couch, my legs in the air, held there by Karelle. The back of my head was again lying against her breasts.

I was again being displayed by Karelle for Nya's pleasure.

"That is so sexy," Nya said, looking at me. Specifically, looking at my opened hole. Raising her gaze to Karelle's eyes, she said, "I would have been completely turned off seeing this before you educated us, Karelle, but now, knowing that I'm going to use this strap-on to give him as much pleasure as I give myself, I can't think of anything hotter than what I see right now."

She dropped to her knees, positioning the strap-on at the entrance of my asshole.

"Beg her to do it to you, Scott," Karelle ordered. "Beg her to fuck you in the ass."

They had planned this in every detail.

"Ask me for it, Scott," Nya said, holding the base of the dildo in her fist and tapping the end of it against my asshole. "Beg me to slide it inside you."

Was I answering Karelle? Was I answering Nya?

Did I care?

"Please, you know how much I want it. You know how much I want you to be incredibly turned on and desperate to fuck me. Give yourself all the pleasure you want using my body as your sex object. That turns me on so much. Please, Nya, fuck me now."

Nya slid the dildo into me with a single shove. She was sealed against my ass when she bottomed out inside me, the front of her thighs pressed into the couch beneath my upturned ass.

"Joanne," said Karelle, "put lotion on your hand and start to stroke Scott's cock."

My asshole spasmed around Nya's strap-on.

"Kristi, lightly stroke his balls. You'll need to draw them up toward his belly a bit so you don't interfere with Nya driving the strap-on inside him."

Karelle was pushing me quickly toward sensory overload. With Joanne's and Kristi's hands on my cock and balls, Nya's dildo pressing against my prostate, and Karelle saying incredibly nasty, sexy things in my ear, I was mightily worried about passing out from pure sexual intoxication.

And then Nya began fucking me, stroking in and out, her hands gripping the top of my thighs for leverage as she pounded into me. I was opened completely to her, enjoying the intense sensations of the dildo sliding across my prostate. Whereas the night before Karelle had orgasmed within only a few strokes, Nya was taking her time building to climax.

"She looks beautiful like this, Scott," Karelle said into my ear. "See how her tits jiggle when she strokes? That is incredibly hot."

She was right. Nya's firm tits jiggled sexily, and the rock-hard nubs of her long, distended nipples provided points of focus as I marveled at the nude, mocha-skinned princess in front of me. If Karelle kept pointing out these things, she was going to drive me into an orgasm whether Nya was close or not.

Fortunately, Karelle's words seem to arouse Nya, too.

"Grind against him, Nya," Karelle directed. "Squirm against him so the end inside you presses into your G-spot."

Whatever Nya did in response as she glued herself against my flanks was the thing that sent her over the edge. And me along with her. She came, jerking like a rag doll on the end of a string. Her eyes rolled back in her head and a primal, guttural moan escaped from her throat as she climaxed.

I shot streams of cum up onto my chest and belly as a result. "Stop, stop!" I begged of Joanne, who was squeezing her fist around the head of my dick. "I can't take it. I can't take it." Thankfully Joanne stopped what she was doing, as did Kristi. An exhausted Nya fell forward onto my chest, and Karelle released my legs, enabling me to drop my feet to the floor on either side of Nya, whose strap-on dildo slid easily out of my ass in the process.

Everyone remained silent for a moment. I truly believed that Nya might have fallen asleep against my chest had she been allowed to remain there any longer. Karelle leaned forward, indicating she was ready to extricate herself from underneath the sexy coupling that had just occurred.

As Nya rose in front of me so I could stand up to let Karelle slide out from behind me, I saw Nya's gorgeous breasts glistening with traces of my ejaculation. Her tits had pressed into my chest when she fell into me after her intense orgasm.

Karelle noticed this too.

"Remember my words in the restaurant, Nya, about what you should imagine as you watched Scott sucking on my finger? Remember what I told you to imagine that caused your orgasm in the restaurant as you watched us?"

Nya, strap-on still protruding from her pussy, reached down and grabbed the shaft in order to pull up on it, pressing the other end yet again against her G-spot. Unbelievably, she starting using the strap-on dildo as a masturbation aid, gripping the shaft in a way that left no doubt she was pressing the bulb inside her against the precise spot in her body that would drive her crazy and trigger yet another orgasm. She straightened fully, pushing her chest and torso forward in wanton abandon, her firm and glistening tits jiggling with the motions resulting from the way she was using the strap-on to masturbate. Her hard nipples emphasized both her naked beauty and her extreme arousal.

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