tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExposing Katie 009

Exposing Katie 009

byTom and Katie©

After our office exploits nearly got entirely out of hand, there were a number of ways that things could have gone. We could have called it quits after seeing quite clearly that our games could very well lead to our destruction. We could have toned things down, promising to keep things close to home and behind closed, locked, and non-public doors. It could even have meant the end of our relationship if we asked ourselves who we were fooling. That the only thing that seemed to be keeping us together was something that had us on the road to personal destruction.

We had quite a few long discussions and surprisingly they were not about the negative aspects of what happened. Granted, it was discussed that we came awfully close to ending up in an awkward or dangerous situation. Neither of us had any illusions that Gerald could have made things most unpleasant for both of us. Although it would have most probably cost me my job, Katie was definitely the one with more to lose. Even if she gave in to his sexual advances not only would he end up telling anyway, but I doubt that he would be either gentle or kind. From all that Katie had been through earlier in her life, I knew the toll that would take on her.

Other than that aspect, which was actually discussed very little, our discussions were mostly positive. We both reaffirmed that this was to be a shared pastime, not something where Katie went off on her own and then shared her exploits with me later. It also was not about swinging or free, wild sex.

Looking back on our conversations, we are both sort of surprised that one or the other or both of us did not suggest calling an end to our little games at this point. When I finally admitted to Katie some time later that I was more than ready to call it quits with our games or tone things back severely but had decided to leave the decision up to her and follow her lead, she laughingly admitted that she had been in exactly the same position. She was about ready to give in and call it quits, but did not want to bring things to an end over her insecurities and that she had come to trust me enough that she left it in my hands. As time went on, though, she began to think more about the good parts of our games and put that one incident behind her. I agreed that my experience in the weeks after the incident had been about the same. But these revelations came months later for us.

The more immediate discussions started out with being more aware of our situation when we were playing. We had been lulled into a false sense of security in the office after nothing had happened for so long. We talked about what risks we were willing to take and what to do when someone stumbled across us. Accepting that there was a real chance of being found out actually put us in a more secure position because we would not be caught entirely off guard. Talking about these possibilities eventually was what led us to more discussion about purposefully exposing Katie to people.

We discussed the times that other people had become included in our games from the very first incident at the restaurant, to Greg encountering us out at the park and then the "planned" incidents at the car dealership and with the fishermen. Of these incidents, Katie had better feelings about the restaurant incident and the episode with the fishermen. At first she had a bit of a time explaining her reasons even to herself, but she finally agreed that it had a lot to do with the attitude of acceptance that she got in those incidents.

Her least favorite of the episodes was the one at the car dealership. Even though she ended up showing the least there, it was the most "stereotypically sexual" of the displays as she put it. Although she felt a certain power in her sexuality and had the salesmen bumbling around like morons, she had no doubt about the "locker room talk" that had followed between them once we had left.

In contrast, the couple at the restaurant had been very appreciative for being included into our private moment. Katie says that she gets a warm feeling when she thinks about the two of them, although we have never seen them since. Likewise, with the older fishermen, she feels that they appreciated her for adding a little spice to an otherwise normal day for them. They were courteous and charming she explains.

The incident with Greg sort of falls somewhere in the middle for her. Definitely towards the better end than the car dealership, though. She liked being caught naked by Greg and seeing first hand his appreciation for her, but it almost became too sexual with that. She did mention in passing that she had some desire to explore something like that again.

With these discussions, we began to think of other ways to expose Katie to someone. As it happened, Katie and I had been talking about the fact that we needed a new mattress for our guest bedroom. When we moved into our house, we had been given an extra old bed and mattress by a relative. At the time we could not really pass up free furniture. The bed was only a twin-size, so if a couple was staying with us we would usually give up our master bedroom to them and snuggle up quite close in the spare bed ourselves. Katie's diminutive stature does have its advantages! We do not have a lot of overnight guests, but we figured that fixing things up in there was next on the agenda and we wanted a full-size bed. That way we could have a couple stay with us without displacing us from our own bedroom. With our recent discussions about our little games, I saw this as a perfect opportunity for some exposure. You have to test out a mattress before you buy it, don’t you? I was not sure what opportunities would present themselves, but it seemed like it at least had some potential.

On a Monday evening we finished our dinner and got ready for our shopping trip. There had been an advertisement in the paper about a furniture store that was having a sale. The store was far enough away that we were less likely to run into anyone we knew. I had learned by now that Katie responded better to these excursions if we had at least a basic plan for her, so we talked over some ideas of what we could do. In less than a year she had really loosened up about things, but she still had her moments of worry about getting into trouble with the authorities. Her fears were more along the lines of getting arrested or something along those lines and with our recent scare, it seemed sensible to have some plan to fall back onto. I also found that talking about these things had been helping to build her trust in me because it showed her that I was looking out for her. Not quite sure what possibilities we might encounter, we packed some “props” into a duffel bag to take along and were on our way.

The trip to the store was uneventful; we talked more about how things had gone at work than about what we were planning to do. We left the duffel bag in the truck and went into the store to have a quick look around. The store was a lot smaller than we expected, a small town affair, but the prices were pretty good and they had enough of a selection that we were sure that we could find what we wanted. It was pretty quiet there that evening. There was another single woman, two other couples, and a salesman. I was not surprised as I had figured that not a lot of people would be out buying mattresses on a Monday night. The salesman, a gentleman seemingly in his early sixties with a name-tag that said “George” was nice and did not pressure us. He told us to feel free to ask any questions, but that he would leave us alone to look. We did the usual things to check out the mattresses. We sat on them and laid down on them, checking out how firm they were. We ended up narrowing our selection down to two mattresses and spent some time looking around at the other available furniture as well. The woman had left the store shortly after we arrived and one couple had left after awhile. When the second couple had left, the salesman drifted over our way to see if we had any questions. The store was going to be open for another hour, but it seemed doubtful that anyone else would be coming in that evening.

We told him that we had narrowed down our selection and wondered if he had any advice for us on the two we were looking at. George said that they were both very good quality, pointed out features of their construction, and gave us the whole sales spiel. When he was finished, I asked him which one he would recommend personally. He told us that he had to be honest, they were both good mattresses and it would really come down to which one we preferred. Some people prefer a different feel to their mattress than others. Some like firm, others like soft. Really, we would have to be the judge. We admitted that this was for a guest bed, so our personal preferences were not totally reliable. We did both sit on each mattress again and lay down on it. I finally said that it was up to Katie since she was more particular about such things.

George did not know it at the time, but he had been doing everything right. He was kind in a grandfatherly sort of way, making us both at ease and treating us like old friends without just seeming like a salesman sucking up. Katie lay down on the bed again for awhile and then propped herself up on her elbow to look at him. She said that she wanted to ask a favor of George, but that she did not want him to think poorly of her for asking. He motioned for her to go on, wisely not saying anything but allowing her to speak in her own time. She said that if it was ok, she had a set of sheets and a nightgown in the car. Would he mind terribly if she put the sheets on the bed and tried it out? She said that it was really hard to judge the practicality of a bed while she was in her street clothes with the bare mattress (she was dressed in her usual jeans and sweatshirt). His comment was, “For you, dear, anything you like.” He continued and told her that he really did not expect any other customers that night and that she should just lock up when she came back in from the car so that we would not be bothered. Although she is a bit older than that, he said it like he was treating a favorite granddaughter, not like he was coming on to her. She smiled at him and gave him a quick peck on the cheek as she went past him to go to the car. He was beaming from the kiss, obviously the correct response to his comment. He was a kindly older man and obviously enjoyed it when a woman found him charming.

We talked a bit while Katie was gone. Just small talk, the weather, the local news, and so forth. Katie came back in and set the duffel bag and a pillow down on the mattress. She opened it up, got out the sheets, and handed them to me. Then she asked George if there was somewhere that she could change. George told her that he would stay here with me, she could change wherever she felt comfortable. The store was divided up into display rooms, so all she had to do was find someplace suitable that was out of sight from us. She thanked him and went off with her duffel bag in hand. George and I continued to talk as I put the sheets on the one mattress we had selected and by the time I had the bed ready, Katie appeared again in her robe and slippers.

George told her that she looked quite the part, ready for bed and all. She gave him a big smile as she turned back the top sheet and sat down on the bed. She then gave George a sweet smile and asked if he would tuck her in. He said that he would be honored and she started to undo her robe. George took the edge of the top sheet and pulled it back for her. She stood up and let the robe fall from her shoulders. The silky white nightgown she was wearing was only modest in respect that it covered all of the vital parts. It even was even cut below her knees to keep her decent from behind if she bent over or covered her when she sat down. However, the spaghetti straps, cut-out back, and low neckline left her shoulders bare, showed off most of her back, and let you see the whole way down the front if she let it gape open when she bent over. A woman with bigger breasts would have filled it out more and you would have merely gotten a great cleavage shot. From experience, I knew that the view she would give was of her pubic hair framed between her breasts if she bent over just so. Further, the silky material clung to her like a second skin, leaving nothing about her form to the imagination and was thin enough that you had no problem seeing the darker skin of her nipples and the shadow of her pubic triangle.

This area of the store just had exposed mattresses on frames, so the bed did not have an actual headboard or anything. Katie draped her robe on the next mattress over and sat back down on the bed to swivel her legs under the covers that George was holding up for her. He tucked her in and she gave him another smile. She moved around under the sheet, curling up with her pillow and getting comfortable. She turned over a couple times, trying out different positions. Even though nothing was showing, it was arousing just watching her slink around on the bed. She finished with her “testing” and started to get out of the bed. The nightgown had ridden up on her a bit and as she parted her legs as she swung them down to the floor, George and I were treated to a quick flash of her trimmed pussy. I had no doubt that it was fully intentional on Katie's part, but she made it look entirely accidental. I also know that George had seen the display, but he was a gentleman and politely gave no sign of her indiscretion.

Katie said that she was ready to try out the other mattress. We pulled the sheets off of the first mattress and transferred them to the other one. She made sure to bend over so that George would have several opportunities to see down her nightgown. George continued to be the gentleman, showing no sign of what he was seeing. However, I could easily tell that not only was he looking, but that he realized that she was intending to show off. He was definitely appreciating her charms without making an issue of things. As I said, being a perfect gentleman. We finished making up the bed and George held the top sheet again for her to climb into bed.

Katie repeated her performance from the first mattress, turning over and twisting around to see whether the mattress was comfortable. I did notice that George was watching her a bit more intently after seeing her exposed. She finished her routine and said that she thought that this mattress was better, but that she was not quite sure. When George asked what she was not sure about, she feigned embarrassment for a moment but finally told him that it was because she normally slept in the nude. I saw his eyebrows raise a bit, but he betrayed no other surprise at her comment. It was a bit ridiculous in a way, considering that what she was wearing barely constituted clothing in the first place. All that he said was, “Would you require some privacy, my dear?” Katie told him that if he had no objections, she certainly saw no harm in him staying. "Perhaps you might have some questions..." he said, leaving it open once again for her to dismiss him. “You are so good to indulge me in my whims,” was Katie’s reply.

She moved her hands under the covers, pulling her nightgown up to her neck, then took it off and handed it to George. He tenderly took it from her and carefully folded it and put it on the other bed on top of her robe. When he turned back to her, Katie wriggled under the covers and said that things felt much better now. She stretched out with her hands above her head. As she did so, the sheet slid tantalizingly down off of her shoulders and across her chest. It stopped before it uncovered her nipples, not for lack of Katie’s trying mind you! You could see the slight swell of the beginning of her breasts, though.

Dropping her hands to the edge of the sheet, she pulled it back up to her shoulders and smiled at George. She explained that she always made sure to stretch out every morning. With that, she proceeded to try the bed out for stretching. She began by pulling the sheet in with her hands and stretching her right foot out towards the edge of the bed. She hooked the edge of the sheet with her foot and drew the sheet in towards her. She repeated this on the other side, drawing the sheet in on both sides so that her feet and calves were exposed. She then wrapped her legs over the sheet, drawing it up between her legs. Her legs and the sides of her body were now exposed and the sheet passed between her legs, across her crotch, and up to where her arm held it over her breasts.

At no point had George hidden his interest in seeing what she had to show, but neither did he leer at her. But with the show obviously taking a step to the next level, he displayed his interest a bit more openly by sitting down on the bed beside her. He glanced up to me to see what my reaction to the whole scene was. I gave him a smile to make clear that all of this was perfectly ok with me. When he looked back to her, Katie turned a bit toward him and feigned bashfulness suddenly. She pulled the sheet up over her head quickly and then after a pause, she pulled it down so that just her eyes were uncovered. She looked at him for a moment and said, “I am being bad, aren’t I?” She paused for a moment and then continued. “It is just that I feel so free when I am naked and I get a bit carried away. I hope that I have not offended you.” She slowly lowered the sheet until her face was uncovered and she looked at George, waiting for his reply.

George took a moment before answering. When he spoke, he told her that she had not offended him. He did not want her to think that he was a dirty old man, but that he had to admit that he was thoroughly enjoying her show. At this, she played bashful again and covered her face except for her eyes with the sheet again. He continued, saying that he did not want to imply that he was not pleased with what he had seen, but he wondered if she would be willing to show a bit more. Katie responded by slowly lowering the sheet from her face. She was giving George a shy smile as she lowered from her neck and down to expose her shoulders and the top of her chest.

Now, I must explain a bit about Katie. As I have said, she is fairly small. Coupled with her small breasts and petite stature, she is able to get away with a certain amount of “little girl routine” even though she is in her early thirties. George had already been treating her as if she was a favored granddaughter even though she was more probably the age of a daughter to him. That just set the tone for her and she played the role up. Do not get me wrong, Katie’s “little girl routine” is not juvenile or anything like that. She can just get away with being bashful and shy and end up having people want to take care of her and comfort her. This is what she was doing now and George was falling for it in a big way. In a way, I felt sorry for the guy. I certainly knew how her actions could turn my own heart to mush.

Katie had the sheet down far enough to show the swell of her breasts, but stopped before her nipples were exposed. She looked at George and asked in a small voice if he would like to see her nipples. George nodded and said that he would like to see them very much. She gave him a big warm smile and lowered the sheet over her breasts but kept it covering her stomach. She ran her hands back up to her breasts, cupping them and rubbing her nipples. She informed George that her nipples got all hard and tingly when she was excited. He asked her if she was excited now and she got a grin on her face and told him yes, oh yes! She continued playing with her nipples, telling George how tingly they were getting and pointing out to him how her aureola were crinkling up, a sure sign that she was excited. She then asked if he would like to see some more. What do you think? Of course he did!

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