tagLoving WivesExposing Katie 017

Exposing Katie 017

byTom and Katie©

"You did what?"

Sharon's voice was just a little too loud and several people turned to glance at her. Larry and I looked up from our end of the table and even their girls looked over from where they stood at the salad bar at the sound of their mother's voice.

It had been four weeks since we were out to dinner with Larry and Sharon and Katie had done her "Japanese lantern" imitation in the restaurant gardens. Time seems to fly by so quickly anymore and it had been a bit of a surprise to us to realize that a month had passed since we had last gotten together.

Understand that the four of us are practically like family. There are a few phone calls between us during pretty much every week and we try to get together every couple of weeks. Larry and I are in cooperative business fields, so we're often on the phone to pick each other's brains and such. Katie and Sharon are best friends, so they're constantly talking together. But we had all been busy lately and just hadn't gotten together face to face at all. So we had decided to meet at a local pizza place for dinner one evening to catch up.

Without seeing each other in person, nothing had really been discussed about our "activities" since we last saw them. Larry and I were at one end of the table with Katie and Sharon at the other end and the girls in between us.

Larry and I had been discussing an offer that one of his co-workers had made to him concerning a hunting cabin that the guy, some of his family, and a few friends owned together. They took turns going up there every couple weeks to do maintenance - check in on things, mow the fields around the cabin, and keep things cleaned up. But as with any routine chores, the "chore" part sort of comes to the front and they were having some troubles getting people to volunteer to go up there on a regular basis. Larry was telling me that the co-worker had asked if Larry would be willing to fill in. He could have the run of the place - take some beer up there and he could be out in the mountains for the weekend. All he would need to do was mow the field and do a few other things around the place before coming back. So Larry was asking me if I'd be interested in heading up there with him to just get away for a weekend.

We had been talking from the time we met up in the parking lot until we were seated. The waitress had come around and taken our orders for drinks and a couple of pizzas, interrupting our conversations for a few minutes. With our orders in, the girls headed up to the salad bar while the adults took a moment to finish up conversations. Apparently, Katie took the opportunity while the girls were otherwise occupied to fill Sharon in on at least some of the details of what we had been up to with our "playtime."

Sharon nervously glanced around her, aware that her voice had been quite a bit louder than she had intended. People's attention returned to their dinners and their own conversations and Sharon lowered her head and her voice to barely a whisper to ask Katie again, "You did what?"

With Sharon's outburst, Larry gave me a questioning look and nodded towards the ladies. Since the girls were headed back our way, I just gave him a quick "I'll explain" and let it go at that for the time being.

The girls got back to the table and Sharon and Katie turned their attention to them, seeing what all they had brought back from the salad bar and such. Larry and I excused ourselves and headed up to the salad bar. Over selecting toppings for our salad, some three-bean salad, and other items I briefly related our "painted lady" and garden center experiences. I wasn't sure which one Katie had been telling, so I told Larry about both incidents.

Larry just chuckled and shook his head as I gave the overview of the stories. I figured that he was picturing things in his mind as we talked.

We finished filling our plates and headed back to the table, passing Katie and Sharon on their way up to the salad bar.

As they passed us, I raised an eyebrow at Katie and she said simply, "Shorts (slight pause) and garden center..."

Sharon noticed our exchange and gave me a questioning look. I just smiled at her and gave her a nod in agreement. Sharon just gave me this goofy smile and shook her head in wonder.

Back at the table, Larry and I started in on our salads and talked with the girls about school and kids' TV shows and whatever else came up. The ladies came back after awhile and rejoined us and the conversation ebbed and flowed. The pizzas had not come yet, so the girls asked if they could go up to the salad bar again. Their mother gave the ok and they headed up.

With them away from the table for a few minutes, Sharon leaned over and asked Larry if he had heard about what had happened. When Larry said that he only got a brief version, Sharon quickly filled him in on what she had heard from Katie. Larry just looked at Katie and shook his head with a big grin on his face.

"Too bad you do not roller blade," he said to Sharon. Looking at Katie, he said, "Man, you're something else..."

Conversation on those topics fell away as the girls returned to the table. Larry and I decided another trip to the salad bar was in order for us as well and we headed up.

Larry knew all too well where things had been between Katie and me in the past, so he could certainly appreciate how far she had really come. As we filled our plates again, he told me that his sex life with Sharon had never been bad, but it had never been too wild either. Although he could not complain, he said that he often wished that Sharon would just let loose every now and then.

"She dwells on what other people are going to think or she convinces herself that she is too old or not in perfect shape. I was really sort of surprised to hear what had happened over at your place that morning."

I started to explain and Larry cut me off.

"No, don't misunderstand. I'm not at all bothered by what happened. I have to admit that I'm enjoying those naked hugs of Katie's and have to be fair - what's good for the goose and all that..." he said. "Besides, it seems to have been ahhh... Shall we say, stimulating... to our relationship..."

We both chuckled at that.

"Hey, I know exactly where you are coming from, believe me. A lot of the reason that we involved you guys in our little games was that we wanted to share the fun with someone, but keep things safe." I told him that I would have to fill him in on some of the other things we had done.

When we got back to the table the pizzas had come, so there wasn't much chance to talk about things further with the girls there. We talked with one another and kept up a conversation with the girls about what they were both involved in.

We finished up the evening with soft-serve ice cream from the machine and the girls tried to outdo one another with the toppings they put on their sundaes. Afterwards, we decided to all go over to Larry and Sharon's and hang out for the rest of the evening. Katie had been kidding around with the girls and decided that she would ride with them and Sharon could ride with me in our truck for the trip.

Sharon was full of questions for the ride back to her place. I sort of figured that had been the intention. She wanted to know why I enjoyed showing Katie off and admitted that Larry also seemed to be interested in having her show off a bit.

After a couple false starts, I finally summed things up for her by asking if she remembered getting wild in college. She said yes, that it had been fun to just cut loose and have fun, but now she had responsibilities and she could not do that anymore.

I just gave her a look and asked her why we were not allowed to have fun anymore now that we were grown-ups.

"Why do the kids get to have all the fun?" I asked her. "Who says that we cannot have slumber parties and mess around? What is the good of being an adult if you cannot make your own rules?" I kidded.

She laughed and said, "If we have to take responsibility for everything, we might as well take responsibility for some fun, shouldn't we?"

"There you go!" I said.

There was a bit of a lull in the conversation as I drove. Out of the blue, I looked over at her and said, "Show me your tits."

"What? Here?" she asked, caught totally off guard.

When I said yes, she said, "But someone might see me."

"So?" I asked.

She looked out the window a bit before shrugging and saying, "What the heck. You're right, what does it really matter if someone sees?"

She pulled her blouse out of her slacks and reached up under it. Grasping the bottom edge of her bra, she pulled it and her blouse up over her tits.

For all the years that we had known Larry and Sharon, this was the first that I had ever seen her breasts bare. Thinking about it for a moment, I realized that Larry had been in the same position when Katie came out of the shower. Having been used to seeing Katie naked, though, I guess I hadn't really thought about the full effect of seeing someone you were so familiar with in other respects exposed for the first time. I regretted that I could not savor the moment a bit more considering that between paying attention to my driving and the dim evening light I did not have much of a chance to get a really good look at them.

I hadn't needed to see them exposed to know that Sharon's breasts were larger than Katie's. That much was pretty obvious. But there was definitely something to seeing them "in person" as it were. They had good shape to them, but were soft and fleshy compared to Katie's with pale areola and small nubs of nipples.

I reached over and tweaked the nipple closest to me, rolling it in my fingers. I then took a moment to run my fingertips across her breast to get some sense of the shape and feel and weight of it. I spent a moment more just caressing her boob before withdrawing my hand. She lowered her blouse and adjusted her bra.

"That wasn't too bad, was it?" I asked and she shook her head.

"Actually, they are pretty nice," I said and she gave a bit of an embarrassed smile.

It wasn't much longer before we arrived at their house. We all settled down in the living room and the kids turned the TV on. The four of us adults chatted about the usual topics until it was time for the kids to go to bed. Larry brought up the issue of his co-worker's hunting cabin again and the ladies both thought he should take him up on it and the two of us could have a guy's weekend. They said that they'd have a ladies' weekend with the girls which elicited squeals of delight from the girls about having a sleepover with "Aunt" Katie.

The girls then gave us hugs and kisses and Larry and Sharon excused themselves to make sure that teeth got brushed and all of that. About fifteen minutes later they were back downstairs with the girls safely tucked in upstairs. Sharon had changed into sweats and brought a set down to ask if Katie wanted to get more comfortable as well. Larry asked if anyone could use a beer and headed into the kitchen to get a round as Katie headed for the powder room to get more comfortable.

When Katie came back out Larry handed her a beer and we headed back into the living room. Sharon settled in on the couch beside me while Katie and Larry took the chairs beside each other. We talked a bit more on several topics before things came around to the "adult" topics once again.

Sharon still wanted to know more details about me exposing Katie. She admitted that when she first heard about Katie "accidentally" exposing herself to Larry she had thought that it was pretty harmless because of how close we had all been. But then as she heard about some of the other stuff she had started to get concerned.

Katie and I both started to speak up but Sharon was quick to quiet us and our fears, she said that we had explained that all the last time.

Katie added a final two cents worth "Other than you and Larry, it is always look but don't touch," she said.

Sharon gave Katie a smile and kidded her that it would have been helpful to know that before. She then returned to her curiosity about our adventures. Actually, relating our stories to Larry and Sharon was part of what got me headed towards writing them down for others to enjoy.

So Sharon was still curious about the "why" of our adventures.

"You and Larry have seen each other naked, right?" I asked her.

She nodded and looked at me a bit funny. I certainly admit that it was sort of a stupid question.

"So, what did you think about seeing me naked the other weekend? What did you think of that experience?" I asked her.

"Wow! It was... It was incredible!" she said.

"So, is my body perfect? Am I that much different from Larry?" I asked.

"Well, no, not really," she said. "The two of you are actually pretty similar. It was just... Well, it was just different."

"Ok, if it was so incredible because it was different, why don't you consider asking strange men to show you their dingus and give them a handjob behind the local grocery store? Someone new every week to keep it fresh and interesting?" I asked her.

She knew that I was teasing her with this but was still a bit embarrassed and self-conscious. Yet she kept up with me to see where it would lead.

"I couldn't do that, not with a total stranger like that. You were nearly family already. It was nice to share that with you, to be able to share that openly and all."

"That is really all there is to it," I told her. "We got into exposing Katie because it was something different. It got Katie to realize that men found her attractive, not just me saying it because I had to. From that it sort of evolved. It broke the daily grind, something unexpected. I know that it always makes the guy's day when Katie shows off for him and it is a real kick for Katie to see firsthand the effect that she has on the guy."

"No doubt about the effect that I have on a guy!" Katie chimed in with a twinkle in her eye. "But that only goes so far," she continued. "I found myself wanting more than just showing myself off and running away. I wanted to be able to share things a bit more in depth with people. However, I didn't want the risk of getting involved with strangers. That is where you guys came in. Something different, but still safe."

Larry got this grin on his face and said, "Safe? You thought we were safe?"

He went over to Katie's chair, picked her up out of it, and laid her down on the floor. He straddled her and held her arms above her head with one hand.

"You feel safe with me?" he asked her.

"Perfectly," she said and smiled up at him.

He started pulling her sweatshirt up with his other hand, first exposing her naked stomach and then the undersides of her bare breasts.

He stopped for a moment and looked at her again.

"Perfectly safe," she confirmed once again.

He moved to kneel beside her and placed his hand on her bare stomach with his fingers pointing down toward her crotch. He looked her in the eye and slowly started moving his hand under the waistband of her sweatpants, daring her to stop him. Katie merely met his gaze and continued to smile up at him.

I wasn't too surprised by Larry's actions. Between Katie's full exposure, the naked hugs, and Sharon giving me a handjob, there was an implied consent to certain freedoms by this point. My only concern was whether Sharon was ok with her husband's actions.

It didn't seem that Sharon had any problems with what was going on. She was watching the display unfold before her with seemingly amused but rapt attention. I tugged on her sleeve and motioned for her to come closer to me. I swung my legs up on the couch and she lay back between them with her back against my chest.

After a few moments, I eased my hand under her sweatshirt and rested it on her belly. We continued to watch our spouses and just lay there together. Larry had his hand well inside Katie's pants by now and you could tell that he was stroking up and down along her pussy. Katie continued to smile up at him, not saying a word. Her only change was to part her legs to give him better access. After a moment, her legs parted further and I could tell that his finger entered her because she finally closed her eyes and parted her lips.

I moved my hands up to cup Sharon's breasts under her sweatshirt and meeting no resistance from her, proceeded to caress and massage them as we watched our spouses. Sharon's nipples were responding to my attention, but it actually felt a bit odd to have my hands full of breasts and that her nipples were not nearly as large or as hard as Katie's.

Larry looked up at us from the floor and took in my hands under Sharon's sweatshirt. Other than her bare belly, Katie was not really exposed nor was Sharon. But it was obviously a exhibitionistic/voyeuristic opportunity. So I moved my arms within Sharon's sweatshirt to pull it up across her belly with my forearms and then rotated my hands to expose her breasts as I played with them.

This also gave me another chance to take a better look at them. They weren't all that large compared to a lot of what you see in the movies and TV, but she was quite a handful compared to Katie. Katie wears bras so infrequently that bra size is not a topic that I find myself well versed in. You could stand a half dozen topless women in front of me and I'd probably get the bra size wrong for every one of them. Katie joking refers to herself as "less than a double a-cup" or that it's like going to the doctor when he pulls out the tongue depressor, "AAAA..."

I've really noticed the change in how Katie talks about her body. What used to be bitter self-depreciation has turned into good-natured jesting.

I guess that I should back up and give a better description of Sharon. Slightly taller than Katie, Sharon is just over five and a half feet tall. She has shoulder length dirty-blonde hair and a lighter complexion than Katie. She has a fuller figure than Katie and stays in shape. Running after two precocious girls probably has something to do with staying fit!

Over the years we had all seen each other in shorts, bathing suits, and such. But tonight was the first I had a chance to see her in less than a bathing suit. As I started to say, Sharon's breasts were a good handful. They were pale with pale quarter-sized areola, little nubs of nipples, and you could see the trace shadows of a few bluish veins under the surface of her skin compared to Katie's dime-sized crimson areolas and prominent nipples with a smattering of freckles across her chest.

I leaned in to whisper in her ear to ask about the girls and whether I should be cautious about exposing her. Her voice was distracted and dreamy as she told me that they were down for the night and would call from the top of the stairs on the rare chance that they did need something.

Larry got the hint and moved to reposition himself and urged Katie to move with him. He backed up so that he could sit against one of the armchairs and positioned Katie between his legs and resting against him so that they were facing us.

Even though he had his hand down her pants a moment ago, he backed up a bit and mimicked my actions to get his hands under her sweatshirt and expose her breasts both for himself and for Sharon and me to watch.

And all four of us were definitely watching each other. It was a bit different to see Katie being fondled by another man, even if it was my best friend. Not an issue of jealousy or otherwise a bad thing, just different.

The ladies settled back into our arms and enjoyed our attentions. However, Larry had tasted the "forbidden fruit" (as it were) and it wasn't long until his hands were once again roaming down across Katie's belly towards the waistband of her sweatpants. He rubbed across her belly a few times and let his fingers slide under the waistband. About the third time that he did this, Katie raised her hips for him. He paused a moment, unsure of her intentions. When her hips remained raised for him, his hands slowly went to the sides of the waistband of her sweats and started to push them down. He got them down to about mid-thigh before he could not reach over her any further. Katie took pity on him (or perhaps she was just a bit anxious) and pushed them the rest of the way down to her ankles and then spread her thighs so that he could have access to her pussy.

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