tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExquisite Humiliation Ch. 7

Exquisite Humiliation Ch. 7


We were still laughing when Nigel seated me facing toward the table, but about three feet away from it, with my back to the main door. "Remember the proper inspection position?" He chuckled away as he eased my knees even wider apart. "Let them see how daring you can be, my girl. Knees to each corner of the chair." He explained, making certain that my glass had a stable resting place on the drink trolley while he poured out another cognac. "Same again?"

"Could I have a little less to drink this time please, Master?" I giggled. "I think all that cognac might be affecting me."

"You seem relaxed enough." He laughed, still chuckling as he passed it over to me. "One advantage to this! You needn't worry about spilling cognac all over your costume." He quipped. "I'll put mine on now." He kissed me on the cheek. "You look absolutely enchanting with nothing on, my lovely. Stay exactly where you are and I'll fetch our servants." He informed me casually. "Don't budge from there, now!"

"Thank you, Master." My voice steadied. "I won't move at all."

I watched as he strode over to the fire, picked up and pulled on his smock, followed by his wide brimmed floppy hat. He walked over to the door without saying another word. I sipped my drink, nervously noting as Nigel left the room that entry door didn't have a privacy lock.

While warm cognac trickled down my throat, the chance of someone else mistakenly entering our room overwhelmed me. Agonizingly aware of the vulnerable position I was now in, I tore my eyes away from the door.

Playing the part of 'O' inside a plush dining room with it's antique late nineteenth century ambience was simple enough. The hard part was waiting, fully exposed to whoever happened to look inside. Carlos and Sylvia would be back with him shortly and I hoped that my willingness to demonstrate obedience, with other people present in the room would fully satisfy my strange obsession and please Nigel.

I remembered the movie role well. 'O' was never permitted any modesty whatsoever. She spread her legs apart for inspections, whilst totally naked, often being intimately invaded by complete strangers. She had accepted these indignities, purely to prove herself. I'd explained to Nigel that the most erotic part of the story, as I understood it, was 'O's unswerving dedication to her lover. Because I trusted him, I had agreed to experience some of 'O's humiliation, under his control.

Nigel hadn't given out much information about himself, but that was a part of his mystique. Wealthy, in monetary terms and in intellect, he soothed any tension by opening up just enough of himself to allow me to trust his word. I believed in him, more my husband Alf.

I thought about Nigel's stated opinion of me as I waited to be placed on display. It was comforting to have had my self confidence boosted by his beliefs. Without his understanding and painstaking comments, I could never have agreed so readily to let Nigel assume control. There were many things I'd wanted to ask him but I was afraid that he might misinterpret my interest in them. I was curious. Why had Isobel left Nigel, or had he simply grown tired of her? He had been a patient sex partner, fulfilling my sexual needs and not merely his own, like Alf had often done. I was certain that there had to be some other reason. Did she disobey him at some point, in their marital relationship?

My natural curiosity urged me to compile a mental list of questions I could ask Nigel, once our evening was successfully completed from his point of view. It was a strong incentive to submit to his commands in every respect. I wanted the answers more than ever. Compiling my list eased the lengthy time, alone with my thoughts. The rattling noise of a food trolley, accompanied by low muffled voices, swiftly brought me back to reality again. 'This has got to be Nigel!' I prayed silently, starting to think twice.

Shivering uncontrollably with delicious apprehension, I heard voices approaching the door. I sipped my cognac one last time before putting my glass aside. I took a deep breath, not daring to look backward, as the door opened. Lowering my eyes, I remained perfectly immobile with my hands gripping the sides of my chair while a group filed into the room. The rattling noise stopped dead, followed by an eerie silence. The way I was seated, stark naked with my legs parted unnaturally and my shoulders back, if the group wasn't my Master and his two friends, they were going to be aware that I was showing off my body for their entertainment. I didn't dare to check.

A warm glow rushed though my body and I heard my own heart beating as I strained my ears for even the slightest verbal reaction from them. Prepared for a muffled gasp, at least, I fought the overwhelming urge to cover myself up while the door closed again. Humiliatingly aroused by their presence, I had to force my breathing to return to normal as I struggled with mixed emotions. Profound humiliation, ranging though to an almost confident pride in my body invaded my thoughts as I sat motionless, waiting for someone to make a noise. 'It's a test. It has to be!' I thought. 'Somebody, say something.' I pleaded silently.

As the seconds slowly ticked by, I heard nothing until Nigel began to speak to his companions, referring to me as 'T', like he'd promised.

"This is 'T'" He sounded jovial. "She's agreed to pose with you after we've eaten. She'll be perfect for a combined sitting but a lot depends on your decision in the matter, Sylvia my dear. Let me know what you think?"

I heard excited whispering but couldn't comprehend what Sylvia said.

I guessed that either Nigel or Carlos had already informed the woman about our Master/Slave arrangement and she had agreed to participate.

It seemed that they were trained to expect bizarre scenes like this. Their voices were subdued and I reasoned that it must have to do with the artistic theme that Nigel alluded to earlier on. I felt that they might be aspiring actors, perhaps moonlighting in the part the client wanted them to play, if Carlos had been anything to judge by.

My mind raced as I recalled to my initial introduction to Carlos. Now I knew that this 'Sylvia' lady was part of Nigel's plan as well.

It was difficult to remain calm and serene as he gave instructions to his two chosen restaurant workers, without being asked to turn around so that I could see their reactions for myself. What could Nigel mean by a combined sitting? Would they both actually model in the nude as well? My mind raced as I waited for somebody to speak again.

As they moved closer, I could practically feel all their eyes resting on my blatantly displayed vulva, with the clitoris visibly erect and moist. 'What could they be thinking about me?' Scared to look, I kept my eyes firmly fixed on the floor in front of me.

"She's very obedient, like you told us." Sylvia sounded elated but it was difficult to know, from her voice. She didn't appear to be disgusted by the way I was presented, though. The two staff could see that I was sexually excited by their presence. The fact that I had no idea whether Nigel would allow a complete physical inspection as well made waiting for the unknown to happen even more humiliating.

"How should we address her, Sir. As Madam or simply as 'T'?"

Sylvia questioned Nigel in a barely audible voice.

I felt like screaming, 'Please, just get it over with!' as her voice drew close to my chair, biting my lower lip and tensing with shame at the thought of another lady witnessing my arousal in this way.

"'T' is fine. My lady guest prefers it, Sylvia. Set the plates on the table. You might like to get to know her while Carlos attends to preparing the other room for me." He chuckled, from some distance. "'T' will be glad to answer any personal questions you might have, if you're curious." He had pride in his voice. "Ask her anything at all and she'll be pleased to tell you what you want to know."

Her continued silence only served to raise my fears. Picturing crazy scenes of a medieval torture chamber, with hot branding irons in this mysterious 'other room', I began to shiver noticeably yet I remained immobile. Aware that Nigel had only brought Carlos and Sylvia back to the room with him, I was more determined to see my fantasy through.

"Would you like me to add another log to the fire, Sir?"

I recognised Carlos's steady polite voice. As he seemed to be further away, I was confused by the reason until Nigel replied.

"Good thinking." He laughed. "We'll attend to it on our way and leave these two lovely ladies to get acquainted, in private."

I recognised Nigel's voice moving away this time and realised that he planned to leave me alone with the waitress. Although it was warm, a chill ran through me as Sylvia approached. The scent of light perfume indicated that she was standing close by. It took all my will to keep my knees apart and my eyes focussed on my own body while she placed an empty plate on the table and then stood back, without as much as a word, watching me squirm with uncertainty while she quietly garnished my plate with a cold salad.

It had been humiliating when Nigel had asked me to remove my chiffon blouse for Carlos, even though he had already seen my barely covered breasts. 'Women could be more critical and cruel at times.' A glance to the side confirmed that she was barefooted, below stiffly starched cotton skirts. 'If I could look into her face, I could sense what she thought of me?' The temptation was almost overwhelming but I remained steadfast with my eyes averted until she finally spoke.

"Excuse me, 'T'." She whispered. " Your Master gave permission for us to talk for a bit. Please look me over by all means, if you're a wee bit curious of course." She had a breezy Celtic type lilt and a warm, welcoming manner to her voice. Irish, I guessed.

I raised my eyes, slowly at first, noticing her costume for the first time. It was a courtesan style dress cinched at the waist by a corset device that supported her bare breasts from underneath, enhancing her magnificent cleavage. I had expected her to be fully dressed so I was pleasantly surprised. With larger voluminous breasts, Sylvia's small erect nipples were out of proportion, like the model in that painting I had discussed with Nigel. There was never any doubt about her smile once I looked into her face. Her blue eyes sparkled like sapphires as she noticed the perplexed expression on my face slowly transform into one of recognition, once I saw her face.

"You're right, 'T'." She laughed softly and crouched beside me. "Your Master told me you were admiring my body when you first arrived here. Now you can see me in the flesh, well almost." She chuckled.

"When did you pose for that one?" I gasped. "It's amazing. Did Nig--I mean-- my Master, create that magnificent painting too?"

I corrected my slip with an embarrassed smile but neither of the men were anywhere to be seen or heard. We looked at the 'masterpiece oil painting' on the wall, together. She smiled while she explained.

"That was the first time I modelled for him, two years ago from memory." She confided. "I've posed for a lot of different studies for him, since then." She gave me a quizzical look. "Are you happy about doing a few combined poses with me, tonight? Your Master will just be using his camera after dinner. He wants us to pose together as lovers afterward." She winked. "You know the sort of thing?"

"Like those ones he did in the bathroom you mean?" I whispered, realising for the first time that Nigel had been way too modest about his artistic ability.

"Something like those." Sylvia nodded, her eyes firing up with renewed interest. "We'll need to excite each other when we're posing, as long as you don't mind having close sexual contact with women, as well as the menfolk."

"I'll do whatever my Master tells me, tonight." I whispered to her quietly. "I've never done anything like it before but I'm willing if you are." I confirmed awkwardly as she squeezed my hand.

"I'm completely bi-sexual myself, as you might realise." Sylvia smiled engagingly. "I'll be thrilled to pose with you after dinner as long as you're willing to play."

I returned her smile, again casting my eyes over the ample flesh of her bosom. She was a tall and statuesque lady with kindly blue eyes, possibly in her early fifties, with long dark hair tinged with grey. Sylvia wasn't wearing any makeup, showing her age gracefully, which I found endearing. Relaxed by her approach I became spellbound, knowing her eyes were feasting on my nudity. I gained so much confidence from the captivated expression on her face that had she wished to touch me more intimately, I would gladly have let her. For a moment I thought she was going to. I glanced away from her breasts the instant I heard Carlos and Nigel's voices again, breaking the spell she had placed me under.

Sylvia was quick and spry, for such a large woman. She sprang to her feet and wheeled the food trays around to the other side of the table to get Nigel's plate ready. She expertly prepared it while she looked at Nigel, as he approached, with a wide, welcoming smile.

"I hope you two are ready to eat by now, Sir?" She spoke gaily, with an obvious familiarity. "Please take your seat."

She pulled out his chair to seat him at the table, smiling at me as I lifted my head, cautiously. Once he was seated she removed the cover.

The covered platter contained a range of sea food, decorated with two large portions of crayfish and freshly cooked shrimp. Oysters in the shell and steamed mussels were strewn around the outer edges to turn the dish into an artistic presentation. It smelled delicious, making my mouth water. Sylvia topped up Nigel's plate first with his choices and then quickly returned to my side of the table, asking me if I had any special preferences or dislikes. A series of hand signals, as she dished out in silence, presented the opportunity to choose the food I wanted. She carelessly allowed her breasts to touch my shoulders when she stood behind my chair, once she had finished filling my plate. An electric feeling of warm fleshy contact made me blush and quiver with a strange desire for more. 'I can't possibly be gay!' I panicked.

"Well Sylvia! I take it you've decided to pose with 'T' for me, after dinner?" He gave us an impish grin, while he talked to her.

"We'll be pleased to help you, Sir." She purred in my ear. "Before you leave, Sylvia, could you help 'T' to pull her chair in closer to the table for me, now you've completed your inspection?"

"That I have, Sir." She confirmed wryly, winking back at me as she leaned over my chair. "I'll be looking forward to cuddling up to you, when I come back later on, 'T'." She whispered

He chuckled at the look on my face when Sylvia's bosom surrounded my neck. Before I could move she effortlessly picked up my chair, while I was still seated in it, and placed it into the normal position. She kissed my cheek softly before her breasts slid away from my neck.

"Will that be all for now, Sir?" She was still breathing easily when she spoke, an impressive show of strength for any lady.

"I think so, Sylvia. You might like to start arranging what we discussed before, while you're gone?" He winked mysteriously.

"Thank you, Sir." She replied quietly. "I'll contact them now."

She left the room and Nigel invited me to start my meal. Evidently he intended to spare me the indignity of showing me off to Carlos in her presence, before our meal. He'd noticed my embarrassed reaction with amusement when Sylvia's ample breasts had encircled my neck when she kissed me. This had left him in a cheerful mood, at least.

"You liked Sylvia, didn't you?" He smiled knowingly.

"I did, Master." I kept my reply simple and short, hoping that my voice didn't betray my eagerness to pose with her. I expected more embarrassing questions to follow but he continued to eat with his eye on my breasts, as he had earlier. I was being cautious, still unsure of his mood, his motives or even what his personal fantasies were.

"God! You look so lovely without clothes on, Trish. You look so eager and vibrant. I with you could stay with me for longer so that I could do you justice, but unfortunately you won't be staying for long enough." He smiled regretfully. "Pity, really."

He'd noticed that my nipples had remained fully erect, while Sylvia's breasts had been in contact with my skin, so it would be impossible to deny my enthusiasm to be with her. I just blushed and glanced away from those hypnotic grey eyes that could read me so well.

"Why don't we talk freely and enjoy our meal?" Nigel suggested. "You can get back into your 'O' role after dinner." He spoke quietly.

"Master?" I looked him in the eye, scarcely believing my ears.

'Was he proposing a romantic interval to our Master/Slave arrangement or was he unhappy with me.' My mind raced with doubt.

"Call me by my proper name, just while we have dinner together, Trish." He smiled with genuine affection. "We're supposed to be on a dinner date and we're quite alone together, for now." He explained.

I felt his toes creeping up my leg before I finished chewing my first mouthful, making me lose concentration. I was trying to remember all the paintings in the bathroom. I hadn't noticed any that depicted two women having sex together, on their own, imagining ways they actually stimulated one and other. I could only think of two and both would be embarrassing to perform in front of Nigel, not forgetting that young handsome waiter who was consistently haunting my thoughts.

"While Sylvia and I --well, pose for you, will Carlos be in the room?" I asked, selecting another mouthful, enjoying my food as much as the elegant yet decadent atmosphere of dining nude with Nigel in a more romantic relationship. "I expect he's posed in the nude for your paintings before, has he?" I urged, hoping for a few answers.

"I'll ask you something first." Nigel chuckled at my curiosity, teasing me. "What did you imagine while you were on your own, knowing that Carlos and Sylvia would be back with me? Truthfully!"

"It was dreadful." I blushed. "I was scared out of my mind that somebody else might walk in on me, by accident, before you got back." I giggled. "I was too scared to look when the door finally opened but I was determined not to let you down."

"That's not what I meant and you know it, Trish." Nigel kept on probing relentlessly. "Did you fantasise about what Carlos would say about you. He waggled his eyebrows at me and smiled affectionately. "Were you disappointed by the fact that he didn't inspect you first?"

"I wasn't sure what to expect but I wasn't exactly disappointed in what actually happened." I admitted, with an embarrassed smile.

"I'll have test your loyalty with Carlos, after dinner, then." Nigel smiled back at me. "You'll have that to look forward to."


If you show your interest in the usual way. It's almost 10 O'clock at night in Brisbane at the moment. I know Tricia is looking forward to coming back for more excitement and maybe a more romantic involvement with Nigel, I'm sure. Aaah! Thank you. Barbara.

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