tagIncest/TabooExtorting Victoria Ch. 01

Extorting Victoria Ch. 01


Sweat was pouring from my body as my cock pounded in out of my wife's ass. My hands clung tightly to her hips only letting go long enough to give her rump a playful swat. It had taken me several months to get her to try sex doggie style and a couple more months until she decided to try anal. Now that she had tried butt fucking she couldn't seem to get enough. Her fingers worked on her clit as my strokes got harder and deeper, "Oh fuck me Barber, I'm gonna cum"

"Shit give it to me; I want you to fill me up," she growled back. In a matter of seconds I was shooting stream after stream into her bowels. Her entire body quivered several times as Barb orgasms ran through her. As my limp member slipped from her back door we collapsed to the bed. I pulled her into my arms and gently kissed and caressed her tits until she fell asleep.

Thinking I was hearing strange noises I freed myself of our entangled bodies and threw on my robe. The noise was coming from upstairs where my son and his wife were staying in a small bedroom that had a bathroom attached. I could not tell if the noises were angry or loving as they had been fighting almost continuously ever since they sought a place to live with us. The only thing that kept them together was their four year old little boy, Byrum.

When I got to the landing I understood why the noise could be heard so loud downstairs as they had not bothered to shut their bedroom door. There were both of them totally naked my son was standing in front of his wife, hands on her head, as her mouth glided up and down his shaft. He groaned as he bellowed, "Suck Me slut; good little bitch!"

Suddenly I was frozen in place and my cock sprang back to life. I hadn't ever seen my daughter in law naked before. Her large breast swung gently like pendulums, swaying back and forth as she sucked my son's cock deeper and deeper. But, even more amazing was her large round ass, consisting of two large pillows of flesh separated by a deep dark crevice. I couldn't move. In fact without thinking I found myself creeping closer and closer until I was at the doorway, hopefully out of their line of vision.

My cock had pushed its way out of my robe, standing out proudly. Victoria put her hands on my son's ass drawing him deeper as her sucking became more intense. I was almost as turned on by the sight of his cock as I was of Victoria's luscious body which disturbed me greatly on one level. Just then, Ben pulled his wife's face from his member and shot a massive load of cum all over her face and tits. Stream after stream seemed to jet from his rigid pole.

"You like that my little cum slut?" he asked panting. She was covered with globs of jism. One particularly large one was about to drip from her right nipple. Looking down I realized that I had started pumping my own shaft; I couldn't stop the scene was just too damn hot. Victoria caught the droplet on her nipple and sucked it sensually into her mouth.

"You know I do; so nasty and hot baby. Ben fuck me; please ram your cock into my pussy," Victoria pleaded as she gave his still erect member a squeeze. Ben slid onto the floor even though their bed was only two feet away. Victoria knew what was expected and stood up showing me the full glory of her ass before swinging a leg over her husband's legs as she turned around.

My cock pumping became more frantic as I saw her full jet black bush; it was a major forest of thick beauty. Swiftly, she lowered herself down her husband's cock. As soon as her cunt lips touched his cock he yanked her down onto his shaft at the same time ramming his cock deep. I could hear their bones crash together. Victoria growled and put her hands on Ben's chest as he commanded, "Ride me; fucking slut ride me hard!"

It was like being in a state of hypnosis as I stood there in a daze jacking off watching my son's big cock sliding in and out of her twat. Her tits bounced out of control splattering droplets of Ben's cum onto him and the floor. Seeing this Ben scooped some from her breast and fed it to her and then to himself. At one point I could swear Victoria's eyes locked on mine and I thought I saw a little smile appear on her cum covered face.

Then the tempo of their fucking increased as she was really into it and their moans and groans filled the room. If my wife wasn't such a deep sleeper it would have awaken her. I bit my lip to keep myself from making any noise as my balls tightened and I sprayed my load onto the floor. Quickly I knelt down and wiped the spot up with the end of the robe and got the hell out of there. I hoped I had imagined that Victoria had spotted me.

Once I had cleaned up the evidence of my voyeurism as best as I could I rejoined my wife in bed. It was about a half an hour later when the noise from upstairs woke me up and I had to free my head from my wife's chest and throw back on my robe and scurry upstairs. The noise was much louder and I wondered what they were up to now. When I got there they were both still naked but this time they were arguing loud enough to wake the dead. "What the fuck is going on here?" I yelled loud enough to be heard. Even in the middle of the ugly scene my cock sprang to full erectness and I imagined grabbing Ben's cock and burying my cock in Victoria's pussy or my face in her ass. Victoria turned to face me still nude with large dried up cum spots all over her upper body and her pussy hair matted from their fuck.

"Tell your fucking son to leave me the fuck alone. I'm not going to let him fuck me up the ass," she snapped as the arguing continued. I tried to calm things down before the fight woke up Byrum. I couldn't help thinking of throwing her over the edge of the bed and taking her ass myself. Victoria must have heard Barb running up the steps as she ran for her nightgown.

The gown had just slipped over Victoria's curvaceous body when Barb walked into the room. Ben's face turned bright red when he noticed his mom in the doorway. As he scurried for his robe we could see his cock getting stiff. Over the course of the next half an hour Barb and I got them calmed down. At one point Victoria wound up in my arms as I soothed her.

I did take the briefest of liberties with her as I let my hand graze across her plump ass. As her nipples poked my chest I swear she momentarily ground her crotch against my cock but concluded it was just wishful thinking. Barb and I never kept our feelings hidden. So, when we climbed back in bed she commented that Ben's erection was bigger than mine. Teasing her I asked, "Would you like a threesome with both of us so you can compare side by side?"

She just laughed and punched my shoulder and snuggled in my arms falling back asleep. Things continued on the same path for the next few months with Ben and Victoria fighting 2/3 of the time and fucking the other 1/3 of the time. The one change that did occur was that Victoria seemed to disappear for two or three hours at a time One day I got curious and followed her and my biggest fear was realized as she met another man.

My first thought was to tell Ben but I decided to get more evidence first. I don't know what I expected to find but I poked around and found some slips of paper under her computer. They were printouts of user names from some web site and she had hand written men's first names and phone numbers beside a few of the user names. I got on her computer and logged on to the web site mentioned on the papers and it turned out to be a sight featuring housewife hookers. I searched and within two minutes I found her picture and her fake name.

She wasn't exactly imaginative as her pseudonym was Candy. Hurriedly I printed out the information and copied the information to give to my son. I intended to give it to him that night but I never had the chance as Victoria was always around. That night after all of us were in bed he knocked on our door. Barb was wearing a shear nightie but asked him to go ahead and come on in without covering herself up.

It was then he told us that he had seen a lawyer and was filing for divorce. His lawyer had arranged for Victoria to be served the papers at her regular job the next day. The lawyer advised him to pack up her stuff and leave it in our garage for her to pick up and not let her back in to the house. Ben was going to take Byrum to the amusement park for the day so she could not cause a scene in front of the child

There were problems with the initial execution of the plan but soon everything worked out. She was gone and the stress level in our house was negligible. With the trauma of the breakup I had forgotten about the information from her computer. About a week after she left I gathered the information and logged on to my computer to see if she were still involved with the website. It only took five minutes to set up an account.

After describing all of my sexual preferences totally honestly I then totally fictionalized my identity information. With the membership fee you could contact any of the ladies you wanted to and send messages back and forth to check one another out. If that went well the girl would give you an Instant Messenger ID and would cyber with you for a small fee.

Of course the end goal was in person meeting for paid real sex. The extreme caution was because these women were, in fact, married and had to be sure their spouses would not find out. I no more than clicked on her link than I began getting hard thinking of the night I saw her fucking my son and about her sexy body. I had no idea how to word my message.

Part of my dilemma was trying to figure out my goal in contacting Victoria. Was I really doing this just to entrap her to hopefully help my son's divorce case? Or, was it that I also wanted to have sex with the hot slut? Not totally sure I made my first message simple, "Hi there, I liked your profile. I need a wild time with a horny bitch; money not a problem."

"Hey there you sound like a hot guy to me. I love to be taken hard. Would you like to Instant Message with me?" the reply came back before I blinked. This didn't sound like the slow cautious approach that the site seemed to encourage. I quickly concluded that she must really need money so I would push her to get quick results.

Three minutes later we were chatting through instant messaging. Wasting no time getting down to business she wrote, I am sitting here softly playing with my boobs and running my hand between my legs right over my furry bush; so turned on. So, tell me about what your favorite panties would look like."

I had written that I had a slight panty fetish on my profile. I couldn't ask for a better result than her message. Writing back I described a hot pair of her undies I had seen in the laundry I replied, "I would love to rub my hands all over a pair of light pink bikini panties with red and blue hearts all over the ass before ripping them off and spanking your butt."

To my surprise a request for photo sharing popped up. Of course I accepted instantly and Seconds later there was a full body shot of Ann wearing nothing but those panties with legs spread with a wet spot right in the middle of the crotch. I was stunned that she did not ask about the coincidence that I would ask about an exact pair of panties that she owned but all she said was, "Hey there how about these?"

"I want to climb on top of that hot body and bite that hot neck and feel that wet spot rub against my hard cock," I quickly replied as I pulled my cock free of my pants.

"Oh yes, make me your slut; bite me harder. I dig my nails into your back to encourage you as our hips grind each other," was her response trying to get me even hotter. It worked as now I knew for sure that I would fuck my almost ex-daughter in law one way or another.

"Passionately I kiss you biting your lips before kissing down your neck to those big tits. I feverishly kiss from one to the other stopping to nibble on the flesh and nipples. My hands rub your crotch before I yank off your panties," I lustfully reply now yanking my cock roughly.

"Oh shit, fuck me; come on stick that big fat long cock inside of me. Fuck me, fuck your slut. I need your cock so badly," she typed. It was enough to cause me to lose control. Intellectually I knew she did this with every guy she chatted with but somehow that didn't matter to my sex drive. There was no way I was going to stop now.

"I inhale the crotch of the panties and then stuff them into your mouth before ramming two fingers into your pussy and licking your honey from them. I push your knees up to your shoulders and with one hand pin your hands behind your head and slam my cock hard into your juicy twat. You are at my mercy now," I frantically respond.

""Fuck yes, I love it; harder fuck me harder; I need to be filled up with your cum," Victoria begs. In no time at all I sprayed a large load of spunk everywhere. I don't think I have cum that much since I was a teenager. Of course, Candy (Victoria) said she came as well. My ego would like to think that she really did cum but my brain was not so sure.

Before logging off she agreed to cyber with me again a couple of more times and if that worked out we might meet for an in person rendezvous. Over the next couple of sessions I broadened the experience to include spanking, oral sex, and anal stuff. But, the most important part of the chats was the afterglow when I caught her off guard.

Then I would ask her some personal questions. Among other things she said her real name was Victoria and that she had been doing this for two years. She told me that she was separated but had two affairs before deciding to get paid to have fun with men. She confessed that sex with her husband had been great but she couldn't get enough. The only thing she didn't want to do with him was anal as he didn't do it right. She never did explain that but I let it go.

Obviously, I had all the evidence I would need to take to the lawyer. There was a major problem I hadn't thought of in my aroused states and that was how I would justify this to my wife. I would have to think on that a bit longer and I put the printouts of our chats in some safe place. The plan would be simple for our get together as I wasn't likely to get new evidence on her.

The major focus now was to make sure she didn't get away without becoming a willing slut for me. I would record parts of the interaction in case it yielded usable fruit. I knew now I would not use a thing unless the circumstances should force me to. All I knew was besides just fucking her I had to run my fingers through her thick pubic hair, suck those titties, and bite that ass.

Amazingly we never talked by phone so I didn't have to disguise my voice. Finally on our fourth instant messaging session she said she would be willing to meet in person and allow me to have my way with her. After she told me the ground rules and the costs we figured out a time and place. I was happy that the only real ground rules she had were no bruising and that I had to wear a condom in her pussy.

We agreed to meet at the local "No Tell Hotel" that Friday afternoon. I told her to give me the entire afternoon. She warned me that would cost a lot but I didn't care as long as she followed my instructions. I would check-in first and leave a key for her. She would go to the room and change into the sluttiest short nightie, stockings, and panties she owned. I told her to turn off all of the lights and lay face down on the bed and I would take it from there.

Thursday night Barb and I had some of the best sex of our lives due in part to my fantasies of what I would be doing instead of working the next day. I got to the hotel very early and put some drinks on ice and left half the money on the nightstand as agreed. Then I placed a voice activated recorder behind the cardboard advertisement for the adult movies.

After I returned I watched, well hidden, for her to go into the room. I waited about five minutes and walked to the room and watched the shadows on the window to see when the lights went out. A minute later I walked into the room and got naked. The room was so dark that all that was visible were the tiny blue numbers on the clock radio.

As instructed she said nothing as I walked over to the bed. I held her head down facing the sheet as I buried my face for the first time in her silky ass. Then, still holding on to her head I swatted that big ass three times causing her to moan softly. Next, I climbed onto the bed next to her until my crotch was next to her head.

I lifted her head by her hair and directed her mouth to my cock. Victoria got the idea and feverishly sucked and licked my shaft. As I used one hand to keep her head in place the other travelled everywhere I could reach feeling up my daughter in law for the first time. With my hand under the gown pinching her nipple I spoke, "slut, your sucking feels absolutely great; fucking fantastic."

At first I don't think she recognized my voice as she sucked me deeper swirling her tongue around my piss hole. About five seconds later her entire body tensed up and she started to pull away. Acting fast I grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back while my other hand gripped her head tighter forcing it to remain on my cock. She bit down but I held firm.

"Whore, finish what you started; that is right it is me! You might as well finish as there is no way in hell I am letting you go until I cum in your mouth unless you want me to hurt you," I pulled up on her wrist causing her to shudder with pain. There was no way in hell I would have really hurt the arm but she didn't know that. I could hear her sobbing and felt tears hit my cock.

All was at a stand-still for what seemed like an eternity while I gave her a few seconds to ponder her situation and decide her next move. Her sobbing got louder and the tears flowed like a river but soon I felt her tongue swipe the underside of my member. It did not take long before she was sucking and licking as if possessed by some kind of spirit. Clearly she wanted to get this over with quickly.

"Oh fuck yes, you little cock sucking whore; I am going to cum bitch," I growled. My jism exploded into her throat. Like the professional cock sucker she was she greedily sucked down every drop. I held her head in place as some more jism dribbled out. Still holding her by the arm I let go of her head and she immediately started yelling and cursing at me.

"Jim why the fuck are you doing this to me. Let me go mother fucker! I am getting the fuck out of here. I ain't ever gonna fuck you bastard; what is the big idea?" the slut ranted. She squirmed trying to free herself from my grip and pounded a fist on the bed.

"Unless you want me to turn over information to Ben and his lawyer you will do what the fuck I say, Cunt. I have it in your own words that you have cheated on him for two years and been a hooker for over a year while you were still together," I snapped back. This did not seem to calm her at all. In fact, she twisted and fought even harder and somehow got free.

"I don't give a shit! I won't fuck you mother fucking bastard, this isn't right," she yelped as she got off the bed and ran toward the door. Then she realized that she was not dressed to go outside. She dove for her clothing but I grabbed her by the elastic of her panties and yanked her over to the wall. I was glad I had thought ahead and had her out of street clothing.

"Then hooking and cheating on my son is right I suppose. You are going to learn how to be my little slut unless you want me to make sure you lose everything in the divorce; understand my little cock sucker?" I announced in triumph. Just then, Victoria kneed me in the balls causing me to momentarily double over but I managed to hold on tightly to her and slapped both sides of her face.

"Oh fuck no don't; get away," she now feebly pleaded. Harshly I spun her around and pulled her ass tightly against me. Reaching around her I cupped both of her large titties and fondled them. Quickly I felt down the front of her body until I reached the crotch of her panties. I was surprised to find it was thoroughly soaked with her honey.

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