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It's been a long year, classes have been hard, but you're almost done with another semester, and then summer. There's only one class that worries you, and unfortunately, you need to pass this class badly, not only because you need it to eventually graduate, but more importantly, you need to pass it to keep your financial aid, and without that aid, there is no more school and no hope of graduating, EVER. Not only was the course nearly impossible, but the professor definitely has it in for you. You're constantly being called on during class, far more than any of the other girls, and then when you don't know the answer, he belittles you, telling you need to be better prepared, that you will never pass his course with this sort of performance, that you can't get by in life just on your good looks. Bastard, is it your fault that you've got an incredible body and have no problem showing it off, wearing belly shirts or transparent blouses with you way too short skirts. Why won't he just cut you some slack so you can pass and get ready for a summer of fun? No such luck as you're recalled from your thoughts by the Him calling your name, with that deep bellowing voice of his.

"My dear, if can't concentrate during my lectures, how do you ever think you'll be able keep that aid of yours?" You are stunned, caught off guard, embarrassed, you try to stammer a response, but he cuts you off rudely, as usual.

"Enough of your excuses young lady, I expect to see you this evening in my office at 8pm sharp, and you will be there if you want any chance of graduating."

"Yes, sir," you meekly reply. God you can't stand him and that arrogant attitude of his, always being right, always pointing it you when you make a mistake, why can't he treat you like everyone else.

As you're walking through campus to His office, you think how much fun it's going to be to give him a taste of his own medicine. You decided to really ramp things up a notch. You picked out your shortest, sexiest skirt, plaid and pleated. As an extra bonus, you have forgone your panties. You don't realize how dark and empty campus is as you arrive at His office as you are so relishing the thought of putting him on the spot like he always does to you, make him feel embarrassed and tongue tied. You strut into His office without even knocking, you are so confident, He will not get the best of you this time, this time you will put him in his place.

"Good evening young lady, at least you're on time, take a seat and open your book to Chapter 9 so we can finally get through this information and stop wasting our valuable class time." He is stern and unyielding.

You just smirk and begin lazily thumbing through your book. "Young lady, we don't have all night," you glance up to make sure his gaze is fixed on you and then you slowly, deliberately uncross your long sexy toned legs, making sure he gets full view of your hot, tight glorious sex, this will put him in his place, this will show him once and for all that he can't treat you like dirt, you deserve respect and you're better than how he treats you. You slowly glance up, you want to get a glimpse of him looking down at his desk, see him nervously shuffling through the papers on his desk, see him blush like he's made you blush a hundred times, God, this is going to be great, you've finally won. As your eyes slowly reach the top of his desk, to his chest, now comes your reward. Your eyes reach his face, expecting him to look away.

Oh shit, he's not looking away at all, oh no, he's staring straight into your eyes, he's not nervous and he is certainly not smiling. "My dear, It is exactly this type of behavior that is constantly disrupting my class. This is why you are failing my course and are in grave danger of failure. This is the attitude that has you on the brink of losing your one and only chance at a valuable education."

You aren't confident now, your head is looking at the floor, your shoulders are drooping, you are wilting under the intensity of his gaze and directness of his speech, you can't sit still, you need to get out of here, nothing has gone as you planned, your mind is swirling, you want to stand up and run.

"Young lady, are you hearing a word I'm saying, you are about to be expelled from this school and yet you don't seem to care. Do you want to continue your education, you need to make a final decision right now, at this very moment, YES or NO."

He's done it again, he's gotten the best of you, you're tongue tied, you try to mumble an answer, and a faint "yes" lightly leaves your lips.

"I can't hear you; I want to hear conviction from you - DO YOU WANT TO CONTINUE YOUR EDUCATION?" The severity of his voice makes you tremble.

With all of your might, you force out "Yes sir," and your voice trails off. You are so embarrassed, you've shown your sex to the one person who holds your future in his hands and your scheme blew up in your face. How are you ever going to pass his class now?

"Very well, now that you've made your decision, before we begin your education, you need an attitude adjustment to make sure you waste no more of my valuable time. Come at once and stand in front of my desk."

You slowly rise from your chair, you do not look up from the floor, you're blushing and nervous. You come to the front of the desk and stand staring at your shoe tops. He just sits there, staring holes through you, he doesn't move, how long must you stand here.

After what seems like an eternity, He deliberately stands and walks around the front of His desk. He paces back and forth behind you, pacing, pacing, not saying a word. The sound of his footsteps on the hardwood floor comes nearer and then fades as he walks back and forth behind you. Finally the pacing stops behind you, you hear the sound of pages turning, the pacing resumes. The waiting is agony. What does he have in mind to adjust your attitude? God please just let this be over with.

He must sense your desperation as he orders sternly, "Lean forward and place your hands face down on my desk."

You hesitate, you know because you wore your shortest skirt with no panties, you will be exposed to Him a second time. Just having this brief thought elicits an immediate response,

"I gave you an instruction, you have indicated that you wish to continue your education - I will not remind you of this another time, I expect my instructions to be followed to the letter and without hesitation. You have chosen your path and I will do anything and everything that I deem necessary to keep you to your chosen path. There is NO turning back. If you ever hesitate to follow my instructions, you will be punished to remind you of this decision. Do you understand?"

You are mortified, terrified, you know you must answer "Yes sir."

He responds quickly "Then do as you were told, NOW!"

You lean forward, as you do so, you feel your pleated skirt slowly slide up the curve of your incredible ass, your hands flatten against the cool, smooth polished wood. Before you can contemplate your fate further, you feel the full force of your heavy text book smacking you square on the ass, the book is big enough that it stings both of your soft ass cheeks, you scream, "SILENCE!" he warns.

Your book squarely connects on your left cheek, before you can steady yourself from the force of this blow, the book lands upon your right cheek. The force is so hard that your weight shifts from your legs to your arms in order for you to maintain your balance. As you gather yourself over your legs again, you feel His hand rapidly rushing through your hair, to the top of your head, and with a very sharp tug, he yanks you after Him

"Come with me young lady." He strides purposely as you scramble to keep up with the handful of hair He's dragging behind Him.

You are led out of His office, down the corridor to His lecture hall. He flings you to the ground and you land on your ass, your arms behind you bracing you up and your long sexy legs spread wide. Looking at our spread legs and your hot pussy he growls, "This is the sort of behavior that gives you so much trouble in my class."

He reaches down and grabs you by your shirt and drags you to your feet. His free hand, gropes your ass as He pulls you tight to His chest, He stares into your confused eyes,

"Remember, you made this decision - you chose this education."

His fingers linger and play with your tender asshole, not entering, but tickling the opening. It is at this moment that you begin to realize how your body is reacting to His wandering fingers; your nipples are rock hard and straining against fabric taught from His grip. Your cunt is very, very moist and dripping onto your thighs. His fingers trace around your ass and make their way to your pussy. Gaze still fixed directly into your eyes, He begins to outline your lower lips. His fingers enter you, you gasp, your eyes close to concentrate on first one, then two, then three fingers sliding in and out of your juicy, juicy, hot pussy. Your breathing is ever quickening to a pant, His thumb in rubbing your throbbing, burning clit. Your juices are streaming down your supple thighs, you begin to buck against His busy fingers, a deep moan rises from your depths, you're about to explode.

Your shaken from your ecstasy are fly crashing into the first level of the circular conference table of the auditorium. You are stunned and bewildered. He is again thumping you hard with your oversized text book. Five whacks on the right side, five smacks on the left. You are getting week in the knees, you are trembling, you lift your right hand from the table and begin to pull, pinch and twist your nipples. He knows you're ready for your next page of lessons. His hand is directly between your shoulder blades, he drives onto the smooth surface. The coolness sends shivers down your spine; He secures your wrists to the far end of the table. You feel His tongue trace down your spine, He deeply kisses and nibbles on your ass. The backs of His hands trace down your thighs, smearing your juices, they stop just above your knees, simultaneously He pushes your thighs wider, you lurch forwards. Your ankles are secured to the desk support beams. He works His way slowly up your long legs, licking, massaging, and sucking. Your juices are flowing and you're really moaning and panting. His fingers have reinvaded your hot tight pussy, you begin to shake as your think you're about to cum. All of a sudden, His fingers leave you, you don't think and cry "No, please don't stop!" you're pleading. Immediately, His hand lands squarely on your left cheek and then again on the right.

"Little miss, DO NOT speak unless spoken to - this is why you can't concentrate during my class."

You hear jingling and then a sharp pinch on your nipples as the clamps are tightened onto your aching nipples. You bite your lip to keep your scream to yourself. After a few tugs on the clamps, His fingers are back at your pussy, pulling and tugging on your lips, they make their way back to the oh so sensitive area between your pussy and ass, but they don't stop there, they continue back to your hot little ass. This time they don't tease, they enter, and not timidly, but they ram right in all the way to the knuckle. Two fingers slick from your pussy are ramming in and out of your ass, harder, deeper and faster.

Your knees buckling, you are grinding against His hammering fingers, you're pushing back with all your strength, wanting those fingers in you, your pussy is convulsing, He's finally letting you cum, thank god, He's finally letting you cum and you're cumming hard. Your juices rush forth from your trembling pussy and your legs give out as you hang limp, supported only by your wrist restraints. He licks and sucks the juices from your thighs, His hands trail up your collapsed thighs to your hips and lifts you to your feet. He kneels down and unties your ankles, with a jerk He pulls the clamps from your sore nipples, you groan as the feeling rushes back to your aching tits. He lowers His body onto your back as he releases your writs and pulls you to your feet, you lean against His chest as His strong hands squeeze your tits.

As he lowers to kiss your shoulders and neck, He whispers into your ear, "Young lady, I think you now understand why you must value and treasure your education. If you work as hard and concentrate on my lessons as you've done tonight, you may just pass my course. - are you prepared to give your education that level of commitment miss."

"Yes sir," you lustily purr, "Yes sir - thank you for investing your valuable time in me sir."

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