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Extracurricular Activities


It was a normal Thursday, the final bell had rung and the students were filing out of the High school. I waited by my car for my friend Katie to come out so I could give her a ride home, as I always did. We got to her apartment building and she invited me in, just to hang out until her mother came home, so she would have someone with her so she would feel safe, at least, that's what she told me. We got inside her apartment and sat on the couch, she turned on the TV and we watched it for about ten minutes, she then looked at me and said, in a deep, throaty, sexy voice, "There's something I've always wanted to tell you. I think you are so hot, and I've wanted to fuck you since we first met."

I was stunned, I mean, I'll admit that I'm good looking, I'm 6'5", well built, and I work out regularly, but this took me completely by surprise. "I'll take it by your silence that you like that thought," she said, and she pushed me down onto the couch, she kissed me passionately, which I gladly returned, cause Katie is sexy, I had fantasized about her, but I had never thought that I would have the chance to actually get inside her. She removed my shirt, and used her long hair to her advantage by running it lightly up and down my chest and stomach. I was bulging through my pants at this point, and she noticed, she looked at me and smiled. She kissed and licked my navel as she unbuttoned and removed my pants, revealing my boxers straining to keep my cock in them.

She removed my boxers and my cock, now free of the restraint, stood at it's full 7 inches. She admired it and told me that it was one of the biggest she'd ever seen, but I got the feeling she'd said that to more than just me. She then grinned a sly grin at me and kissed my pecs then moved downwards, kissing over my abs and up my cock, before she took about three-quarters of it into her mouth. She then wrapped one hand around the base of my cock, and used her other hand to play with my balls as she sucked me off. I lay back on the couch enjoying myself, she swung herself around and straddled my chest, at this I grabbed her nice tight ass and guided it towards my face, I could not believe that I was going to 69 Katie, I had gone down on a few girls before her, so I knew what I was doing, what I wasn't prepared for was what happened next.

While I had my tongue going in and out of Katie's beautifully shaved pussy the door opened, I expected to hear Katie's mother yelling, instead I heard Katie's moaning, and a gasp, then, out of the corner of my eye I saw Katie's sister, Dana, running into another room. I felt myself getting ready to come, and so did Katie, she took all of my cock into her mouth and let my come slide down her throat. She swallowed it all and spun around to share another deep kiss with me. I could taste my come on her tongue as Dana came back into the living room with a bag.

She went straight to Katie, Katie winked at me and then the two sisters started kissing and stripping each other. I was lying on the couch wearing only socks, with a huge hard-on while Katie and Dana were going at it on the love seat. I watched them with my cock in my hand, as they got each other naked Dana pulled out what was in the bag. It was a strap on, long, black, and rather realistic looking. Dana took her turn giving me head while Katie put on the strap on and fucked her sister Doggy style!

Dana moaned around my cock, then she couldn't take it any more, she let my cock slide out of her mouth, and fucked the strap on with all her energy, she moaned and groaned and came on the strap on, then fell upon me, her head resting upon my thigh. Katie then presented the strap on to me, telling me do lick Dana's juices off, which I did, she was pretty good tasting. Dana regained her energy and she whispered something into her sister's ear, Katie nodded and positioned herself over my cock as Dana got over my face. I got the idea as they both lowered simultaneously. I was fucking Katie, and eating Dana! I could not believe my luck. Here were the two most beautiful girls in the high school, and I was gonna do both of them.

Katie rode herself into oblivion as I licked and sucked on Dana's delicious pussy. Once they were both satisfied they switched positions. I fucked Dana while I ate Katie, and I tasted my come for the second time that day. This time it was Dana's turn to receive the load of my good-sized cock. After they got themselves together they helped me dress, then dressed each other. We lay on the couch recovering, then I kissed both girls and got up to leave. Katie said, "Call me some time," as I left, then the sisters started making out as I shut the door. It took me the entire 15 minute ride home to get rid of my hard-on. What a day!

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