tagBDSMExtracurricular Activities Ch. 05

Extracurricular Activities Ch. 05


Dawn on Thursday morning came too soon. He had slept on his stomach to avoid aggravating the lash-marks on his back. He was sore and tired and just wanted to cut class. He saw the black rubber bracelet on his wrist and rolled over onto his side, covering his head again, hiding from the shame he felt inside.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! His phone told him he had just gotten a text.

From Leslie L.

Hey, I missed the bus! Can you come pick me up?

Sent at 7:22am

He would have moved mountains, walked across hot coals and endured a thousand of Cat's punishments for that girl. He texted her back and got dressed, choosing the softest shirt he owned, a nice silk one for special occasions. He took a quick look in the mirror. He looked like hell. Shrugging it off he went to go pick up Leslie. She was waiting at the curb and he pulled up along side her. Climbing in, she immediately began thanking, apologizing and giving excuses simultaneously. Chris said it wasn't a problem and drove the two to school.

Parking his car, he got out stiffly and she asked what was wrong. Chris lied and told her he had just slept funny. She nodded and took his hand, walking into the brick building through the columned front entrance. He took her to her locker and helped her with her books. He bore her book bag on his shoulder as they walked to her first class even though the pain was excruciating. She kissed him and they parted ways. Chris took his time getting to his first class, not giving a shit if he was late. His head hung low without Leslie to lift it. When he came into class after the bell his teacher just let it slide, the kid obviously having a bad day. He eased into his seat and just laid his head down, his back hurting so badly. The bell couldn't come fast enough as he walked down the halls towards English class, the one he was dreading the most.

"Just gotta get it over with," he told himself aloud.

He had mixed feelings when his eyes met Cat's; he was in pain physically and emotionally but he wanted to continue with his training, hoping she would crack his hard exterior and help him defeat his demons. She seemed to have a good time whipping at the flesh on his back anyway. The lecture went quickly and when the bell rang he just left, not wanting to speak to her, to hear her excuses or apologies or ridicule.

Lunch was his saving grace and Leslie his angel in dark times. She radiated a beautiful light that banished away all of the monsters that tormented him. He just sat there, grateful to be close and he listened to her as she chatted with Scarlett, talking about her photography class and her fears about her Biology quiz next period. She could have been reading the dictionary and he would have been enchanted. As the bell sounded once more, the two cleared the table and headed off in separate directions. He craved her the moment they parted. The trauma to his back had been for her but he could never tell her.

Biology was boring and he skipped P.E. in favor of being antisocial. His school had a clock tower and courtyard near the entrance. There was only one door that allowed people to get into it and it was supposed to be locked, the fire marshal deeming it unsafe if a fire were to break out due to its single exit. Chris tested the door and found that some students had gotten in and taped over the latch that would have locked it automatically. He climbed the winding staircase to the top and found a few of his classmates up there, passing a joint. They quickly hid it from his view, but the whole tower smelled like ganja. He had smoked a few times before and didn't normally like the disconnected feeling it gave him, but today was different. Proffering his hand, the guys dressed in tie-dye with long hair passed the roach to the left. He took a hit and held it in his lungs as he handed it off. Exhaling slowly, he coughed a couple times but his pain seemed to melt away for the moment.

He stared out of the tower onto the grounds below. The courtyard was empty, all the kids in class. The field had his P.E. class running track and throwing footballs. One of the hippies in the tower pulled out some more pot and began rolling another joint. The man rolling sparked it first and then passed it on to Chris. He complimented the guy on the nice tight roll and took a drag, advancing it down the line. He was pleasantly stoned and didn't take a hit on the next go around. He thanked the guys for the smoke and headed on with hand shakes and high-fives before he left.

He walked out to his car and spritzed on some cologne he had stashed in his glove compartment. He heard the bell ring from the parking lot and went inside to meet up with Leslie. He had to go to work and really could use seeing her before starting his shift. He arrived at her locker before she did but she wasn't long behind. She was walking with Scarlett when she spotted him and the two parted ways, giving each other a sisterly peck on each cheek. As Leslie came closer she looked him up and down and grinned.

"Where'd you get the smoke?" she asked as she got next to him. He looked around and sniffed his shirt, smelling the fresh cologne and nothing else. "Your eyes are so fucking red!" she whispered and shook her head. "You holding out on me?"

"Nah, I skipped P.E. and smoked with some guys in the clocktower," he explained.

"You got a minute?" she asked, "I want to show you something I'm working on in photography class." He couldn't deny her, he didn't care if Sarah was going to be mad for him being late. He didn't care about much of anything with the cannabis flowing through his veins, stimulating his neurons and giving him a case of the munchies. He followed her to her class and they crossed the room to the darkroom. The light on the outside was off, indicating that there was no one using the room. They stepped in and she flicked the switch, bathing the tiny space in a red glow.

Instead of showing Chris her work, Leslie began kissing him, her hands thankfully staying on his chest instead of his tender back. He kissed her back with fervor. "I know you have to go to work soon, but I could really use some of this right now," she whispered, rubbing the front of his pants. He groaned and let her have her way with him. She unzipped his pants and pulled out his hardening cock. Stroking it in her hands it went to full mast very quickly. She lifted her black skirt over her round ass and showed off her naked rear. She wasn't wearing panties. He hardened fully and moaned at the look of her in the red radiance.

"Please fuck me, right here," she begged. He couldn't withhold sex from her even though his whole body ached. He knew once he was inside her, all of his cares would melt away. He took a step forward and slid into her warm, wet depths, groaning as her body tightened with the invasion. His mind and body felt so blissfully disconnected. His brain was hazy, his back a dull ache, his dick wrapped in a velvet glove. He fucked her slowly and deliberately, feeling every inch as it entered and exited her. He felt her reaching the precipice and reached out to give her breasts a bit of attention. She quivered softly and rested her head on the work bench, enjoying his gentleness.

Chris picked up the pace, fighting back the pain from friction of his shirt on his raw back. His urges took over and he screwed her in the darkroom. He didn't last long, but Leslie didn't seem to mind. He came inside her, filling her tight pussy with his semen. He could have stayed there inside her forever but feared getting caught screwing in school. He pulled out and put himself away. Leslie smiled and stood up, holding out her closed hand to him. He opened his to receive whatever she was giving him. She dropped a pair of panties in his palm, her panties. He smiled and tucked them into his pocket for later. She stood on her toes and kissed him. It really turned him on to think that she was going to walk around with no underwear on, his cum leaking from her tight pussy. He kissed her and left in a hurry, pulling out of the lot and heading to work.

Chris came in, feeling like he was on top of the world. The weed was wearing off and his eyes weren't so red but he still felt high as he thought of Leslie. He passed Sarah, Mark and Johnny as they were cutting vegetables and getting ready for dinner service. Sarah saw the look on his face and smiled, "Someone got his dick wet!" she remarked. Chris blushed bright red and that was all the confirmation the kitchen crew needed. They busted out laughing and Johnny went up to him and gave him a friendly slap on the back. The blow caused him to wince as it landed on one of the welts criss-crossing his back. Sarah told them all to 'give the kid a break' and they went back to work. Chris tied his apron on and went up to his boss, asking her what needed to be done. He rested his hand on the counter near her and she spotted the black rubber bracelet on it, a flash of recognition arcing across her face.

"Chris, can you come into the office, we have some paperwork for you to fill out so you can sign up for benefits," Sarah said. Chris followed her into the office and she began rummaging through the filing cabinet, looking for something. The room was only about six foot wide and six foot long, no windows, filled simply with a computer desk, a couple filing cabinets and two chairs, one a bit nicer than the other. "Go ahead and shut the door and take a seat." Once the door was latched he pulled over the other swivel chair and sat down carefully as not to irritate his injured back. Suddenly her open palm came rushing towards his face and made contact with his cheek with a loud smack. "Are you stupid?" she shouted. Chris just sat there in shock, mouth agape, cheek stinging and red. Her eyes flickered with anger, "Cat fucking Callahan?!" Sarah roared, "You have no idea what you are getting yourself into."

Sarah paced back and forth in the tiny office while Chris grappled with what just happened. "You hit me," he said in disbelief, rubbing the hot spot on his face.

"Oh my god! I could do it again too!" she fumed. Flopping down into the nicer chair Sarah took several deep breaths, trying to regain her composure. "She's a cruel woman," she said finally.

"She wasn't that bad," Chris replied, lying through his teeth.

"Take off your shirt," Sarah ordered.

Chris was about to refuse when her eyes met his and he could see the rage bubbling just below the surface. He looked around for a quick escape route but it was blocked by his own chair and Sarah had deadly reflexes. Chris sighed audibly and popped the snaps of his jacket open, throwing it to the side. He pulled his undershirt over his head gingerly and added it to the pile. Sitting in the chair facing his boss bare-chested made him very nervous but having her be so rough and domineering got him aroused.

"Stand up and turn around, let me see what she did to you." Chris obeyed and stood up, showing her the stripes left by the riding crop. Sarah gasped and stifled a moan. She reached out and stroked one of the longer marks from end to end, her fingers trembling. Chris inhaled sharply as her touch ignited pain and pleasant memories from last night. "You must have been a bad boy," she purred.

"How did you know about Cat?" he asked, still unsure how she could have found out.

"Those stupid bracelets she makes her clients wear," she said admiring the work her fellow Domme had inflicted.

"Well I'm not a client of hers," he retorted defiantly.

"Oh you think you're special, don't you? Look, Cat and I go way back. We went to high school together, we got into BDSM together, we've even had sex with each other, but that was before she went to California for college. Something happened out there and she came back a very sadistic woman."

"I know it sounds cliché but I feel a connection with her," Chris said, repeating what he had told himself to justify her actions.

"She is a professional dominatrix. I've seen her whip a man until he lost consciousness," Sarah said, going through her desk drawers looking for something.

"She didn't hurt me like that," he said, the stripes on his back begging to differ. He failed to mention that he fucked her harder than he had ever fucked a woman before, fueled by her punishment but that wasn't important.

"Lean over and put you hands against the wall," Sarah instructed. Chris did as he was told, a shudder of pleasure coursing through his body as her words controlled his every move. "Put your head down and relax. This is going to hurt a bit," she said and Chris lowered his head between his outstretched arms, bracing for the worst. She flipped open the cap on a tube of A&D ointment that she had in her desk from her last tattoo, depositing a small amount onto her fingertips she smoothed it onto the angry welts on Chris' back. He gasped at the feelings of coolness and pain on his raw skin, closing his eyes tightly.

"That's a good boy," Sarah cooed softly. She continued applying the soothing salve to his back with a gentleness that Chris didn't know she had possessed. "I know you saw Johnny and I in the dry-storage area the other day," Sarah remarked out of the blue which cause Chris to raise his head slightly before Sarah roughly pushed it back down, "Just relax, you can't be tense," she said lovingly. "Johnny saw you. He didn't tell me until afterwards, he knew I would have stopped. When he said you were watching so intently I thought you were just shocked to see your boss and coworker going at it. I didn't know you were interested in the lifestyle," she concluded.

"I love it when a woman takes control," Chris said softly, admitting his taboo desires to his chef. Sarah continued to rub the ointment into all of the lash marks on his back. There were dozens ranging from small light pink lines to angry red stripes that nearly broke the skin. Sarah couldn't believe that he had endured them, such a young kid.

"Did you like it when she hit you? I've seen her with the riding crop; most people use the tip and it stings a bit, but she uses the whole shaft, more like when you cane someone."

Chris sighed. He had thought about this long and hard especially while it was happening. "I don't like the pain," he said after much deliberation, "but the pain I can block out or channel into other emotions."

Sarah nodded, "But Chris, BDSM isn't really about pain per se, it is about control and domination and surrendering yourself to someone else completely, trusting them with your life and well-being in their hands." She finished with the ointment and put down the tube.

She stepped back and took another look at Cat's work on her young apprentice's back, the cream adding a shine to the raised marks. She knew he was a strong kid, he had endured her playful punishment plenty of times but now she saw something different in him. She finally saw him as a man. Sarah was very aroused and took a seat on her high-backed office chair, sighing audibly. Chris moved to get out of his current position, bent over, legs spread, hands on the wall, but the moment he stood erect, Sarah corrected him.

"I haven't released you yet."

Chris' mind wanted so badly to stand, to defy her, to flee, but he stopped in his tracks and could feel his body betraying him as he lowered his head and assumed the subordinate posture once more. He was rock hard. Sarah could see the turmoil written across his face.

"You've had a trying day," she said simply. "Here, come sit and rest for a minute." He turned around and was about to sit in the spare chair when he noticed her pointing to the floor by her feet. His eyes searched for confirmation which was met by a stern 'Sit' from Sarah. He heeded her and took a seat on the floor near the dominant woman. She motioned for him to come closer and as he did she took his head gently in her hands and rested it on her lap. Chris felt warmth and compassion emanating from her. She ran her fingers through his hair and he relaxed further. He had such a fitful night of sleep with his sore back, he could have drifted off right there.

"You were such a good boy, taking such a harsh punishment for your first time," Sarah commented, pulling Chris out of his near-slumber, "You should get a reward." Chris wondered what she had meant when he heard clothes rustling above his head. He dared not move from the position she put him in, fearing upsetting her.

Sarah stroked the back of his head and gently grabbed a fistful of his hair, using it to turn him so that he was looking at her face. He noticed the smile on her face first, then the fact that she was nearly topless. She had unbuttoned her chef coat and unfastened her front-closure bra, baring her large grapefruit-sized breasts to him. Her nipples stood proudly atop the mounds, hard pencil erasers on rosy aureoles. Chris looked around nervously. Sensing his trepidation she guided his face to her chest.

"The door locks from the outside, you'd need a key to get in," she said reassuringly, "Now, come and get your reward," she purred.

Chris snatched up one of her nipples greedily and sucked and nibbled on the sensitive nubs. She gasped and sank into the chair, enjoying his rough eagerness. He kissed her chest and moved his way to her bare neck, sucking at the nape with fervor. Grabbing the hair on the back of his head she pulled him away and chastised him, "No leaving marks where people can see!"

He moved lower and kissed the swell of her right breast. Suckling hard, he left a hickey on her pale skin. Chris could feel her heart as if it would beat right out of her chest. Feeling bold he cupped her mound with his open palm, feeling the heat of her pussy under her clothes. She nodded softly, all the encouragement he needed. He unbuttoned her cargo pants, lowered the fly and slid the heavy black denim from her shapely rear. A flash of pink caught his eye as her silky bikinis came into view. Chris had never pictured her as the kind of woman to wear pink, but that was inconsequential as he gazed at her barely covered snatch. Sliding the fabric to the side he saw that she was bare except for a tiny, well-trimmed triangle at the apex, her slit glistening with her arousal. He grabbed the panties and pulled them from her waist. Helping him out, Sarah kicked them to the side and lifted a leg onto the armrest of her chair. The pretty petals of her pussy opened for him and he dove in, lapping up her sweet juices.

Sarah groaned loudly then covered her mouth with her palm not wanting anyone else to hear her. Her flicked his tongue across her clit and tongue-fucked her luscious hole. She was already really turned on and at the verge of orgasm. Chris came up for air, licking his lips ferally. Sarah moaned and whimpered, her face awash with pleasure. Deciding to tease her, Chris thumbed her button softly, letting the orgasm build slower.

"You think you're cute, don't you?" she growled to which Chris gave her a very smug grin. Sarah seized him firmly by the throat, not enough to hurt him, but enough to get his attention. A sense of panic overcame him and his eyes darted around. She had made her point and swooped in, kissing him fervently on the lips, tasting herself on him. "Now go be a good boy and finish what you started," Sarah purred.

He set to work bringing his boss to her climax; gentle kisses to her pussy lips, tongue dancing over her clit, two fingers delving deeply into her honey pot stroking her g-spot. She writhed in the chair as he brought her closer and closer to the inevitable end. She covered her mouth with her hand to stifle her moans but it only helped a bit. She was really enjoying what her young apprentice was doing to her.

Chris could feel her pussy tense up around his fingers before she squealed and shuddered violently under him. It was then that he had his first experience with a woman who squirts. Out of her tight hole came a torrent of sweet juices that Chris thirstily lapped up. Sarah had collapsed in the chair, naked chest heaving with every labored breath as the young man cleaned up the mess between her legs.

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