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Eye of the Beholder


He had worked the last 5 years more overtime than any human should have been expected to work. Medical school and residency had been tough enough, but building a practice in a rural county in East Tennessee was time consuming and costly. In addition to being intelligent and skilled, Alex Jefferson was a handsome man. He was handsome enough to have attracted a much younger nurse, whom he married at the end of his residency. Angie was every schoolboy's dream. She had flowing blond hair, perky breasts and a cheerful personality which made everybody at ease and insured a fun time in any situation.

Alex had finally hired a nurse practitioner and she was worth more than her weight in gold as she not only took some of the load off his shoulders, but insured an additional income stream. It was Joyce's addition to his practice which allowed Alex to sneak home with two dozen red roses and tickets to the Eagle's concert. He had kept the news of his new nurse practitioner from his wife. Angie had never been very interested in the practice. She had helped in the office for the first year, but once things were starting to take off, she retreated to a life of public service and shopping trips to Ashville and Knoxville.

Alex approached his home and could not notice the 1999 ford in the driveway. It was not strange to find a strange car in the driveway, but they were always late model expensive SUV's or sport cars. He opened the door to find the house quite. There was nobody in the kitchen, living room or the family room. As he approached the bedroom he heard his wife's voice. She was not talking, she was moaning. Sounds he clearly recalled from the early years of their marriage, when he had had the time and the energy to "fuck her three ways; fast, hard and repeatedly!"

"Oh God! Ohhh good! Oh gawd!" she called out "Oh, yes, fuck me, ba-a-beee, fuck me harder, yes that's it."

The flowers dropped from his hands as Alex peeked through the partially opened door to see the profile of a 20-something man plastered between his wife's legs, which she had pulled back and was holding in her hands.

"Yeah, baby, you like to be fucked hard, don't you? You like my thick cock in your pussy? Say it, say you like my thick cock!" The stranger's course talk surprised Alex.

"I like your cock in my pussy, oh, yes... I cumming" Angie threw her head back and gasped.

Alex could not contain himself. It took less than a minute for Alex to thrust the door open and reach into the drawer of his bedside table and retrieve the colt revolver he kept for "protection."

"You son of a bitch, you mother-fucking, son of a bitch." Alex said as the stranger jumped back off the bed.

Alex took aim and without saying another word, fired two well placed shots into the chest of the intruding stranger. The naked man fell to his knees and then collapsed forward on his chest as he let out a gasp and breathed his last. Alex turned to Angie, her face betrayed shock and terror. She pulled the sheet up to cover her breasts and looked at Alex wondering if he would shoot her.

"I chose to believe that this man broke into here and forced you to have sex with him. I chose to believe that you were cooperating with him to avoid his wrath and those sounds I heard were your efforts to establish that you would be trusted and he could leave you without causing any harm. That is what I chose to believe. Am I wrong?" Alex held the firearm to his side as his eyes connected with hers.

Angie did not answer with words. She nodded her head up and down, while diverting her eyes down, not wishing to look at her now dead lover or her angry husband.

"What you will do now is call 9-1-1 and let them know that you have been raped and your husband shot an intruder." Alex moved towards the bed and handed his wife the telephone.

Alex replaced the pistol and moved to the body of the dead man. He reached the man's neck and attempted to find a pulse, although he knew his shot had been deadly.

It was only moments until the sounds of the siren of the approaching squad cars increased in volume as the cars approached the home on the quiet cul-de-sac. What happened next surprised both Alex and Angie. The officers secured and photographed the scene before gathering evidence to be used at trial. Even before the body was removed the officers asked both Alex and Angie to make a statement. Once the statements were made, the officers arrested Alex on the spot.

Now the case was before the honorable Judge Matthew Albertson. The defense and prosecution had given their closing arguments and the Judge had made his instructions to the jury before dismissing the jury to their deliberations. It was early, not even 3 pm, but the judge's experience told him that a case such as this could lead to extended deliberations, but even if it did not there would be at least a hour before the process could work itself out.

The Judge slipped his robe off and instructed his bailiff to call him if the jury was ready to render their verdict, but he was going home.

The judge pulled up to his home and noticed the strange car in the driveway. He entered the home to find it empty. Not a soul to be seen as he silently worked his way through the home.

"Oh God! Ohhh good! Oh gawd!" he heard his wife call out "Oh, yes, fuck me, ba-a-beee, fuck me harder, yes that's it."

As the judge peeked through the partially opened door to see the profile of a 30-something man plastered between his wife's legs, he reached down to unbuckle his belt.

"Yeah, baby, you like to be fucked hard, don't you? You like my thick cock in your pussy? Say it, say you like my thick cock!" The stranger's course talk caused Judge Matthew's cock to full with blood.

"I like your cock in my pussy, oh, yes... I cumming" the judge's wife threw her head back and gasped.

Judge Albertson could not contain himself, he pulled off his shirt and removed the rest of his clothing before entering the room, his hard cock firmly in hand. He moved to the head of his bed and gently touched his wife's arm.

"Are you having fun sweetie?" The Judge said to his wife.

"Oh, yes! His cock feels so good, it fills me up baby!"

"Do you mind if I join you?" The judge now addressed the man who was still pumping his cock into the young brunette's shaved pussy.

"Not at all, your honor." The man said as he repositioned himself and turned the wife so he could fuck her from behind as she sucked her husband's cock.

"Oh, yes, I love it when you suck my dick!" The judge pronounced.

Mrs. Albertson removed her mouth and looked her husband in the eyes as she said "Yes, and your little cock fits so well in my mouth, I love being able to suck your cock as a man with a real dick fucks me, thanks for coming home!" Mrs. Albertson licked the judge's cock a few more moments. "Ok, Hubbie, time to watch"

The judge retreated to a chair in the corner of the room and stroked his cock as his wife's lover increased his pace.

"Oh, yes, fuck me! I'm cumming, I'm cumming, yes, yes, yes!" Her eyes rolled back in her head. She tensed and then released as she let out one more moan.

The judge ejaculated, his phone rang.

"Hello, your honor, the jury is back."

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