Eye Opening Trip Ch. 04


Ann put on the coffee then turned to Jim. She asked, "How much do you remember last night?"

Jim looked embarrassed and said, "I guess not too much. I thought I heard Vicky but I knew it wasn't so I decided I was dreaming. I know I had been feeling down the last day or two and I had a drink or two last night because I was remembering it was one year since she died. What I want to know is what you're doing here and why you were in bed with me?"

Ann looked at Jim and filled two cups with coffee. She said, "Let's take this to the patio." While they walked outside she continued with her explanation. "I was at the café last night for supper. I was feeling down because it was a year since George and Vicky died and I didn't feel like being alone. I was eating my supper when Jerry asked me if I had seen or talked to you recently. He said no one had seen you for three or four days. We were worried about you. As soon as I finished my meal I came out here to check on you since you didn't answer your phone."

"When I got here I found the house a mess and you on the patio drunk. You convinced me to have a few in memory of George and Vicky. You almost convinced me to get drunk with you but I finally realized what we were doing and made you stop. I took you to your room and tried to get you in bed. When I got you there you grabbed me and pulled me down with you. You were holding me too tightly for me to get up. I guess we both dropped off to sleep about the same time because I woke up in the same position I remember you pulling me into. I was trying to get up when you woke up."

Ann looked at Jim and said, "Jim. You know this has to stop. You have to take care of yourself. You're 61 years old and you need to watch your health. That means eating correctly, exercising and cutting down on the drinking. I don't want to lose you too." She stopped in shock when she realized what she had said and jumped to her feet. From the look on his face Jim was shocked too.

Jim jumped from his chair and followed Ann back into the house. She was heading for the front door when he caught her. He turned her and looked into her eyes. They were brimming with unshed tears. Jim held Ann and stared into her eyes for the longest time then he leaned forward and gave her a gentle kiss.

Ann's eyes got big and she tried to pull away. Jim held her and gently but firmly pulled her tightly against him and gave her another gentle kiss-a kiss that lingered longer and longer. Ann felt herself sag against Jim and she began to kiss him back. Finally Jim pulled back ending the kiss. He said, "I don't want to lose you either Annie. Now, how about we go to the café for breakfast-my treat."

Ann was breathing heavily and she felt her nipples hardened to points, her crotch felt wetter than it had been in a long time. She took a deep breath and looked into Jim's eyes. She smiled and said, "OK."

No one at the café seemed surprised to see Jim and Ann together. They were greeted like the long time friends they were and all went about their business while Jim and Ann ordered and ate breakfast. No one seemed to notice the slight tension between the two. The tension was there though. They were each trying to wrestle with their thoughts about what had happened the night before and what they each wanted.

After a leisurely breakfast and several cups of coffee Jim decided they needed to go. Ann agreed and followed him back to his truck. When they got back to Jim's house Ann turned to him and said, "Jim I have to go. I...I'll check on you again in a day or two. Now you remember to eat right and stay away from the alcohol."

Jim stood and watched Ann's car until she was out of sight. He sighed and shook his head. He wondered what in the world he was thinking doing what he had just done that morning. He didn't know but he did know he felt better than he had in months. Jim went back into his house and into his office. He actually got a lot of work done that day and felt like he was getting back into the swing of things.

Over the next several weeks Jim and Ann began seeing each other more and twice they went to the local Senior Center for the dance. Jim began calling Ann just to talk. Finally one Wednesday when he was talking to Ann Jim asked her if she would go to supper with him that Saturday evening. When she said yes he said, "Great. I want to go somewhere nice so wear a good dress or slacks."

Ann was unsure what to think of that but she decided to wear the quintessential little black dress and her CFM's. When Jim showed up in a nicer suit she was glad she had done so. They drove a little over an hour to the next larger town where Jim took her to a new French restaurant he had heard of. The food was excellent and the wine superb. Neither one of them were feeling any pain when they got back to Jim's house.

As Jim helped Ann into his home he insisted on a nightcap. Ann agreed and smiled when she saw Jim return with a bottle of good Port. They had several drinks and agreed Jim was just too drunk to drive Ann back home. Since Jim hadn't found the courage to clean out Vicky's clothes and other personal items Ann was able to dress for bed using one of her gowns-a piece of clothing that hadn't gotten much use because Jim and Vicky slept nude just as he and Ann used to do.

Once again when Ann was trying to get Jim into bed he grabbed her and pulled her into bed with him. This time she didn't fight it too much. Maybe that was because she was a little high, maybe because she really wanted to be there. In any event when Jim pulled her down onto the bed with him she allowed him to do so with no argument

Jim pulled her to him and she realized he had lost his underwear and was naked. His hand naturally cupped her breast as he nestled his front into her backside. She could feel his hard cock pressing against her ass. They lay like that for some time and Jim kept working against the fabric of Vicky's gown. Finally with a snarl Ann threw the covers back, sat up and pulled the gown over her head. She dropped it beside the bed and lay back down nestling against Jim once more.

Ann felt Jim thrust and press against her sliding his cock between her thighs. He moaned a little, sighed and cupped her breast again. They drifted off to sleep once more like they had so many times in the distant past.

The next morning before full daylight Ann felt Jim rolling her nipple between his thumb and finger while his raging hard on gently thrust against her. She was so wet she could feel it on her thighs. She moaned and lifted her left leg slightly. She reached down and gently guided Jim into her sopping cunt.

When Jim felt his cock slip into Ann he stopped, set himself and slammed the rest of his length into her. He was lodged as deeply in her as he had ever been. They both held that insertion a short time then began that well remembered thrusting and working against each other that they had used for so many of their married years. Neither was in the mood to prolong this coupling and they rose to their orgasms rapidly.

Ann was screaming out her release as Jim shouted out "UNHHHH." They had been so preoccupied they had not heard the front door open or Paul call out. The first time they knew anyone was around was when Paul walked up to the open bedroom door and said, "Hey Dad are you in here? Do you know where Mom is? Jen and I went to take her to breakfast and she is gone. Her car is in the"

He stopped in shock as his brain took in what he was seeing in his Father's bed. He started to stammer an apology as Jennifer came up to the door. She immediately blushed and said, "Oh my GOD. We're sorry." She grabbed Paul's arm and pulled him down the hall.

Paul and Jennifer were almost out the front door before Jim caught them. He looked sheepish but said, "Uhhh your Mother and I went to Centerton and had supper at that new French restaurant last night then we decided I was too drunk to take her back home. I guess we got a little carried away this morning. Since you're here why don't you just stay for breakfast?"

Jennifer said, 'Oh, no. We don't want to intrude. I'm sorry we interrupted you. We'll just go on and eat at the café.

Ann came into the room wearing one of Vicky's robes. She blushed as she looked at Paul and Jennifer but she said, "No. I heard you say you were looking for me to have breakfast with you so that's what we're going to do. Now you all sit down while I get the coffee started.

While Ann worked in the kitchen with the coffee pot the other three wandered out onto the patio. After they were seated Ann came out and joined them. Paul sat and looked back and forth between his parents then asked, "OK you two. How long has this been going on?"

Jim and Ann looked at each other. Jim started to say something and Ann beat him to the punch. She said, "Well, I have been checking on your father ever since Vicky passed away. Over the last few months we have been having coffee together and occasionally going to the dance or supper here in town. As for the other, last night was the first time. I...I don't really know how..."

Ann stood and started for the kitchen. She said, "I'll bring the coffee. You all just stay there." When she got back she sat the coffee on the small patio table and started back to her chair. When she walked past Jim he reached out and grabbed her, pulling her onto his lap. Ann struggled for a moment but stopped when he reached up and gently turned her head to give her a light kiss. She blushed when she saw the two younger people watching, and then rose to return to her chair.

Paul and Jennifer left after they had breakfast. While Ann was standing watching them drive off she felt Jim walk up behind her and gently pull her to him. She moaned when she felt his hands slide over her stomach and up until they cupped her breasts. She once again felt herself moisten as his attention caused her pussy to flow and nipples to harden.

Ann smiled when Jim whispered, "Why don't we take this back into the bedroom?"

They were lying resting in the afterglow of another strong orgasm when the phone rang. Jim was going to ignore it but Ann insisted he answer it. Almost before he got the hello out he heard Edward saying, "What's this I hear about you and Mother? What are you going to do?"

Jim laughed and said, "I don't know. Here why don't you ask her yourself?" He was laughing as he handed the phone to Ann and left headed for the bathroom.

Ann stammered out, "Hello?"

Edward was shocked when his mother came onto the line. He said, "MOM? What are you doing there? Where are you? NO, is what Paul told me true? Are you and Dad..."

Ann was over her shock now and giggled. She said, "If you really want to know where I am, I'm in your Father's bed. Is that where Paul told you I was? As for where your father and I are headed, I don't know. All I know is we are both enjoying each other again and I...I just don't know. I know I love him so much still but I don't know if he can ever get over what I did to him. I am just happy for what I have." She giggled when she heard Eddie gasp.

Jim walked back into the room and she looked up at him. She raised her eyebrows to him and said, "Can you all come over here tonight for a BBQ if I can talk your father into it?"

Jim was shaking his head yes as she spoke so Ann said, "He says OK. Why don't you get Paul and all the kids you can round up and get on over here? We need a real family gathering and this feels like the day for it. OK? Good, bye for now."

Ann got out of bed and began taking care of her morning business again. She started to dress in more of Vicky's clothes when she stopped and turned on the shower. She hadn't much more than gotten into it when she felt the curtain open and Jim joined her. They had a very long shower and when she got out to dress all Jim would let her wear was a sundress with no underwear.

When she had that on they wandered around the yard, then Jim led her toward the swimming hole. They sat and talked while they watched the water flow by. Jim suddenly stood and pulled Ann to her feet. She felt him grab the side of her dress and begin lifting it off. She resisted at first but finally relaxed and raised her arms so Jim could get the garment off her. Before she could do more than giggle Jim also had his clothes off and was pushing her toward the water.

They splashed and played like teenagers then came together in a steamy kiss. Ann could feel Jim's manhood pressing against her stomach as he lifted her and pulled her to him. She gasped when she felt the head of his cock slip between her legs and nudge against her pussy lips. Ann moaned and spread her legs, locking them around Jim's waist. She hung on as he walked to shore and laid her back on their piled clothes. They were just getting into the rhythm when they heard Paul shout, "Hey anyone home. Where are you?"

Ann giggled and said, "Oh no, not again." She strained against Jim and felt him go over the edge, once again filling her with his seed. That was enough for her to hit her peak and she screamed out her ecstasy. They looked into each other's eyes and exchanged a gentle kiss then rapidly dressed. That, of course didn't take long since all Ann wore was the sundress and all Jim wore was a pair of shorts.

Even so, they just barely got covered when Paul and Jennifer walked into the clearing around the swimming hole. They looked at their parents and Jennifer giggled. "Oh no, we didn't do it again did we?"

Ann and Jim just looked at each other and smiled. He said, "Do what? Ann and I were just down her looking at the swimming hole and reliving some old times."

Paul laughed and said, "Right. Well, we better get back to the house before those hellions of ours tear it down."

Ann smiled up at Jim and as they started to follow Paul and Jennifer she wrapped her arm around his waist. She smiled and leaned against him when she felt his arm go around her waist also. At least for now, all was right in her world once more.

As the sun was setting that day the whole family was sitting on the patio enjoying the weather and the full feeling they had after the wonderful meal. The children and grand children were smiling as they watched Jim and Ann together. They never passed one another without touching. Several times they would kiss gently.

Finally Jim sighed and stood. He said, "Be right back." No one thought much of it, especially when they saw the light go on in his bedroom, then his bathroom. After several minutes Jim returned to the patio.

Jim stood and looked around the group of his offspring and their children. Then he looked at Ann. Ann frowned when he walked up to her and stopped. He said, "I never thought this day would come again but it feels so right to have all of us here together as a family again. I loved Vicky a lot and I know you all did too. I am so sorry to say though that I never felt quite this way when we all had a gathering when she was here."

Jim turned to Ann and said, "Ann when this weekend started I had no idea it would end this way. I just wanted to go out with you for a special supper and a nice night on the town like we used to do. I enjoyed our time together and I think I got a little carried away last night." He stopped while Paul and the other adults chuckled.

When the laughter died down Jim once more looked at Ann then held his hand out. As he was reaching for her he said, "I have been holding onto these for a long time now Ann. I almost gave them to one of the boys several times but now I am glad I didn't. Ann, I want you to wear them again. Would you do that for me?"

Ann looked up at Jim and gasped when she saw what he was holding out to her. It was her wedding set! Her hand trembled as she reached out for the rings. She whimpered and cleared her throat then asked, "Jim do you mean...are you asking me to..." Her eyes widened when she saw Jim nod his head yes.

Ann grabbed the rings and slipped them onto her left ring finger as she said, "Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes. I've dreamed and prayed this day would come to me again. I promise you in front of all our family that I will be the best wife I can to you. Oh, Jim I promise you'll never be sorry you gave me this second chance."

Never had there been such uproar on that patio as there was then. All the children and grand children ran to Ann and Jim hugging and kissing them in celebration. The party ran late into the night. It was decided they would all go to the courthouse the next day and see if they could get them married.

The next Monday all went to the courthouse for the wedding but were disappointed to find there was a three-day waiting period before the ceremony could be performed. They all made plans to come back Thursday at 9 a.m. to see the judge marry Jim and Ann.

Friday morning Jim and Ann went into the café for breakfast. They were sitting talking when they saw one of the men reading the paper. They saw him jump and heard him say, "Well I'll be damned." He pushed the paper to his neighbor and pointed to an article.

The man beside him looked at it and grinned. He stood up and said, "Hey everybody. Joe and I just read the most interesting thing in today's paper. We're sitting drinking coffee with a couple of newly weds." He was pointing to Jim and Ann as he spoke.

Darlene ran up to the table and grabbed Ann's hand. She looked at the rings and raised Ann's hand for all to see. The next few minutes were filled with well wishers shaking hands and congratulating them. It was almost noon before they got home.

When they walked into the house Jim turned to Ann and said, "Well Mrs. Fielding. I'm feeling sort of tired. Why don't we adjourn to the boudoir for a little afternoon delight and a nap?" Ann giggled as she grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the bedroom.

When Jim woke up he turned to watch Ann sleeping still beside him. He smiled as he gently caressed her face. He felt more at peace than he had since Vicky had died. He was sure he had done the right thing and was once more happy with his life even though he still had a deep feeling of sorrow that Vicky was gone.

Life goes on and Jim felt he and Ann were once again on track.

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by Anonymous04/19/18

I have read several comments about the dirty, bitch, whore and the gutless Jim. I agree with them wholeheartedly to a point. But there was a terrific woman named Vickie that Jim married who brought themore...

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by Anonymous03/23/18

Stretches the suspension of disbelief a tad too far

Vicky and George both die in a head-on collision paving the way for Jim and Ann's reconciliation? Seriously? Even my over abundance of naivety won't allow me to suspend disbelief quite that far.

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by Anonymous02/12/18

a lot of mistakes

first forgive me for my bad English as I am not an English speaker
If this man was blackmailing her as she motioned why was he afraid that her husband will know about it? she should know that this manmore...

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by payenbrant01/08/18


Ann...no....don't take her back...lol

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by Anonymous11/20/17


George dies at the wheel and Vicky is the only one he hits? You're asking way too much. And how does he ever forget the fact that she grew to love the double fucking she was getting from Brice and hismore...

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