tagBDSMFace (Sex, Power, Love) Ch. 14

Face (Sex, Power, Love) Ch. 14


Ashley's inquisition was complete; Eric was condemned.

"Yes, mam." Upon Claudia's command, the big female security guard grabbed Eric by the back of his collar and jerked him away from Ashley's desk. She tripped him, he fell, and his ass hit flat on the floor. An electric jolt shot up Eric's spine; the acrid aura of nosebleed clogged his sinuses; he saw stars. The women standing over the fallen sales star did not actually laugh, more tittered.

As if spitting on the breathless ex-salesmen, Claudia snarled, "Haul him away, frisk him, and photograph him. That black eye is our evidence that he raped Maria. Strip him of any company property, and then take him to shipping and receiving where his guardian will pick up her trash. Don't let this waste out of your sight until she removes it."

The mousy older guard stuck her baton under Eric's chin and squeaked with thin malice, "Get up asshole. Don't make us work so damn hard. Don't piss me off." Eric felt the big guard's huge breasts bump the back of his head as she grabbed him by the scruff of his neck to lift him off the floor. "This pipsqueak ain't shit, just a stinking bag of garbage."

Eric stammered, "Wait a minute, this isn't fair. It's not right. I didn't sign any papers to let you do this. You can't..."

Ashley banged her hand on her desk, "Stop. Eric, I wouldn't want you to think you are being treated unfairly, but the papers are here on my desk...signed, sealed, delivered. Right Shyanne? You signed as witness. Did Eric designate Gina as the person to be notified in case of emergency?"

Shyanne bit her lip and fought back tears. "Eric, you signed those papers. I asked you to be careful, but you just ignored me. But it was just a notification in case of emergency. I didn't think it could be used like this."

Ashley gloated, "See Eric, you signed the papers, and this is an emergency. You've gone nuts, right? You also signed this paper. It's our Domestic Partners Equity Initiative Agreement. It says your girl friend Gina has all of the benefits and legal powers of a spouse, and that if you are unable to make your own decisions, she may make them for you.

"Guards, the gentleman is ill; you heard what he just admitted. He forced his sweet defenseless secretary, the oh so young and blameless Maria, to submit to the perversion of cunnilingus right here in our business office." Ashley ran her tongue over her lips and savored the lingering taste of Maria.

"This poor boy clearly doesn't have his wits about him, so do not listen to any of his mad ranting. Look at the glaze in his eyes; it's obvious he's gone mad. It's all very sad. His mind is feeble so be as gentle as possible, poor thing. But of course, he could become physically dangerous, so you are authorized to use whatever force is necessary to subdue this madman. Goodbye, Eric. Get well soon." Ashley held up the damning papers and insultingly waved goodbye to Eric.

The big guard did most of the pushing and shoving. Eric was a full-sized guy, but this Amazon was his match. She was at least six feet tall with broad shoulders and an enormous, muscular ass. All of her barely fit into her utility blue uniform. A heavy-duty bra stuffed her huge breasts into two stiff, pointy mountains. Her badge was pinned over the right summit.

At first, Eric complied, swallowing his sullen anger. However, when the she-hulk shoved him onto the elevator headed down to the security section he attempted a pathetic rebellion. "Get your hands off of me. I am getting out of this fucking place on my own two feet."

When the elevator door closed, the aggressive female pressed the stop button setting off the elevator alarm. She threatened, "Really, big shot? Get'n out on your own, huh? Maybe you can crawl out on your own." She suddenly grabbed Eric's arm, twisted it up behind his back, bent him back, and kicked his feet apart so that he was unbalanced with his legs spread open wide. "Nail him in the balls!" With that, the other guard swung her baton, smashing Eric full force in his exposed crotch. With a breathless gasp, Eric collapsed to the elevator floor. The claustrophobic elevator cab shook. The clanging alarm warbled.

A feminine mass loomed over Eric, giant breasts swinging. She grabbed Eric by his hair, picked him up off the floor like a rag doll, and slammed his face into the elevator wall. "You gonna listen now? I'd be happy to give you some more. Well? When I talk to you, speak. Not enough yet? Good. Give him another." She pulled back and tripped Eric again. His head slammed the floor with a thud. The elevator cab suffered a nauseating quake. The hulk's withered partner smiled. She had no idea her new job was going to be so much fun. The alarm pealed.

The scrawny guard thought, "I'd rather fuck this pretty boy, I haven't gotten laid in months, well truth is years, but beating the piss out this son-of-a-bitch is almost as good." She stepped astride the stunned man sprawled out below her. She faced Eric's feet gripping her baton tightly. She licked the yellow stain of a grin contorting her tobacco eroded face, and then swung full force. This time she caught him full across his left nut. Eric shriveled to a spastic wad of pain and emitted a pathetic groan. The angry hag wiped stringy hair off her prematurely aged face and gloated at the pretty male cringing in agony at her feet, grasping his testicles. Satisfaction suffused her crotch. The elevator alarm throbbed.

"That'll shut him up. I gotta to tell ya that did something for me. Wow, this'll give me something to think about when I slip into bed tonight, alone again. I haven't had a man in, well I don't know when. Maybe I'll just take this baby home with me to keep me company." She lovingly wrapped her fingers around her baton, kissed it, and then slipped it back into her belt.

The big guard laughed, "Sure thing this wimpy shit ain't got nothing that big, that hard, or that black. You're better off with that stick anyway. Men ain't nothing but trouble." She picked Eric up off the floor and forced him into the wall again, pinning him with her hand at his throat. She gave Eric cheerful, toothy grin, "You gonna to mind now?"

Eric struggled to speak through the fist gripping his throat. He whined, "Yeah, yeah, what ever you want. Just back off." She scowled. Eric whimpered, "Yes officer, please?"

"That's a good boy. You're going down with us." She pushed a button, the alarm mercifully shut up, and the elevator descended. Under the guards' watchful eyes, Eric sunk toward security.

The guards half carried the limping Eric into the security section. The girl at the surveillance monitors looked up, "Is everything all right? What was going on in the elevator?"

The big guard smiled as nice as could be. "Oh, everything is just fine. The boy's feeling a might sick and he fainted. Miss Claudia, told us to keep all this confidential so you gonna have to leave us alone with the boy. Go on take your break. I'll call you when its time to come back." Turning to Eric she said sweetly, "Ok, darling just sit still in that chair; we're gonna take some pictures." The girl left and took any sweetness with her.

The mousy guard hissed, "You are going to just sit, do what you're told, and keep your mouth shut. Got it? There is nothing I'd rather do than thump you in the balls again. So please, make my day, mouth off again." The dried up paste of her face crinkled with a nasty grin as she cackled orders at Eric to turn this way and then that while she photographed him. "One more. You're gonna have a big old shinner. That secretary of yours really fought you off. You must have really, really wanted to eat that pussy. Was it worth it; taste good? Let me get a shot of that come stain on your crotch"

The Amazon snorted, "Miss Claudia said to strip search him."

"I thought she said to strip him of company property."

"No, I think she said to strip search him. Get up off that chair and take your clothes off asshole. Let's see what you're hiding."

Eric was appalled. "This is ridiculous. I'm not hiding anything. Take the damm keys; take whatever. I'm not taking my clothes off."

The feminine aggressor laughed, "Now honey, you know how much I'd like to whoop you, so don't temp me. It would be just too much fun."

As she said this, both guards once again pulled their batons. The bony one circled behind. Eric realized resistance would be futile and painful. He was already thoroughly humiliated, so just be done with it. Eric stood and piece by piece, he removed his clothes. The cold room bleared in the greenish chemical smolder of flickering security monitors. The hulking female loomed over Eric while her partner went through his things. She put his keys in a drawer and emptied his wallet. She held up some bills, "Split it?"

"Sure. You ain't hiding something up your ass are you, boy?" The big one rubbed her baton under Eric's scrotum. "Staff development just trained us on cavity searches, but I'm not sure we've got the lubricant. I guess I could do it dry."

"No, we've got lube." Eric heard the snapping of latex gloves.

"Maybe if you are a good boy we can skip that. So you like eating pussy? Do me, and we can forget about the cavity search." With that, the dominant guard dropped her pants, jumped up on a desk, and spread her legs.

Eric looked into the huge woman's pussy and was sickened. A thick bush of black kinky hair curled around the biggest cunt he had ever seen. She smiled at Eric's dazed snooping and spread her fat nether lips apart. A long clit bulged out of its hood and drooped below. She pressed the fleshy folds of her labia and her clitoris swelled from a distended protuberance to a plump, erect stub. She was a big woman, but the grotesque assemblage in her crotch was huge. Eric was revolted, but his traitorous sexual curiosity was intrigued. He'd never seen this sort of freak show before.

Eric's interest flattered the Amazon. "Now ain't that the biggest ting-a-ling you ever saw. Lucky you. Get down in there and suck. Do me nice now, get me off. Come on pretty boy get that pretty face in it."

A hand shoved Eric in the back and he meekly dropped to his knees before the giant cunt. Surrender was becoming a habit. Eric didn't know clits got that big. He was spellbound. The pitiful remnants of resistance and self-respect dissolved into perverse arousal, and conditioned response took over. Eric's cock got erect and his mouth watered. Gina had trained him well. Disgust fled with its patron, dignity, abandoning Eric to perversion. He leaned forward, took the monstrous clit into his mouth, and sucked like a baby at a teat.

Eric's thoughts drifted, "What an enormous clit. She tastes different, not very clean. I guess this is what funky means. She's easy. This monster clit is getting stiff, now warm. My tongue can easily make out the thick root below the skin reaching down toward her hole. You don't want to go down there. Just long lapping strokes on her rubbery stump. She likes it. It's hard and it's hot. Work it. Drive her; suck it. Make her happy. She's going to come fast."

And she did. While Eric worked on the big cunt, her sex-starved partner took off her pants. When Eric leaned back from the extraordinary cunt to admire a job well done, the hungry one pulled him down onto his back. Eric lay passively with his hardon jutting into the air. "My turn," she said as she straddled Eric, grabbed his cock and started to slide it into her cunt.

"No, no, honey don't do that. You never know where that dirty thing's been. Besides, this one's a great cunt sucker. Use him for what he's best at. Let him eat you. If you still want something hard inside let me do you with this." The Amazon kissed her baton.

"Yeah," the horny guard breathed as she slipped off Eric's cock and stuck her cunt into face. She used Eric brutally, driving her pussy into his face. Eric struggled to keep up as she hammered his mouth with her cunt, but she would not let Eric lick or suck. She just banged his face as she beat off.

It hurt. It must have hurt her too, but she could not seem to get enough. Eric tried to suck, to lick, but all she wanted from him was a face to bang. The best Eric could do was stick out his tongue. It was no better than a pathetic soft cock, but it was good enough for her. This woman was desperate for an orgasm and patient pussy lapping was not on her agenda. She took her clit in her fingers and furiously beat off, all the while slapping and sliding her slit into Eric's tongue, nose, even eyes. She climaxed, relaxed, and a warm drizzle leaked all over Eric face. He finally started to cry.

The straw boss said, "My, my honey I like the way did him. Let me." They changed places and the Amazon squatted above Eric's head. "Open your mouth asshole." Then she pissed all over Eric's head. Eric's defilement pooled on the vinyl floor. He wept to suppress the very fact of his existence.

The satisfied barrel of womanly flesh held up her baton, and tempted her partner, "Want some of this now?" But the mousey guard had put on her pants and was looking at a monitor. "Rain check, ok? It looks like his ride's here." The monitor showed that Gina's Jaguar had pulled up at the front gate.

"Ok asshole, get up. There's a mop over in the corner clean this mess up. Then put your clothes on. Quick, get to it." Eric reflexively obeyed. By then Eric was a zombie—utterly exhausted, confused and compliant. Naked, Eric silently mopped up the pool of piss where he had lain and received the unimaginable humiliation. He rinsed off in the utility sink in the corner then dressed. All the while, the guards cruelly mocked him, "Clean it up good, piss licker. That's it wash off the stink in the sink. Put that worthless dick back in your pants; hide it."

Nausea finally got the best of him and Eric vomited in the sink. He rinsed his mouth out and the guards led him to the dock for release into Gina's custody. The sweet young dock attendant was perplexed, but her questions were rebuffed. The guards had their orders, strict confidentiality. Eric glanced at the girl forlornly, but said nothing. Even though the girl was a lowly dockworker, she was one of the office cuties he had fucked and then cut off without another word.

Ashley, left alone in her office, monitored the guards' progress with Eric by flipping through security channels on a large screen monitor mounted in her office. She smiled quietly as she watched the guards beating Eric in the elevator, laughed aloud when they made him strip, and cackled like a witch in heat at the face rape. These girls would get a bonus. She made a note to keep the tape. Gina would love this.

Her plan had worked. Everything was falling into place. That beautiful cocky prick was all hers. "What a brilliant conniver I am. Ah, Ashley you are unique. No other woman but yourself could have brought that bastard to his knees the way you have. There is no one on earth who sees reality as clearly, who is as free from worn out convention, who exists so authentically as you, Ashley queen of the world. And oh my beautiful apprentice Gina, you and I do rule our world." Ashley gave herself a big hug. Then she slipped her fingers into her panties.

She called Gina. "We have him now. He will be at the dock soon. You have been brilliant my love. The trap is closed."

"Ashley, it is you who is brilliant. I am just your novice. This is so much fun, thank you. Oh, I have another call coming in. It's your General Counsel. Where did you find that tight ass nerd? Should I take her call?"

"Yeah, put it on conference, but don't let her know I'm listening. This girl is a piece of work. Put her on."

"Hello Gina, it is Claudia again. Thank you for taking my call. I am so sorry to have to burden you with so much unpleasantness. There have been some developments since last we spoke. We have conducted the hearing regarding the unfortunate events we discussed earlier and concluded that pursuing criminal charges against Eric would be premature at this time. However, the only pretext for avoiding this scandalous option is to medicalize the narrative. That is, to conclude that Eric has had a mental breakdown.

"There is a hospital where we could send him. They could hold him for protection and observation. However, when last we spoke you indicated that you were aware of Eric's... well let us say Eric's illness. You said that you had been attempting to deal with his disease through an in-home care program wherein his phallic urge was sublimated into an oral impulse. A laudable strategy, but we can agree that professional assistance is now required. If you are still so inclined, we at the company are not adverse to private care arraignments as an alternative to hospitalization. Our benefit plan covers outpatient psychiatric care and counseling, and so we will pay.

"FYI, this company also instituted a plan of providing full benefits to domestic partners. We not only encouraged that all so situated employees participate, but that they establish legal relations and obligations to their partners similar to those between spouses. Eric has been somewhat distracted lately, but his former secretary Shyanne, being excellent with details, saw to it that Eric signed all the right papers. This shows again that it takes a woman to bring order to a man's life."

Gina was in her car strumming her fingers on the steering wheel. Ashley was in her office strumming on her clit. Claudia prattled on.

"Therefore, when Eric enrolled in our benefit plans, he also signed the appropriate documents to establish you as his emergency contact, and grant you powers appropriate to a spouse so that control of his medical decisions reverts to you in the event of a medical emergency, such as has now befallen him. Something has gone wrong in his head; it's the only reasonable explanation. Of course, we must be charitable toward the mentally challenged, provide appropriate accommodation, and assure their loving partner protects them. We are therefore able to relinquish custody of Eric to you just as if you were his spouse with full authority to direct his treatment.

"Our company endeavors to be a proud leader in providing full consideration to domestic partners, in breaking down the societal prejudices surrounding gender and partnership issues, and in challenging the dominating conventions of the ancient patriarchal tropes oppressing our culture.

"We are concerned that Eric receives the most advanced treatment. You mentioned that you had reached a similar conclusion yourself, and that you had identified a provider. As luck would have it, the individual you identified is not only a professional of renown, but she is a close acquaintance of our CEO. Ashley has agreed to speak to Anna to entreat her to take Eric as a patient. The coincidence of these personal relationships is quite remarkable. As the common people say, 'It is a small world.'

"If these arraignments meet with your approval, you may pick Eric up at your convenience. If you prefer I could arraign for security to deliver him to your home."

"Sorry Claudia, my attention wandered. What you said was, 'You can pick up your cunt sucker anytime now and do anything you to want him.' Right?"

"That is the essence."

"Great. I'm already here. Send him to the dock. Goodbye. Ok Ashley, she's gone. What a fucking piece of work. How can you stand her?"

"Gina darling, you have to have a sense of humor with Claudia. Claudia actually is an excellent attorney, at least on theoretical stuff. I hired her as a favor to a friend, and although she is a dope, she is my dope. I have a plan for Claudia. You know what I say—there is a purpose for every person."

"I didn't know you said that, but it sounds like you, if you mean a purpose that serves Ashley. Put the babbling bitch to good use. See you soon. Bye."

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