tagBDSMFace (Sex, Power, Love) Ch. 19

Face (Sex, Power, Love) Ch. 19


Schooled by Anna

I woke up sore all over lying on a floor. "What happened? Where am I? Yes, Gina took me to meet Anna. The woman was supposed to be some sort of couples counselor. I guess that was just another of Gina's malicious jokes and more her crazy sex games. That woman is no counselor. Gina left me with the bitch to be chained to a table and whipped. My 'counselor' whipped my balls. Why did I let that happen? Why did that make me come?

"Gina is tying me into knots. I wake up every morning longing for her, but scared stiff of her next kinky tease. I never thought I could fall this hard for any girl. I never imagined any girl would use me this hard, or that I would like it. I love playing her strange games. But what did I let her do to me now? I'm sore everywhere. This demented sex life is exhilarating, but it's gone way too far.

"Ok. I was with Anna last night. She beat my balls until I came and then I spent hours sucking her pussy. I let that woman beat my balls? What is wrong with me? That's why my balls ache. Sucking for hours, that's why my jaw is so sore. Welts cover my whole backside. Why did I let this happen? What else? Papers, I signed some papers. Did I sign papers to give everything I own to Gina? Please let that be a bad dream. I've got to get the hell out of here."

Stiffly, I sat up. My arms were chained at the elbows behind my back. I was in a woman's bedroom on the floor at the foot of her bed. I looked down between my legs. My penis was locked in a cage and my balls were tightly locked in a iron shackle. A heavy chain led from my balls to a padlock attached to the foot of the bed. Awkwardly, I got to my feet. The chains rattled. An alarmingly weight hung from my scrotum, but somehow the tug was somehow pleasurable, despite the ache from the severe testicle beating of the night before. The bruises on my scrotum were frightening. Out of the blue, my mind's eye saw Gina's face. Then Anna's voice intruded.

"Good morning Eric. Are you admiring your new ball shackle? It becomes you. You were quite good last night. You're a well-trained cunt sucker. Turn around I want to see how the welts on your back have ripened."

Thoughts raced, "What can I do? I am standing here in this strange woman's bedroom naked, chained by my balls to her bed. Last night I let her whip me, defile me, and now she is giving more orders. There must be some way out of here." Self-loathing sprinted out of the pack of racing thoughts, past stumbling panic, lapping fading hope, to victory at the finish line—desolation.

I stood looking at the beautiful stranger lying in her bed, propped up on her pillows, covers at her waist with breasts exposed. She yawned and stretched. She reached up, ran her fingers through her long hair, and her the bouncy tresses unfurled. A curling locket floated into her face. Her breasts lifted, shifted, and with the slightest giggle settled back to a buoyant loll. With a playful breathe Anna blew the frolicsome ringlet out of her eyes. I stared at the beautiful stranger completely lost as to what do or say.

She smiled with cheerful condescension. "Eric, darling, please don't be difficult, it's too early in the morning for fussing. Turn around so I can see your back. That's better. Yes, that is lovely; you take the whip well. The welts are turning a lovely blue. That means I whipped you hard enough that your marks will stay with you for a good while. Darker skin such as yours usually requires hard strokes to score the skin well, but it holds the stigmata longer. When the marks fade, it will be necessary to renew them. You wouldn't want that too soon, would you?

"You have an appealing muscular back that is especially pleasing with your elbows chained tightly together like that. Poor thing, you seem a bit confused. Sometimes it is like that in the morning, especially after a big change in your life. Tell me do your recall why you are here chained to the foot of my bed?"

I flushed, "What is the protocol? Am I still playing the game? How am I to address her—Anna, mam, madam?" I forced words at the beautiful woman commanding me.

"I don't... please...mam? I'm sorry; I don't remember. I mean yeah, sort of, but... well, I think there has been some sort of mistake, a misunderstanding. I know I was with you and Gina last night and I did some things, that is I let you guys do some things, but...well what I'm trying to say is that I don't really think that all this is what I really want. I mean it was fun and all, and I am not saying that I wasn't going along with all that stuff. It was a good time, different and kind of exciting, but today, you know, well it is like a new morning. Maybe we should kind of back off a little and get real if you know what I mean."

Anna laughed at my disoriented rambling, "Oh, I understand, you are having second thoughts. You didn't mean all those things you promised last night. That is perfectly understandable. It happens all the time. It was just a heat of the moment thing, just play acting, fun fantasy, but not really real. You'd like to just say thanks and go home now, now in the clear light of the morning after the long dark night. Well, come over here. Let me see if I have the key to that lock on your balls, so you can be on your way. Come closer; let me look at that thing locked to your balls so I can see which key I need. Oh, those poor balls, such nasty bruises. I have so many ball shackles and harnesses which one is this? Come closer. Let me touch you there. Don't be so nervous, I just want to stroke it. Oh, look your cock is trying to get hard again. Let's release this thing from its cage. That's this key.

"There. Oh my, another horrible bruise. How on earth did that happen? Let me rub some ointment on it. Do you like that? You have a lovely cock. It gets big and hard so promptly. I guess you like being chained up at the foot of a lady's bed. Are you sure you want to go home and forget it? Do you like it when I slide your cock through my fist like that? Does the balm feel good?"

When Anna released my cock from its prison, the part me that had caused all this trouble sprang to life. My dick was like that in the morning. I usually awoke with a prideful hardon, especially for these past weeks while Gina had been denying me orgasms. Today my cock fought to flaunt its glory, but failed in its new cage. When Anna opened the jail, my manhood leapt into the false freedom of Anna's fist. An ugly purple bruise marked its head and I recalled the vicious blow Anna had administered to the prisoner. Panic reared it ugly head. I had to get away, but I was locked in chains.

Then Anna applied a slick cooling cream to my bruised cock. She ran her hand smoothly up and down the shaft and all the sick fantasies Gina had introduced to me flooded back to my consciousness. Anna's hand was soothing and gentle. I succumbed to her charms too easily. I knew it was wrong, dangerous, but could not resist. I needed more. I was addicted.

"Eric, has it occurred to you that it is a just bit forward to get such a big bad hard-on in front of a lady you barely know? Perhaps you ought to exercise more self-control and show some manners. My my, this is really quite obscene, a big bad cock with a nasty bruise and balls all locked up in an iron shackle. Such a sight. Many women would be quite offended to find a man exposing himself in her bedroom so early in the morning. Some people might even think it criminal. But you are not a criminal are you? You're just a sweet boy who wants to serve his lady, right?

"Let me pull these covers back and show it to you. Look down there between my legs where your face spent the night, buried for hours in that slit right there between my curly pussy hairs. You were so eager to serve last night, but now...."

Anna pulled off her covers, spread her legs, and exposed herself. She reached down and opened the lips of her pussy. She made me look at it. I didn't want to look. I knew I shouldn't. She made me do it; it wasn't my fault.

I had willingly spent hours face fucking that beautiful pussy last night. I had to show off. My tongue strutted its stuff, its skill, strength and endurance. I had proudly displayed my finely honed talent for cunt lapping, learned under the firm hand of my mistress, my personal goddess, my love, my Gina.

Anna held my cock firmly in her fist and with her thumb lightly massaged the head of my now stiffly engorged cock. She sat up on the edge of her bed and pulled down on my ball chain instructing me to go my knees between her legs. I wilted to my knees. She lay back, lifted and spread her legs. Her pussy glistened inches from my face. It was beautiful. A wave of euphoric rapture washed away all anxiety and doubt.

"...you want to go; you think it is time to go home. Ok, but just kiss my pussy goodbye. You have permission. Put your lips on it. That's a good boy. Take it into your mouth. Yes, you remember now don't you? I certainly remember that strong tongue working up and down, in and out all night long. You like eating cunt don't you? And you let me beat you black and blue because you like submitting to women as much as you like eating pussy, right?"

I tried, "Yes mistress, It's all true...", but my mouth was glutted with gobs of sex flesh shutting me up. So I nodded my acquiescence like a drooling puppy begging for a bone and dove deep into yet another wave of desire.

"I like having a man on his knees between my legs in the morning. That way I don't have to get out of bed to pee. You can drink it for me. Stay. Don't back off or I will get my crop instead of the key to your balls. I know you're a piss drinker. Gina has told me everything about you. You're a cunt eating, piss drinking, ass licking whore-boy. There is no way out darling. You have no home to go to; you gave your home to Gina. I saw you sign the papers, so there is nowhere for you to go. But you really don't want to leave, do you? Cunt is your home now."

I pressed my face into the warm pool between Anna's thighs, home. My face soaked up her heat, luxuriated in her flavor, and foresaw the thing I could be, the face of my fate. Only the perceptive, sensitive touch of facial skin and the exquisite receptors of my tongue could have known Anna like this. Her essential oils, the molecules of her sex scent, invaded my skin, colonized my head, and closed the brain's thinking apparatus. She opened my consciousness to a deeper, older, inbred root of memory—to unnamable, irresistible impressions of the antecedents of love. I returned to my reptilian self. I bowed to my feminine overlord, kissed the sovereign cunt, and consumed its hallowed drool.

"Now suck my pee hole into your mouth. Are you remembering why you are here and why you are not going anywhere until I send you? Do you remember what you are? Yes darling Eric, you have found your new life, your new home. Show me how happy you are with your new home. I will beat you if make a mess. It is coming now; drink. There's more, swallow. Suck it all up; suck my long morning piss. Drink. That feels so good. I do so love using a man as my toilet. Good boy.

"Now lick it clean. Man tongue is so soft. There, it's nice and clean now. Lean back and admire it. You aren't confused any longer are you? You realize you are not going anywhere without my command. Eric, you just drank my piss straight from my hole. I hope you have the sense to be disgusted with yourself. The point of this is to force you to suppress your natural revulsion and debase yourself for my pleasure. It is not likely a health habit, but it is important that a male demonstrate his willingness to be a woman's toilet. Accept what you are—dirt for women to piss on."

I accepted everything. I swallowed everything. I leaned back, and, through the blear of grateful tears and the smear of sex juice, I gazed into her glistening gash, my everything.

"You must realize that you are no longer capable of directing your own life. No normal man would let a woman do that to him, certainly not a woman he just met. What sort of thing submits to such degradation? Based on that lovelorn look you are giving my pussy, you adore it and you loved drinking my urine. You love kneeling between my legs with your face in my cunt accepting your corruption. Be honest, you do. That means you are nothing more than a perverted cunt-licking slave. Accept it. Love it."

The morning light had dawned. Anna's flood had washed my head clear of distracting delusions and I understood what I was. Looking into Anna's pussy, I knew I was facing my new ruler—cunt, the cunt of this implacable tyrant, and the cunt of any women I was ordered to serve. I realized that any thought of independence was a lost dream. I knew I was trapped, not just by the wiles of these dangerous women, but I was trapped and betrayed by my own insatiable lust and perverted desires. I mourned the loss of the man I had been, but I did not want to be saved.

"Go on, there's more."

I opened my mouth, pressed in, and smeared my face with her precious slickness. My tongue reached deep into her slit and respectfully drew Goddess Anna's piss hole into my mouth. She blessed me with another hot surge. She gushed and I sucked. It was all I could do to gulp down the surging torrent. My cheeks bulged with her copious bounty. I opened my throat and she filled my belly. I took it all with pride; I did not spill; I did not drown. I served. Anna's warmth suffused my gut with its comforting slosh. The flavor of her urine bathed my mouth, and my head swam in the reassuring scent of female. I was sated.

"Thank you, mam. Please forgive me; I had forgotten myself. Of course I am all yours."

"Good. I will leave the shackle and chain attached to your balls as a reminder to you of what you are. I will unlock your arms and unchain you from the bed. Go to the kitchen and make my coffee. Just let your chain drag along the floor. I like the cheerful jingle of a man in chains.

"I will shower and dress. I'll explain what comes next in your training while I have my coffee. Wait for me on your knees next to the whipping table.

"There is a bathroom by the kitchen if you need it. I let your cock out of its cage to have one last look at it, but it must go back where it belongs. Urinate and it will get soft. Take your cage with you, put your cock back where it belongs, and lock it up. After that, you will have to sit to pee because of the cock cage, but you don't mind, do you? I don't want men walking around in my presence with their dicks hanging out. That would be quite ill-mannered."

The ball chain dragged behind as I found the kitchen to make Anna's coffee. Then I went to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror, I was shaken. Across my left cheek was a swollen purple bruise precisely the shape of the flat end of Anna's riding crop. There would be no covering this up, no make up or dark glasses to hide behind, and no doubt exactly what this mark said about me. I could not go anywhere without it being clearer than the nose on my face that I had been brutally whipped. I turned to examine my back. Up and down from my shoulders to my calves was a thicket of welts. Now I knew what Anna had been admiring. Now I did not want to leave Anna's home. Were I to go out into the public, the slightest glance would expose my disgrace.

I urinated and my erection on diminished. I stuffed my cock into its cage quickly before it could swell again. I locked it all in place by the leather straps that held the cage tight against my body. My cock was again a pathetic three inches painfully squeezed into its tiny cage. Forlornly, but with a servile pride, I went to fetch Anna's coffee.

Anna came out of the bedroom in a housecoat with her hair wrapped up in a towel. She sat, took a sip of her coffee, and looked me up and down. "Eric, the essence of being a woman's slave really has much less to do with pain than with willing submission. However, I have found that corporal punishment is indispensable in attaining reflexive submission in men. I use girls occasionally, but I much prefer men.

"Unfortunately, too many women are naturally inclined to slavery; girls are just too easy. Men are innately resistant, which is more interesting. But with males pain is absolutely required to inculcate spontaneous obedience. Besides, I prefer men for the pure enjoyment of inflicting pain. There's a special fulfilling quality about the howling of a man getting his balls beaten. Felling the male ego is more satisfying. The routine submission of girls is tedious habit; the collapse of a male is exhilarating.

"In males pain is essential to instill fear, respect and reflexive deference toward women. No matter how submissively inclined, males must absorb repeated, harsh whipping to suppress their natural inclination to think only of the gratification of their cocks. Therefore, the first order of business will be to teach you to accept routine pain at the hands of women. You need to be whipped each morning and each evening, mechanically, not just as part of some sex drama, but as a mater of routine. This sort of everyday work does not interest me, but it must be done.

"And so I will be sending you to a woman who specializes in this sort of thing. Also, while you have a very nice body, we will carve the more sculpted form desired in a male slave. This woman will start you on a weight-training program to improve your body. Phase two of your training will continue the body and mind sculpting but focus on submission to multiple women. You will learn to adapt to the idiosyncratic needs of a wide range of women. Phase three will depend on your progress and how Gina would like to use you in the end. She may want to keep you as a personal slave, or use you as a commercial product, renting you out for the revenue. She may just give you away. Gina is undecided at this time.

"Gina wants an ongoing video record of your progress for what she calls performance art. We videotaped yesterday's performance, and now I would like to make a record of the morning after. It can be most interesting the way bruises ripen. Gina set up cameras around the whipping table, so please get up on the table and say a few words about what has been done to you so far. Get up there while I adjust the lights."

I climbed up on the low table where Anna had chained me the night before. Mementos of the violence Anna had inflicted upon me scored my body and shredded my mind; yesterday's trauma ripped commonplace self-confidence apart. I recalled Anna bringing the crop down on my crotch, beating my ball sack over and over. I recalled how I had opened my knees and raised my hips to offer myself to her torture. The call of pain, of pleasure, and of consuming desire permeated my thoughts. Anna sloshed in my gut. I was numb to the now.

Anna spoke at me. "Listen. I said put your hands up behind your head. Bow to the camera. Turn slowly so that the viewers can see your welts. Now look into the camera and tell everybody why you let me do that to you. Don't mention my name."

"I let Mistress... this Goddess do this to make me a better slave. The woman I love gave me to this woman to be improved. I will do anything for her. If the Goddess can turn me into something tolerable, a man more respectful of women, I will be indebted. I wear these bruises as a badge of pride. I hope to prove worthy of being her personal slave.

"Gina, please, don't send me away; let me come back to you. I will do as I am told. I will be a slave to be proud of. Gina, I will take anything you wish to lay upon me. I will be whatever you wish me to be."

"Pick up your scrotum chain and hold it out to our viewers. Let them examine your ball sack. Tell our viewers why your balls are bruised."

"The Goddess whipped me on my balls and allowed me to release. She says the only time I am permitted orgasms is when a woman whips my balls. Gina had denied me for weeks. The Goddess allowed the honor, and that is why my scrotum is black and blue. Thank you my Goddess."

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