tagBDSMFace (Sex, Power, Love) Ch. 21

Face (Sex, Power, Love) Ch. 21


"Leave." Anna ordered me to deliver myself up to her subcontractor for male demolition. She used me for her morning rituals, gave me my marching orders, and dismissed me with an ironic smile and a mocking kiss directly on the appalling bruise stamped on my cheek by the slash her crop. Tossed out, I carried bit of cash for the cab, presents for Corinna, and a crushing foreboding.

I took the elevator to the lobby, approached the uniformed woman manning the desk, and asked her to call a cab. She stared at Anna's mark upon my face. This service woman, who had routinely observed the comings and goings of Anna's, was repulsed. "Wait over there." Obediently I backed away, sat on a chair across the room, and studied the tiling pattern in the floor.

A sudden gasp started a hissing of rumors. A couple entering the elevator huddled at each other's ear and stared at the shameful blot on my face. The woman peeked around the closing door and whispered something to her man. All I heard was, "Anna...." The door closed.

"Get out. Your cab's here." The doorwoman wanted me gone. I felt like the lowest thing on earth.

The cabbie turned suspicious when I gave him Corinna's address. He was afraid of Corinna's neighborhood. He did a double take in the mirror. The clear outline of Anna's riding crop in the purple bruise embossed on my cheek shocked him. His regret over picking up this ride imprinted itself just as clearly in his face. It was a silent ride; the cabbie said nothing even when I handed him an overly generous tip. Tires squealed as he left me on the empty sidewalk.

Corinna's neighborhood had been stylish and affluent in the nineteenth century, it corroded to a dangerous slum in the twentieth century, and now it was a slowly gentrifying haunt of trendy urban pioneers hiding from their neighbors behind security bars. Decline still gnawed. Some of the grand old mansions rising precariously between weedy vacant lots were boarded up, propped up against collapse by the fond dreams of real estate speculators.

Clumps of guys drank their morning party from paper bags in front of corner liquor stores or huddled around burning garbage cans down alleys just past the reach of prudent cops. A fence of iron spears enclosed Corinna's imposing, three story, meticulously rehabbed mansion and the two adjacent lots cloaked in closely cut, chemically green grass. The austere gray stones rose in memoriam to a long dead robber baron. The city had installed a brass landmark plaque in front.

At the iron gate, I rang begging entry. The bars opened with a metallic rattle, and I crossed into Corinna's world. The passage swung shut behind and locked with a dull clank. I climbed the wide stone stairs to an ostentatiously carved mahogany entry door. The dark door opened on a dim foyer. Within a youthful African-American woman twisted a finger commanding that I enter.

"Hello. I'm Eric. You must be Corinna."

"No. Miss Corinna isn't home just now, but you've been expected. I've got instructions to prepare you. Give me the change from the cab fare and follow me." I gave her my last bit of money. She smirked, "Miss Corinna said you had something else." Her voice was childlike, but authoritative; her face girlish, but confident, and though she was a black street girl just a bit older than a teenager, she ruled me. I handed over the keys to my cock cage and testicle shackle.

"Everything." I surrendered the vial of semen I had spewed while chained and flogged on Anna's whipping table. Anna had carefully collected my seed for Corinna to use as a vaginal cream. The girl admired the vial and smiled. "All one shot? My, my, what a boy can do when he is properly cocked and loaded. Miss Corinna will be pleased. Come."

This young woman had the kind of body unique to rare women of African descent. She was slim, but curvaceous, long limbed, but muscular. She appeared tall only because she was so very slender. Yet, heavy breasts contradicted her sinuous frame, and her powerful ass defied gravity, just as its bulbous allure defied the bias of my lust. Her waist was long and lean. The girl's blue-black, velvet skin was smooth as a child's, her hair was buzz cut, and her African lips were full and succulent. Large, heavily made up eyes shined over high cheekbones.

The girl wore an ankle length, almost shear, white cotton shift that clung to her extravagant curves. A scarlet sash cinched her tiny waist tightly. On another woman, this dress would have been unremarkable, casual, even utilitarian, but on this unusual girl, it was a sexual provocation. The bright white cotton made her black skin gleam and the limp fabric less covered than embellished her high protruding buttocks. The thin, gauzy weave clung to her massive breasts revealing puckered nipples thick as sweet cherries.

The girl led me into a gloomy parlor decorated in dark, yet gaudy colors. "Stand." I stood motionless while she looked me up and down as if she were examining livestock. I tried to be discreet, polite, and yet catch glimpses of this sexy, exotic thing. I had never seen such black skin. Her giant tits seemed impossible on such a thin frame, and she appeared so very young. The girl's breasts were dense enough that she needed no bra. Their weight slung low but firm in a heavy, swaying bulge against the light cotton of her dress. Her luscious nipples jutted out, pointing slightly too each side.

"What are you looking at? Keep your eyes down. It's not proper for a boy to look at a woman's breasts like that. I'll tell Miss Corinna about your insolence. Strip."

I obeyed. Of course, but why? I was torn between the erotic thrill of submitting to the whim of all women, and my self-persevering instinct. I removed my shirt, shoes, and socks. I opened my belt, dropped my pants, and stepped out naked before the alluring stranger. I lowered my eyes as if ashamed of my nakedness, but in fact, I reveled in perverse pride at what Gina had made of me. My cock strapped tightly in its steely cage and my balls hanging in a heavy iron shackle announced my calling—abject servant to any female. The odd sensual tug of the contraptions hanging from my crotch confirmed my new standing in the world of women.

Was the girl impressed? Was this neophyte surprised or disgusted? No, nothing special, apparently a disgraced male was exactly what she expected. She simply attached a leash to my scrotum shackle and yanked to assure it was fixed firmly. I stood naked in the cool, unfamiliar room, eyes cast down, eager to please. The air was faintly musty like an antique shop, with hints of old-fashion perfumes. I silently implored the girl, "Do you like it? Is my body pleasing to you? Am I sufficiently obedient? Do you like the cage and shackle? You are a beautiful woman; please use me."

But I simultaneously cross-examined myself, "What are you doing Eric? You have never even met this girl. Just get out of here."

"I can't. I've been stripped naked and I'm obscenely bound in chains. The girl has taken away my clothes. I have no money, no credit card, no ID. It's too late. Besides, where could I go? Gina is in my condo, probably fucking that damn valet."

"Remember stupid it's not your condo, you signed over the deed to her. What is wrong with you?"

"I don't know. What has Gina done to me? How did I let this go so far? This room is cold; I've got goose bumps. What is that girl doing? Why doesn't she say something? She is just walking around looking at me. What does she want? Who the hell is she? I want to go home. Where is that Corinna? What will she do to me?"

"They told you stupid; she is going to beat you, beat you over and over again."

"I hope Gina would be happy with the way I obey. This is for you, Gina, just for you. Gina you can fuck that boy, just let me suck his come out of you, please. Gina, I liked that, sucking your cunt after you filled it with another boy's come. Isn't that enough? How much more can I give to you? Please Gina, come for me; take me home. When will I see you again? I don't want to be with all of these other women, these strangers. I don't want to be whipped again."

"What is she doing? What does she expect? Please just say something. Oh no my cock is swelling. Thank you for the cage Anna. My erection might offend the girl; she might think I like this abuse; she might take a hardon as an invitation to insult me worse. Damn cock; don't betray me again. It is trying to get erect. The cage hurts."

The young woman touched my buttocks, fingered my anus, and then ran her hand up my back. She playfully swung the key to my cock cage in front of my face, pretending to hypnotize me. Then she released my penis. It sprang to a full erection. "This is wrong." The girl stared at my cock and ran her tongue over her thick lips. She circled behind.

I told myself, "Be careful; be still; obey. Let her play with your body like a good slave boy. The girl is reaching between your legs. Spread; accommodate her. She is taking the cock head in her fist, pulling it down. Thrust, show appreciation, but carefully, no insolence."

Her touch was warm, even tender. I enjoyed the slight pain of the wrenching down of my fully engorged cock. She released it, and it sprang back up. "I am a beaten man. Please take me. Put me to use." I had been fired in Anna's forge, hammered to fine temper, and manufactured into an adornment to suit the discerning women. My cock head bore the obscene purple stamp of Anna's crop, but the arrogant shaft was stiff as steel. My face too was stamped with her crop, but only compliance could be found there. "Is the girl pleased?" She hefted my testicles locked in their heavy shackle. She tugged, and then gave them a painful squeeze.

She laughed at me. "I don't know why those women chain cocks up like that. I like big hard cocks. Nice bruise, you proud of yourself? You've got yourself a nice ting-a-ling, and, as far as white boys go, it's not too tiny. Nice whip marks all over you too. Even your face, huh? But, you ain't seen nothing yet. Wait till Corinna lays into you.

"But the best thing's the way you mind. You're so easy, just a quiet, polite slave boy, standing all hushed up like you're told, eyes down and subservient and all, balls all chained up. Nice. I hate demanding men, even when all they're demanding is that they be whipped.

"You want a treat? You want to look at my tits? I'll let you, but don't you tell Corinna. She would beat me for showing them to you, but she'd whoop you real bad. She don't like men looking at my tits. So take a good look, but don't ever let Corinna catch you looking at them."

She stepped in front of me and unbuttoned the front of her dress. She slipped the dress off her shoulders letting it fall to her waist. Her breasts were amazing. With two hands, she lifted one breast up, bent her head and kissed her nipple. "Did you ever know a girl who could suck her own tits? Miss Corinna likes to watch me do it for her. Would you like to suck them slave boy? I almost never get a chance to have somebody suck them. Corinna says it ain't proper for her to suck me, and she won't let me be with anyone else, not even her girl friends. Corinna makes me suck my own tits and play with my pussy while she watches, but I miss using the mouth of another person. Corinna says she likes my tits big, but she won't let anyone play with them. Don't tell her and I won't tell. Put your face down here between my tits."

I knelt before her, and buried my face between her overwhelming breasts. Her warm flesh was firm but giving. I ran my tongue across her black skin. Her taste was unlike the white women I'd known. Her skin was slightly oily and fragrant as if she had been lying in the sun. I took the full gob of her nipple into my mouth; it thickened. She hugged me tight, and her warmth, at once soft and dense, smothering and sustaining, swallowed my face.

"Suck it. Harder; suck it; squeeze it. Like that? Come on slave boy; work on it. I like it hard. Use your teeth; make it hurt. I said hard! That's it. Bite me. Oh, that's good; it hurts so well. Bite and pull. Is it squirting? I feel the milk letting down. Pull; suck; drink. Yeah, that bitch Corinna makes me use a breast pump to keep them full and big. She makes me milk myself because she wants me big and heavy. But I think it's mostly cus she wants me to look ridiculous. She likes hurting me. They leak all day long. Sop it up. Drink. Harder, pull with your teeth. Hurt me. I said I like it hard. Make me come."

This was very strange. The girl was lactating, and she was using me to milk her. I took her breast like a baby, a mean baby with teeth, and pulled milk from her. Her huge breast stretched; a jet of watery juice filled my mouth; my teeth tore across her nipple. I dove in for more. The girl was breathing heavily now. She wanted it rough, and so I tore at her giant jug. She held me tight.

"Don't stop, I'm coming, I'm coming." She squealed, shivered, and finally staggered back into a big soft lounge chair. She slung her long black legs over the arms to spread herself open for me. She beckoned, "Get down. Down—between my legs. Get your face in my snatch."

Curly black hair on blue-black skin framed her shimmering pink slit. I leaned forward on my hands and knees and drove my tongue deep into her slippery hole. There would be no soft lapping foreplay for this girl. I looked up over her mound and saw the girl massaging her nipples, milking herself. Her eyes rolled up; all I saw were the whites of her eyes as if she were having a seizure. Were fireworks bursting in this dream girl's mind, explosions of red, white, and blue? She sucked on her thick lower lip. Her nipples sprayed jets of milk like two fat, giggly fountains.

I strained to reach deep into her pussy. My tongue fucked the girl with all the expertise Gina had drilled into me and with all the strength Gina's tongue exercises had cultivated. "Gina this is for you. Your trainee, your student, your slave will perform for any woman you choose. I will eat anything you lay before me. I will make you proud of your cunt sucking, tongue-fucking slave."

The girl began to buck against my mouth. Using suction, I held tight against her. Her thick wet cunt lips splayed against my face. I sucked hard, pulled her thickening urethra into my mouth and drove my tongue in to message the special spot on the upper wall of her hole, the place Gina liked best. The girl climaxed. She let out a high-pitched squeal, her hips reared up violently, her clit banged against my nose, and I breathlessly sucked to hold tight. The whole mess moistened, the syrupy juices thinned, and oozed into my mouth. The girl came hard on my cunt serving face, but she was not a gushing wet one. Still, I sipped what could from her sizzling hole.

After a few breathless moments, the girl pushed my face away. She laid a leg on my shoulder and sunk limply into the big plush chair breathing heavily. She indolently stroked a finger in and out of her cunt hole. I silently stared at her pussy waiting for further direction, thinking, "I hope she liked that; she seems pleased."

After a minute, the girl looked down on me and breathed, "Where does Corinna find boys like you? You suck pussy almost as good as a girl. Remember, don't you tell Corinna a thing about this. She just might cut your balls off. I mean that. She really did that to one evil motherfucker who thought obedience was a joke, so not a word to Corinna.

You're good. Corinna doesn't let me be sucked often, and never by a man. I like using men, but she won't let me have any. I wonder if that big cock is as good as your tongue—maybe another time.

"Now let's get you ready for her. I would like to do something nice for you, but we don't have time. Corinna would be angry if you weren't ready, and you don't want to see her angry. First let me show you around Corinna's world."

The girl languidly rose from her chair, buttoned up her dress and took me by my ball chain. My dick bobbed up and down as I followed. "This room over here is the work out room. Corinna is totally into fitness. I met her at a club where I was hoping to become a personal trainer. One thing led to another and now I work exclusively for Corinna. She took me in and opened up a whole new world for me—and of course closed off the rest of the world. She calls me her live-in slave girl.

"For the most part it's great, but sometimes I'd like to get out, if just to get myself a little cock now and then. Corinna truly hates cock, and she won't let me have any even though she knows I like it, the bitch. She is insanely jealous. Sometimes I think she is just insane, period. But Corinna takes care of me and I never liked the idea of getting up every morning and going off to some shit job cleaning up after rich white folks. For the most part, life with her is good. She beats me, but the sick truth is I like that.

"Corinna wants me to work on you. You have a nice trim body, but we can do better. You will eat a perfect diet, but you will eat it from a bowl on the floor like a dog. We will build you into a perfect humbled man, with weights for the body and whips for the mind."

I interrupted, "I don't even know your name. It seems someone has told you everything about me."

"I don't have a name, at least not any more. Corinna told me I didn't deserve a name. She calls me girl, or slave. I hardly ever see any other people so I guess I don't need a name. I am the girl with no name. You can call me Mistress Slave."

Mistress Slave led me down a long hallway decorated with large oil portraits of long dead plutocrats immortalized within gilded frames. A pervasive gloom overwhelmed the feeble lighting shrouded under thick crystal. The dinning room was huge. The table was a long bare slab of walnut. A massive chandelier emitting a meager murk loomed over the dark sheen of the vigilantly oiled wood. The chairs were exquisite relics of long gone era. In another time, the money kings consumed the spoils of trade at this table. Now the room could have been an antique shop.

"The food came through this door. This was the servant's side in the old days. No more nice woodwork, cornices, and shit. The bedrooms are as tiny as the kitchen is big.

"This old pantry is now the tanning room. You could use some time in there. White's nice, but a little color will do you good. You'll like the tanning bed; it is very relaxing. Corinna makes me spend forty minutes a day in there. That's partly why I'm so black. Do you like my skin? Back in the hood all the colored kids called me a dirty black nigger because I was so dark. I hated that. I hated myself for being so black. With those mean kids, it was a coffee kettle and black pot thing, but it hurt. I always wanted to be like those lucky light-skinned ones who could almost pass. Corinna could pass. But she makes sure I am black as coal. She makes me bake in that tanning bed till I'm blacker than a shadow on a moonless jungle night.

"At first I hated it. Corinna was just exaggerating the things I hated most about myself. Like these big tits. When I was eleven they just started getting bigger and bigger. All the other kids laughed at me and called me a big black cow. I was so ashamed. Now Corinna makes me use that breast pump to make them even bigger. They are so heavy I get backaches. But now I love my breasts, I know how special they are, and I can come so easily just by touching them. And I love my skin. I am the blackest girl you will every see. I don't give a fuck what anybody else thinks, that's the way I like it now."

The girl smiled. Her teeth flashed white, and her huge eyes sparkled. The whites of her eyes blazed out from her blackness. The fragrance of sunshine wafted off her ebony skin. She rubbed her massive breasts through her dress and the fabric moistened around her nipples.

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