tagBDSMFace (Sex, Power, Love) Ch. 27

Face (Sex, Power, Love) Ch. 27


Going Home

My chains rattled on hardwood between stretches of thick carpet runners. I staggered blindfolded down the labyrinthine halls of Corinna's mansion, limping from the ferocity of her last beating. Corinna's heavy breasted, coal black slave, a girl barely more than a teenager, dragged the show animal by its scrotum leash to yet another exhibition before a gathering of women. "Good, the parlor. Good, more women." My mouth watered in anticipation.

"May it please your supreme Graces." Slave dropped the leash, stepped back, and left me standing alone on the presentation stage, suspended for judgment in air thick with sex scent and pulsing with lust-pressured breathing. Feminine stares crawled over my skin. The women scrutinized the quality of the flesh, appraised the exactitude of the manly submission, and assessed the tension between the man-slave's furious need to eat cunt and its yearning to be controlled, denied, and starved. "Play with me."

I stood naked. No not naked, festooned, bejeweled in baubles and stigma fitting my rank and function: a glinting cock cage, a tightly strapped ball gag, a blindfold, leather shackles on my ankles, wrists, throat, and scrotum—a chain dangled from my balls. My arms were pinned at the elbows behind my back, and fresh welts from the slash of Corinna's rod adorned my body, overlaying maturing bruises from weeks of beatings. My conquered manhood was ostentatiously caged. What was not visible, but still flaunted, were the deeper wounds to my mind, persona, and soul. "Play with me."

I tasted the feminized air. "Good, the room is full of hot pussy. Let me eat. How many are there? Wait...what is that?" Deep within the animal thing I had become, a memory of hope stirred in the twisted wreck of what I once was. "That's her scent."

A laughing song broke the hush. "Her laugh. Gina save me. Mock. I don't care. Your amused scorn is meant to wound, but look at what I've become, why shouldn't you laugh? Gina, your laugh, your haughty contempt, will save me.

"I became this loathsome, contemptible, meek thing for you. Laugh. Gina, I adore the song of your laugh. Can I give your something more? Take it. Is there any remaining taint of the man I was still to be scrapped out? Scrape. Do you like the welts on my body? Give me more. Are you amused? Laugh. I crave your cutting laugh as I crave the whip. I am your dutiful slave. Please Gina, anything; I will do anything to please you. Laugh, but please take me home.

"The room is full of women. Some titter at the obscene display of this beaten man. One gasps in disgust. She cries, 'Oh, my. What have you done to him? Did you really have to go so far? I think I might be sick.'

"I know that voice. Shyanne is that you? Have these evil women taken you too? Or are you one of them? Shyanne my old friend, please don't remind of what I was. It hurts to remember that I was once a real man. You were my beautiful playmate in the easy life we shared. It was a life where I was in charge of you, our world, and myself. I had all the money I wanted, all the women I wanted. Why did I give that up? But of course it was all for Gina.

"Shyanne, my comrade, my only true friend, look what I have become. Did they have to show me to you? Is this just one more disgrace, one more blotting out of pride, one more disfigurement of the long gone man I was? What can you think of me now? Your memory of your friend is besmirched.

"I can summon a shameful sort of pride facing anonymous bitches as their obsequious slave, but did they have to bring you? But of course it is right. Flaunting my humiliation before my only friend is more shame, more justice. My ignominy should be displayed to the whole world that once thought me respectable. Well, no one thought me respectable, but I was enviable. I had all the toys guys dream of and all the trinkets of success. But this is too cruel. Shyanne, disgrace in your loving blue eyes cuts deeper than the whip.

"Another voice, I remember that voice. Is that my cunt of a boss? Is that Ashley? Please Gina, please, why did you bring her?"

Ashley cackled, "Shyanne darling, who are you to talk about going too far? Look at what you've done to Claudia. Yes, we had to go so far. Surely you remember what a conceited, unruly, and degenerate male he was. Besides, I like his new look, and I love his meek new attitude. Look at how agreeably sculpted his naked body is. All those manly muscles chained and bound should thrill any self-respecting woman. I find the whip marks becoming. It's all such sweet eye candy to the discriminating female eye.

"But best of all Corinna has taught him some manners, taught him a man's proper place and appropriate attitude toward his female superiors. He stands so quietly, so politely, his head deferentially bowed in the presence of women. That is so much better than the arrogant, overconfident huckster he was. He is bound tightly of course, but there is no sign of rebellion. He is more than just accepting. Corinna tells me Eric earnestly respects women, and he worships cunt. Let's see if Eric is enjoying being exposed for our perusal, naked and bound. Let's see if he truly loves his status as our slave. Corinna, have your girl release Eric's cock from its cage."

Corinna answered grudgingly, "Anna is this really your pleasure? Well, if you insist. Personally, I find the sight of cock nauseating, but the customer is always right. Slave, release its cock."

Slave knelt in front of me, ran her hands over my hips and fumbled with the buckles on the crotch harness that had tightly held my caged cock for months. She furtively kissed the front of my hip by the fold where my leg meets my crotch, then released my cock from its cage.

I didn't know if I was still capable of an erection. My cock had been caged and suppressed for so long I worried that it might not work anymore. I had been thankful for the cage because locked up in steel my cock was the only part of me spared from punishment, except for the occasional demand of Corinna that Slave renew the decorative bruise upon its head. That had been its only reason for release. Even then, because intense pain was sure to follow, I did not get an erection.

I feared that I might have become impotent. Corinna had teased me that a cock caged and denied too long would never get hard again. But she said I should be grateful, because a thoroughly tamed man's capacity for erection must be destroyed. Otherwise, he must be nullified, rendered cockless. I was supposed to be thankful for impotence or else my cock would have to be chopped off. She rhapsodized about the delight of cutting off the cock, but leaving the testicles intact to drive the man mad with frustrated desire.

Corinna had removed my blindfold when giving this little lecture so that she could fully savor my distress. She forced me to gaze into her smiling eyes as she described in detail the procedure and the pain of cutting off my cock. Corinna lasciviously relished my terror. She may have even climaxed just talking about mutilating my sex. Corinna despised the male sex organ.

Slave did not. In secret, she told me she loved my cock and, though she did not release it, she often furtively kissed it in its cage. Slave bemoaned not having access to my unbound penis, not even to look at, but she still loved its smell. My dick swelled futilely against the steel bars of the restrictive cage, but it could not reach the beautiful girl hovering so close. Still, Slave inspired hope that I could still get hard, if I could get safely away from Corinna.

All the other women I had known loved my cock, even Gina. I guess I had a little more than most guys. I had grown accustomed to the delighted surprise on the face of the latest girl when I unzipped and presented my cock, her big treat, before the first blowjob. Girls sometimes complained that my cock dangerously stretched their crammed pussies or throttled their jammed throats. But despite chaffing pussies and aching jaws they usually wanted more.

I recalled one very sweet innocent whose simple naiveté incited arrogance. For fun at the end of our first date, I made the pretty thing reach into my pants and pull out my cock. Her surprise and fear desire egged me on. "Hold it both hands. Lick it. Put it in your mouth."

"Please, it is too big. I..." Before she could say any more I forced my erection through her lips. "Like it?" She tearfully nodded and mumbled, "Yeah, buff..." I cut off debate with a quick thrust over her tongue. Her plump lips distorted to encircle my fat cock; her pretty mouth bulged. This was fun. "Make her swallow." My cock gagged a moaning complaint. "Humiliate the cute little bitch. First kiss? Get to know me." I wanted to come in her throat, but her struggle and tears were too much. I came too quickly. "Swallow." But she spit my semen out. She apologized. I said goodbye.

Nice, but not enough. I wanted the sweet little thing to swallow, dick down the throat and goo in the gut. So I stopped by her apartment unannounced the next night. She was happy to see me. But when I immediately demanded head, she whined about her sore jaw, and tried to beg off. I ignored that. I got her on her knees and made her hold my cock in both hands close to her face so that it would seem even bigger.

She looked up at me with tears in her eyes, "I'm sorry. I'm bad. But this thing is so big. I don't think I can do it again, my jaw is so sore. I might choke. I couldn't breathe with it in my mouth last night. Please Eric, you're such great guy, I'd love to be your girl. You're great, I love your car, that dinner last night was great, and just being with such a cool guy makes me feel good. But this thing scares me. Can I use my hand, or can't you just fuck me? Let's get into my bed; let's fuck, please."

That's not what I wanted. I wanted deep throat. I wanted her to swallow her fear and my come. I wanted to use that pretty face and watch her choke. I played with her, "Come on sweetheart; give it a try. Just lick it. Very nice, now just slip those pretty lips of yours over the top. See you're good at it; you're a natural born cocksucker."

I lied. She was not that good at it, but her struggle turned me on. Her eyes brimmed with tears as she held my cock close to her face. She retched getting deep into her mouth. She tried to speak. I grabbed the hair on the back of her head and drove my cock. Her complaining squished to gurgling squeals. She tried swallow; she wanted to please. She was panicked, but trapped; her mouth was stuffed; her head was skewered. I drove at her and came quickly, turned on by her distressed submission. She never did get the whole cock into her throat, but she ate my come.

I pulled out. She sank to the floor, and I carried her to her bed. She didn't say a word; she just looked up at me with big wet pleading eyes and a sad smile. I kissed her, and left. She called me several times after that begging to be fucked, but pleading not to have to suck my cock again. I told her to fuck off.

Most girls wanted more cocksucking. They loved my cock, and deep throat was an exciting challenge. Some of them would call me for months, even years, and beg for one more chance to suck my dick, no strings, no wining no dining, just one more chance at that big cock they liked so much. But my dick has gotten me into a lot of trouble.

I fell dick first into this trap. I took one look at Gina in her slick black miniskirt, propped up on her shining patent leather stilettos, gliding across the car showroom floor, and my treacherous cock betrayed me. Gina raised her finger and beckoned, and my dick led me away to this. Now I was the one begging for mercy standing before an amused coven of exacting, coercive bitches. I had become the one with the big wet, pleading eyes. Eyes strapped behind a blindfold.

As Slave let my cock loose for the first time weeks, I panicked, "Will it still work? Will the women be offended I get a hardon without specific permission? Can I get hard? What will Corinna do to it?

"And what does Gina want? What does she expect? Corinna is right; my cock is dangerous. I know that. It made me arrogant. But I am better now; all I want is to eat pussy. Still, like Slave, Gina might enjoy, or at least have a use for my cock. Not for fucking of course, that is not questioned, but maybe for exhibition. My cock can be Gina's showy bantam. Her friends might like that. Gina, I know you love cock; do you still want mine? I hope it can still get big, if that is what you want. Can you find some sort of use for it? Play with me"

Even after Gina told me I could never fuck her again, she still played with my cock. She said it was pretty and that she liked the mouth feel. I hoped that meant she wouldn't cut it off, like that evil bitch Corinna threatened to do. But who knew? Silently I begged, "Gina, just let me eat pussy, and use my cock as you wish. Just please take me away from here."

I stood before the assembled women and anticipated their command thinking, "Ladies, your servant awaits your instruction. What is your pleasure? Slave is releasing my penis; it is uncoiling; blood is rushing into it. Will it get big; will it get hard, does it still work? Will it please the ladies? It hurts, but it is stretching. Damm this blindfolded, I can't see what is happening. Damm these shackles; I can't touch it."

Gina purred, "Oh that is lovely. I had almost forgotten what thick hard cock Eric has. Yummy."

"My love's voice is music. Oh, Gina I love you. Please take me home."

Ashley harshly mocked, "You see Shyanne. He has a huge hard-on, proof that he likes his new position. I knew he would like being exhibited like a cunt licking slave boy. Look at that cock, its oozing juice. Proof positive he truly loves being our slave. And to think that you let this boy and his big dick dominate you. You let him shove that thing down that pretty throat of yours. Shyanne, you are not just a disgraceful whore, but you are an ignorant, self-indulgent, and shameful slut. You dishonor your gender.

"Gina, Anna, and I know what the boys really like. Shyanne, you know how to sell your dirty cunt on the street, but you have no idea what men really want, what they're really good for, or how to get the most out of them. You are just filth, a traitor to all self respecting women, blowing men in alleys for a few bucks, and serving this particular piece of shit in the most disgusting manner. Look at him; look at that giant hardon. He loves submission.

"Even Eric would have preferred you to take the upper hand, but instead you just indulged yourself, without regard to anyone else, least of all your sisters attempting to right gender relations in this sad upside down world. Shyanne, I hope you are ashamed of yourself. Perhaps a few weeks in Corinna's finish school would do you good. That ooze is running down Eric's shaft. I don't want him staining Corinna's lovely rug. Suck up his precome before it drips."

Shyanne immediately went down, and I remembered that talented mouth. Corinna was revolted, "That is disgusting. Ashley stop her. I can't believe you would encourage any women to touch a penis with her mouth, especially a beauty like this blond slave of yours. And she has such a luscious mouth. I could find much better uses for that. Of course, now I'd have to wash her mouth out with soap. Give Blondie to me, and I will train her, gratis. Working on something that lovely, that blond, and that white would be a pure joy, even if I had to go easy on that delicate skin.

"You know I'd also be very happy to do something about that boy's penis, something permanent to prevent it from leaking. It is really quite simple. I can just cut the damm thing off."

Shyanne's dutiful tongue lapped up the precome drool dangling from my cock. But she wanted more. With a sudden drive, her lips enveloped my cock head, and my liquid mind poured into her warm embrace. "Her mouth is soft, wet and gentle. I remember." With professional competence, practiced skill, and loving surrender, Shyanne took my cock past her full strong lips, into her supple mouth, over her knowing tongue, and down her sensitive, yielding throat. "Thank you, my friend, I love you too. Yes, I remember. The world is dissolving into bliss. What's that commotion? Leave me alone. A voice, no a command...go away...but yes madam...it is feminine authority. It is Anna."

Anna commanded, "Ashley, call her off. The last thing I want is for that boy to come here. If he comes in that whore's mouth all of Corinna's work might come to nothing. The shameful slut is deliberately subverting us. We have denied him organisms for months and your greedy strumpet is trying to steal his come right in front of us. Stop her."

Someone tore Shyanne off me. A lisp hissed, "Get off. He's mine. They promised; he's mine."

Slave pushed me back, I stumbled and Shyanne pulled off my cock. A riding crop cracked repeatedly against skin, for once not mine, and it was not Shyanne being whipped either. Slave yelled, "Stop, you dumb cow. Get off her or I will whip those freak sized tits of yours."

There was a tussle, but blindfolded I could not see what was happening. I was confused. Through repeated slaps of crop on skin the wispy lisp wailed, "I want him. Go on; hit me with your whip. Ashley promised him to me and I will get that cock. Hit me; hit me harder. I like it. His ass is still mine."

Ashley ordered, "Enough stop."

Slave panted, "Shit Corinna, where do these people find freaks like that. Look at the muscles on that girl. Look at those tits. Sure as hell they're fake. It is a girl isn't?"

Anna said, "Yes, Slave, she is a woman, sort of. Actually, she's Ashley's lawyer. Ashley's have been running a little experiment on her, improving her. I think Shyanne pumped her up with a few to many hormones and she has gotten a little insane. She will be better in a few weeks. Right now, she needs to be punished for jumping on Shyanne like that. Corinna, would you be a dear a have Slave take Claudia away for a good sound whipping so we can have some peace for a moment?"

Corinna's maliciously sweet tenor agreed, "Of course. Slave take that thing downstairs. Clip a leash on her pussy ring and take her away. Ashley that's an interesting thing you made. I loved the way she grabbed her crotch and humped herself when Slave hit her with the crop. I can't believe the muscles and the tits on that cowgirl. Very weird, but something new; I like it. Could I play with it sometime?"

Ashley gaily beamed, "Of course. And you've done a wonderful job on Eric. Lending you Claudia is the least I could do. Keep her for the week. You and Slave can bring her to the party. Claudia would look good all whipped up. Don't hold back."

Corinna's deceptively pleasant, buttery voice thanked Ashley, "That will be fun. What about Blondie? I'd love a couple of days with her. She is more my type. She is a looker. I'd like her for a couple of weeks sometime if you could spare her. But back to the show; let's play with the boy. Ladies, watch this."

My ball gag was released. Instinctively I fell to my knees. I waited to be directed to the first cunt. My mouth watered. Slave usually led me to the first cunt, but she had left with Claudia. I reached out in the direction of Gina's voice. I had spent countless hours dreaming of burying my face in my beloved Gina's pussy.

Ashley laughed, "Oh that is so precious. He is playing blind man's bluff. Reach out in the darkness and you may find some...pussy. Look he's drooling. Good doggy. You are a hungry cunt-sucking doggy aren't you? Here, kiss this."

A boot was shoved in my face. I licked it. It wasn't a high fashion boot Gina might wear, but a course biker boot. Still, the fragrant leather was spanking new. My tongue discovered the boot was ornamented with straps, buckles and chains. My tongue savored the velvety feel and taste of leather. The metallic tang of the decorative chains was the perfect accompaniment to the earthy flavor of leather. I bit down on the links of chain and sucked.

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