tagBDSMFace (Sex, Power, Love) Ch. 28

Face (Sex, Power, Love) Ch. 28


Gina: Femdom 401

Gina found it all very amusing. By day, she played the ordinary college girl; by night, she became Splendid Bitch Goddess. And Anna was actually going to marry Edward? Was that funny or was it splendid?

Each afternoon after classes and study, Gina met Ashley and they walked together to Anna. Once safely off campus Ashley took Gina's hand and they strolled as if sweethearts along the tree lined streets of the venerable New England town. The last scraps of summer had fallen to paste colorful patches on the gray sidewalks damp with autumn's mist. A few withered, recalcitrant leaves clung tenaciously to oaks hunkering down for winter's assault.

The tiny houses and narrow lots reminded Gina of home, except that everything was older and neater, and that sustained prosperity had vested the cottages with charm. Charm—the proprietor's admission ticket to trendy attainment. Back home streets with sidewalks were for scuffling losers. There the elect dwelled in oversized colonials planted in big sunny country lots roasting between bean fields. Home was cottonwood, not oak.

Gina and Ashley turned at Main Street. The brick sidewalk by Main was meticulously clean. A verdant culture of lawn fermented in the cool mists, and not a fallen leaf was abided. Summer's trash had vanished. Large old houses faced the main drag and bragged of generations of accomplishment. Gina was appropriately intimidated; she wasn't in Kansas anymore.

But Gina felt strangely back home each time Ashley turned to lead her off Main Street up the flagstone walkway to Anna's home. Gina carefully balanced footfalls on the damp rocks and recalled happy childhood afternoons following slick stepping-stones up country creeks meandering through rectilinear fields of industrial agriculture. The creek's high earthen banks hid the girl within its embrace. The creek's quilt of pure blue Chicory, white crowns of Queen Anne's lace, and multicolored remnants of the vanquished ancient prairie swaddled the daydreaming girl. There she was transported back to an imagined primordial wilderness. There the joyful girl's mind's eye hunted inspiration and gathered solace.

Now Gina followed in Ashley's footsteps up the stepping-stone path through thriving rainbows of chrysanthemums wending her way back to Anna's world, back to Anna's grand ancestral manor.

The careless observer might easily have missed the import of this building nestled so deeply off Main. They might have mistaken the grounds for a municipal park. Anna's home reposed on pillows of flower-embroidered hillocks, resting under the wide spreading branches of huge old open-growth oaks born in a pre-colonial savanna. The house of Anna quietly assumed its preeminence. Forest green gables trimmed in cranberry and plum peeped over a knoll cloaked in a mantle of long prairie grass rusting in autumn's damp toward wintry gray. A negligent critic might have declared the structure a painted lady, but the vibrant colors were as gentle as bold. Anna's dwelling was a carnival of decorum.

Edward served tea. The women sat discussing life's affairs while Edward knelt wordlessly at Anna's feet occasionally rising to serve. Edward filled their cups, tidied the table, and placed cubes of sugar per each woman's request. Then he unobtrusively slipped back to his knees. When the ladies were thoroughly relaxed and buzzing with caffeine and glucose, when the social tension was properly brewed, Anna would say, "Edward darling it is time for Gina's lesson in being a women. Clear the table and remove your clothes." Then Gina was educated in the ways of Anna's world.

Anna would take Ashley's hand and would they cuddle in an antique loveseat observing and directing. The first time Gina struck Edward she was more startled than he was. "Pay no attention to his complaints; he likes it. Edward, be still. You'll give the girl the wrong impression."

Gina happily beat Anna's beloved betrothed, the beautiful Edward, while Anna critiqued her performance with academic detachment. Gina was a quick study, but she could not fully comprehend Anna. What did she see in Edward? The perverse thrill of power was obvious, and Gina surprised herself by laughing at Edward's tears. But why waste so much time on this one, this lying, cringing, sobbing, submissive weakling? Gina imagined men lining up to cringe under her whip. But why marry one? Oh well, apparently this particular male was exactly what Anna wanted in her spouse.

Gina awoke each morning in her narrow dorm cot to her roommate's snores and the other disquieting noises of the binge drinker. Gina snuck out for breakfast and sat as alone as could be managed in the overcrowded cafeteria sipping coffee and nibbling on plain whole grain toast, no fat, and no surgery goo. Gina tried to ignore the appalling drone of her fellows chatting about their dream boys and fantasy marriages.

Yes, they would kiss that hot boy and transform him into a prince. He would be theirs, their virile accountant who would carry them away to a faux castle in the suburbs. The hot boys were all knights in shinning armor pining to sweep the beautiful damsels off their feet to live out contented soap opera marriages in the happy middle of the faux happy middle class. That is of course, soap opera marriages without all that soap opera infidelity. What, soaps without cheating? Now that would be a boring show. Love without pain is like a castle without a dungeon.

By day, Gina studied liberal arts; by night, she studied darker arts, Femdom 101 with Professor Anna. Edward was Gina's workbook. Gina's studies progressed as Edward's autonomy regressed. She methodically transformed the dominating, cerebral Professor of Comparative Bullshit into a compliant pussy licking wimp. Gina excelled in her new studies, and, to Gina's surprise, Edward too was an apt and acquiescent student. She surprised herself in finding Edward appealing as whimpering cunt licker. Gina realized the fantasy role of heartbroken submissive was no longer for her; beating a whining slit slave was so much more engaging.

Edward did anything Anna demanded, and Anna demanded a lot. Anna commanded, Edward submitted, and Gina practiced her new art—the black art of flagellation. Gina never saw Anna raise a hand against Edward. Gina was Anna's instrument. It was all quite splendid.

Anna told Gina she owned a bona fide medieval castle on a mountain in Bavaria. She and Edward would honeymoon there. Anna promised Gina that could come along and torture Edward in an authentic dungeon.

On Monday morning, after the first weekend of beatings, Gina went to Edward's literature class brimming with bemused expectation. He didn't show. As the puzzled students drifted away, Gina called Anna and reported Edward's absence. Anna was furious. Apparently, Edward didn't want to show his face in public after the long humiliating weekend, but Anna had ordered him to go to work. Anna asked Gina to wait for Edward.

He showed up in a rush almost an hour late, red faced and gagged by embarrassment. Everyone was gone but Gina. She smirked at him, and called Anna. "He's here. He's blushing, and he looks a little sick, but he finally showed up." Gina said nothing to the defeated man and left him standing alone in the empty classroom. Edward had intended to obey Anna, but he just could not bring himself to show up at his class with Gina, so he had hid in his office. Gina turned and sauntered away. Edward's lust for Gina's lovely rolling ass was more intense than ever, though it was now tempered with fearful respect.

That evening Anna had Gina over and Edward was soundly punished. When the class met again on Wednesday, Edward appeared and lectured, but he was nervous and his charismatic flare had vanished. The students all noticed and Gina again reported to Anna. Edward was punished again and told he would have to do better. By Friday, his lecture had improved. He stumbled a bit, but when Gina brought out her phone, Edward caught his breathe, buckled down and performed as commanded. A few of the other students wondered at the bemused smirk on their eccentric classmate's pretty face, but nobody realized how that look terrified their Professor.

Throughout the following weekend as Gina beat Edward, Anna repeatedly lectured him on her expectation that he continue his daily routine as a competent professional and someone worthy of being her spouse. Anna circled her betrothed writhing on the floor under Gina's withering thrashing and lectured, "Edward, are you listening to me? When I want you to crawl, crawl. When I want you to bawl, bawl. But when I want you to stand pretend to be a man and stand.

"Always remember that you are my slave, but be a slave worthy of me. I want my slave to be a man the public fears and respects. Make me proud. You should always be aware that you are my slave, and when we are together in public, you will always display an attitude of the utmost deference toward my friends and me. You will treat the rest of world with the contempt and condescension that comes so naturally to you. Don't be a weakling. Understand? If you embarrass me, I will have this lovely young witch beat you senseless.

"Gina, hit him harder so he takes this lesson to heart. Hit him in the crotch."

By the next week, Edward's public performance was near normal, but he still couldn't bring himself to look into Gina's smirking face grinning up at him from the front row of his class.

One lesson in flagellation had Gina gag Edward and tie him to the foot of Anna's day bed. Anna and Ashley reclined in each other's arms while Gina used Anna's crop on Edward. As the man whined and struggled under her whip Gina obsessed over how Edward had fucked her in the ass, how he had taken her for granted, how he had delighted in hurting her feelings, had used her, had berated her, then beat her, and how he had taken sick pleasure in humiliating her and exploiting her innocence. With each swing of the crop, Gina's anger surged.

Panting Gina looked up. Anna and Ashley were locked in an impassioned embrace, mouth to mouth, Ashley on top grinding her jean clothed crotch into Anna's naked pussy. Anna had lifted her dress, thrown off her panties and spread her legs to take Ashley as if she were a man. Anna's naked hips rose to meet Ashley's thrusts; her ravenous mouth sucked as if to devour Ashley's driving tongue.

A plume of lust rose in Gina's boiling caldron of anger. Gina looked down on the man at her feet and swung the crop. Lust surged. Again the crack of the crop. Again the male screamed. Gina's anger and lust fused into a single molten slug of passion. Gina looked down on the man at her feet. He was crying, he was striped with red welts, and he had an enormous erection. She swung again, he screamed again, and the volcano erupted. Gina trembled, buckled, and climaxed.

She had not touched herself. The exercise of pure power brought her to orgasm. Gina was amazed. Gina looked to Ashley but she was engrossed in dry humping Anna on the day bed. Gina loved them, but she knew she was not one of them. She looked at the whimpering man lying before her and knew that she needed one of her own. Ah, so that was what Anna saw in this male. Gina would have one too.

Anna was in charge of Gina's femdom instruction but Ashley also encouraged, and guided Gina. Ashley watched and offered advice as Gina whipped Anna's submissive fiancé, but she herself didn't partake of the beatings. Ashley said that she had some other, younger boys under her rule and that she was getting her fill of male beating with them. Anna also said she thought it best that Edward receive his corporal punishment from the hand of one woman at a time, a sort of monogamy. It seemed to Gina, based on the bruises on Edward's body, that she really was the only one inflicting any punishment on Edward.

Anna told Gina this was not quite the case. Anna herself did not use the whip on her fiancé; rather she preferred to chastise him occasionally with a simple openhanded slap. Anna then walked up to Edward. He cowered at her approach. A fleeting, uncharacteristic snarl flashed in her Anna's face. She reared back and swung, sadistically slapping Edward across the cheek. Edward winced, his eyes watered, but he stood straight and, looking into Anna's eyes, panted, "Thank you my love."

Looking directly into Edward's eyes Anna addressed Gina, "When you get a man to a certain level of submission, regular beatings are no longer necessary or sufficient. Edward is still in need of having his ass spanked, but its time we start him on a regime of testicle torture. That will be the final nail, so to speak. I will show you how it is done in your next lesson."

Ashley was a pretty girl, but not beautiful like Gina and Anna. Her hair was an ordinary light brown; she was trim, but not curvaceous. Her skin was clear and fair, but not faultless porcelain like Anna's skin. Ashley had fine attractive facial bones, and her eyes were an appealing soft brown, but she was not fashion model stunning like Gina. Guys looked twice, but it didn't hurt to look away. Ashley generally didn't wear make up or dress the part of a fem fatale, but when she did, she could get the boys hot. Unlike Gina who would drive men mad with absolutely no effort or intent, Ashley had to work a little to present the image of a babe.

But Ashley preferred to dress in the same blue jeans and motorcycle boots just about every day. It was sexy in a tough girl kind of way, but most of the upwardly mobile college boys (and girls) didn't get it. However, occasionally just for fun Ashley showed up looking great in make up, designer jeans, expensive jewelry, and fashion boots. When Gina asked what guy she was after, Ashley laughed and said all of them. She said she wanted to get them all hot, so she could spend the day thinking about all that cock lusting after her.

Ashley knew fashion and liked buying clothes. She just wasn't crazy about walking around the campus looking like a model on the cover of a magazine. Ashley especially liked buying clothes for Gina. Gina was her dolly. She tried to lavish Gina with gifts and clothes as well as advice on dominating men. Gina finally had to ask Ashley to stop buying her all that stuff, in particular clothes. She had nowhere to put it, and she really only wanted to wear simple jeans and tee shirts like Ashley.

They compromised by agreeing that Ashley could buy Gina costumes for her sessions with Edward. Ashley shopped to her heart's content. She bought Gina all sorts of fetish attire—black leather, red leather, kid leather, blue. They kept it all in a dressing room at Anna's house where they would meet before their sessions with Edward. Ashley adored dressing Gina, doing her makeup, her hair and applying her perfume. Ashley treasured her chance to touch Gina, mold Gina, and transform Gina into a vision of terrifying beauty. Then Gina would make her grand entrance before the commanding Instructor Anna and her sniveling fiancé.

Ashley loved playing dress up with Gina, and Gina loved having Ashley close. Gina longed for Ashley's affection and approval. Gina learned to like the dress up parties. Ashley's bewitching presence, her loving attention, her smells, her touch, her fondling enchanted Gina, but Gina knew she could not love Ashley as more than a friend. Gina could not be a real lesbian like Anna and Ashley, and that rift pained her.

The touching led to kissing. At first, it was playful, innocent pecks on the hand, the cheek, lips, then a light-hearted lick, and soon the wet slip of a hungry tongue. Gina liked Ashley's peppermint taste, and she wanted to please the most wonderful person she had ever known. Gina let Ashley kiss her; it was fun. So what if she was kissing a girl, Ashley was a great kisser. They shared the chewing gum.

Social or gender bothers paled beside Gina's jitters about any human touch. But once this revulsion collapsed, Gina pardoned herself. She permitted herself to luxuriate in the physical truth of Ashley's warm body, luscious flesh, and animal love. Her adolescent hero worship of Ashley liberated Gina, and so she indulged Ashley with full access, no boundaries. Gina let the kisses ripen into long, deep make out sessions. Somehow that was ok, just more fun, just more play, just more instruction—French Kissing 101. Gina let Ashley put her hand under her jeans and slip her fingers into her pussy. It was strange letting a girl do that to her, it was good-bad, but not evil. It met the moral standard: it felt good. The perversity was a plus.

Ashley pulled off a long deep kiss and withdrew her hand from under Gina's jeans. Ashley licked Gina's wetness from her fingertips while adoring her love through eyes blurred with liquid lust. Her lips trembled an apologetic smile as she pulled off Gina's jeans. Ashley slithered down to Gina's crotch, slipped her tongue into the extravagant feast calling to her, and indulged herself. As Ashley manipulated Gina toward orgasm, Gina drifted into private erotic dreams about boys—boys; she was no lesbian. Gina recalled the taste of boy cream, and then came.

Ashley received Gina's cream with satisfaction. She rose to her knees between Gina's thighs and suggestively licked her upper lip with a come-hither lap of her tongue to beg for her turn.

Trust was the cushion that made the touching possible, but flinty honesty was the foundation of trust. Gina knew she must come clean. Her orgasm still reverberating through her body and shimmering in her glowing face, Gina looked down into Ashley's beseeching eyes and confessed.

"Oh, Ashley that was good, but...you are so good to me, but I don't think I'm like you and Anna. You are so pretty, prettier than any boy, but...but when I come I am not thinking of you, I am thinking about boys. Please don't be angry, I love you...but I love you as a friend, a girl friend, not as my lover. I love you...I mean I like you...it. No, don't look at me like that; don't leave. I'm sorry, I'm joking...no, yes...let me do it. I want it...I mean you. I'll try. I will do anything for you. I love you, I love being touched by you, I love your smell, feeling you near me, everything, but...there's something wrong with me. I need boys, I need men." Gina broke down crying.

Ashley laughed gently. "Don't be such a cry baby. I like boys too. I guess I like girls a little more, a little differently, than you do, but that's ok. Don't let me take you places you don't want to go. Remember you are a goddess; don't let anyone push you around, not even me. What I really want from you just to be close, to look at your beautiful face, and to have fun. So don't cry, ok buddy?"

And so Gina and Ashley became even closer friends. Ashley stopped trying to seduce Gina and instead took her to her apartment in the city away from the college to pick up guys at hot urban nightspots. Of course Gina and Ashley could just sit at the bar and pick any guys they wanted. Gina was amazed at how easy it was. And the guys were amazed and grateful that two such gorgeous women would choose them and grant immediate, complication free sex. Gina and Ashley never did the same guys twice. For the most part these trips were all about straight conventional sex, one on one, separate bedrooms.

At least for Gina it was straight fucking. One time as the night ended and the girls sent the boys home, Ashley couldn't stop grinning at her guy. He looked frightened and frustrated. He would not make eye contact with anyone. He acted as if he couldn't get away fast enough, and yet he wanted to stay. Ashley actually had to push him out of the door. Then she leaned against the closed door and smiled. Gina said, "What was that all about?"

"You sure you want to know all the sordid details my pretty? That boy could be a keeper. I got him in the bed and he went down on me right away. He came up for air acting like he thought it was my turn, so I pushed him back down and down he went, gobbling more pussy. He tried getting off his knees again, but by then I knew exactly what he was and what I wanted from him.

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