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Anyone who is anyone should go to Faces in Sac. It is one of the premier nightclubs in the heart of downtown Sac. Awesome bartenders, live dancers on the poles (sometimes even the bar tops), jamming DJ's, lots of mirrors, and who could ever forget the very hot bodies of those in the crowd on the dance floors. I've enjoyed my few nights I've gone, finding that someone to occupy my thoughts and eyes. For someone like me, who loves watching, learning, and exploring this is paradise. Oh I have two loves now, Las Vegas and Sac.

I was standing at the bar drinking water when this young woman stepped up to the bar to order a drink. She had these dark brown eyes and a warm inviting smile. While she waited for the bartender to finish with the other patrons drinks to take her order we made eye contact. It was like staring into the night sky and I felt like I was floating away into the dark depth of her eyes. She was confident and self-assured in those fleeting moments we made eye contact.

The spell was broken when the bartender approached asking above the thumping music from the DJ to take her drink order. She ordered a White Russian and I watched for a moment as the bartender began to make her drink straight away. She had turned to watch the people out on the dance floor grinding, moving and groping in a mass nearly an orgy. I stopped watching her drink being made to watch her watch the dancers. The smile that caressed her lips as she moved slightly to the beat before returning her attention to the bar. A few moments after she turned back, her drink was set before her and the bartender was once again busy taking orders.

She stood waiting for the bartender to tell her the cost of her drink before she departed to rejoin her friends. I took advantage to again make eye contact and chanced talking with her. The music was loud and bumping making hearing extremely difficult. Leaning in close to one another to speak into the others ear to introduce ourselves. Her voice was delicate, that instantly made me think her an enchantress. Just after our name exchange the bartender told her the cost of her drink. I was saddened to know that she would be rejoining her friends now. With a soft smile to me she was off to her friends once again.

I stayed at the bar finishing my water but watching those out on the dance floor. She was there in mass of bodies gyrating, grinding and caressing. Hands in the air then down through her hair to the body of the guy in front of her as hands reached from behind to caress her body down over her hips drawing her back against the guy behind her. The guys moved in even closer to her as she smiled her delight and drew in a girl to her private group. I was mesmerized watching this group being so free and into the music. While watching, everyone else in the club seemed to no longer exist, it was only her, the music and me. Every beat from the music seemed to be in rhythm with her movements. After a few more songs and dancing to each just as intensely, she returned to the bar next to me.

Fanning herself from being so active out on the dance floor, I could see a light sheen of sweat over her making her seem to glow in the clubs laser and strobe lights. I took advantage once again of her being so near and leaned in close. Pressing my lips to her ear I told her how great she was out there on the dance floor. The feel of her silken hair, the sensual smell kept me close to her. She smiled and then pressed her lips to my ear and replied that she wasn't very good but that her friends were making her dance. I nuzzled her cheek before I asked if I could buy her a drink, which she accepted graciously. It took only a moment to get the bartenders attention. She ordered a shot of Tequila with salt and a wedge of lime.

I couldn't help but watch closely as she licked the back of her left hand slowly drawing out the motion before she carefully sprinkled the salt over the wet flesh. Lifting the shot to her lips she was staring into my eyes, compelling me to keep watching, she slammed the shot. Taking her time to lick up the salt before she sucked temptingly on the wedge of lime. I couldn't suppress the low growl from deep in my chest from watching her perform a Tequila shot. We nuzzled each others cheek under the pretense of talking. After a few moments, she asked if I would mind terribly if she went to find her friends. I told her no, that it was fine with me (though it did sadden me). She asked if I would still be there for a while, and I told her yes. She smiled then was off to find her friends.

She found her friends and danced more. I don't think the smile ever left her face while she was out there dancing. After a while, she walked past with her friends heading in the direction of the front door to the club. I didn't say anything to her as she passed by. I figured that her friends wanted to get her home safe and leaving her at the club with someone she had just met that night would not be what a good friend did. I left shortly after she did. I felt a bit of sadness but as I remembered everything about her the sadness was replaced with happiness. When I got back to my hotel room, I found the fortune cookie script from the day before. It said, "A pleasant surprise is in store for you", I would have to say that she was a very pleasant surprise. That night and having those few moments with her, made that New Years weekend absolutely wonderful and very unforgettable.

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