tagGay MaleFact : Black Men Love White Dick

Fact : Black Men Love White Dick


The hunger for male flesh rises in me again. And I've got no choice but to go satisfy my cravings. My name is Jack Lemieux. A young Black man of Haitian descent living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I'm originally from the City of Cap-Haitien in Northern Haiti but I've been in Canada for six years now. I attend Algonquin College in the town of Nepean, near Metropolitan Ottawa. I'm openly bisexual, and lately, I'm just living my life. Taking things as they come. A month ago I broke up with my girlfriend Aminah. That big-booty Black slut from Ivory Coast gave the pussy to damn near everybody, man. She fucks Black guys, White guys and Arab guys. What a whore! I wish I didn't have a son with her but I do. One of the biggest mistakes in this brother's life.

I don't bother with Aminah unless I'm visiting my son Eric. The rest of the time, I just live my life. I work as a security guard to make some cash. Next semester I will graduate from Algonquin College and transfer to Carleton University. I can't wait, man. These days, I'm seeing a young lady named Monique Pierre Chang. She's half Haitian and half Chinese. Tall and light-skinned, with big tits, a curvy body and a big butt. I really like Monique, but I have certain desires she simply cannot satisfy. That's why I'm in the apartment of fellow security guard and Algonquin College student Jefferson O'Shea right now. He's a tall young White guy straight from Galway City in Ireland. Only been in the Confederation of Canada a couple of years. And like me, he's bisexual. Unlike me, he's deeply closeted. He used to pump Aminah too, but dumped her ass once he realized she had major issues. I wish I had done the same.

Right now, Jefferson is kneeling before me and sucking on my nine inches of thick, uncircumcised Black cock. The White dude is really polishing my dick with his tongue. He's a grade-A cock sucker, for real. I thrust my dick down Jefferson's throat and amazingly, he takes it all. Somehow he can fit the whole thing inside his mouth. Jefferson simply loves Black dick, though most of the time he likes to deny it. When we first met, he was making weird eyes at me because he saw me with this tall, blonde-haired White chick named Rachel Stanwood. An English slut I picked up while visiting some friends at the University of Ottawa. Like a lot of White guys, Jefferson O'Shea isn't thrilled when he sees a Black man with a hot White woman. Unlike most White guys, he's not thrilled about Black male/White female couples because deep down, he craves Black dick more than most White women. He's jealous, but not the way you think. Isn't that a kicker?

Folks, I really don't discriminate. I fuck women and men of all races. Doesn't matter if you're Black, White, Chinese, Arab, Indian or Aboriginal. Give me the pussy. Or give me the dick. Hell, give me both. And I will fuck the hell out of you. My nine inches of hard Black dick are always hungry for new holes to fuck. After Jefferson polished my magnificent Black cock and balls with his tongue, I decided to fuck him. I bent him over his living room couch and fucked him. The White dude eagerly spread his ass cheeks for me and handed me some lubricant. I some smeared lube all over my cock and also applied some on his asshole. Then I sank my dick inside Jefferson O'Shea asshole. The Irishman groaned as I penetrated him. Oh, yeah. Like a lot of fruity White guys I met in the City of Ottawa, he craves Black dick deep in his ass. Of course, he can't admit it to himself most of the time but that's okay.

I held Jefferson O'Shea by those narrow hips of his and thrust my cock deep into his asshole. Hard and fast I fucked him, pumping my big Black dick inside the forbidden depths of his asshole. That's what I do to my White bitches, both male and female. They need to be fucked in the ass and I'm there to do it. I love the feel of White ass around my dick. And I don't really care about the gender of the person whose ass I'm fucking. My way of letting you folks know that I really don't discriminate. An ass is an ass, man. Fuck it, suck it and then cum and move on, you know? I don't know why a lot of men and women are tripping over questions of race, gender and sexual orientation. We all need sex. And we should all fuck and be fucked. That's it, really. That's the world according to this well-endowed, masculine bisexual Black stud. Just ask Jefferson O'Shea. Oops. He can't answer you because he's too busy squealing as I fill his asshole with my cock. I slam my dick mercilessly inside the forbidden depths of the submissive bisexual White man's asshole.

Jefferson strokes his measly six-inch White cock as I slam my nine inches of Black man power inside of him. He squeals as I fuck him hard, pumping my cock roughly into his asshole. We went at it until I came, flooding his asshole with my manly cum. I can still hear Jefferson's passionate screams. Well, I was still horny. I told Jefferson to stick his dick inside of me. The Irishman looked at me, stunned. I grinned and assumed the position. I knelt before him and sucked his cock, getting it nice and hard. Then I climbed on top of him and impaled myself on his short but thick White cock. And just like that, Jefferson began pumping his White cock into my Black male ass. I stroked my cock as the Irishman filled my Haitian ass with his surprisingly thick cock. Jefferson cussed as he fucked me. I loved the feel of his dick in my ass. Ninety percent of the time I fuck other guys but occasionally I like to get fucked. Jefferson fucked me until he came, flooding my asshole with his cum.

After this, we showered together. Then we went our separate ways. It's just a booty call, folks. Bisexual men like Jefferson O'Shea and I fuck guys and chicks of all races all over the City of Ottawa. It's the most boring town in the western hemisphere. Not much to do other than drinking and fucking. Still not sated after fucking Jefferson, I picked up my Little Black Book. It's full of the phone numbers of horny Black chicks I like to dial up for booty calls. I'm in the mood for Somalian pussy tonight. So that's who I'm going to call. It's fun to be me!

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