tagInterracial LoveFact: Asians Worship Caucasian Men

Fact: Asians Worship Caucasian Men


Stereotypes are an unfortunate fact of human life, I'm afraid. We've all got them about other people, and they have them about us. However, I don't think they should be discounted because most of them have their source in some obscure truth. My name is Jefferson O'Shea. A young Irishman living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. I moved to the Province of Ontario from my native Galway City in Ireland three years ago. I don't like Canada, to tell you the truth. I would have preferred to live in the United States of America but my family has too many enemies there. Can you say Italian Mob? So, Canada it is. Life around these parts is certainly interesting. I'm having so much fun out here it ought to be illegal.

Friday night and I've got nothing to do. I'm a business student at Algonquin College and I work security to make a few bucks here and there. The rest of the time, I've got zilch to do. I consult my Yellow Book for some whores to pump. What is the Yellow Book? My homemade phone book containing the numbers of some Asian chicks in Ottawa who just can't say no to White dick. They're from Korea, Vietnam, China, Japan, and God knows how many other places in the continent of fucking Asia. All the same to me, to tell you the truth. All that matters is that these Asian broads are more into us White men than White women are, and getting them into bed is so easy it's not even sporting anymore. And you know what? As a White guy who lives in a City where nearly every fucking White chick has a Black boyfriend, or secretly wants one, it suits me just fine. I like Asian broads and they like me. This is payback, Caucasian male style.

I consult the Yellow Book, and dial up Karen Chong. She's around five-foot-three, with short hair and light brown eyes. And she's Chinese, or is it Korean? Whatever. I don't care. All I know is that she's Asian and Asian women always get the job done when a White man needs to have his sexual needs met. Always. They deliver, man. And I don't mean just Chinese food. Incidentally, I met Karen Chong while she was making a Chinese food delivery to my dormitory at Algonquin College. Like most Asian chicks, her face lit up like a Christmas tree when she found herself surrounded by hungry White guys. Maybe we shouldn't have paid her for the Chinese food. Maybe she would have been content to be paid in dick instead. What do you think?

Anyway, I sat in my living room, waiting for Karen Chong to show up. And she did, less than ten minutes after I called her. Hot damn. Is that Chinese chick fast or what? Karen Chong stood at my door wearing a bright red T-shirt featuring Rob Zombie and an ultra short Black skirt in spite of the cold weather. I smiled at her. I don't know why Asians, especially Asian women, try to be White so much. You would think that Asian men would dislike us White men because we steal so many of their women. The same way us White men dislike Black guys because they take so many White women away from us. Not so. Asian men love White men just as much as Asian women do. It's like they're happy to see their women with us. I find that quite simply amazing. I bet you anything in the world that Karen Chong doesn't know Jack about Rob Zombie, his work in horror or Rock music. Yet she wears his T-shirt because she thinks it's something her White friends would approve of. I don't know why Asians worship us Caucasians so much but God bless them. I smiled at Karen Chong and welcomed her inside. Hey, I've just ordered takeout and now, dinner is served. My White dick was hungry for some Asian pussy. Not the best kind there is but certainly the easiest kind to get...if you're White and male.

Karen Chong and I didn't waste any time getting it on. That's what I like about Asian chicks. They like to get right down to business right away. I sat on the living room couch and she knelt before me. My sexy Asian slut took my six inches of hard dick into her mouth. I smiled as she began sucking me off. Oh, yeah. That short, skinny Asian bitch was ready to suck me long time. She sucked my cock and licked my balls. I ran my hands through Karen Chong's short hair as her head bobbed up and down in my lap. If only the White women of Ottawa were more like her. Obedient in and out of bed, and sexually flexible. Unfortunately, they've all got frigging jungle fever. If you're not Black, they're not trying to give you some pussy. Whatever. Who needs White women? Certainly not this Irish stud. Asian women get the job done and they worship us White men in a way White women never could, or would. God bless Asian women for being so attuned to satisfying the sexual needs of White men the world over. Hallelujah.

After Karen Chong properly sucked my dick, I fucked her. Yep, I put her on all fours and slid my dick into her pussy. My favourite Asian slut rubbed her tits together while I fucked her. Like most Asian women, Karen Chong had a flat ass but that's okay by me. I once dated Aminah, a Black chick with a big ass but she was too ghetto, with poor personal hygiene. And she cussed too much. I had to dump her, man. Besides, Asian women are docile and obedient to White men in a way few Black women can be in this age of Black female empowerment in the continent of North America. The White man's best bet is the Asian woman. She will love you a long time and never argues with you. All because she's from a culture where men come first, and women come not at all. And that works for me just fine. Man, I am having fun with Karen Chong. I smacked her flat Asian ass while fucking her. I've always wanted to do that. All of my favourite porn stars like Peter North and Mr. Pete smack their bitches asses while fucking them. It's the macho man's thing to do while shooting a porn video. Amen to that.

Karen Chong and I went at it for a good while, then I came inside of her. Afterwards, she took a shower and left. I was left and happy and satisfied, like most White men who deal with Asian women. Tomorrow night I'm consulting the Yellow Book again. I think I'm going to be in the mood for Japanese pussy, or possibly Thai pussy. I've been having too much Chinese lately. My T-shirt and pants were made in the People's Republic of China, as is my underwear and the sneakers I wear on my shoes. Hell, the pussy that I just fucked comes from China too. It's fun but I need variety. Tomorrow night, I'm banging a Japanese woman. And that's that. With a smile on my face, I turned on my TV. They were giving a rerun of Andromeda on the network Space. I smiled. There's this hot mixed chick of partial Asian descent on the show. This is going to be a fun night.

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