tagSci-Fi & FantasyFaeophobia: Bosom Buddies

Faeophobia: Bosom Buddies


She was still horny; Either the humans were lying to her, or cold showers just didn't do anything for the Fae. Ever since the Celestial Conjunction in the early 21st century, the one that made magic possible, and enabled the Fairy races to return to the Earth, the sexual habits of the Fae had been criticized.

Y'cynndaarielle was trying her best to adapt to life on Earth. Even though she had belonged to the famous 3rd Phane of the Leanan-Sidhe back home in the Land of Fairy, she had embraced the ways of her new homeland with enthusiasm. Applying for United States citizenship, wearing human styles, going to college, etc. She even found it preferable to allow the humans to call her 'Cindy'. But Earth was still a strange place for her.

There were no classes of nobility in this country, which was exceedingly bizarre. And furthermore, the humans have this strange notion of sexual restraint. A society like this was unimaginable among her people; but the Land of Fairy was dying. Cindy could not return to her old homeland; somehow she had to keep trying to find acceptance among the humans. If the Fairy races were to survive, they had to find humans willing to breed with them.

Cindy had been very successful; some of the elves had been unsure about whether they could find human males that would be willing to impregnate them. But their fears where unfounded; Earth contained legions of virile males willing to fill Cindy's hungry cunt with their spurting seed, thus ensuring the survival of the Elven race.

The cooling water from the dorm shower careened from the ample swell of her creamy bosom, golden nipples hardening in the wet spray, down past the generous expanse of her breeding hips, and spattering away from her clit before soaking her womanly folds.

And it was Cindy's cunt that was of special interest now. From those tender folds she had just finished giving birth to her third half-human child. The explosion of Adoption Agencies that sought Fae offspring ensured that she had no difficulty finding a home for the fruit of her loins. Many couples were anxious to adopt the magical children birthed from her elven womb. She had been given four offers for her current child, before she was even born! All these infants had been sired by the variety of human boyfriends Cindy had met at college; She knew that her obsessive lust for human males was her greatest weakness, sweet weakness.

But her only real problem was her reputation as a slut; that was the most common claim made by critics of the Fae races, or Para-humans as the scientific community called them. She couldn't afford to be persecuted; the only hope for the Elves, Pixies, Satyrs, and Nymphs that had sought refuge on Earth after the Celestial Conjunction made magic possible was assimilation. So Cindy was doing her best to fit in by trying various means of suppressing her volcanic libido.

Her golden-bronze hair shone radiantly through the water, which sprinkled her pointed, upswept ears as she washed her elegant, feminine face. The water seemed to sparkle as it enveloped her ivory skin, the natural, rainbow highlights of her magical flesh gave the water a shimmering gleam that resembled nothing so much as an erotic chandelier.

She reached down and parted the folds of her Fae pussy, allowing the cold stream into her depths. But perhaps the very notion that she was doing this to suppress her lust made that lust more pronounced; or so it would seem from the erect hardness of her wet clit. No, cold showers did not work for the Fae.

She turned off the stream and grasped her towel as she headed back to her room. Hmm….she suspected that Curtis would be stopping by her room today, this story might turn him on even more than usual! So she would not dry off, many humans found a moist body to be especially enticing, maybe there was no point in resisting her lustful nature.

Cindy felt the sway of her jiggling boobs as she stalked naked to room 269. She was what humans called a EE-cup, it had something to do with…with, those funny, lacy things…those strange cups that human women wore under their clothes to cover their breasts. Her figure was magically fine-tuned to lure human males and comfortably birth their offspring, and the busty elf saw nothing wrong with it.

Society would have to accept that elves and the rest of the Fae couldn't be expected to conform to these strange notions of sexual restraint. Was it her fault that human males stared at her bulging breasts as they hung out of the spaghetti-string dresses she wore? Should she be blamed if they happened to like the sculpted slope of her long legs, which seemed to perfectly blend the grace of a fashion model with the rippling power of a female athlete? Everywhere she went, cocks rose proudly as if to greet her, and her fairy nature told her to accept these throbbing rods into her moist slit.

But she couldn't afford to be indifferent to the expectations of society, or the jealousy of female humans. She wanted to live a human's life and find acceptance; which was one of the reasons she enrolled at Madison University on the AG-CON corporate scholarship. She was told that almost all American humans tried to go to college at some point. Cindy had been offered some sort of deal where she had to maintain a 3.0 GPA for a free-ride scholarship. Hah! She'd been getting, (and giving) a great many 'free-rides' since she got here. There was also that clause about the work-fare program if she fell below the minimum grade-point average, but she wasn't worried about that, what's the worse that could happen?

Cindy was playing with herself when she heard the knock on the door; yes, she should have been studying for her zoology exam, but she wasn't worried. And she needed to get another orgasm today, anyway. She looked through the peep-hole.

"Yes!" it was Curtis. He was a tall, muscled, dark-skinned human that had fathered at least one of her half-elves, maybe two. Cindy didn't really care whose sperm reached her fertile eggs. She swung the door open, her nude, dripping flesh reflected luridly in the fluorescent light as she struck a pose that had the graceful elegance of the legendary fairies; yet bespoke of erotic pleasures more appropriate for the Nature Channel.

"Damn, girl! You just got done dropping your third kid, and you're ready for more action!" exclaimed Curtis. Human women might lose there breeding instincts after birthing three children, but Cindy was as horny as ever.

She might have replied, but there was no longer a need for words; not for these two. Her human lover was a potent stallion; on the school's Basketball team, and her preferred mate. The lust with which they coupled was almost instinctive. In seconds, the wobbling glory of elven tits had encircled Curtis' face, as Cindy leapt into his arms, straddling his pelvis as they embraced. Her dripping pussy was now directly level with Curtis; powerful stick of manmeat.

The Basketball Star thrust mightily into the elf's well-used, but surprisingly tight sex. It was no longer a matter of discovering each other's bodies; pure instinct took over in the breeding process that occurred upon the tousled mess of Cindy's bed. It was a wet, cum-laden, animal rutting as human and elven flesh gyrated against each other in a nipple-sucking, back-scratching dance as old as time.

Curtis found he could never get enough of the enchanted breastmilk that often dribbled from the elf's golden, battery-sized nipples. Somehow, the rich nourishment spouting from her mammaries tasted different every time he suckled her. It was always creamy, always sweet, yet her generous lactation seemed to contain undercurrents of subtler flavors that sent the human mind reeling with sensual delight.

Every part of her was ripe with sensory feasts, and once she touched him, there was no way to control the boiling lust that burned in his blood. His loins were aflame, and the lustful inferno could only be quenched within that ever slick, ever tight cunt of the fairy sex fiend who churned her wide hips atop his pelvis, squeezing her boobs to release squirts of her mother's milk into his gaping mouth.

It was one of those orgasms that you don't remember afterwards, the kind that knocks you out from raw pleasure. Both partners were so exhausted, so filled that the mind becomes clouded in post-coital bliss. Other than the fact that Cindy's voluptuous form was intertwined with the dark skin of her human boyfriend, it was the type of climax that makes you wonder whether it actually happened; and that uncertainty compels you to try to repeat the experience.

At least, that was Cindy's first thought as her silvery eyes fluttered open; golden eye-lashes blurring her vision slightly as she began to awaken from the erotic cataclysm that had rocked her world. There had been a noise, hadn't there?

The elf rose to a sitting posture, the swollen bounty of her tits bounced heavily upon her frame, droplets of milk remaining from her pregnancy dribbled downward to stain the sheets.

"Heya, roomie." Came a tiny voice from above her.

Floating above her bed, hovering in the air was a tiny, humanoid form no larger than 6-inches in height. The creature fluttered like a hummingbird, with gossamer wings as brilliant as crystal silk. The tiny entity began chanting something…waved her hand…and then.

In a burst, sparkling motes of light appeared in the dorm room as the pixie enlarged herself. She took on height and mass instantaneously, soon adopting the form and figure of a woman. Had a physicist witnessed the change, he would have been struck by this gross violation of the fundamental laws conserving matter and energy. But such restrictions were irrelevant to this being, Neinarryanilan, Sacred Inheritor of the Rings of Dannan, and Protector of the Twilight Circle.

"MMmm… Hey Nina." Groaned the drowsy elf, knowing that they both preferred their less-pretentious, human names.

"I see we've got company!" The pixie's eyes gleamed mischievously, as she strutted towards the stirring form of Curtis. Her lithe frame was clad entirely in a fishnet body suit, accentuating the toned curvature of her statuesque physique without really concealing anything. The hot-pink bikini covering more sensitive areas was Nina's only concession to the human laws against indecent exposure. The bangs in her ocean-blue, natural hair bobbed as she approached. The glassy wings sprouting from her shoulder blades contorted the fluorescent light as they waved lazily in the air. Curtis awakened with a start.

"Sorry Nina, I would've offered to share the wealth, but our stud is all tapped out." Shrugged Cindy; wondering why her breasts seemed heavier. But the outrageous pixie merely smiled a devilish grin as Curtis gingerly rubbed his well-used manhood. His gaze was drawn by the thrusting nipples pointing arrogantly from the fabric of the bikini top clinging valiantly to Nina's borderline DD's.

"Don't none of you fairy chicks ever wear bras?" he asked laughingly. Cindy furrowed her brow. And Nina scratched her head. The pixie shrugged with confusion.

"What?" asked Cindy.

"Hah, nevermind."

"I think our boytoy just needs a little pick-me-up…" and the 5-foot 9 inch pixie began arching her arms and chanting in a sing-song voice that sounded as impossibly serene as the sky at dusk. Motes of sparkling light filled the air as the incantation came to a close. As it did, Nina bent over and enveloped Curtis' flaccid manhood in her silver-lipstick-clad mouth. There was an eerie, blue glow, cock and balls alike flared with radiant energy, and became full of life and lust!

"Whoa! A Potency spell! I been lookin' for one of them for quite awhile, girl. Are you trying to suggest somethin' Nina?" he laughed.

"Enough talk," growled the lusty pixie as she tore off her fishnet and bikini bottom, and aimed her hot snatch for Curtis' 9-inch rod. Cindy amused herself by burying the human's face in the buoyant chasm between her amazing, elven tits. The sex-crazed Fae girls gave him a ball-busting, bed-thumping workout as intense as any practice game, and greater than some real ones. Their bodies craved his spurting seed as a lioness craves the hunt. Neither the elven race nor the pixie race would be in danger of extinction any time soon.

The test didn't go well. And the professor was watching for anyone that might try to magically read the answers off someone else's paper. No spell-casting during an exam! That was an iron-clad rule! Both Cindy and Nina were barely cognizant of anything related to their Zoology exam. Their heads were filled with cocks, cocks, and dick. There was no way Cindy was going to remember the names of 5 different animal phyla. And when the test asked Nina to describe the difference between sexual and asexual reproduction, all she could do was stick her finger into her moist slit and relive the events of last night, provoking odd stares from her classmates.

Yup, they both knew that they had failed the test horribly, but they weren't worried. Cindy knew that if college didn't work out, she could simply find some sugardaddy to keep her full of cash and cocks for as long as she needed him. And Nina was often dazzled with the prospect of becoming a traveling stripper, or a professional prostitute. She wasn't sure which she liked better. But Cindy had more immediate concerns at the moment.

"Hey Nina, do my tits look bigger?"

"Hmm….yeah, they do! You look like you've got some soccerballs up there!" remarked the pixie as she noticed the bosomy bulges straining the elf's too small T-shirt.

"Come to think of it, you look like you're trying to steal some cantaloupes girl!" exclaimed the elf. Certainly the lusty pixie never strained her tank-top before as her jiggling juggs were today.

"Maybe Curtis was using a virility spell. All sorts of things these days make your tits explode." They both shrugged. Spontaneous breast-growth was a simple fact of life these days; especially on college campuses with so many frat brothers and horny nerds downloading lactation spells off the internet. But for now….*YAWN* both of them felt…wow…very…very….*YAWN*…sleepy. Yup, time to head back to the room.

She wasn't bothered by the fact that she was naked. Cindy preferred to go around in the buff, to snare her regular diet of cock. But it was the fact that she was obviously in a prison of some sort that bothered her far more than her lack of dress. Sure enough, she was in what appeared to be a small gymnasium, yet with an iron floor, and an iron door. She grit her teeth and tried to walk on her tiptoes, the painful sting of the iron was agony to her pale, luminescent skin. Though the floor was room temperature, it might as well have been a boiler plate, since cold iron, or any other sort, was extremely toxic to all the Fae races.

And sure enough, the door was a solid, sealed block of the dark metal. Whoever had brought her here, and whatever sinister plan she was part of, her magic would not help her escape; Iron also totally negated Fae sorcery, there was no way she could leave through that door. Their were no windows in the room, but with the hanging lights from above, Cindy was able to notice something even more disturbing; bright blue circles on her naked body!

"Focusing Runes! Someone is going to cast spells on me from a distance!" With these special symbols, someone might be able to cast spells upon her even through the iron door, but she would be unable to do so herself. She noticed that the circular runes were surrounding her fleshy, jiggling tits, and there was another on her belly, right below her navel, and just above the lips to her fairy cunt.

They were glowing! The runes began to glow with a fiery, golden light! Frantically, she tried to rub them off, but whatever ink they used did not smear in the least. And then…the door opened.

She saw him as the first spasms wracked her body; the sensation was indescribable, too intense to be pleasurable, but not harsh enough to be painful. Cindy writhed upon the floor, ignoring the sting of the iron. The man was in a well-tailored suit, with some sort of golden lapel pin Cindy couldn't identify through her haze of shock. He seemed to be wearing a heavy, iron bracelet around his arm, offering protection to any minor magics she might be able to conjure.

"I suppose we owe you some sort of explanation." He said simply, smiling wolfishly as Cindy's body rippled and throbbed with unknown energies. "You Fairies think you're better than us mere mortals; you think you can just waltz on in, cast your spells, and you expect the whole country to roll over and drop our pants." Cindy shook her head, he was wrong! Wrong about her! (Well, not about the dropping our pants, part.) She just wanted to fit in!

All she knew for sure was that her tits were indeed getting bigger, she could see the slow swell as F-cups became GG's and beyond. But…there was something else…something more…happening on her belly…under her breasts!

"You wouldn't know this, but AG-CON and a few other companies haven't been content to let you sluts corner the market on sorcery. Our company has spent millions on the most cutting-edge magical research programs possible. You fairies think you know everything, but I think the progress our thaumaturgies have made will surprise even you." He ran a hand through his dark hair, smiling like the cat that ate the canary.

AG-CON? That was the company that funded her scholarship! They had now kidnapped her to exact….revenge? What? The symbols on her tits and belly boiled with radiant energy! She could feel a tingling, spasming sensation on her belly, like the flesh was falling asleep, and getting stung by something, over and over again. Cindy could feel her breasts growing, growing insanely huge! She felt more than a little fear as she contemplated what these corporate wizards had in store for her!

"Wh-why?" wailed the busty elf.

"Frankly, your grades are pathetic. You signed a contract with AG-CON agreeing to our work-fare program in case you were unable to meet the grade requirements." He sneered.

"I…I never signed on for this!"

"I'm afraid you did, but we gave you a chance. If you were capable of maintaining your GPA, then we would have offered you a lucrative position at the company, since you didn't…well, we have a way to get our money's worth out of you." Cindy shook her head in confusion. And then, the glow subsided.

The elf was overwhelmed with a surge of lust! Her naked pussy instantly moistened, dribbling her cum onto the floor. It was as though every sexual yearning she ever had, every moment of furtive lust for human men came boiling back into her cunt at once! She clutched her throbbing lips and clit in shock, and she felt something…something wrong…

Her tits! She…She….Had 6 of them! Sure enough, 6 silky mammaries, each the size of a basketball bounced with surprising vitality from her chest as she rose to her feet in panic! The could feel the pressure, she knew what it was like to have teats bloated with mother's milk, but this? Her massive rack demanded to be milked! And her pulsating pussy demanded to milk! (A cock, anyway.) She gazed at the corporate rep. In panicked yearning. Laughing, the dark-haired man strolled out through the door. Her breasts gave her no choice but to follow, the cold iron painful against her bare feet.

She barely noticed the corridor beyond, as she ran jiggling into a vast chamber. It…it had the cold sterility of a modern milking parlor, only far, far larger. The swaying inertia of 6 awesome tits gave an unusually awkward sway to her desperate sprint towards the array of breast pumps in the center. She moaned with desperate relief as she inserted herself in the plastic pumps, the vacuum suction offering immediate relief. The chugging machine suckled quart after sweet quart from her magical mammaries. Despite the rush of gratification, Cindy still noticed a curiously large plastic cup lying in the corner; it was the size of a beachball! Would AG-CON somehow cause her tits to grow large enough to use that monster?

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