tagSci-Fi & FantasyFaeophobia: Ms. Lily's Opus

Faeophobia: Ms. Lily's Opus


"Your tits will only take you so far," he barked. The balding dean grumbled as he leaned back in his cooshy chair. She had been afraid of this. "We try not to traffic in rumors, but the sheer volume of chatter concerning your exploits Lily, well..." It was the worst fear, the worst fear of any Fae:

She was in trouble for having sex. Lily gulped audibly, already knowing her best efforts would likely prove futile. Other than sex, there was little else to appeal to, she did not any other significant sources of leverage; especially against Dean Chaumers. He wore what was it....3.....4...iron rings on various fingers of both hands. This was essentially a must for men in authority these days. Ever since the Celestial Conjunction, when magic returned to the Earth after centuries of absence, the magical beings known as the Fae, had been given a new lease on life, by returning with the magic. They had often flaunted human laws of respectability, morality, and decency. Whenever a human in authority decided to lay down the law for some capricious fae, all she really needed to do was a quick enchantment to magically seduce him. The stodgiest men could easily become raging sex-fiends, their cocks throbbing desperately for the sweet heaven each fae held between her thighs.

But not Dean Chaumers; he probably was ready for her, or had had similar conversations with fae students in the past. Here at Madison university, when a student of Fairy extraction was in grade trouble, a simple lust spell would have her teacher wild with rutting frenzy. Talk of requirements, standards, and conduct would melt away as humans succumbed to the magic; sucking and fondling on the ripe nipples of these enchanted students.

Lily suspected from other rumors that Dean Chaumers might be in trouble with his wife. (snicker) But there would be no magical seductions today; for pure iron was easily able to shatter even the most powerful fairy magic. With all those iron rings he wore, casting any of the dozen or so Lust spells the nymph had memorized would be like kindling a fire at the bottom of a lake.

"Before the Celestial Conjunction, Madison University maintained standards of academic excellence, and professionalism..." Chaumers droned on. A brief scowl flashed across Lily's face. There was that word again! Professionalism! A harsh, painful, human concept. Humans in authority often invoked that word to moderate the libidinous passions of many Fae. Apparently, it meant that Lily should not be breeding with her male students! Chaumers didn't understand! How could she deny herself the thrill that came from the furtive, wandering eyes of the lust-ridden undergraduates that she taught?

When Lily felt the gazes of her sexually-frustrated students upon her ripe figure, her tingling nipples seemed to rocket forward, even as the throbbing heat began to conquer her groin, demanding release! Chaumers had no idea what he was talking about! Lily was a Forest Nymph; a creature of pure lust! She couldn't lose her career over her immutable fairy nature!

"....And that hasn't changed since magic returned to the Earth; while we understand that female Fae outnumber male Fae twenty-to-one, that still is no excuse for conduct of this sort..." Lily's mind began racing; she couldn't cast a seduction spell, the human was too heavily guarded by iron, and furthermore, if it looked like she was casting a spell on him, that would likely only compound the trouble she was in. While she couldn't directly ensorcel him, she could still do something to herself....

With a playful toss of her shimmering mane of verdant-green hair, Lily adjusted the pink blossom permanently growing there to face the human, while her gently slanted eyes met his gaze. Her coppery-tanned skin glistened in the flourescent lighting as she briefly whispered a quick incantation targeted only at her. Her eyes returned to meet the human's gaze, eyes so luminous that they seemed greener than green, sensuous pools of impossibly vivid emerald radiance. Both framed by a soft face with a hint of asiatic curves. That was when her blouse began to ruffle.

"...and normally, rumors such as this would not be enough for action, but in this case the severity and frequency of the allegations...."She had entered the office with her breasts no larger than what humans called a double-D cup. (something to do with those funny, lacy things human women wore) Her ripe mounds now began to blossom of their own accord, even as the pink flower permanently growing from her hair seemed even more luscious. Her low-cut business dress, already tailored to expose a scandalous amount of cleavage soon became filled with rising hills of buoyant breastflesh. As her mammaries ripened with prodigious speed akin to stop-motion photography, she made sure to spread her legs widely as she adjusted her position. Her current plan was by no means a new technique, but the fact that it was so widespread amongst sexual creatures attested to its power.

"....especially since some of these allegations suggest you placing magical wards upon your lovers to prevent them speaking of their numerous sexual encounters with you...." Well of course! She did that exactly because older, impotent men like Chaumers could never understand the power of her mating instinct! They would censure her! Just like he was doing now! Sleek legs opened wide, exposing her naked pussy to the air. Like most Fae, Lily never wore panties, and the graceful perfection of her legs did not require nylons. She felt her pussy throbbing, knowing that she was now releasing her pheromones. Even humans released them to a limited extent, but in Fae the response was far stronger. Rarely did Lily have to go this far to attract a man, but her career might be at stake.

Dean Chaumers frowned; it looked like the Nymph's breasts were growing larger right in front of him! Her tits stretched the fabric of her light-green business dress, expanding to stripper size in the space of 10 seconds! But Chaumers wasn't fazed by this lurid display; it took more than breasts the size of honeydew melons to be an effective professor! Nor was he bothered by that strange, flowery scent that filled the air. He continued his diatribe. "I'm afraid, Doctor Lily, that these sorts of improprieties cannot possibly be ignored when we determine tenure..."

It wasn't working; her fertility powers had failed her! Most human males would have torn open her blouse to begin suckling upon her tits by now! Chaumers merely frowned in impotent consternation. (She would hate to be his wife!) She put her head in her hands and endured the rest of his tongue-lashing in silence. She was a forest nymph, rife with fertility magic! But those powers were not enough. It was a crushing blow to any Fae; failing to seduce a human male. She swallowed hard as she tried to grapple with the humiliation in stunned silence. The hateful words bombarded her: propriety, responsibility, respectability, and of course, professionalism....


She knew she was doomed; there was no way they'd give her tenure now; and without it her career was uncertain to say the least. More depressed than she'd been since arriving on Earth all those years ago, Lily's high-heels clicked across the pavement as she dejectedly stalked off to her Buick-Lesabre, to begin her lonely commute home. The female faculty were all jealous of her tits, which by now had retracted back to a mere double-D cup, her male colleagues could never treat her seriously, and the senior faculty, long past their days of sexual prowess, gave her the same regard that they normally reserved for a cockroach in their garden salad.

As she drove home, she wondered if there were even any of her former students that remembered her, or did they too, regret ever knowing the busty, lusty Fae professor? How long before the humans came to understand? She couldn't be held to their standards! Her emerald eyes barely focused on the road as she sighed in frustration. She was a Nymph! A creature of pure fertility! She was an embodiment of the timeless, reproductive imperative that burned in the genitals of all forms of life! Her sexual yearnings were irrepressible, immutable! Nymphs like her existed to increase and affirm life, she could never stop! Of course she was using her male students as breeding stock! Expecting her to stop procreating with the frustrated freshmen in her Biology classes was like...like expecting a dog to stop barking, or punishing a tree for putting out green leaves. She should be able to have a career! Why couldn't the humans accomodate her?

She should have been alarmed; at least any human woman would have been alarmed by what happened as she entered her suburban home. But Lily was a Fae, and the man knew that. To the creatures of Fairy, the customary handshake when humans greeted each other was a bizarre, alien gesture. Instead, the strange man waiting behind the door placed a heavy hand of Lily's right breast, while placing his other hand on the fabric over her pussy. Grasping the erogenous zones was always soothing to any Fae, and immediately calmed her alarm from these...15? 20 strange men in her living room. She chuckled briefly, knowing the hysterical reaction a human woman would exhibit if some man had grasped her tits like this the moment she opened her door, as she sighed in contentment.

But wait...

These men...that face...

Could it be...

"B-Bradley Cooper? Is it...you?" stammered Lily, as the man massaged her yielding boobflesh. She remembered something about her former student founding some new company, some sort of practical sorcery clinic, or something. But she never thought she'd ever see him again!

"It's me, Doctor Lily! Not to mention a few of your other students; We have a surprise for you, and...well...we thought we'd surprise you!" Bradley had a charming smile and deep voice, and she couldn't help but notice the elegant rolex around the wrist that kneaded the flesh of her tit. "It took awhile, but I gathered together your most successful former students," He gestured at the other 19 well-dressed professionals smiling at her, all of them gripping some sort of....odd statues? What? what were those small sculptures they all held?

"All of us are millionaires, many of us are running Fortune 500 companies, personally I'm the owner and founder of Magi-Care Clinics Inc. One of the most important practical magic distributors." Lily knew; she'd heard of Magi-Care but...wow! that Mr.Cooper? Her former student? Her brilliant-green eyes scanned the room; all of them were former students, and had been undeniable nerds. Their lanky, fumbling bodies had been replaced by manly frames to house their genius intellects. Sam Roberts, who graduated 5 years ago came to her side and spoke next.

"We never forgot you, you had sex with us when....well, when no one else would!" And Lily didn't regret that decision; looking now at Bradley and Sam, she marveled at the improvements 5 years and 10 million dollars had made upon her favorite nerds. Bradley brandished another of the odd statues.

They were about 9 inches high, made of some sort of beige plastic and...hey...the image was a woman who looked...like her? Yes, the plastic statues were of her! Her effigies stood upon pedastals with heads held high, plastic hair billowing out behind her. "This has been my own Personal Project," explained Bradley, smiling that winning smile and running a hand through his auburn hair. "I worked on this spell for months, all of us helped, we created and prepared this spell for you and you alone." And with that, Bradley Cooper plunged the statue deeply under her skirt, right into her pussy.

Lily knew a human woman would probably have shrieked and struggled as the foreign object penetrated the moist gates of her feminine sanctum, but Bradley and her other students knew; they understood her well enough to know that human standards did not apply to her. She slumped back in pleasure as the intrusive object tugged and thrusted within her tenderest flesh. Jason Radford came behind and removed her business dress, then ripped open her blouse, allowing her jiggling tits to bounce freely in the air, while he massaged the tense muscles on her back and shoulders.

Without missing a beat, Sam placed his lips upon her rosy, ripe nipples, and began....oh! The Tongue Swirl! Sam Roberts' tongue lavished her breast like no one before! Migrating to Earth was worth it just to feel the way his expert tongue teased and tormented her nipples! The smile on her face was replaced briefly with a grunt of wild lust, as she allowed her millionare lovers to bear her to the plush carpet while forcing her to orgasm. Over and over, the strange, plastic object ground deeply into the moistening bastion between her spread legs, as Bradley discarded her skirt. A thrill of glee burned through her, as Lily sensed all those eyes upon the naked glory of her exposed twat. She gazed lovingly at the humans as her orgasm finally arrived; her churning hips bathing the plastic with a generous gush of female cum. The scent was like sweetened wildflower honey, and all the ex-nerds smiled in pleasant memory at the familiar scent of the forest nymph's arousal.

Lily was quite wise in the ways of magic, but the statue managed to surprise even her. Warming, twisting, and growing, the statue soon outstripped its pedastal, writhing like a thing alive! In moments, the thing grew, a plastic replica of Lily herself, increasing in size and life as Lily saw the sparkling points of light spreading through the air, an undeniable sign of magical invocation. In moments, she was staring into her own face.

The replica was every bit identical to Professor Lily, from her flowing green hair, to the permanent, pink blossom growing from her, to the flat curves of her exotic face, down to the nude splendour of her olive-skinned, voluptuous frame. Jiggling breasts bounced gently as the clone caressed the wide swell of her breeding hips, hands stopping at the drooling entrance to her shaven pussy. The clone seemed confused, probably having no knowledge of its own, it knew only that it must satisfy the fiery craving between its legs, and the tingling yearning within its boobs, now easily an E-cup. Bradley grasped the clone, discarding his own pants as he bore her to the ground, and began satisfying his urges within the clone's grateful pussy. She clutched and responded to him all the life and lust that Lily herself seemed to possess. Before she could ponder this wonder, Sam's statue slammed deeply inside her, the lips of her snatch seeming to tighten to embrace the object.

"Wh-huh!?" Lily gasped in shock, though her naked breasts were bare and untouched, she felt...she felt...Everything! Bradley was kneading, fondling the clone-Lily's pliant boobs, and the real Lily, she felt it all! She felt every caress, every touch, as though his millionaire hands were upon her own tits! Other than Sam's statue inside of her, she was untouched.

"It's...*GRUNT*... a form of ...*GRUNT*... Voodoo..." Bradley explained between thrusts, while the duplicate moaned in grateful pleasure, raking her nails down his back. "I spent, ...*GRUNT*... some time in the Caribbean, ...*GRUNT*... picked up quite a few spells,...*GRUNT*... and adapted them......*GRUNT*...for consumer use. This one...for you Lily, ...*GRUNT*. Whatever pleasure the dolls feel, you feel. Whenever they orgasm, you orgasm."

She did not even have time to cry out in gratitude, her climaxes would now explode within her at record speed, not only did she feel the smooth plastic, she also felt every thrust of Bradley's naked cock as it pounded the womb of her double. Very soon, the process got out of control; there were more duplicates, and more still.

For every one of Lily's orgasms, she released more of her sweet girl-cum, and wherever her elixir enveloped one of the plastic statues, the spell was triggered, and the thing began to grow. More and more dolls grew with new life, becoming perfect body-doubles of her. Each clone seemed bewildered; with no knowledge of her identity, or purpose. They only knew of the fires burning between their thighs, they only knew joy as each was claimed by a horny man, as the orgy erupted on the plush carpet of Professor Lily's living room.

It was like a steel cage; the bombardment of sensation burned through every neuron in her luscious body. An endless eruption of sensuality saturated evey inch of her skin. She could not speak, she could not stand, she could only writhe in helpless ecstasy as her now unattended cunt spasmed luridly, struggling to manage more orgasms than was humanly possible. 20 cocks seemed to be slipping into her all at once; there was no downthrust, no sense of withdrawal, every moment she felt the battering thrust of hardened cocks waiting to deliver their creamy loads.

"We have.....*GRUNT*... A proposal...for you.." Mumbled Ray Stevens, as he mounted his duplicate from behind, rutting within that familiar pussy with doggy-style determination. "We want you....to stay with us......*GRUNT*...we've bought you a bigger house......*GRUNT*...closer to most of our corporate offices......*GRUNT*...We'll be on call...to mate with you, give you what a Fae craves......*GRUNT*...anytime...The b-best..*PANT* adoption agencies have been ar-a-arranged to care for......*GRUNT*...the many children you'll give birth to. We know......*GRUNT*...that Nymphs need to breed, we know you need to create life between your thighs..."

"There's more..." Said Colin Smythe, a transfer student whose quick wit and hard cock had always impressed her. "We've ordered...NHAAAH!...A b-biological laboratory built.." he groaned from atop his own Lily-clone. "S-so you can continue...*PANT* your sc-scientific research. We know you want......*GRUNT*... To study life, even as...new life grows within...your womb..." It would take several minutes before Lily's pleasure-drugged mind would be able to understand, much less respond to their offer, but in time, the waves of orgasms finally began to subside.

But there was yet more; Professor Lily, being a forest nymph and embodiment of fertility, could not casually suffer such an assault without consequences. The timeless power of fertility boiled up inside her, fueling her savage determination to breed. Sex was nice and all, but a Nymph had an irrepressible need to procreate; casual sex was not enough, she had to feel a man inside her, spurting his seed that she might bear young. But they knew that, Ray had told her as much. They knew her enough to understand her need to create life, to feel her belly swell with pregnancy, to spread her thighs and birth offspring. She had done so countless times since arriving on Earth. Fae children grew quickly, and required very little care; even still a vast spectrum of adoption agencies had arisen to place Fairy spawn in loving homes around the world.

"NNnnghh...Breed me...Get me...pregnant..." she wailed. Her body was responding to the stimulation; with leaps and spurts, her breasts were increasing in size once again. The quivering globes had ballooned from mere grapefruits, to melons, and finally, with a final growth surge, something a little larger than most bowling balls. She felt that familiar tension, and knew that her body was preparing to bear offspring, for her milk was coming in. The ivory droplets rose upon her rosy nips, soon careening down the smooth valleys of mammaries in wet rivulets of liquid fecundity.

"No, not yet Ms. Lily. We need your agreement. We need to know that you'll accept our offer." Said Bradley, as his clone gradually shrunk back down to a statue.

"Y-you want me...to give up...my position...at Madison University?" she stammered, still quivering with orgiastic aftershocks.

"We all know that they've never accepted your sexual needs there; We all know they don't respect you there." Said Stan Grey, rightly so. So that was her choice; remain here with faculty that despised her, or run off to the big city with 20 millionaire sex-studs, where she could continue her research and fulfill her instinctive breeding urge.

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