tagSci-Fi & FantasyFaeophobia Quickies: Playing the Field

Faeophobia Quickies: Playing the Field


A single drop of morning dew dripped from the penis. Or so it would have appeared to their quarry. In fact the object dangling from the tree was a life-like, phallic replica, 8 inches long, hanging suspended from a silken cord to the pine tree. It had been painted a life-like color; that was important to the test subjects.

Or so Professor Cummond had always insisted. The wiry and fit ecology professor hiked up the gentle slope to examine the penis-shaped container. His steely grey eyes scrutinized the clear panel on the back of the simulated dildo.

"Only one quarter volume left, the girls have been busy." He beamed proudly. He turned, his broad chest filling with the fresh, mountain hair as he twitched his thick, but well-groomed bush of a moustache. Though well into his forties, Dr. Cummond had managed to keep a fit and trim figure; essential for the field work he regularly conducted in the hill country.

"I....I've got positive I.D.!" exclaimed a 20-something blond-haired grad student holding up a modified device similar to a megaphone. "That way!" the device made a clicking sound, similar to a Geiger counter as the student pointed to the Southeast. Dr. Cummond smiled knowingly;

"Assume the position, guys. Like I told you; hands at your hips, a non-threatening posture." The Ecologist, and his four well-built students stood in a horizontal line, and unbuckled, unzipped and unbuttoned their pants.

"Did you remember the potion? I hope you took some on the ride up?" he reminded them. Guilty looks flashed across youthful, square-jawed faces as Cummoned waved an empty, plastic bottle with a pharmaceutical label on the front. Hastily, the students fumbled in backpacks for their own stocks of the liquid. The Professor's countenance darkened.

"The Potions of Stamina should be consumed at least 10 minutes in advance, to achieve maximum potency with a minimum of foreplay!" He sternly reminded them. The Doctor's own raging cock, tenting painfully against his rugged blue-jeans attested to his own recent male augmentation. But they were still young and vigorous, if they prepared themselves now, they should be able to perform to satisfaction when-

"Yes! Hear that?" Professor Cummond tilted his ears to the south, as a twittering, tinkling buzz began to fill the air, the Swarm was moments away. Slurping and sucking, the four biology students quickly downed their own potions of Male Stamina. Harvey, a wiry lad whose tall stature just barely kept him from terminal nerd-dom had brought two, just to be sure of the vigor of his performance.

But in the end, it was not the potions that hardened their man-meat when the time was upon them; their own anticipation was enough.

They were wild, free, flying......and naked. Gloriously naked. But the finer details of their bodies were not visible at this distance, so small were the individuals. The pixies buzzed through the skies with a mixture of childlike innocence and whorish depravity. The twisting, flowing, buzzing pixie swarm flooded the skies in a shapeless mass of erotic potential. To the green, golden, and violet eyes of the tiny fae, 5 rigid penises throbbed into view, with a spectrum of colors, though all were relatively close in size. The naked, giggling sprites angled towards the professor; though older, he possesed a vigorous frame of toned muscle under thick body hair. Though slightly balding on the top, there was no doubt as to his raw, sanguine vitality. His steely eyes were at once determined and welcoming, but not so welcome as his hard 8 inches of erect meat.

Swiftly, a tiny pixie with pink hair hovered near the grinning face of a dark-haired, square-jawed student about 19 years of age. Jason had a neatly trimmed goatee, and good musculature from his football days. The pink pixie hovered from face, to 7-inch cock, to face, lightly brushing over the muscles in between.

Tim was a bit chubbier, but he carried a thick layer of beefy sinew beneath his skin, his frame broad and stocky, shoulders and cock tensed with hidden power as three blond-haired pixies buzzed over his auburn-haired head. His rod was among the largest, nearly 9 inches of erect potency.

Which put him on even ground with Lamar, a towering and athletic black male with the stature of an N.B.A. superstar, and an intellect worthy of the Dean's list. His head was shaven bald, his body smooth as an ebony statue.

Leaving only Harvey; his height was almost equal to Lamar's and since his growth spurt he had escaped the 'nerd' label, but his slick-black hair and thick glasses masked a dynamic genius. Though his cock was scarcely more than a mediocre 6 inches.

The Pixies however, seemed utterly delighted by the lot of them. Each of the diminutive fae-creatures resembled an adult, human female, other than the translucent butterfly wings and the pastel hair-colors. But they had the sleek legs, widened hips, and ample bosoms of female models; or porn stars. Except that each was no larger than 6-inches tall.

A green pixie flew in at break-neck speed, aiming at Cummond's cock. She collided with the taut member and immediately wrapped her arms, legs, and torso around the thick shaft. Soon, her sisters followed suit. With ingrained, instinctive cunning, tiny hands caressed the smooth male skin, the legs and hips of the tiny pixies humped against the full-sized human penises in just such a rhythm as to create perfect friction.

"After...all these years....since the Celestial Conjunction..." stammered Jason, his speech stifled by the ecstasy of no less than 5 pixies grinding their tits into his dick. "W-wild pixies have...returned to the Earth!" Dr. Cummond smiled.

"Give yourselves a pat on the back....boys....Human sperm....made it possible...for the pixies to increase their population....ex-exponentially-YAAH!" the green-haired fae was nibbling at the edge of his slit, while her leg was tantalizingly caressing the underside of his organ. The little sprites were experts.

"Wasn't sure....it would be possible...." remarked Harvey, his cock a tangled mass of writhing, slender legs, hips, and boobs, proportioned for 6-inch-tall bodies. "P-pixies....they can only breed...f-females... O-only...X chromosomes can...f-fertilize the adults....But...But...uunngh!" his cheeks reddened, as the randy little faeries began the licking.

"But they survived....just fine..." began Lamar. "'Cause the adults....they'll spread their legs....fer....almost anyone..." He had three pixies fondling his balls, while half a dozen leapt up and down happily upon his rigid, lengthy penis. A blue pixie began to lick his meat vigorously, adding needed lubrication. Soon enough, every penis was slick and slippery, the lusting faeries combining their efforts to achieve maximum stimulation, maximum tantalization.

"No species...." grunted Dr. Cummond "Anywhere in Faerie....can surpass...*UUNGH* the juvenile pixie in....fellatio....the need...the skill....it's ingrained in them when young. But remember...these are feral pixies; they're highly intelligent....but...*YAAAAH* they've had no education, no contact with civilization....Pixies...and many fae....are...*NNUGNH* We call them...R-strategy organisms; they breed rapidly, in great, great numbers. Many young pixies live...in the wilderness...totally outside....human civilization...at this age...they just...just want....CUUUM!!"

Fitting that the professor would be the first one to explode. The green-haired pixie, and one of her sisters with sky-blue hair had latched their faces, and cunts on the ecologists' dick. Their pungent, female juices, combined with the licking, had been enough to layer the academicians' cock with a slippery layer of moist lubricant; easing the faeries' attempts to jerk-off the delirious doctor.

As always, not a drop reached the ground. The green pixie bent her transparent wings, forming a cup, as she deftly and greedily snatched each spurt of milky semen that was within her reach. Not a single sperm wasted as Cummond grunted, swaying on his feet from the lurid, dizzying orgasm. After the blissful eternity of his ejaculation, the pixie's began licking not only their own hands, but a silvery-haired sprite thrust her face directly into the hole at the end of his rod, slurping up every last semem molecule she could; until a blond pixie pulled her off, before the green pixie fought her off for a turn at any and every last lingering taste of creamy ejaculate. Methodically, the pixies licked their wings that caught the semen, and began licking each other.

"P-pay...attention...after the pixies...drink a load of...semen...Notice how they lick each other's bodies," Cummond pointed. "That's not only....to get at any semen still on another's body, it's also bonding behavior; forging emotional links...between pixies within the swarm. But notice...." he gestured at a pink pixie lavishing a silver one with her tongue all throughout her taut belly, into her navel, and down the inside of her thigh. "They get....aroused after a good feeding....they express their sexual...frustration....through lesbian orgies." With a grunt that sounded like a bird chirping, the pink pixie ground her face into her sister's cunt, though no sperm had landed there, gripping the other fae's shapely ass in relentless, sexual desperation.

Lamar howled in ecstasy, trying to speak through his own explosion. "It's...a...*YAAAH!" It's a myth that...that pixies need...human semen...to survive...r-right?" he asked. The exact condition of his cock was difficult to gauge, a mass of no less that 20 pixies swirled and struggled in the air around the black student's member, a feeding frenzy of cum.

"G-good...L-Lamar." confirmed the professor. "It's like...almost like hummingbirds. They don't only eat nectar from flowers; that's just a convenient energy source; they need other foods to survive. Pixies too.....human semen...it's a valuable energy supplement, but mainly when they're young." The Ph.D Ecologist leaned back against a tree, his eyes drifting over the pussy-licking panorama of miniature lesbian sex as the pixie swarm writhed in lust around him. "I'll tell you boys a secret;" Amidst spine-tingling spurts of sperm, the students tried to listen.

"Even..adult pixies; the ones that have educations, careers...and clothes; just drop your pants in front of one of them when you're alone, if you've achieved sufficient erection; you'll notice the muscles in her jaw clenching; that's an old reflex from her youth, a reflex that tells her to suck cocks and drink cum. The adults don't really need it, but it puts them in the same state of euphoria." The students gave murmurs of assent assuring that they would remember.

"Do you think we'll g-g-get one?" asked Tim, twitching in startled pleasure as a pixie with sky-blue hair tickled the underside of his hardened member with her frilly little wings, while another swayed and rubbed herself against his shaft as if doing a pole-dance by a stripper; a move she should have no way to know about. Cummond nodded.

"We wouldn't be here otherwise."

"Soo...the Department of Education is partnering with the Biology department to try and educate feral pixies, and we get to pick them?" inquired Harvey.

"The budget is limited, but they've left it up to me, and I intend to find a suitable candidate this trip. After a feeding like this you're most likely to locate an adult." The professor swept his hand over the Swarm, naked female flesh writhed and humped in lust-laden passion. It was impossible to determine the ages of any pixie; all of them were 6 inches tall, with the faces of run-way fashion models, and porn-star bodies. "But notice that one; the one with the green hair; she may be very near Maturation. Notice how she's not participating in the lesbian orgy."

"Yeah," remarked Jason. "She looks nervous...anxious, the way she's clutching her pussy and looking us over; it's like she's worried, or angry, or something."

"Try to imagine," began Cummond. "You've been a horny little slut for as long as you can remember, she's experiencing a sharp, aching sensation in her vagina, a sensation that can only be alleviated by penetration. Imagine seeing suitable partners almost every day, but they're totally incompatible to you be..." and that was when the screaming began.

"eeeeeEEEEEE!!" howled the pixie with forest-green hair, in a voice something like that of an angry canary. Brilliant motes of sparkling light filled the air, the sure sign of magical invocation. There was a THUMP to the air, and a cloud of dust released as the spell took effect.

Whereas before, the tiny features of the pixies were more cute than voluptuous, at 6-inches in height, the creature that now stood before them was a ravishing sexpot that oozed with precocious femininity. Tiny, transparent antennae unfolded from her forehead, her eyes were a radiant gold, as they fixed the humans with a wild glare of timeless, primal lust. The little green-haired pixie that had first tackled Cummond's cock had magically enlarged herself to full stature! She was at least five and a half feet tall! Her skin was a luminous, pearlescent hue; as strangely exotic as it was alluring, and that skin was as flawless as an alabaster sculpture. That was what so infuriated human women; the Fae were definitely not human, their bodies were simply too perfect; so statuesque and pristine as to mark themselves as the unearthly creatures they were. But these creatures were now surviving on Earth; and breeding rapidly.

"As I suspected; the pixie's frustrated libido has prompted the maturity of her full powers. She has reached sexual adulthood!" a whoop of approval from the students.

"NEAAAAAHH!" wailed the Fae as she lurched on her feet towards Dr. Cummond, as yet unfamiliar with the new demands gravity would place on her new size. she slapped a hand over her vagina, the lips of her womanly portal engorged, and throbbing with need. The potion of Stamina had already kicked in; and the older yet fit Ecologist could feel new potency surging through him. He gently cupped a hand to the pixie's left breast.

"While a human female would press charges for this, such a gesture triggers the release of endorphins in the Fae brain; it's the most soothing and polite greeting you could give." The lush mammary filled and spilled beyond the confines of Cummond's grip, the creamy slopes of the boob challenged the dimensions of a healthy grapefruit. The pearl-colored female flesh was capped by a glistening aureole, a golden color like that of champagne, whilst her tight nipple hardened even faster than Cummond imagined possible, pressing into his hand. The Pixie shook her chest, creating ripples as the perfect melons of her boobflesh shimmied with jiggling buoyancy.

"P-P-Penis!" she declared through golden lips; fumbling with the unfamiliar function of speech, as she placed a delicate hand upon the Professor's hairy, naked chest. Murmurs of amazement filled the group of students.

"She's attempting human language! Rare in a feral pixie! This is encouraging for her cognitive development." remarked Harvey. Cummond stroked her shoulder-length, forest-green hair; strangely orderly for a wild creature.

"Yes, yes I certainly have one! Just for you!" he cooed, easing the faerie creature down onto a bed of moss.

"PENIS!" she screamed, encouraged by the results produced by making the sound.

"Now, gather around, I've explained this to you all in class. The first moments of sexual adulthood are the most crucial times in a pixie's lifecycle. She needs...validation, she needs to feel attractive." As he spoke, the Professor rubbed his ever-hardening cock in slow arcs at the surface of the pixie's womanhood, her lower lips moistening with the heat of her need.

"A newly matured Pixie needs to know that she can attract a man; if she goes too long without male contact; or if a man rebuffs her as soon as she matures, she will experience psychological disfunction for her entire life. Bitterness, misdirected rage, and self-destructive behavior are documented in pixies that do not achieve sufficient sexual gratification within 12 hours of their maturation.

"Look into her eyes; she's still experiencing anxiety; she's still not sure she's attractive enough." Large, male hands groped her thighs, hips, and the taut flesh of her belly, while Cummond's cock continued its tantalizing tease. "She needs men to bring her to orgasm for healthy, psychological growth."

"Penis?" questioned the green-haired pixie, her golden eyes sweeping the assembled males.

"She's most likely wondering whether we have any lust for her. Right now, her whole future depends upon whether her naked body stimulates our libidos."

"Then we'd better show her that her fears are unfounded." remarked Lamar, as he tweaked a nipple.

"Good thinking Lamar, you take the right breast, Tim you take the left one. Harvey, kneel down by her head; she'll want to suck your cock. After Harvey blows his load, Jason can take over. Even though she's an Adult now, several more semen feedings will be very beneficial.

"Now, remember the technique?" quizzed Professor Cummond.

"Ahh...maximum contact, highest surface area with minimum pressure...to begin with." responded Tim, as he spread his fingers over the jiggling melons that rose with fecund splendour above the faerie's prone torso. Tim glided his fingers gently in a circular motion over the entire breast, occasionally stopping to pinch the taut nipple. Gurgling moans of inarticulate ecstasy arose from the pixie's throat, before she reflexively slurped down Harvey's dick. Without thinking, the muscles in her mouth and jaw responded, providing the optimal pressure and friction in her instinctive fellatio.

The professor knelt between her statuesque legs, spread wide open to receive penetration, checked on each student. Lamar too, was knowledgeable on the stimulus routine for the pixie breast. Broad, wide circles with all his fingers, covering as much pearly skin as possible. Lamar's technique differed in that he substituted the occasional, rapid lick to the nipple where Tim pinched them gently. Cummond approved, and more important, the pixie approved.

She lay flat on her back, Tim at her other tit, while she bent her head backwards to receive the meaty reward of Harvey, whose dick hovered over her lips from where he kneeled in front of her, until that dick has swallowed greedily. Harvey shuddered with pleasure at the liquid steel of her mouth's embrace, his cock was up to the hilt in seconds,

"I...I believe now! In the Pixie; the Gag reflex has been replaced with the Cock-sucking reflex!"

"True enough. And I think she's ready." Finally, after torturous fore-play, Professor Cummond plunged himself to the hilt into the slippery Nirvana that was Fae pussy. *SHLMP* The wet thrust propelled the Ecologist into the unearthly, silken ecstasy between the thighs of the faerie. That was why he hesitated to get married again; the liquid bliss inside the cunt of the Fae was rarely equaled by human women. The otherwordly slut arched her back as her maidenhood was violated, and her breathing accelerated with the passion of it all.

"Look! We're at Stage 1!" declared Lamar, as his hands struggled, and failed to contain the swelling bounty of the pixie's boobs. The fleshy melons seemed to be growing; expanding in size, fertility, and attractiveness; seemingly at the moment of penetration.

"Ppppnnssssss!!!" came the gurgled cry, muffled by Harvey's rod, but only for moments more.

"They....they're growing...." exclaimed the lanky youth. Her tits; They were similar to...to oranges or grapefruit, but look at how they're throbbing; swelling like something...with a life of their own.." he exclaimed. "Growing...again, almost as big as cereal bowls now..." Harvey exclaimed in awe. "Bigger...like mel- me-m-m-my Cock! CUUUMMMINGG!!!" he howled; his pungeant treat jetted from his manhood, the slippery sperm eagerly devoured by the churning, golden lips, by the thrashing tongue, by the gulping throat.

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