Faeophobia: Shrinking Violet


:*MMPH* *SHHLLUUUUURRPLE* M-my name....my name is Corona, Unicorn from the Elysian Fields." she replied, finally moving away from the bobbing tit-towers and granting further attention to the throbbing cunt drooling by her own thighs. Unicorn? That was unusual. They were almost as rare as male Fae.

"*SLLLISSSLP* M-my kind h-has a natural ability...to ass...ass...assume a humanoid shape...*NNNGH*! Love your tits!" Interesting; most Unicorns got jobs as park rangers, or nature guides, not that many in higher education; they were apparently quite shy.

"*SLURP* Prefer...humanoid form....more sex this way....Y-you can call me Cori," replied the unicorn, right before her tongue plunged deeply into the sopping cunt before her, impeding further conversation. Violet quivered and gurgled with pleasure. Her breasts were practically leaping from the vibrations, Cori's grasping hands had to struggle to contain them.

With a resounding pop, the Unicorn girl removed her tongue from the throbbing womanhood before her, and gazed into those slippery depths with a look of determination.

"K-keep going, Bitch! Or I'll send you...to the glue factory!" chided Violet, gasping as a sheen of sweat covered her tanned skin. Taking no notice of the jibe, Cori closed her eyes, and a small, soft glow was seen upon the gold starburst shape on her forehead. Yes...it was swelling...there was a small protrusion...growing...lengthening...twisting... A Horn! She was growing a horn! Sure enough, in seconds a golden, conical, spiral horn about 10-inches long had emerged from Cori's forehead.

"Oh no...no you're not...there's no wayy-ay-yay-YAAAAAH!"

Yes. She did.

It was too late, the golden horn slid easily into the open pussy before it. The walls echoed with the sound of Violet's beastial howling. But...but....it was incredible! The horn...it was sharp and pointed, but instead of injury, waves of painful pleasure washed over the enraptured human.

It sort of made sense; according to ancient legend, the horn of the Unicorn had miraculous healing magic. But Cori had found another use for it. Even as the point tore into the tenderest of tender flesh within her,Violet could feel the magic healing her at the same time! Piercing, healing, tearing, and regenerating just as fast! She pulled back, and rammed her forehead into the moist chasm like a lusty piston. And the orgasms that resulted, at long last, were too much to bear.

"*SCHLUCK*Too...too late to complain human..." growled the Unicorn. *SCHLUCK*"This...is what you get! What did...you think was...was going to happen...*SCHLUCK* when you barged in here, *SCHLUCK* waving your...giant, naked tits...in my*SCHLUCK* face like that! Y-Your own fault!*SCHLUCK*"

"I-Ive no one to blame....but myself..." moaned Violet.

Gurgling with insane lust, Violet's legs encircled the thrusting unicorn girl, unable to resist. Unable to think, unable to feel anything but the conflicting sensations that sent her mind into meltdown. She could hear howls from Cori's own lips; perhaps the Horn was an erogenous zone for Unicorns. It truly was remarkable; with a smooth layer of downy hairs, giving it a velvety, felt texture as it reamed her. The shimmering blond tail above the girl's bubble-ass whipped and thrashed as she too climaxed amidst screams more animal than human.

"S-so...wh-what's your m-major? Pussy-licking?"

"Actually.....it's....Veterinary Medicine..."

"Oh, that's....logical." And Violet passed out, at long last.


She was gigantic; a goddess. She strode proudly over the land; exulting in her brazen nudity. Of course, it was a dream, but an interesting one. Violet could sometimes realize in the midst of a dream that she was in fact dreaming; but this...this might be better than reality!

She had to be almost 100-feet tall, totally naked...boobs were the same ridiculous proportion as before. She felt a great pressure, both within breasts that now seemed to be the size of semi-trucks, and within her moist pussy.

The land itself was dry; a barren and lifeless dreamscape of parched earth without so much as a rattlesnake to break the silence. The land...it was waiting...hungering...for...for her! Yes...

And her breasts quivered, fire-hydrant-sized nipples shook and puckered...With a resounding grunt that echoed throughout the dreamscape, the torrent began. Great, ivory gouts of splashing milk exploded from Violet's titanic tits. Dozens...hundreds of gallons blasted forth from hardening nipples. The exhilaration was heavenly.

And as the sheets of rich milk flowed across the plain, in the blink of an eye, vegetation appeared. Palm fronds and lush grasses bloomed in less than a second, jungles of prodigious vegetation blanketing the land wherever the ivory nourishment landed. But....her pussy..Soon, in seconds, her belly swelled until she was mountainously pregnant.Violet reached a giant hand to caress her moist folds...She had to reach around the massive dome of a colossal womb that could have held the University water tower. Pressure...building pressure within her womanly depths...and not from the hordes of infants she could feel kicking within her...

"Ahhhh..." with a throaty moan, she felt release. A sluice of...of cum slipped out of her throbbing snatch. Followed by another. Gallons of pearly, male cum were spewing from her lower lips, splattering upon the rapidly greening ground. Animals appeared. Birds, buffallo, rodents of all types, all sprouted up miraculously from where the cum-drops pummeled the ground. She was the Goddess of Fertility, the lifeblood of her dream-world. The torrential downpour of her fecund fluids was kindling a verdant paradise.

And she saw it...A glistening, golden tower, with a spiraling, conical horn. Without thinking, she strode over towards it, animals scurrying away from her gigantic tread, even as her body continued to engender new life. She raised her wobbling, pregnant form over the point, and plunged herself upon it. The land shook with the force of her yell, and she announced to the dream-world:

"I must be one sick bitch!" What a whacked-out dream. Probably time for her to wake up.


Had...had to escape. That dream was really the only respite she'd had. She awoke throughout the afternoon to find Cori slurping and suckling her tits with a fanatical fervor; the unicorn girl was insatiable! She had clearly created a monster. The look in her silvery eyes remined Violet of the look reflected in the eyes of a prowling lion on the Nature channel.

Violet tried to resist; but her tits had become more sensitive than she ever believed possible; a bit of fondling, a bit of licking, and a love-bite upon a nipple, and the busty human collapsed with orgiastic delight. And then, the supernatural slut would grow that golden horn, and impale it in Violet's moistening pussy; leaving it there. Her flesh was pierced, and healed at the same time, the sensations becoming so intense that her over-taxed nervous system seemed to shut down, causing her to faint with pleasure yet again.

By the time she slipped away from the unconscious Fae, both of them covered in girl-cum, her Midget-sized boobs were covered in a mixture of saliva and yet more womanly juices; leaving her to wonder in shock at what the Unicorn was doing to her while unconscious. She was so tender! she could see the outlines of teeth-marks upon her wobbly titflesh, and her nipples stung from the constant nibbling. Even jogging through the park with 40-pound breasts didn't exhaust so much as she was now! Well, she had brought this on herself.

But now, a nymphomanic lesbian roommate were the least of her troubles. She...she could feel the quivering. Violet had hastily donned a bathrobe and squeezed her bosomy bulk into a stall in the ladies' room, fear and dread clouding her thoughts. No! It...it can't be! But sure enough, she felt that familiar, quaking tingle....just like the sensations in high school...when her breasts betrayed her.

Yes, there was no doubt, as Violet sat in the stall, her super-boobs quaked and shook just as they had that day they had exploded in size! The erotic tingling was the same; inspite of herself, the co-ed's pussy moistened yet again.

"NO! This is not happening! My breasts are done growing! A double K is big enough!" She placed her hands upon her quavering mounds as if to hold them back. "I will not let you Girls grow any....anymore..." she gasped desperately. But there was no doubt; inch-by-inch, she could feel her mountains blossoming yet larger. It was slow, but undeniable. And would be blatantly obvious should anyone see her! Even now, she noticed that the neckline on her lavender bathrobe was being pulled further...further down, unveiling a sloping valley of luscious cleavage promising paradise to whoever was able to savor them.

*UNNGH*...*NAAAH!* Just as she remembered it! Feeling her own breasts growing inches in seconds was the most erotic sensation she had ever experienced! She had tried not to dwell on the pleasure; she tried instead not to remember the cascading orgasms, tried only to remember the inconvenience! Her female juices dripped upon the floor, as her breasts far surpassed mere beachballs.

She had to escape the stall! While she still could! She popped out of the now confining area, and rushed back into the hallway; leaning back against the wall as she waited for her shimmying boobs to cease their frantic wobbling; the weight enough to imbalance her. Still...they were heavy but...very little sag, almost none in fact! The bathrobe was hiked up her athletic legs, looking more like a skirt as she struggled to rein in the creeping expansion of her magical tits. Violet grit her teeth amidst the orgasms. Bosoms thrust forward like fleshy torpedoes, as if flaunting their buoyant prowess to all the world. Waves of renewed lust crashed over her...and Violet slid to her knees amidst heavy moaning.

"C-cock....need it...."she breathed. She could feel the urges, in her bones, in her blood, in her boobs. Ms. Unicorn co-ed had been a unique experience, but Violet could no longer deny the primal call within her, the aching lust for a man's cock rutting away inside her hungry cunt. It was a primal, animal need; the fact that it must be the result of magic made is seem no less real or urgent. She used her boobs to cushion herself, by now they had to be....well...they were about the diameter of a hula-hoop! And she felt every single hair upon the velvet of her bathrobe tormenting her hyper-sensitive flesh.

"H-hello?" came a voice from around the corner of the hallway. It sounded...familiar...

"I...I'm sorry about today, I..." It was that gauking Freshman-Boy! What did he think he was doing here? Violet noticed that he made a special effort to avoid staring at her tits.

"I...you'll be mad...but I just wanted to...start over.." he stammered. In order to avoid the billowing mountains of titflesh, he had to angle his head towards the ceiling. The kid was determined! While he tried to look away, Violet found her gaze centered upon his cock, clearly hardening within his jeans.

Well, she shouldn't be such a bitch to every guy she met. In fact, his fumblings were kinda sweet. Yeah, and he...he...she was as horny as penitentiary cellblock!

"C-can I help you up?" he reached out a hand. She hoisted herself up, and appraised him as though he were a slab of meat in the butcher-shop.

"H-Hi, m-my name's-"

"SUCK!" demanded Violet, as she pulled him into her boobs.She nestled his head and shoulders into her cleavage while removing his clothes; grunting at the tingling from her newly-

sensitized flesh. But wait...what.oh no...her breasts...they...they were not yet done! That heavy pressure...building...growing...Freshman Boy's lips found a gorgeous, overgrown nipple, and his lick was rewarded with a dribble of moisture!

"Wh-Milk?" he stammered. No! Not this too! She thought she was done with lactation! Her breasts weren't supposed to be producing milk anymore! It was a chronic problem these days among women with 'beach-ball boobs'. So many clothes ruined! She was taking 5 doses of Lac-Gone every day! The most she could afford! It was guaranteed to dry her up! Damn!

"Damn...So sweet..*SLURRK* So...good..." Explosions of pleasure seared up and down her spine as his tongue danced over her nipple. What was she going to do? She'd better figure it out faster; the pleasure was crowding out her thoughts. Wait...what was...that sound...Voices from her room...Familiar voices....Violet angled her head to listen, as Freshman- Boy absorbed himself in the pliant heaven of nourishment before him.

"Do you not feel a leetle geelty?" spoke a familiar, thickly-accented male voice.

"Ha! Had you only savored her tits Dmitri, you would have no regrets!" said a feminine voice. It was her roommate Cori! What was that slut up to now?

"But thees deception; thee humans may not trust us eef we take thees course."

"You overestimate our peril, My friend. It is a simple exchange."

"Yes, yes, beeger teets for human women, as you have said." It was that satyr guy that tried to hit on her today! Cori knew him?

"And we shall all become yet more fertile." she said matter-of-factly.

"But thees is dangerous, my little filly. Preetending to be humans and geeving out faulty breast-growth potions to desparate weemen over the eenternet; knowing their deesire, we take advantage of them, and that ees reesky."

"Oh no, Dmitri. The potion we secretely released is a work of art! One out every ten human women that drink it grow beach-ball boobs; the rest gain merely two cup-sizes! Hardly faulty, It is a masterful work of sorcery!" cooed the lusty unicorn.

"But what weell Violet do when she deescovers that she drank one of our special potions, and why has she not fully manifested?"

"I know not, but after the orgasms she received, it should not be long now. Perhaps she is a prude, and has never allowed herself pleasures of the flesh since she drank it." This had gone on long enough!

"AHAAH!" Screamed Violet, yanking her spurting boobs from Freshman-Boy, Confronting the Fae in her dorm room. "You deceitful bastards!" Even in her aroused state, she was still a bit stunned at the lurid scene before her:

The Satyr, 'Dmitri' was completely naked, as was Cori, with the door wide open. The satyr had human legs, but his muscled frame was extremely hairy. Nonetheless, a chiseled physique was still evident. Violet's pussy as well as her gargantuan boobs dribbled upon the ground at the sight of him. The unicorn, her humanoid form still covered in sweat, saliva, and pussy-juice knelt before a foot-long magical cock; licking it gingerly. The pair were unashamed, unabashed in their brazen nakedness.


Violet wasn't quite sure how it all happened; she only knew she couldn't possible resist. She had made a solemn promise before enrolling in Madison University that she would not allow her tits to rule her life. Surely; that promise was broken now. The busty pre-med major found that even the wind blowing across her nipples was titillating. Much less that rough hands and tickling tongues of these two Fae.

"Wh-what...what did your...potion....do to me...exactly..." she managed to stammer, as both pairs of lips drank deeply from her ever-hardening nipples.

"*GLNK* *SHLURP* See the results for yourself!" proclaimed Cori, as she backed away a bit, on hands and knees from Violet's gushing mammary. Freshman Boy was groaning and grunting; his lean and lanky body was being replaced by rippling muscles and a greater cock; sparkling motes of light shone in the air about him, the tell-tale signature of magical transformation.

"Your boobs *SMACK* weell geeve*SHLRPLE* new hope to the Fae races." announced Dmitri, as he suckled with his lips, and teased her with his unholy cock, grazing it across the pulsing lips of Violet's yearning womanhood, dipping it gingerly in the fragrant juices that boiled up from her moist depths.

"Dmitri was worried," declared Cori, as she kneeled on the ground, ass in the air. "I understand his fears." The luscious Fae lifted one hand and raised her blond tail above her ass, exposing for the ensorceled human behind her the throbbing lips of her enchanted cunt; flagrantly beckoning with a doggy-style allure to any available cocks.

"We Fae are not self-sufficient, we need humanity; especially the cocks of your men." explained Cori, and if her earlier display was insufficient, she jiggled the bulbous globes of her ample ass to proclaim her lust. Freshman-Boy, magically transformed into an impressive hunk, needed no further invitation.

"I'm out to Stud!" she shouted, as she felt the rapture of human cock, rocketing into her willing pussy. Freshmen Boy practically wept with joy; caressing skin smooth as a flower petal, fondling boobs as large as bowling balls, as soft as silken marshmellows.

"There's....no way...you can't...can't fit that monster inside me..." moaned Violet, tits dribbling, pussy throbbing, as Dmitri prepared to impale her with his impossible member.

"Ah my precious rose, but you can." And he demonstrated. With a long, deep thrust. And her world exploded.

Perhaps it made sense; after the reaming she got from that regenerating horn, her pussy could have easily been stretched and enlarged. And Dmitri's enchanted member was a perfect fit.

"You see dear one, the Myth means notheeng by itself, Fantasy requires reality to compare eetself weeth." Violet hardly cared about myths; Dmitri's cock was real enough!

"He means...*YAAANGH*...That the Fae require...*UURGH*...a connection with...with...your cock..so good... The m-material world! *EEEYAAAH*"

"Weethout *SHLURP* you, we cannot survive." Dmitri's cock luridly reamed the jiggling human. It was too much; while the experience of Cori's horn had been remarkable, the painful pleasure was not quite the same as real, live dick. Fires of passion simmered within Violet that she hadn't known existed; so much so that she almost regretted not being able to focus on the explanation the Fae were giving. Dmitri hoisted the human in the air, supporting her ass with his rippling arms, as he lowered her glistening snatch onto his mammoth prod.

"Our birth rate drops, our magic fails us, thee Fae were dyeeng out before the Ceelestial Conjuction. *SHLURP* When a man of Fairy finds a human cunt to carry his seed, he finds his future."*SHLURP* Cori felt the need to chime in.

"And...*THLUCK* when a Fae cunt is filled with the sperm *THLUCK* from a human cock, Hope is kindled therein."*THLUCK* Ironically, The wanton unicorn chose that moment to disengage from her lover with a loud slurp.

"H-hey, I wasn't done yet!" protested Freshman-Boy. But Cori had...oh no...that blasted horn again...what was the bitch going to do now? She laughed musically, cocked back her head, and with throaty yell....

*SHLLOOMP!* "My Ass! You BIIIITCH!!!" Sure enough, Violet's muscled ass was impaled by the golden horn! Cori's aim had been perfect! The conflicting sensations; assaults from behind and in front, sent her into a gurgling, spasming, seizure of orgasmic fury, as both orifices received the onslaught of their lives. The unicorn's agile tongue meanwhile slithered and slurped between Violet's legs, grazing the back end of her well-used pussy. Twin streams of glistening milk erupted from her hula-boobs to further saturate the bedding with moisture; accompanied by a piercing scream.

But Freshman-Boy wasn't done yet, He leaped upon the unicorn-girl, and resumed his exploration of that slippery inferno; which immediately churned about his turgid rod like a dynamo of erotic energy.

"YAHAAAAH!....Y-your boobs...now produce....f-fertility potion....*UNNGH* Fae...need...a a new...baby boom!" Freshmen-Boy was the only one able to see the meaning of this admission; Violet was in no position to notice anything beyond the crippling pleasures that assaulted her.

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