tagSci-Fi & FantasyFaeophobia: Spring Break Ch. 01

Faeophobia: Spring Break Ch. 01


The humans had a term that applied to women like her; no not slut. But rather she was reminded of the supposed 'Glass Ceiling' that human women groan over in the business world. If they only knew... A sharp tingling passed through her body, from the pearlescent skin of her sleek legs, to her enticingly fertile hips, and upwards to the bulbous domes of her tender breasts. It was nearly 5 o' clock, almost time for her second job, and the mere thought made her instantly horny.

For Caecyliiyanali was not like other women. She had tried her best to adapt; to be like a human woman. She even encouraged her colleagues to call her 'Cecilia'', rather than her full, elven name. She wanted a life and career like they had. But Caecyliiyanali was not human. And despite her previous illusions, she had come to the bitter realization that she would never be treated as a 'real' woman.

Years ago, when the Celestial Conjunction occured, allowing magic to return to the Earth, she had been overjoyed. Back in Cecilia's homeland; the mystical land of Faerie, she had been of low station. Her family was the Seventh Phane of the Leanan-Sidhe, the least glorious. The least respected. But she had learned upon arrival on Earth that titles of nobility had been done away with. Here, in this modern age, people could be judged by individual achievement! To a point. Here, working as a research magician at Magi-Care clinics Inc. Cecilia's rugged individualism had come to a screeching halt.

She had always suspected the truth in the back of her mind. The humans could never fully appreciate the crazed hunger for sex that burned within the moist pussies of all creatures of Fae blood. Not surprising; since females outnumbered males on her world more than 20 to 1. But it was more than desperation; the supernatural lust that propelled Cecilia to commit lurid acts of lascivious obscenity was ingrained in the very core of her being. While human males often appreciated this facet of her, neither they not their jealous females could ever empathize with, or respect her.

Her perfect, elegant fingers took the pins out of her red hair, allowing her lustrous mane to cascade down her lab-coat-clad shoulders like a smouldering river of sanguine seduction. It was not the red color that some humans possessed; rather a rich, crimson fire that radiated with an inner light. She brushed a few strands out of her golden, upswept eyes within her face, the features of which resembled some scarlet eagle about to take flight. In a break from her usual dress code, she pulled back her hair behind, rather than in front of her ears, so that all could plainly see the sweeping, tapering points that all elves possessed. There was no use emulating the humans; she could never join their society, not truly.

Though Cecilia had been granted legal citizenship, including a social security number, it was all hollow to the dejected elf. The turning point seemed to be when her superiors in the company found out that she spent her evenings as a stripper at Big Al's HooterHeaven. Of course, Cecilia or any elf would have done that job for free; the vicarious pleasure of being ogled by a roomful of human males sent her into sublime heights of ecstasy. As soon as they knew, the elf was never again respected at Magi-Care. Yes, like all fae she had an instinctive talent for magic, but few creatures of fairy had either the discipline or the aptitude for business. But Cecilia had been determined to change that perception.

Three years! Three years and she never once had sex with a co-worker! Cecilia had been able to compartmentalize her life; work in the mornings, lust in the evenings. But it seemed that all her efforts had come to naught. She heard the other lab-workers whispering on occasion; apparently they were placing bets as to how much longer she could go without ripping open her blouse, and spreading her legs for her boss. They would never appreciate the effort she expended to keep from doing just that. She had practiced a series of mental exercises to diminish her fervent lust whenever a man's gaze lingered too long on her ample bosom.

Well, it was about that time. As if in anticipation, her pussy began to throb again, for very soon she would indulge her natural fairy lusts. But why wait? She had been planning her next course of action. It was rather ironic; in all of the 7th Phane, she was probably the one elf that really was not a slut. Not really. To compound the irony, the rest of her family thought she must be sick to be able to restrain her urges as much as she did, while the humans thought her lusts made her unreliable! Cecilia had decided to go down in a blaze of glory. Give the humans what they expected; they'd never promote her; never put her in charge of any sensitive projects. Three years wasted.

She held in her hands an odd object. The golden acorn seemed to sparkle in the air, with a definite aura of magic. It had been exceedingly difficult to find; with magic re-emerging on Earth, and dying on Faerie, many wondrous creatures and objects were fading with it. Most of the Fae had fled to Earth, to build new lives, but there were those that for whatever reason could not make the journey. Cecilia had retrieved a bit of that lost magic before it faded away forever.

She cracked the shell, and a strange, clear fluid emerged. She knew what to do; she had a plan that would give the humans a renewed appreciation for all that she had sacrificed. She would at long last MAKE them understand. Before Ceacyliiyanali left her office, she plunged the golden acorn deeply into her moist cunt.


It was more than mere lust. Professor Lily had awakened that morning with an anxious passion that burned in her blood and fired her mind. Her dreams had been more erotically intense than normal, and she had awakened in a cold sweat, heart pounding. On days like this, her usual response was to grasp her automated, custom built dildo and masturbate herself for over an hour. Yet, while her pussy seethed with pulse-pounding lust, there was something else going on; something happening within her that mere orgasms could not satisfy. With renewed vigor, she dressed for class.

Eyes raised with longing as she stalked into the auditorium. Her male students breathed deeply, drunk with the scent of wildflowers and honeysuckle that naturally emanated from her bronzed body. But....she wanted more! She...she didn't know exactly what she wanted, only that sex itself would not be enough. Brushing a strand of forest-green hair from her almond-shaped eyes, she launched into a lecture on microbial denitrification. Yes, she was a true slut, as most Forest Nymphs were, but her work was still important to her. But nonetheless, she often enjoyed playing games with her many male students.

Ahh...yes...there was one...A slightly pudgy freshman nerd in the back row. He had a look of hopeless yearning etched into his youthful face, a look Lily was all too familiar with. Worse, unable to contain his overwhelming, hormonal urges, the youth had begun to masturbate himself right there in class! His desires apparently too severe to worry about his own dignity. That was what she wanted! What she exulted in!

He seemed to shrink in his seat as she walked over and stood next to him.

"Ray? Could I speak to you in the hall for a moment?" Ray squealed with terror and shame. But he would not disobey. Awash in fright, he followed her out into the hall. She firmly grasped his wrist and dragged him bodily into the nearby men's room.

"I...N...th-that is...I never..." His reddened face cringed with humiliation as he fumbled for words that would not come. Lily said nothing. She merely fixed him with a penetrating stare from her emerald-green eyes. Then she struck!

A delicate hand, as soft as a flower petal lashed out with lightning speed.....and down the boy's pants. In less than a second, she had grasped his now deflating cock in hand. Ignoring his yelps of frightened confusion, she began massaging. His shaft quickly responded with a new surge of rigidity. Her flower-soft hand kneaded and cajoled his thick meat with practiced grace. Fingernails lightly grazing his balls to provide yet greater tantalization. Pulling, tugging, squeezing the rod as Ray gasped with a quivering fit of passion. All the while, Professor Lily said nothing; merely staring at the horny human with hard eyes, eyes greener than green, so deeply luminescent as to convey her supernatural essence.

"Gh-wh-why?" he stammered. The only response was a strengthening of the grip upon his meat, fingers twirling around his throbbing rod like a satiny whirlpool of seamless stimulation. He bucked his hips against her hand, gasping with delight. Still, Ray's mind was awhirl? What did this mean? Was it some cruel, Fae trick? If so, this was the sort of joke he could readily appreciate. Was something else required of him? His confusion was now tempered by a new fear, a fear that this ecstasy might end too soon. In fact, something more was demanded of him.

With her left hand, the forest nymph propelled the human towards a lurid orgasm, but with her right, she grasped Ray's hand, and placed it squarely upon her heavy breast. The canteloupe-sized orb throbbed with an inner heat, and Ray was not surprised when he discovered that beneath her flimsy blouse there was no bra. The hardening tents caused by her swelling nipples thrust against the human's palm, as though her teats themselves were goading him towards orgasm. Ray needed no further encouragement.

With a gurgling grunt, Ray surrendured. He fell back against the wall as muscular control failed him. He released all his tension, all his fear, and all his lust. His passion jetted outwards from his cock, against the silky palm of the Fae professor, gathering up his creamy reward. There were no words. Nothing the human could say. And Lily merely continued to gaze intently at him, saying nothing. Soon, his spurting seed had been collected, and Lily raised her fingers and licked them clean. Sucking each finger while continuing that steely gaze. Then, she refastened the humans' pants, zipping him back up, before kissing him full on the lips, thrusting her tongue against the roof of his mouth.

He collapsed in shock against the wall, as she brushed her heart-shaped ass against his groin while returning to class. And Ray felt it; he felt the magic. With a throbbing surge of burning heat, his cock began to expand within his pants! He gasped as he felt his rod thrusting, pushing against the denim confines, he pulled his pants down yet again, and beheld a massive, foot-long schlong that bounced boldly into the air, already erect and nearly tripled from its previous size! Somehow, the Nymph professor had empowered his cock even as she jerked him off! But the lust was worse than before! His new, supreme cock had a full load; it was as though he had never come at all!

"Wh-why?!" he squealed.


Lily was changing, that much was certain. Somehow, someway, it was as though her mind and soul had been...opened? The forest nymph paused for a moment as her mostly male students filed out of the auditorium, seemingly disappointed that class was over. Several hands fumbled with pants, trying to conceal raging hard-ons brought about by the luscious curves of the nymph's supernaturally voluptuous body.

The Fairy creature felt warm, surges of....heat? Heat from her male students? No...something else...Her delicate brow furrowed in confusion at the strange sensations bombarding her. As a yearning, sophomore boy stared at her, lips quivering in desire, she understood. Somehow, Lily had developed a 'Sixth sense', and she was now able to detect the sexual desires of humans! How was that possible? What was happening to her?

Compelled by instinct, she glided gracefully down the hall. Soon, she could feel the sexual auras of plant, animals, even the very microbes in the air! Her green eyes swept the stone walls in wonder at her new capacity. Behind this wall, in room 209 she could sense a warmth from two humans, male and female, one younger than the other. There were also much smaller auras....this was the microbiology laboratory, and she could sense the life of the humans within it without even seeing them! She gasped with delightful surprise as she placed her graceful, fairy fingers against the wall.


"Dr. Spencer! I..It's incredible!" shouted Jennifer, holding up two petri dishes, in which several colonies of Streptococcus mutans were happily consuming their growth media. Before Jennifer's very eyes, the white splotches expanded and widened, stretching themselves across the small dish, reproducing at a rate exponentially faster than anything remotely possible.

"What do you...wow!" breathed Dr. Spencer as he adjusted his glasses, peering over the shoulder of his graduate student. On all of their plates, the tiny microbes were multiplying their number as he watched, spreading like a stain as they devoured every last scrap of nutrient on the plates. "How...It...It must be magical contamination, that must be it!"

"Dr. Spencer, I....I'm..." Jennifer's eyes suddenly moistened with passion, as the professor looked at her...and then he really looked at her! The girl had a healthy, fit figure. Her breasts were like ripe grapefruits, and she had all the female curves that any man could ever want. Her straight brown hair was simple, but feminine. And suddenly, he found the traces of freckles on her cheeks irresistably endearing. For her part Jennifer simply melted into his arms, mind clouded by a sudden cascade of emotion, her pussy moistened by a sudden explosion of desire. There was no doubt what was about to happen.

"I'm...I'm s-sorry..."mumbled the young, overwrought professor, discarding his glasses as he gripped the grad student's shoulders. She wrapped her arms around his thin, swimmer's body, as Dr. Spencer felt the last vestiges of his control evaporating like mist. She nuzzled his ear, gasping with shock and delight into his brown, thinning hair. He had never allowed his personal urges to complicate his career.

"Don't be..." murmured the girl, as she ripped open her own T-shirt. In moments, it was as if both teacher and student had developed a sudden allergic reaction to their own clothing. Not to mention the clothing of each other. As though in rage, Jennifer's teeth tore away at her teacher's pants, while Dr. Spencer frantically yanked down her pants; exposing her ripe ass for his greedy eyes.

Tumbling together onto a laboratory bench, naked bodies entwined with uncontrollable urges. It was obvious to both that they were being magically compelled, but as they stared into each other's eyes, it was amazing how content they both were. Jennifer felt as though this sudden, sexual compulsion was more real, more valid than any of her own thoughts. Dr. Spencer's furtive lust was far stronger than career, as his wiry frame encircled the thighs of his all-to-willing student. The Lust; stronger than career, marriage, or self-preservation. Even if they had the desire to resist, they lacked the strength of will.

Jennifer squeaked with joy as that rigid cock penetrated her moist twat. It was as if the Universe itself wanted them to procreate. The young student wrapped her legs around the naked pelvis of her teacher-lover, knowing that the reason she existed was to reproduce; nothing in the world was more important than feeling hot seed spurting upwards into the deepest recesses of her female core.

Dr. Spencer himself had lost the ability to analyze the situation; his vast intellent buried by raw, animal instinct. For him, there was no universe; only the interplay between their two bodies, grinding against each other as his cock pressed deeper into the sweet terrain of womanhood splayed out luridly before it. After a brief eternity, the explosion arrived. Jennifer wailed with fear of not being impregnated, her will became focused on breeding, and she had no doubt they would be in each other's arms again; and as many times as it took. They would continue to copulate as often as possible until there was no doubt that Jennifer's body would swell with young.


"I'd like to tender my resignation. Consider this my two-weeks notice." Said the elf in the dulcet tones that were customary for her. She glided with an ethereal grace into the office of Guy McCormick, the research supervisor. It was not by accident when her glossy legs and calves angled subtly towards the human as she took the liberty to occupy the adjacent chair on the other side of his desk.

Mr. McCormick paused for a moment. "Well frankly, I'm not terribly surprised. I'm....I'm not sure you really fit in here." How she loathed this human. With his smug, self-assured smile. How she loathed those beefy, broad shoulders, and that manly, spiked hair-cut. Guy McCormick was a brooding, bear of a man. Behind his calm words was a calculating ambition that made Cecilia wet with excitement. He never took her seriously, laughing and encouraging the guys when they made Faeophobic jokes and remarks. The fact that there was a lot of truth behind most such jokes only made her angrier.

"Here at Magi-Care clinics, a certain level of professionalism is...preferred. And to be honest I've been weighing this issue for some time..." Not surprising. They probably would have found an excuse to give her the pink slip by next month. A pox on this arrogant human, thought Cecilia. She suspected the rumors were true; the rumors of him and his secretary. For three years she had struggled to contain her free-spirited craving for cock, and McCormick was rumored to have a monstrous allotment of man-meat. It was the height of injustice to a fae; being forbidden to have sex with such a potent stud as this, merely because of company policies about office fraternization.

"I...understand...completely..." moaned Cecilia, whipping out her hair in a fiery flourish as she began to run her hands from her belly up towards the jutting slopes of her magical bosom. If she was going, she might as well go out with a bang. "Truth is...Mr.McCormick...you were...you were right about me..." Her eyelids fluttered; amidst her gasps of passion as her finger traced a line from her navel to the crowning peak of her left tit, until her nail was right on the outer edge of her golden aureole, braless beneath her flimsy blouse. That was another problem; maybe if she'd figured out what human women meant by that....what was it? That..bray...bree? Those lacy things....that human women put on their breasts. If she'd worn one, maybe they would have accepted her then. Oh well; water under the bridge. Cecilia knew she would never be a 'real' woman, not to them. And not to Guy McCormick. Why not give them what they want? Why not give the humans what they expect?

"W-well....regardless of your stated intentions..." His blue eyes widened in surprise. By why should he be surprised; she was just a pointy-eared slut that wasn't cut out for real research. Wasn't that it? "...There are numerous restrictions on...intimacy during office hours...within the workplace..."

"I've decided to burn my bridges behind me." declared Caecyliiyanali, as she spread her legs, allowing a tantalizing glimpse into the wet depths that churned with hunger for this arrogant, infuriating human. She allowed herself a few more cup-sizes; though she suspected it wasn't necessary to complete the seduction. As her blouse was tented by the surging press of erect nipples; Guy McCormick's attention was riveted; those perfect globes, increasingly visible through the flimsy fabric seemed to be rushing at him, closer with each second of fertile inflation, as fairy breasts enlarged right before his eyes, and hands. Suddenly, she leapt forward, swinging her slender body across his desk, thrusting her chest towards him in lurid invitation. It happened. He was touching her breasts.

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