tagSci-Fi & FantasyFaeophobia: Spring Break Ch. 03

Faeophobia: Spring Break Ch. 03


"Please! Give my pussy another chance!!" pleaded Viviana, her naked legs splayed wide in front of her. The changes were happening faster now, to the busty latina, she could not change fast enough. The lower lips of her pussy opened wide, quivering with a life of their own, and the urgency reflected in her sopping wet cunt was no less elegant than the impassioned pleas from Viviana's mouth.

The Greenhouse was getting warmer; it must be from the bodies. The bodies of the women churning over each other with sexual yearning; pleading for Her favor. The favor of the one that had brought them here; the one that had made them what they were. Caeciliiyanali reclined in luxuriant, pregnant splendour. Thick leaves and blossoms cushioned her fecund frame upon a verdant throne of vegetation. She had discarded all clothing; the hypocrisy of it all! For years while she denied her true sluthood, the male co-workers that mocked her still tried to see down her blouse, or look up her skirt. What foolishness to indulge in the deceit of clothing! From now on, the elf's ample breasts were there for all to see. Ripe globes as grandiose as helium balloons, capped by golden aureoles as wide as saucers, topped by her thimble-nipples. Any human who wished could now fondle, kiss, or suckle these breasts without restriction.

The naked elf spread her legs again; with no skirt all people, humans or fae could gaze upon the moist folds of her cunt. And now, there was no mockery, there were no snickers. The humans she had implanted now worshipped her. That was a funny thing about magic; Cecilia had met prudish, snobbish human women that claimed they would never be vulnerable to the lust spells, fertility potions, and Amulets of Erotica that were used as aphrodisiacs so commonly these days. But the magic was only aggravated by repressed desire, and personal preferences could be transformed as easily as the sizes of...of...those thingies...you know...those lacy cup thingies that human women would....oh never mind; Cecilia forgot the word.

Humans determined to resist their baser urges often had their resolve turned against them; their strength of will channeled into a lust sometimes greater than that of the most wanton stripper. So it was with Cecilia's new 'charges'. The satisfaction they might have gained from resisting her fertility powers was nothing compared to the bliss they received from giving in. And so they pleaded, begged her for more!

"The irony...." purred the naked elf, rubbing the gravid dome of her ripe pregnancy. "Me...of all people....forced to instruct humans on the virtue of patience..." she laughed musically. "You, dear Viviana have done quite well for yourself. Even now your womb is ripening, and your breasts have been milking for some time now. You have less than an hour." said the elf in a voice of liquid seduction, her words laden with hidden potential.

"Please...help me...I want to be there....get there faster!" pleaded the human, as she brushed aside a strand of her raven-black hair, turning green at the roots. The red-haired elf rolled her eyes, sighed and motioned the human forward.

It was unnecessary; but Viviana so wanted to please her new mistress. She suspected that the elf possessed knowledge of new pleasures, new transformations that she might reveal. Her finger grazed the elf's erect clit, and then buried itself in the fae's lubricating pussy. A few more orgasms...and she might become Cecilia's favorite!!

The First Wave hit as Viviana's tongue licked frantically at the G-spot of the pregnant elf. The human's mind collapsing into a feral cauldron of mating instinct, she jerked and began clutching her belly, occasionally teasing the turgid ripeness of her engorged, naked nipples. Cecilia cradled the human, and lay her upon a large, rectangular planter filled with fresh, moist soil. She kissed the gurgling woman on her forehead. So consumed was she with the unearthly ecstasy searing through her veins, Viviana barely noticed the green, leafy sprig and flower bud that emerged from the lower lips of her ripe cunt. Delicate eyebrows arched at this manifest example of the rapid progress the human was making, on behalf of the enchanted, forbidden seeds she had been impregnated with.

"Perhaps sooner than I anticipated...." Caeciliiyanali chuckled darkly, then beckoned over several nude, sex-obsessed human females.


It was difficult to remember how it all happened. When Fae became truly excited; truly lost in the glee that came with their magical natures, the mind suffered, and it took Lily several moments for the reality of her situation to seep in. Before the Conjunction, most local police precincts had what was called a 'Drunk Tank', to temporarily hold unruly revelers during alcoholic intoxication. These days, such facilities had been converted to contain and suppress the Fae.

Lily was not alone here; yes...the large cell also contained Cori and Lisa, the students she came with....there was a Dark Elf whining in the corner about the Stygian clutches of human law, or something...Lily knew her in passing, she seemed almost as distraught as the water nymph nervously, futiley wringing out her blue hair.

The humans had planned well; the cell was iron laid over iron. A large rug in the center allowed the Fae to sit huddled, without having to expose their vulnerable, fae flesh to the touch of terrible, cold iron. The hallway immediately outside the cell was covered in an iron layer, and not only that; the iron had been cast into arcane wards. Though iron naturally suppressed magic, in the event that somehow, magic was used to penetrate the cell, the wards would further restrict it. No normal Fae had any hope of escape.

Lily rose, remembering the events that led her here. She had become desire, become passion itself. The Infinite Beauty spell was successful; a mighty, reality-warping charm that no spell-caster, Fae or human had attempted in 3,000 years. Everyone that gazed upon her after completion of the spell, even from afar saw a creature more wonderously erotic than anything they had ever imagined. Each human mind upon the main highway, and on the beach itself, lifeguards, commuters, and police as well; their minds were consumed with desire. Each mind's full capacity for desire and appreciation was compelled. The hungry swarm of humans craved Lily's merest touch more than they craved life, health, even their own sanity. Each human, male and female alike, tore off clothing, abandoned active vehicles, willing to sacrifice anything and everything for physical contact with the forest-nymph goddess. And goddess she was; for reasons not well understood by magical theorists, some people, many of them Fae occasionally became sources of magic in their own right. Many people of both races could summon magic; but Lily had become it, she was a source of it. Her very presence exuded magical fertility on a scale never seen since the Bronze Age.

The memories flooded back; robe thrown open, sunlight glistening upon the tanned glory of her radiant, enchanted nudity. Quicker than she hoped, the humans arrived, and began to paw her, yet it seemed nonetheless an eternity of anticipation between that time, and when the humans first noticed her, first began gurgling with yearning, first began to violently shed themselves of the fabric of civilization. Shoes, shirts, panties, bras, were cast off by the scrambling humans, as they charged her. A mixture of glee and fanaticism warring on their faces. Penises bounced, breasts jiggled as her lovers struggled for her touch. Her new goddess-powers enabled her to sense the libidoes, the desires of living things; and each weary commuter, each lifeguard, each college-student, each shop-owner seemed to ignite with a sexual flame long dampened by the needs of society.

But there was a method to her madness; Lily did not simply want to be fawned over for the sake of ego; she had come here to fulfill her maximum potential as a fertility goddess. The powers did not last; while various ancient deities might be worshipped for eons, the length of time such powers might continue was random. While she was the goddess of fertility, she had to attempt to reawaken human sexuality. So many people put aside reproduction for their careers; now Lily had a chance to change that, to make a difference.

Her naked pussy throbbed with a primal desire; the need of all nymphs to increase life, regardless of consequences. While she had the power, she would cause as many pregnancies as possible. Yes, no doubt she too would bear a hefty litter of young, for she had gone on Spring Break fully intending to breed with a potent, young stud. To feel the heady sensation of a spurting penis seeding her supernatural womb with the next generation. Yet one womb was not enough; let the humans plant as many offspring as they liked within the moist folds of her feminine core, but she needed a larger pool from which to draw!

Hands groped her, pawing clutching at her pliant boobs, both as large and ripe as melons. Tongues licked at her hands, her thighs, finger dug into her pussy, prompting a yelp of glee. The enchanted academic was confronted by a writhing wall of pursed lips, men and women struggling to suck from her breasts. They were smart enough to know that almost all Fae could lactate when aroused, and the notion of Lily's breastmilk spurting into their hungry mouths was a victory they would sell their souls for. She could not nurture them all, because there was too much competition, as soon as a pair of lips could suckle her, they were pulled away for another to have her chance. But Lily had planned for this; she knew what to do.

It was not for her vanity alone that she did this; there was a greater, primal need. Most Fae concerned themseles solely with the business of population growth: which meant using a variety of ways to convince humans to have sex with them, but a Nymph had to be better than that. Reclining on the ground, her breasts inflating with fertility magic, her ample bosoms swelled with productivity. Lily's designs extended far beyond merely seducing her inexperienced, male undergraduate students. As satisfying as it was to feel the strength of a youthful cock jetting its sperm up inside her prolific sanctum, the future did not belong only to her and the half-human children that resulted from her reproductive adventures. She wanted all humans to breed; Forest nymphs derived a deep-rooted ecstasy from the reproduction of other living creatures to the extent of their involvement. Most wanted nothing so much as to roam the Earth, swelling with offspring while compelling others to breed. Life itself, and the procreation thereof, was her highest goal, and now that she'd been granted Goddess-magic she would push those powers to their fullest.

So she reminded herself of the need to unleash the dormant lusts of the older humans, many of them still possessed fine sexual organs; and they would use them to their fullest extent. Laying back on the sand amidst the groping hands, pussies, and penises, Lily opened up the floodgates of her fertility. Like a geyser of womanly production, her pink nipples erupted in quick bursts of magical milk. Kneading, milking her own boobs as they built up in size at least a whole handspan, she took some of the heat off herself by spraying her would-be suitors, bombarding them with yet more magic. A caress upon the thigh of a naked business woman with a prominent nose, and a current of libido-magic was sent into her body. A bearded, naked man felt Lily give his penis a tender lick, and was by a powerful burst of condensed lust. The magic swept over the gathering throng like a wave of electricity; and the human found each other.

The humans, formerly distracted by jobs, careers, marriages, children could let loose, embrace each other and couple with total freedom. The beefy, balding bartender could savor the tight, sleek body of the strawberry-blond, young attorney. While the shy, flat-chested girl who worked in a mailroom could cackle with maniacal glee as the male model here from Sweden on a photoshoot drilled his meat inside her virgin cunt. Quickly, Lily sucked a stray cock to orgasm, slurping down every gush of sweet syrup, (sweet to a forest nymph) Then rising, she roamed among her enchanted charges. Sometimes she would stick a finger into her moist, drooling pussy and plant her wetness upon the ass or crotch of nude, moaning woman, to increase her lust. Other times, the bouncing beauty of her milking tits was sprinkled upon the backs of men, grunting with the exertion of their coitus; her milk's nourishment magic increasing their stamina.

By far, this was without doubt her most successful orgy ever; already....hmm...almost ten times as large as what she'd started at that beach party earlier. She began to hurry, making the rounds through the tangled mass of mating, grunting, sweating, ejaculating, breast-sucking humans, each spurt of her milk enabling a man to last just a little longer; her pussy juice driving each woman more insane with lust. At least, that was the plan.

But Fae, so wrapped up in pleasures, instinct, and frivolity, often neglect more practical concerns. Like the cascading traffic jam. Which grew, and grew. Not to mention the fender benders, as humans beheld Lily's infinite beauty, and abandoned their still-active vehicles. Lily was spraying her rich milk onto a big, black football player as he thrust himself into a middle-aged, blond librarian when she heard them. The sirens, the bullhorns, the black helicopters...all for her! It was rather impressive until the tranquilizer darts. That must have been it.


Her processing must have taken a long time, because she was still in the back of a large paddy-wagon when she awoke; handcuffed, fully-clad in an orange prison-suit (not a bad color, but they showed no skin!) And her nipples ached; nearby was a locked container attached to suction cups; damn! The humans had used a breast-pump against her to make her more manageable! They'd also rounded up several other fae from the beach, all undergrads from Madison University as well. Lily's rose, which permanently grew from her scalp, curled up into a bud and slithered back under her hairline to reflect her disappointment. Lisa the pixie was sobbing into the shoulder of a grim police-officer, rubbing her forehead and perky little antennae against his shoulder amidst her cries for mercy. The dour male human was unmoved.

Apparently, there was quite a bit of confusion about what to do with them; the Fae-codes were convoluted and complicated; with over-lapping responsibilities for multiple agencies that sometimes contradicted themselves. Until the humans figured out their own laws, Lily and her associates were given to a local precinct, and confined to the 'Fae-Tank'. Apparently, they used to keep drunkards here during the 20th century to sleep off their intoxication. But now, it was iron overlaid with iron to contain the Fae. Not only iron, the panels were carved with anti-magic runes to further suppress any spells cast at them. For all her powers, Lily could not penetrate them. She struggled to focus her magic against the bars and iron walls, but despite her new powers, the iron sucked up everything she threw at it. Nor could the younger Fae do better.

Cori the Unicorn (who preferred a humanoid shape) was here, rubbing her nipples nervously. Beside her was Lisa, the pink-haired, bikini-clad pixie. There were three others that Lily knew only in passing; Shelly was a tall, statuesque water-nymph, wringing out her wet, blue hair in anxiety. Her close friend was the dark elf Morganna; bemoaning her impending sacrifice upon the mechanical altar of human legal oppression. What a ham. Lastly, there was a silver-haired fae whose nature was not immediately apparent; hmm...faint traces of flickering sparkles reflected from beneath her porcelein skin, must be a mermaid in terrestrial shape. Her legs twitched uneasily, suggesting that the buxom fairy was more accustomed to a fishes' tail. She looked more angry than worried; and all could detect the boiling-point tension of sexual frustration. Further away was another cell which contained only a sleeping, silver-bearded satyr wearing the remnants of a ruffled tuxedo.

"Our magic cannot penetrate these cold, iron bars!" Lamented Shelly. Dripping with her water-nymph sweat. "Perhaps...perhaps we might seduce the officer on duty guarding us?" she wondered. The authorities had made a critical error in covering up her nudity with a white T-shirt. They must not recognize water nymphs. Shelly's body exuded an everlasting layer of dripping, fairy sweat, saturating her lush curves with sparkling moisture at all times. Very soon, the flimsy fabric became all but transparent as it clung plastered to the swelling curves of Shelly's supernaturally voluptuous flesh. The silver-haired mermaid that Lily didn't know very well began emanating a sound that was half-groan, and half snarl.

"Guard....seduce the guard...hrrrrh...." gurgled the mermaid, thrusting a hand over her crotch as her hips quivered. Lily pursed her lips; naturally-aquatic Fae didn't always get along with their terrestrial cousins. Mermaids were known for undergoing a powerful estrus with aggressive tendencies. When they felt ready to breed, any delay or hesistation could drive a mermaid to an almost predatory hunger. While many land-bound Fae felt merely an irresistable, euphoric urge to submit to almost any sexual advance, the fairies of the seas were not always content to wait for a sexual advance. Mermaids and Water Nymphs were most likely of all Fae to abduct human males as breeding stock. (Though such practices certainly weren't unheard of among pixies!) With so few available men beneath the sea, extreme measures seemed necessary. Lily couldn't help but wonder how many ancient, unexplained nautical disasters over the centuries could be easily accounted for. "Men...seduce them..." she moaned, clutching her moist sex.

"I don't think so." lamented Cori, the blond unicorn-girl. Farther down the hallway was their guard. So ugly, so bloated was the human that it was not immediately apparent whether the pudgy form was male or female. Hmm...the bosom and hair-bun were most like that of a woman. But she was as unattractive as she was angry. They had all seen her kind; glaring at them from her black, beady eyes. All the Fae had seen that look. The officer exuded anger, bitterness, and Fae-hate. A man might quickly assume that she was some hardened, lesbian dyke or something. But the experienced eye of Cori the Fae slut could tell that this human was most likely anti-sexual. The very suggestion of a romantic interlude would most likely earn you a sharp punch. The human was tall, and no doubt possessed considerable muscle beneath her unappealing fat; more than enough to subdue unruly drunks, or flirty fae. Her gaze towards the luscious creatures of Legend was full of nothing but disdain.

"Don't worry; I'll get us out." announced Lisa, unfurling her antennae, and adjusting the bottom of her bikini. The others stared at her questioningly.

"The Ring."


Wasted. That was how Viviana now viewed the past 20 years of her life. Wasted with shy, anxious flirtation. She now knew that men were to be enjoyed. All men. They were walking hunks of carnal pleasure, and she had been impossibly foolish to cling to the unnatural notions of propriety, dignity, and morality. Her lusts commanded her now, and they told her to spread her legs. Before, merely a week ago, the thought of grabbing a handsome stud from off the street and dragging him off to a nameless hotel room where she screwed him senseless would have been abhorent.

But she had been rewarded for her lifestyle reversal. Nude, she caressed her body while studying her reflection in the full-length mirror. She had always been worried about her butt. In high-school, a cute boyfriend had abandoned her over a girl with a huge ass. But now, ever since she'd started carrying the Seeds, the Seeds that Cecilia the elf had impregnated her with, all that was over. Her rump had gained a good 5 inches, jutting out behind her like a bulging shelf above her more toned legs; now having gained almost perfect, statuesque musculature. She was taller now too. She had always wanted to be just a little taller, with a bigger ass. And the changes had given her the body she'd always dreamed of having! She even liked the green eyes.

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