Fair Play


Her life had become a jumbled mess of unanswered questions and uncontrolled confusion. Oh, and not to mention indescribable amounts of fun.

Not all of it sexual, but certain the recent escapades with her love first in the shower and more recently with him and her sex kitten of an assistant, had prompted her to explore new areas of her personal life.

And explore she would, she had decided.

For several days she after the last experience she felt as if she was in a non corporeal fantasy world, one in which she drifted by without notice. Memories of the experience were quite hazy, but what was still quite clear now as it was that day was the feeling.

That incredible high of sexual release to not only give of yourself, but to also watch what was going on around her.

She had made a discovery that day, as did her lover she found out through subsequent discussion, that the sensual act held not only no boundaries between them, but also that one did not even need to be fully physically involved to gain a great measure of satisfaction.

Certainly they discussed the ramifications of group sex, and had come to an understanding that nothing in their private lives would bring them apart, certainly nothing like they did.

If they were to move forward, they would do so as one loving pair, not two greedy individuals. In fact, her assistant while cute and quite desirable to both, was not the allure that made the event so very delicious.

It was the thoughts, the feelings, the desires.. and the teasing.

She did not deny the pangs of jealousy that swept over her frequently throughout that night as a broom over a dirty porch under midsummer's gray sky, but they were also the source of much of her pleasure.

The fact that he paid more attention to her during the experience than to the other girl certainly helped, and of late their lovemaking involved quite a bit of wild words and naughty fantasies. Kinky overtures tossed back and forth, and she never felt more alive, not to live for any others, but to live for him. To love him, and to please him in any way she could.

Oh, he was most possessive, and that was what made the evening ahead of her so much fun. So appealing.

After all, he had surprised her, shocked her, and very well could have destroyed their relationship with his stunt. How dare he, she thought as her lip curled into a sexy snarl. She wasn't mad, not at all, quite the contrary.

She was determined to get even. How she would do it had to be carefully planned and executed, and she had spent much of her recent free moments plotting and strategizing just how to make him want her more than he ever has before.

After all, turnabout is fair play.

And play she indeed would.

Quite the shy young woman with the proper upbringing and the formal appearance, she would shed the shackles of conformity this night and be someone she perhaps was not, but would enjoy performing as.

She quickly unraveled the items from the earlier week's shopping. Uncoiling soft wrapping tissue, she pulled out a pair of black leather thigh high boots with 6" stiletto heels. There was a thin red line that trailed down the inside length of the boots where the zipper was kept.

Just looking down at them and running her fingers over the smooth finish of the boots brought vivid thoughts to the forefront of her mind.

She grinned knowingly as she traced the red line.

Opening her closet door and hunting to the back on the floor she pulled out the rest of the bags. She pulled out a red halter top made of rubber, and the excitement of not wearing a bra and having her rather full bosom showing through the fabric appealed to her greatly.

She uncoiled a pair of fishnet stockings, and threw it on top of her red leather thong that was resting on her unmade bed.

The finishing touch was the leather black miniskirt that if she wasn't careful exposed enough of herself that any intent onlooker would see most of her world. She could feel a slight tingle just at the mere possibility of some gawking male becoming aroused watching her.

She smiled to herself, and quickly removed her clothing purposefully before calling her lover. She got his voice mail, but hung up and rang him again. He picked up on the first ring and sounded groggy. "I'm just tired, it has been a long stressful day, and there is no end in sight."

Normally she would have comforted him, and offered to do anything within her power to ease his weariness, but not tonight. Not this night. Coldly she replied, "Well, you better save some energy for tonight, I plan to wear you out. In more ways than one." He slightly chuckled, but she could tell he was still lost.

"So you still plan on going through with this? It sounds pretty crazy to me." he prodded her.

She took it all in stride and coolly responded, "Oh, not nearly as crazy as tying me down and fucking my assistant in front of me, you're lucky I'm only making you do this for one night." She licked her dry lips absently awaiting his predictable protest.

That would not come. "So what do I have to do again? Just not touch you unless you say, right? Won't be so bad."

She chuckled in an almost sinister way, and he caught the edginess in her tone. "Oh, not quite, love, basically you're going to do whatever I want tonight, and you can't touch unless I say so. No matter what I do. Period. To you or to me or whatever. Understood?" She was stern with him, and she was enjoying it quite a bit, a little bit of a dominant side to her usual submissive nature.

"Whatever pleases you, babe, but I need to get back to work, just come get me when you're ready. I'll just finish this crap tomorrow. Love you." he said and hung up.

She stood there motionless until the blaring tone of the phone brought her out of deep thought. She hung up the phone, and began the tedious task of getting ready. She was going to look amazing tonight.

And she could not wait to see the look on his face, not only when she picked him up, but throughout the evening.

The night would entail things that were never much their style, and perhaps that was the appeal to it, either way there was no going back now. The damp panties she just dropped to the floor was evidence of that.

She sped down the avenue well exceeding the speed limit but not particularly giving a damn about doing so. So unlike her. She was thrilled at the prospects of the evening, but the tension of the unexplored was gripping. She wanted to be gripped, she thought with a wry smile.

And she would be damn it.

About twenty minutes passed as she navigated the streets of downtown and she pulled up alongside one of the towering office buildings, and hit the speed dial on her cell phone. Two words, "I'm here," beckoned her lover to make his way down to the car.

Moments passed on into an eternity of thoughts colliding randomly in her head before she was brought back to the present by the tapping of his knuckle on the passenger side window.

She popped the lock and he fell into the seat, wearing slacks and a light blue dress shirt with the tie loosened and the sleeves curled up.

He lay back in the seat before she sped off again, and the suddenness of her move caused him to glance her way. He froze. What in the world was she wearing. How she looked was astonishing. To say he was not turned on at all would be quite the deception. It was as if he wasn't even looking at her. She ignored his reaction, though deep down her stomach was doing flips in excitement over his surprise.

With casual grace she flipped the note over to him. His inquiries fell on deaf ears before he finally ripped it open and began reading.

Though his eyes never strayed too far from her body. She liked it that way. Men were so easy to manipulate and control.

He skimmed through the note quickly, before slowly looking up at her, his jaw a bit open and his eyes widened in wonder. "You can't possibly be serious."

Oh, but I am. Why? You dislike it?

"You're damn right I do, you can't do that. It isn't right at all, you don't even approve of that sort of thing and neither do I." he said bitterly.

She reached over and grabbed his crotch, and she felt quite the raging hard-on. She whispered to him, "I think you're turned on by the idea, and whether or not I approve is irrelevant, neither of us approved of sharing our bed until someone decided to do so anyway."

She had a point, but that really mattered little to him at this point. That wasn't the issue at hand, really, logic that is. The point was he didn't like her proposition, and there was no way he was going to allow for it.

She just started with steely determination that he had already given her his word that he would do whatever she wanted this evening and would not be involved unless she decided it was necessary regardless of what she did.

She had him there, and he could not deny the appeal to it. I mean, she was now playing on his insecurities as he had her's. Though he had his fun, he was wary not to make her feel anything less than the amazing woman he was in love with, and her eyes promised him the same.

With mixed emotions and aroused apprehension the car ride continued into the seedier part of town. She pulled around back of this club, and they both got out and she set the alarm on the car. She walked ahead of him and rounded the corner to many catcalls and whistles from the drunk college students outside.

They walked into the nightclub and she proceeded directly to the manager's office where a girl sat in front taking down names.

They exchanged dialogue and she returned to his side. She whispered into his ear as she began sipping a drink he had gotten her, a Hurricane, and said that she was up next.

He looked at her with a confused expression, since surely she would be further down the list. She just kissed him gently on the cheek and walked up the stage as she heard her name being called.

The lights quickly flared onward and the pop music of the day began blaring out of the speakers, some dance tune he had never even heard of, and he turned his eyes slowly to center stage.

She began dancing slowly, unsure of how to work the crowd, before getting into the props left on stage. She was of course at a strip club's amateur night, and she kept her eyes on her lover for most of the time.

Imagining herself alone with him in the bedroom, she swiveled herself around one of the wide columns supporting the roof, placing her back firmly to the post, and lifting her leg upward and resting it against the beam as well.

Then she looked down and saw the eyes on the guys in attendance as they stared in between her legs, and she saw it so clean as day. Desire. They wanted her. And it seemed pretty badly, some she even saw rubbing themselves, though attempting to hide it.

However, she saw it. She saw all from where she was. And the rush of excitement from the exhibitionist behavior was unlike any other. She had placed on long black gloves extending to her elbows right before she went on stage, and slowly she shifted her weight revealing a nice peek at her ass while removing one of the gloves which she promptly threw at her lover.

Weak throw as it came up short and some older gentleman picked it up and smelled it before smiling at her. Guys actually began throwing money up on stage imploring her to show them more.

She slowly removed the other glove as she ground her legs together, and this time was on target with her toss. He'd moved closer and was watching her intently, though occasionally he looked around the room. He was fidgeting incredibly, not knowing what to do or what not to do.

One thing was for sure, he was quite aroused, and she was loving it. She shook her chest out at the audience and unzipped the right boot and slowly pulled it off, revealing a good show of cleavage. Off came the next boot, and more pleading was upon her.

She wasn't doing half bad at this, she thought, and her daring once more proved to be a crowd-pleaser. She turned to face the stage with her back to the crowd and slowly unzipped the skirt, but kept it in place with two fingers, dancing and teasing them.

Guys were begging now with their screams as well as some dirty names could be heard echoing over the loud music. She thought she would dislike hearing such words, but she could hardly argue with them, and that was appealing. Erotic to her. After all, she was acting the part.

Slowly she let it drop, and the skirt was on the floor, and the audience was staring at her ass in the thong. The enormous cheer had her enthralled, and though she had no intention of removing anything else, she kept on with it, removing her top, teasing the male populace several times to more temptation and financial incentive.

She pulled it off her body, and she started dancing around the large marble column, and shaking her chest. She could see the look on her lover's face was one of incredible desire, and with that her set ended and she retreated off the stage with her clothing as the curtain folded inward.

She didn't expect that kind of a wild response, and she had to admit to herself she loved every second of it. The power, the passion, the sensual connection she held. Teasing and taunting. Being their sole source of pleasure. She even made enough cash to pay for the outfit and then some.

She put on her clothing and escaped back into the crowd, more than a few guys commented on how they were going to pleasure themselves that night to her, and even a few grabbed her ass.

She would have normally turned around and slugged any man who did that, and on few occasions she had.

Not this time.

Instead she turned and winked, before securing her lover's arm and exiting the club.

There was silence in the car before she reached over quietly and began rubbing him through his pants. "Are you okay, sweetie?" she asked honestly. His reply was one that further increased the warm sensation in between her legs.

"I know I should have hated that, and in a lot of ways I did. But I want you so badly right now. That was hot." he struggled through the words.

She continued massaging him through his clothing, and asked more of his thoughts, and he related to her how exciting it was to see her acting so naughty. To watch other men aroused and craving her, knowing she was his completely. She shared the same response from when he brought the perky little bitch from the office home. She smiled at the label.

He closed his eyes enjoying her touching him and reached over to rub her, before she stopped completely and smacked his arm.

"Remember, lover, the night is not over and you can't do anything unless I say so." she grinned darkly at him.

He knew not what to make of that comment, but could not deny the fact it excited him, he tried once more to touch her, but her wrath was evident and he dared not do so again. Not this excited. He wanted release.

Where were they going anyway, he wondered aloud.

Before she could reply, once more she pulled the car into a lot and paid the exorbitant price to park and they got out and he followed her across the street into some hip hop club.

They were a bit older than the crowd there, but the place was packed full of people. You couldn't help but rub into another person, and there were quite a few hot girls about. He was liking this, until he realized that as they made their way to the dance floor a lot of the guys were rubbing up against her. He pushed one of them who grabbed her ass and she winked at, before she pulled hard on him and whispered loudly.

"Remember, you can't do anything. I mean it. You promised." she kissed him softly on the lips, and pulled him back into the sea of people.

She began dancing and guy after guy made his way over endlessly, and she had told him she was going to dance with anyone so that he could do the same. He ended up dancing with the nearest girl, and ignoring her in favor of watching his lover.

It was an incredible sight to behold.

She began shaking her body and started dancing around this thick pack of guys, but some of them seemed to be dispersing as two large black guys started dancing around her exclusively. He watched as she got in between them and started rubbing her backside up against the larger one's crotch, pushing into him, and he put his hands on her hips while the other almost wrapped himself around her leg and was grinding against it.

He could hardly contain his jealous, as it was one thing to watch when a couple guys can't touch and they see and crave your love as she teases them, but these guys were actually rubbing against her.

She looked over and seemed to be in heaven as she was grinding up against these two guys. She winked at him and he could see her talking to the guys.

He wanted to leave, but again his arousal level was sky-high. He had taunted her and preyed on her jealous nature, but not quite like this. While he enjoyed the fact these two guys probably wanted to make her their score for the night, he wasn't about to let that happen.

The girl in front of him turned around and then started rubbing up against him, and he couldn't ignore the sensation of her ass against his throbbing erection. He started moving up into her and he could hear her moaning when he glanced back over and she was kissing the guy in front of her while the guy behind her was feeling her tits through her top.

He froze and just stared while the girl in front of him kept grinding against him. The stark contrast of their ebony skin and her pale self was so erotic to him, he was incredibly aroused, and by the body language she displayed she was adoring it. He slipped his hands down to the girls waist and began rubbing harder against her before his love came over and interrupted.

"Having fun?" she whispered softly into his ear.

He just glared at her, and said, "I want to go home. I want you!"

She nodded and smiled, and led him out the door, the girl frowning who was dancing with him.

They got in the car and sped off, and he reached over and massaged her breast, before being smacked again.

"What? Oh come on, do I still have to play?" he whined. She nodded yes, and said she would pleasure him soon enough and they would be fast asleep.

"So did that bother you? Watching me? I know you have always been one who doesn't share, and touchy about the interracial thing." she asked curiously.

His answer pleased her once more, because she was soaked from the experience of being fondled by two large guys, their cocks were huge. "Yeah, but to be honest it turned me on a lot more than I'll ever admit."

She leaned over and kissed him as they pulled into her driveway. She smiled deviously.

They got inside the house, and they began kissing their way to her bedroom. She had already set out a video camera and one of the comfortable chairs from the living room.

Attached to a leg of the chair was a handcuff with an extended length. She sat him down and said she was going to perform for him on camera. His smile grew wide. He wished he had been able to save the earlier strip she had done in the club, but this would be just as good if not better he thought.

She settled him comfortable, and removed his clothing, kissing his neck as she locked him into the chair. In his extended hand she placed the key, and folded his fingers inward. He held onto the key as she stroked him gently, his cock already slick with desire.

Whispering into his ear she started teasing him, talking about earlier, the two guys she was with. How much would he like to see her perform with them. Would he enjoy watching that? Seeing her open herself for another guy as he had teased her with another woman.

At times he struggled through the answer yes, but undoubtedly each time it came back positive. His arousal coupled with her own had them on vacation from clear judgement, their wills bent by what aroused them.

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