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Dressing for the Renaissance Faire always gets me wet. I slide the off-the-shoulder blouse over my head and lace up the front loosely. Then the long petticoat and overskirt. Next is the garter belt and then the stockings, though they are not strictly from the proper historical period. I'm not a stickler for accuracy, but I do leave off the panties, since ladies back then didn't have them. I'll wear tall leather boots as well, since the grounds are always muddy. Finally, I put on my corslet and lace it up tight, pressing my breasts up and out. I love the feeling of vulnerability this gives me, like any man could reach out and fondle me at his whim, though I am usually quite shy.

With my hair hanging down my back, my pussy slippery with anticipation and a cape swirling around me, I'm ready to go.

The first thing do to when I arrive is go to the tavern and get some mead to warm me up. The Faire is in the Autumn, so I'm enjoying the way the cold makes my nipples hard, as they peek out over the edge of my corslet. My breasts are very round and white, and my nipples are very pink, so they are clearly visible through the white cotton of my blouse. I am already attracting some attention from the men in the tavern, though I'm a little nervous about being this obvious.

As I sit with my drink, I can hear a small knot of men talking about me -- they're deciding which of them will approach my table to talk with me. It's a short argument, as the biggest of the men is clearly the Alpha. He is tall and broad, wearing a kilt and all the trappings, and his hair is wild and dark. His eyes are dark, too, and they hold my gaze with a commanding ferocity.

"Come with me," he says, taking my hand and pulling me to my feet. His friends look surprised as I follow the dark man from the tavern, but his touch has sent an electric ripple through me and have no wish to resist. As we walk with his arm over my shoulder and his fingertips flicking my nipple, he tells me his name is Collum, and that he is taking me to his booth, where he sells the leather goods that he makes. I blush at the looks we get because of his fondling, but it also excites me to know that he can't keep his hands off me.

By the time we arrive at the booth, my legs are weak with anticipation and my juices are flowing down my thighs. Collum steps just inside the shelter and draws me against his body, pressing his lips down on mine as he wraps his arm around me and swings me up to the countertop, next to his display of belts and wristers. There's no-one in the booth, but the front is open for anyone to see or to come in at any time. He doesn't care, and when I protest, he snakes his hand under my skirts and slides a finger effortlessly into my honey-coated cunt.

His mouth claims one breast while his other hand grips my shoulder hard enough to make me stay where I am. When I whimper in need and arch to press more of my body into his grasp, he forces his finger further into me and adds another, pushing and pulling, in and out while I writhe in an agony of pleasure and embarrassment. I beg him to wait until we're somewhere private, but he just slides his thumb over my clit and presses it in tiny circles until I can't speak.

He growls in my ear, "Do you want me to stop?" But all I can do is shake my head and try to move closer to him and impale myself further on his strong fingers. I can feel his hard cock pressing my thigh through his kilt and my bunched-up skirt, and I'm desperate to have more of it.

As Collum yanks my blouse down off my shoulders and my breasts pop out into clear view, a Faire-goer pops his head into the booth. The visitor's eyes go wide and he starts to back away, but Collum invites him to stay and enjoy the show.

"In fact, why don't you give us a hand?" Collum gestures the man closer and offers him my tits to play with. Collum returns his mouth to mine and plunges his tongue between my lips, teasing the delicate skin on the roof of my mouth. His roughness is bringing out the wildness in me, despite the public scene, and the second set of hands on me pushes me totally outside myself. I gasp out in anticipation of coming, but Collum has other ideas -- he wants to feel me spasm around his cock. As I'm just building to the final release, he pulls his hands away from me, flips up his kilt and slides his full length into me. My eyes open wide in shock and I meet his gaze for a moment, while he begins churning his hard cock inside me. The other man is pushed aside as Collum claims me fully with his hands, mouth and cock. I shudder and cry out as my orgasm floods over me, and Collum keeps pounding until he lets loose a gush of hot spunk deep inside me.

I'm sure he's done with me, but this has just been the warm-up. My pussy has produced so much juice that by this time I'm sitting in a puddle of it, so when Collum pulls me to my feet and bends me over, he has no problem convincing the bystander to slide his painfully hard cock into my asshole. After a few preliminary probes with a finger, I'm tingling with pleasure again at the feeling of my ass being filled slowly and surely.

Bent at the waist with my skirts flung over my hips, I brace my feet far apart to keep my balance, but it just isn't enough. Collum can see I'm having trouble, so he stops the man and then leads us around to the grassy area behind his booth. He spreads his cloak on the ground and lays down with his still-rampant cock proudly in the air. He pulls me down and I straddle him eagerly, easing my slightly sore cunt onto his girth.

The poor bystander thinks he's been forgotten, but Collum presses me close to him and calls to the man, "Fuck her in the ass again while I have her cunt." I'm not sure I can take them both, but Collum holds me in place and strokes me with his hands and cock until I surrender to the power of the pleasure.

The other man slides his hand down my back and lets his fingers rest over the spot where Collum's cock drives into me, gathering more liquid for his next assault. As I hold my breath and Collum bites at my lips and pinches my nipples, the man pushes forward into my hole, made tighter by the cock in my cunt. He grunts as the head pops in and Collum slides a hand down and makes circles around my clit. My world shatters as the length of both cocks pounds into my holes, and I can feel the two so close to each other inside me.

I scream in ecstasy when they move in synch, and my vision blurs when they jet their come deep inside me. As I collapse in a haze of sweat and come, Collum tells me that he and his friend are going to keep me for the rest of the weekend, and they have some buddies they want me to meet. I curl up between them and sigh with contentment -- I've found the place where I belong, finally.

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