Fairies, Ghosts, and the G-Spot


This was even a more annoying now. Not only did this give Jami a chance to back a way, she clearly did not have the support from those she told. Maybe all I have to do is prove myself to her friend. Well if I stand any chance of this, lets see what happens. "I am, and I guess you were sent over to check me out. Can I get you a drink or maybe a dance?" I answer.

"No she did not send me over. I wanted to just come and see you before she did." She looks back towards the group of fairies and I try to see who she could be looking at or getting a signal from, but could not tell anything. "Let's dance then. I did want to check you out after all." She answered with a smirk.

Uh oh. I did not like the sound of that.

I followed her out to the floor and the music had a fast and sexy beat to it. She wasted no time. I don't know what was going on, but she was determined to make a show of it. She started bumping, rubbing, and just dancing like she was just begging to be fucked. Thinking that she was either testing me or just fucking with Jami. I behaved myself as well as I could do but she was doing a damn good job of getting a rise out of me. My hands went up her sides and tried to keep things to a minimum. She then grabbed my ass and started to rub her crotch on my leg. I looked down and saw nothing but a sadistic smile. Enough was enough.

I grabbed her hip and held her still. It was not tough since she was so little of a thing. She tried to wiggle still smiling at me. "There you go. Show me what you really are like." She told me as she started to ride my knee and I could feel her tighten her thighs around my leg.

That's enough of this I though. I straightened my leg and she slipped off. "All right. What the fuck are you doing? This is more then just checking me out here. Are you fucking with me or just trying to piss Jami off so she won't meet with me?" I asked her.

Her hand then left my ass and went to the front of my pants and started to rub my hard on she did manage to create. "What's wrong? I thought you liked to take advantage of women. Isn't this what you are here for?" She said with such sarcastic voice.

I took her hand and pushed her away. I turned and started to walk back to the bar. I feel her pull my arm to stop me. "You stay away from her. She is vulnerable right now and does not know what she is doing. You mess with her and I will make sure you regret it." I pull my hand away from her and keep walking. That one is going to be a pain.

I get to the bar and get a drink and then turn to see the yellow pain talking with one a green fairy that could have been Jami. No one is looking at me so I am still at a loss. I am tempted to just call this whole thing off and leave. I will finish this one drink and if nothing else happens I am out of here. I turn to head back to my now occupied table and see a pink fairy wearing an elegant slinky outfit with a smooth satin mask walking towards the bar. This was another one of the fairies that could have been Jami. I walk down and go to intercept her and wait at the bar. When she comes up I start the conversation. "Seems to be a lot of fairies here."

"Yes there is. Not many ghosts though. I have been told you are looking for a specific fairy." The music makes it difficult to hear her voice clearly enough to identify her. Damn why did she have to make this so difficult.

"Well I am waiting for one in particular. Hoping that she will find the courage to come find me. Do you know Jami?" I ask. I am eyeing her carefully.

She passed me what looks like an authentic smile. "Yes, I know Jami. Sorry to say this, but I think she still has not made up her mind about meeting you." She says and then orders a Corona from the bar.

This still could be her, but my hopes were dying quick. "Oh? Did she say why? The last fairy tried to warn me away from her. Even threatened me not to touch her." I pulled out some money and paid for her drink before she could say anything. "I don't even think that Jami explained the nature of this meeting with her. I really think that it would be best if you all just let her decide who she meets."

She startes to drink her beer. There was a total element of professionalism with her. Almost like we were talking about work related topics. "Well I can tell you that Jami is not like the rest of us. When she told us she had a meet up with a guy here we could not believe it. She is not the type to do that sort of thing," she said.

Damn... just another fairy coming to just check me out. How many of these do I have to go through! "Have you come to check me out and interview me too?" I ask? "And what does that mean 'she is not like the rest of you'? Are you all as, excuse me for saying, bitchy like the yellow one was and she is just nicer?" I was getting tired of this game real quick.

"No," the pink fairy says. "I came here to get a beer, but if you want to talk about this, I see no reason why not. I will admit that I am curious about why Jami would meet someone here."

I take a drink and wonder how much I should tell her. Well maybe if I find out just how much Jami told them. "Did Jami tell you why she wanted to meet with me?"

She took another sip before talking. "Come on, there is a table over here." She walked over to this dark corner table and we both sat down with our drinks. "We know that she found an online friend. An untouchable. Meaning that you are married. She has told a few of us of some of the conversations. About how she seems drawn to you. How she is really wants to meet you and submit to you. That is why we are concerned and that is where she is different. She is not as confident as the rest of us with sex and she is the only submissive one of us."

I take a drink and think for a second. She is right about being submissive. On the phone, shared fantasies, chat; she has always taken the submissive role. I have always tended to be a dominant lover, and some of the fantasies and chats we have shared are with her being my submissive. It did not occur to me that she really wanted to submit to me. I thought it was just fantasy. I take another drink and look at this pink fairy sitting across from me and just shake my head at the craziness of all of this. "A bunch of dominating fairies looking out for their submissive one huh. Well that explains Ray of Sunshine fairy coming off all aggressive like that. I guess that also means that you all have sort of discouraged her from seeing me tonight and used your influence to change her mind. Don't you think that is interfering in her business? Especially since I am here trying to help her out. It still sounds like Jami has not told you why I am here and what we were going to do. I just wish that you all would back off and let her choose."

She looked at me for a bit like she was studying me and could see through my mask. A spark of interest has shown in her dark eyes. "Tell me then. I will not let her know I know unless I deem it necessary. If I feel that this is in her best interest then maybe we can help change her mind a bit." She said.

This woman was way more down to earth then the yellow bitch fairy, but still commanding. Only with her it was not coming off negative. Instead she just seemed sexy. I am tempted to tell her just because she asked, but what would Jami say if I did tell her. These women seem really close and if they know Jami is a submissive type then I guess they must have many sex talks. I wonder why she has not told them about this then. I feel that I can trust this pink fairy, I mean woman, with this and not have her embarrass Jami. I guess it would not hurt to tell her. But first, this lack of name thing is driving me crazy. "Before I tell you, can you at least give me your name? I hate to keep thinking of you as the ' Pink Not Jami Normal Fairy.'"

She laughed at that. "I am Michelle. The bitchy first fairy you encountered is Barbra. She really is not that bad once you get to know her. Just a bit... well aggressive at times."

Yeah... I bet she is. I can almost picture her standing over a figure with a paddle in hand smacking the shit out of some poor soul's ass. "Well then Michelle, here's what's going on," I then started to explain Jami's problem about wanting to find her g-spot and the nature of our arrangement. Michelle just sat there and drank her beer while I explained. I don't know if it was the mask, but it was very difficult to read her expressions. She hid them so well. "So she was going to meet me here and I was going to help her out."

Michelle just turned her head and looked towards the table. "Poor Jami. She has never mentioned this to any of us. We would have gladly helped her. Then again I guess she was just too shy. She has so wanted to try to fit into our group and share stories." She finished off her beer while she was looking at the table.

I had to laugh. "So there is a group of dominating fairies and one submissive one trying to fit in and not one of you have shown her?" I stopped and just shook my head. I cannot believe I just said that sentence.

She then looked back at me, a dark look flashed in her eyes behind that pink mask for a second before she hid it. "Well she has never been interested in girls. Trust me, some of us would have gladly helped her out."

After chatting with her for nine months and sharing fantasies this came as a bit of a surprise. "Not interested? She seems to be open to just about everything sexual. We have even talked about threesomes with women and they seem to have really turned her on. I think she might not have told you all more than just a few things. Maybe all of this just seemed a bit much to tell her friends. To be honest, the two of you I have met so far intimidate the crap out of me and I am not a sub."

She looked at the table and then slowly turned back to me smiling. "So all you want to do is touch and show her huh? Just hands? The dark ghost fiddling with the fairy?" She asked me.

The tone of voice she used intrigued me. I could tell that an idea occurred to her. "That was the plan. Why? What did you have in mind?" I asked. I started to see the possibility that I may get to do this yet.

"What room are you in Shawn?" She asked in a quick business like tone.

"312." I answer quickly. What is it about her that makes me jump like that?

She stood up and looked down at me. "Ok then here's what you are going to do. Send a double of tequila over to the table; I will make sure she gets it. Go and wait in the hotel room for thirty minutes. If she is not there by then you are shit out of luck." Then she started to leave before I could say another word. Then she turned around. "Oh and thanks for the beer Shawn." Then walked off swaying her ass.

I just watched her leave, closed my mouth, and shook my head. Whoa! Michelle was something else. There was no doubt that she was used to getting her way and when she says jump, you jump. Well if she supports this, then I have little doubt I will be seeing Jami soon. I got up and followed Michelle's instructions and had the bar tender send a double shot of tequila to the table and left the ballroom. Walking back to my room it suddenly occurred to me that for the first time, I think I have met a women who could dominate me and who I would love to submit to. I am not sure who would not. But that's for another day. Tonight I need to focus on Jami and helping her find that elusive spot.


When I got to the room I really had nothing to do but wait. I sat at the table looking out the window listening to music thinking about Jami, fairies, and the evening. This has been a strange evening. The prospect of meeting Jami would have been out of character enough for me, but doing this in costume, and then to throw in dominating fairies. Yup, very odd evening and a little late to back out now. Part of me really hoped that she would not come, but a larger part of me hoped that we could still do this despite the craziness. After about twenty minutes the door knocks with a soft sound that tells me who is there. Just in that knock I can hear trepidation. I get up and walk towards the door, take a deep breath and open the door.

"Trick or treat?" A silver fairy with long brown hair says in a voice I recognize immediately.

"A treat I hope Jami. I am glad to finally meet you." I reach down and take her hand in mine and pull her in. Then blinked. Right behind her I see Michelle.

"Hope you don't mind if I tag along. I figured that both of you could use a chaperon." She says smiling. "Besides, it made her feel better knowing that I would be here too." Then she walked in the room and shut the door.

I really don't know what to think to be honest. Michelle was going to be here too? "Uh... I guess so. Does not look like I have much of a choice does it."

Jami walked in and sat on the bed. "She told me that she got you to tell her what we were going to do here and she said that she wanted to make sure I was safe." I was about to apologize for reveling her secret, but Jami stopped me. "It's OK. I know how Michelle is, and besides, I still really wanted to do this. I guess I just needed a little extra persuasion." I am sure that the thought of also maybe having a three-some might have something to do with her allowing Michelle here too, but who am I to argue with that.

Michelle then took the seat I was just setting in and turned it around and faced the bed. "Yup. And lucky for you I did not tell Barbra or she would have been up here in a second too." She sounded very pleased with herself.

I am usually one who tends to be in control of most of what is going on around me and all evening I feel like I have lost what control I have had in this situation. I had plans laid out for this moment, words to say to start things off, and ideas of where to start. Suddenly I feel that with the presence of Michelle completely at a loss. "Uh... well I guess I should be thankful it is just the two of you then." I stop and take a deep breath trying to just focus on Jami and ignore the other pink fairy right behind me. I really had not had a chance to take her in before I saw Michelle.

Jami was dressed in a silvery satiny fabric with a matching half mask that had green and pink gems on it. She even put on bright pink lipstick to match the phone session we had. My eyes move down and see her silver wings over her shoulders as my eyes hit her breasts. Her costume does a good job of showing off her large breasts. The fabric clung to her tone form beautifully and her short silver, green, and pink mini skirt did not even come to mid thigh. "My Jami, you are as sexy as I always imagined you would be."

Jami giggled a bit. "Thanks Shawn. You know you look rather creepy like that. I cannot see your face or your body at all. It really is just like we acted out over the phone isn't it?"

I smiled under the mask. "Well I thought that is what you had wanted sexy. Just the meeting between the ghost and the fairy. Not the meeting between Shawn and Jami." I bend down and lift her hair to my nose and smell. My hand brushes her shoulder and I can see a slight shudder.

"Jami, stand up and turn around for him. Show him all of you." Michelle said from her chair. Suddenly I am reminded that there is someone else here. Still though, that was what I was about to ask Jami to do anyway.

I took her hand and guided her up and she turned around slowly. I can see the pink rise in her cheeks as she turns around showing me her full form. My hand reached out and just stroked her body sliding over her fabric. I was just about to forget the presence of the other fairy when suddenly I hear, "Shawn, you should see that firm ass of hers. Raise her skirt and touch it. Tell me if you think it is worth all those hours in the gym she spends."

I don't know how I feel about Michelle calling the shots here. I am starting to feel like a plaything of hers. Still though, I do what she tells me and soon Jami has stopped moving and my hand is kneading those firm ass cheeks. I pull the fabric of her leotard and pull it into her ass crack. My hands touch her smooth skin and I hear Jami's breathing getting heavy. "Your ass is nice Jami. So firm and so smooth."

Then before I say anything else the real director of this meeting speaks up again. "Yes it is Shawn. You should see her tits. They just beg to be touched and kissed. Jami, pull your top down and show Shawn." Like me Jami seems unable to say no to Michelle's voice. I turn my head to look at Michelle and see her hand casually stroking her crotch. "No Shawn; eyes on Jami Shawn. Just ignore me here." Yeah, like you will let that happen I think.

My eyes turn back to Jami as I see her pull her top down and her gorgeous breasts spring out. Jami's cheeks are flushed and her hands go to her breasts rubbing them. I watch as her nipples get hard under her hands and then she bends down and licks one of them. My hands move forward and cups them both and those hard nipples fall between my fingers and I squeeze getting a moan from Jami. "Jami, looks like Shawn has something straining in his pants. I know that you have wanted to touch him. Reach inside of his pants Jami." Jami's fingers touch the seam of my waistband and then her hands rub the outside of my pants. "Do it Jami. Reach in and stroke him." Michelle commands from her chair.

Jami quickly reaches in and touches me. Her hand is so soft that I let out a moan. "Oh Shawn it feels just like I imagined. So big, hard, and..." Her fingers come out and I see her look down at her fingers and then glances over to Michelle.

"Stick it in you mouth Jami. Taste him." Jami sticks her fingers into her mouth and tastes my precum she collected on her fingers. I watch as she sucks her fingers and I suddenly wish that she would reach down and decide to suck on my dick. Once again, Michelle is one step ahead of us. "Don't get any ideas though you two. Hands only. You can taste anything on your fingers or hands. I believe that was the rules right Shawn?" Michelle says.

I look over at her and nod. She is still casually stroking herself, only now she has her fabric moved aside. I cannot see her pussy from my angle and before she has to warn me I look away. I take a deep breath and try and break this sexual trance and regain control. I start to pull her costume down trying to take control again and truly ignore Michelle. She was having none of that.

"Good idea Shawn. Only as you pull her costume off, bend forward and have your mask brush against her nipples. Don't lick though... just let her feel how close your mouth is to taking in a hard nipple. Then let her feel your breath on her skin as you kneel down to the ground. She will so enjoy that Shawn. Won't you Jami?" Michelle asks.

I know that I have loss all control of this situation. Michelle has turned us into her puppets and having us put on a show just for her private enjoyment. I had never done anything like this before and being directed is even hotter then if I was in control. "Oh, don't do that Shawn. Please that is just teasing me." Jami says softly.

Ignoring Jami's pleas, I do exactly as I was told. The temptation to lick and taste Jami is so great. I can smell her body wash; feel her skin under my hands. I behave myself and just rub her skin against the fabric covering my face and over my lips. When I pull the costume past her neatly trimmed pussy I hear a gasp from Jami as I blow onto her wet pussy. Her legs bend and she sets on the bed as I continue to pull off her costume and look up to see her beautiful naked form. All that remains is her mask.

My hands start up her thighs and just as get close to her pussy Michelle directs us again. "Jami, spread your legs wide and pull yourself open. Show Shawn how wet you are. Show him how you want his fingers in you. Good girl. Now Shawn, don't touch her clit, but slowly rub your finger up and down her slit. Get your finger wet. Then taste her." As she speaks we follow our orders. I bring my wet finger up to my mask and push it into the slit. She tastes so good and I reach out and pushed two fingers into her. I hear Jami's gasp as I penetrate her. She is so tight.

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