tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFairlight Beach UK

Fairlight Beach UK


Fairlight naturist beach is just East of Hastings, it is an official naturist/nudist beach but as practically all such beaches are, it is well off the beaten track.

We leave home for the one hour journey travelling through Rye and Fairlight Village in my car. We turn off the road and go down a track to the car park, in a field which is part of a farm and tea rooms at the head of Fairlight Glen. Chris paid the £1 parking fee and we drove into the top corner of the field to park in order to try to find some shade to keep the car cool.

After we park, I open the boot and lean in to get some of our things out. I am very conscious that bending over the boot makes my tiny mini skirt ride right up over my bum completely exposing it and the prominent lips, of my pussy. You see I never wear undies, what is more I always keep my pussy completely free of hair so when I am naked it is never hidden. All that I am wearing is a very short, flared, tennis skirt that just covers my bum by about an inch when I stand upright but when I lean forward or bend it rides up showing that under it I am not wearing any panties, not even a tiny "G" string, and totally exposes my naked and hairless sex lips. My only other item of clothing is simply a very baggy singlet type vest with neck and armholes stretched to the extent that my nipples are only just covered by the straps and the naked swell of my bare breasts and cleavage can be clearly seen. If I move quickly then my erect nipples pop out completely.

The walk from the car park to the beach takes about 15 minutes through the delightful tree lined glen. Chris carries the rucksack with the blanket and towels whilst I carry the cool bag with the food and a bottle of wine for lunch. Off we go out of the car park and past the Old Barn which has been converted into tea rooms. There are a few people busily preparing the place for the afternoons trade. Down through the gate and cross the little brook that cascades it's way down the glen, all the time I am very aware that my naked sex is only just covered by my tiny skirt and I can feel the breeze beneath it playing on my naked, and shaven labial lips keeping them aroused and blowing through my skimpy vest caressing my nipples making them hard and often visible. People pass by some intent on getting to the beach others just on a walk, this is a popular walk and as the path links up with the Hastings to Pett Level cliff pathway, not all are Naturists. It is clear to them all that I do not wear a bra to contain my breasts as they are swaying freely under the flimsy vest, my nipples are frequently visible, but I wonder how many have spotted that under this tiny skirt there are no panties or even hair to hide my sex lips. As I walk the skirt is swinging and sometimes flips up enough to clearly show that I am knickerless. The cheeks of my bare bum and my swollen, hairless and very aroused, glistening pussy are on show.

Our walk takes us past the summer flowers and through the bracken, down by the stream, gurgling it`s way toward the sea. At last we can hear the sound of happy voices, lots of them we are approaching the cliff edge and the steps down to the beach. At the top there is a notice stating that beyond this sign you may expect to see people sunbathing naked.

Down the rickety steps carved into the cliff with a rope handrail on one side. I am aware that if anyone below me looks up then they will see right up my skirt to my naked pussy. Perhaps that couple just in front will turn round and look but they don`t, I almost willed them to. The steps become a steep staircase for the last few feet, a slight breeze lifts my skirt right up above my waist, exposing everything, I am naked from the waist down, my shaven cunt is on show, but I can do nothing about it as one hand is carrying the bag and the other is holding the rail. So what, we are going to a nudist beach anyway, I just leave it to fall back down.

There must be more than 200 people on the beach, those few who have just come to look are dressed or wearing swimming costumes and usually sitting near the bottom of the steps. Can they see that I am knickerless? As my skirt lifts with the breeze a little then yes they can.

At last we are on the beach and we step out past the many naked bodies laid out like seals basking in the warm sunshine. We make our way to our favourite spot and Chris strips naked but before I strip we start to lay our things out. I help Chris to unpack the blanket and towels, making sure as I do my tits fall right out of the vest and I purposely bend over quite unashamedly from the waist, to ensure that my skirt rides right up baring my bum to show everyone that under it there are no panties and that my large and very excited cunt lips are clearly visible between my thighs. A young woman nearby nudges her husband and whispers to tell him that I am blatantly knickerless, he rolls over and looks up, right up my skirt. In reply to his glance I open my legs wider to make sure that he can see everything, even the puckered, dark rose of my arse-hole as well as the swollen lips of my sexually excited cunt, I hope he enjoyed the view, then he turns over onto his tummy. It would be nice to think that I had given him an erection. and a thrill.

Once we have settled ourselves I stand up and do my strip to show everyone that I am only wearing two items of clothing, a skirt and a vest.

I lay down and spread my legs wide apart to enjoy the sun on my naked body. Chris takes the suntan lotion and rubs it into my body, taking great care to rub plenty onto my breasts, in full view of everyone he tweaks my nipples making them swell and then down between my legs to caress the swollen lips of my hairless pussy, even slipping his finger inside me to rub my clitoris to make it come erect and get me really aroused making my labial lips glisten pinkly, swell and open even more. This is lovely I feel so sexy I have a such a tingle between my legs at the thought of everyone being able to see my naked body my breasts, my nipples and especially my pouting, shaven cunt as I spread my legs wide to put everything on view, I want not only the nudists but the voyeurs, men and women, as well to see me displaying myself. With no hair to cover it all those people walking by me are able to see every little detail of my shaven, open, dark pink cleft, my inner labia as well as the outer and sometimes even my clitoris shows, every detail of my cunt is on open display. I only wish that it were possible for Chris to display his erect cock and let everyone watch us fuck or to take it in my mouth and suck it. I feel so erotic and brazen with everything on display like this with my bare cunt smiling to the world. Then I put sun cream on Chris as well giving his cock plenty of attention 'to stop it getting sunburn of course' wouldn't it be lovely if he could display an erection sticking straight up to the sky. It would be fun if he did and even more fun to slip my mouth down over it and suck it in public.

We sunbathe for a while, Chris has a swim. You won`t catch me going in the sea in this country, it`s much too cold. After our lunch and wine we take a naked stroll along the seashore while I admire the cocks Chris ogles the cunts that are on show for us. There aren't many that are shaven like mine though and very few ladies spread their legs as I do to show themselves off. That makes me feel different to the other women on the beach.

One thing that we enjoy is to parade naked past the people who have not stripped ensuring that they can clearly see my shaven sex and Chris' cock, it's a lovely feeling to be naked amongst people who are not. I feel really relaxed and sensuous now and don`t have a care in the world. I still have the lovely tingling, sexy feeling between my legs which makes my lips swell with desire I don't care who sees me here absolutely naked. In fact I hope that seeing my pouting cunt, glistening with juice gives the voyeurs a thrill as they walk by just to look at us nudists. A single man settles himself just a few feet below us so that he can look straight between my legs at the open split of my exposed, shaven sex lips almost winking at him. I open my legs a little more so that he can see everything clearly, can he see my clittie, I hope he enjoys the view. I just want to show my naked body to the world and with no hair to hide it my body is truly naked and I am loving it.

It is then that we notice just a few feet away from us are two couples, the attractive ladies look like sisters, with their children. One of the women is, like me, completely shaved and the other is shaved to a very narrow strip of hair on her pubis, with her cunt lips bare below it, but it is a glint of gold between their legs that attractes my eye. Both have gold rings piercing their clitties, they walk proudly up and down to the sea with the gold gleaming in the sunlight drawing attention to their delightfully bare sex lips. They, like me, are also very proud of their bare cunts and quite clearly want other people to see them too. The rings look very attractive and being in their clitties ensure that they are always erect and on display, mind you although it looks very attractive I don`t know if I could do it, though Chris has often asked me to have my cunt pierced and wear rings in the lips to draw everyones attention to it though I have occasionally worn a clip on pendant earing hanging from the lips.

It`s time to go home, hasn't the day gone quickly, we pack our things and I stand up to get dressed. I pull on my little skirt and then my top not bothering to tuck my breasts away. Again everyone can see that I haven't put knickers on under my very short skirt. We wend our way back to the steps and as I pass some of the people laying on their backs I wonder again if they can see up my skirt. This time there are a lot of people leaving the beach and I know that as I climb the steep steps my knickerless arse and bare cunt lips will be in full and open view to everyone following us. After a day with the warm sun playing on my body I don`t care, my nipples are hard and my pussy hot, wet and swollen, I feel so sexy, so what I have been openly flaunting my shaven sex all day so why worry about it now! I don't care who sees it. Back up the Glen (it`s the only trouble with this beach, the climb back up takes about twice as long and it`s uphill all the way). My fluttering skirt is constantly giving little flashes, of bare bum and moist sex lips then Chris the sod puts his hand down runs his finger over my arse and through my cleft separating the lips then he lifts my skirt right up exposing me completely. My nipples are also constantly on show as my breasts swing while we struggle up the Glen.

At last we reach the top and call into the tearooms for a very welcome, cooling ice cream, we find a seat outside and I sit down outside flicking my little skirt away to ensure that my bare bum is on the hard wooden bench. Any movement of my legs now shows my knickerless state to anyone looking my way. It's incredible though, how blatant you can be and how unobservant most people are. I doubt that anyone noticed that I am not wearing knickers and that my cunt is visible and shaved. Ice creams finished we return to the car walking past the people sitting on the grass, I am sure that some of them can see under my skirt maybe they can even if they can't they can clearly see my, all but naked, breasts.

We drive off, but all is not over yet as Chris decides we should pick some strawberries, so off to the PYO fields.

Can you imagine now, legs spread wide apart straddling the row of strawberry plants and bending from the waist to pick the delicious fruit my tiny skirt rides right up as it did on the beach. I suddenly realise that I am totally exposed and with my legs apart over the rows of plants so is my pink cunt and arsehole are in full view, my breasts hang out of the top too. It is all on view, everyone around me can see the lot I might as well not be wearing a skirt at all, so I crouch down to pick the fruit, but no matter how I crouch I still cannot completely hide my very naked cunt and everything that I have, though I am not quite as blatantly showing everything as before. Chris says that he would like me to push strawberries up my quim for him to suck out later. I wish I could but not with all these people here.

Finally we are on our way home and whilst I am driving Chris slips my vest right off my shoulders so that I am naked to the waist. Travelling through the town of Rye anyone looking in the car can see my naked tits. Chris has taken his shorts and his vest off so he is totally naked in the car, I pull my skirt up to expose my cunt, I caress his prick, he strokes my cunt, I don`t care any more, I feel so sexy. On the way home we stop the car and I get out taking my skirt off he takes photos of me standing naked by the roadside. We arrive home and naked I rush indoors, I lay down legs wide open I need a good fucking. Relief at last as I he sucks my eager sex as I suck his prick, then slides his rampant cock between my lips and right up my very willing cunt eventually filling me with his spunk!!

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