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Nudism, Shaving, & Me


Chris and I got together in 1988, he had always been a Naturist or Nudist call it what you will. He had warned me of this when we first met and planned to get together. We had met at the camera club where I had posed for portraits but when he first came to my home he said that he would love to photograph me naked. Until that time I had always been a very shy girl no-one had ever made such a request.

Very early in our relationship Chris took me to a nearby swimming pool where there was a weekly Naturist evening. I was terrified. On the first night as we walked from the car my legs felt like jelly and I got very ratty but decided that I should go with it and that I was not going to let him down, so in we went. Changing is in a communal room but I hid myself away in a cubicle to strip off. I wrapped a towel round myself to cover my naked body and especially my pussy crept to the poolside and slid into the water.

I suppose that like most newcomers I had imagined all Naturists to have superb figures or they would not strip and display their naked bodies to others but I was proved wrong, they are just ordinary people with lumps and bumps many in the wrong places. I couldn't swim but Chris who is a good swimmer started teaching me and I suppose that it was partly my desire to learn that kept me going. In doing so I no longer have any fear of being naked with other naturists. Eventually I did learn to swim a little and we still go regularly.

We had only been together for about three months when late in 1988 Chris was out one evening I decided to give him a treat when he came home. He had often said how much he liked to see ladies who shaved their pubic hair so I was feeling very sexy and thought that I would give him a real treat and remove all of mine. I had always had an abundance of hair on my legs and arms, which I hated and over the years I had tried to remove it mainly by waxing or electrolysis but never before had I contemplated removing my pubic hair. Off came my skirt and panties. Now what? I didn't have a shaver but I did have a lot of wax paper strips so I stuck these all over my pubic hair and pulled them off. You can imagine, it hurt like hell and I have never repeated that performance but now I pluck the front and between us we shave around the lips.

After I had finished waxing I felt my pubic area, it was so smooth though a little bit sore but that soon wore off and I looked in the mirror to see what I had done. My god had I gone too far? I was more naked than naked, everything was showing, my very swollen vaginal lips were standing proud and even my clitoris was peeping from it's little hood I felt so excited. Nothing could be reversed the hair had all gone I was totally naked, completely exposed. It really was a very different me, I felt like a young school girl without pubic hair on my mound and between my legs. No I wasn't like a schoolgirl as my sex lips were much too big for that. I opened my legs and everything could clearly be seen. I slipped my fingers down to it and it felt very slippery and very smooth, I was feeling so sensual, my fingers slid so easily between the lips, as they had peeled apart, my fingers slipped right into my vagina it made me worse I longed for something bigger to fill me. I was so excited by what I had done, I thought well you've done it now so enjoy it and I do.

When Chris came home and saw my hairless state he went over the moon and couldn't leave it alone, stroking it kissing it, licking it sucking it and finally fucking it. We have kept it bald ever since and I wouldn't wish to be any different now. I like it because firstly it gives so much pleasure to Chris and also that I feel that I am now different to most other women and when I am naked my whole sex shows. As I said I have always had an abhorrence of body hair on girls and now with my hairless cunt it makes me feel so different and so sexy and I like to show it in naturist surroundings. Mind you I think that it is getting to be more popular now. I do not feel shy any more about being naked with other naturists and without hair to hide my sex I do feel so different from most of them which pleases me. I don't want to be run of the mill.

When I am naked being shaved means my large sex lips are always very visible whether my legs are together or open. On the beach I usually lay with my legs spread wide apart to ensure that people passing by can clearly see that my pussy is hairless and is openly on show to them all and sometimes even my clitoris is visible too, this gives us both a thrill when I blatantly display myself naked in such a sexy manner, to everyone not just the nudists but the voyeurs too can see that my cunt lips get even more aroused and prominent and glisten in the sun making me feel so very sexy. I feel that I have shaved it so that it shows then I should not be afraid to show it. It is not only on the nudist beaches though that we have stripped as even on an ordinary beach we both strip naked to put on our tiny thongs and of course I always bare my breasts and sunbathe topless.

We have several other friends who shave, some of them as a direct influence of mine. One of our friends Carol swims with us and of course she could see that I was shaved. Her pubes seemed to be getting smaller and smaller each week ending in a tiny tuft above her lips. We often commented on this then one evening she and husband John came to us for a sauna and she entered carrying her towel in front of her. We looked as she removed the towel and opened her legs wide to proudly show her delightful, totally bald cunt to us saying "yes it has gone, I lost it playing backgammon with John last night". She now says that she should have done it sooner and that she would never be hairy again and John now also shaves his pubes completely.

Some friends came on a holiday with us to Agde and one day we'll call her Joan said that her pubes were getting grey and asked what she should do about it. Chris said that she really had two choices either she dyed it a dark colour or she shave it off completely. She went for a walk with her husband, also John, and when they returned she said that they had decided that she be shaved and asked if we would do it for her. Well she lay down and I held her lips as Chris shaved her pubis and lips completely this was the first time that I had ever touched another woman's cunt. After this I shaved Johns prick and balls and quite naturally whilst I was holding his cock, it grew erect in my hand, I just had to give it a few rubs as well, he grabbed Joan and dragged her off to their room where he showed her just how much he loved her freshly shaven cunt as he fucked her very noisily. She has remained shaven ever since. Several other girls have followed suit.

That was all twelve years ago and since that time we have kept my pussy completely free of hair and I have completely forgotten what it was like to be hidden under a black hairy bush.

What is more since then and in order to please Chris I have given up wearing underwear, never a bra and no panties at any time, I regularly wear see through tops and blouses that clearly show my braless breasts with erect nipples and in the summer I wear very short mini skirts but underneath I am always knickerless with perhaps just a few inches of cover over my bare cunt. Chris would love me to wear even shorter skirts and on holidays I have worn them so short that if I stretch upward or bend forward then I am totally exposed. I love being naked under my skirt and being shaven and knickerless is such a wonderful feeling with the air always wafting around my totally bare pussy. There have been several occasions when my mini skirt has blown up in the street or other public places to reveal my lack of knickers to all around us. In retrospect it's quite a thrill to know that you are naked from the waist down in public and that other people might see it. Sometimes I wear just a coat with nothing underneath so that it can be opened to flash my naked body in the right circumstances.

I have also had numerous photos taken as I exposed myself both in private and even in public places. Some photos have been taken by people other than Chris.

When we go on nudist holidays I can really go to town and wear the most outrageous of clothes to ensure that everyone is in no doubt that I am not wearing any undies as my tits and shaven cunt are usually fully exposed.

When we go to a nudist resort it gives us both a great feeling to stroll out of the nudist beach to be naked amongst people who are not nudists especially when we are the only ones who are nude. To be able to show my shaven cunt to others who are dressed makes my clit tingle to think that I am different from them all not only because I am naked but also because I am shaven and am proud of my bare cunt.

We live in a secluded country cottage and therefore are able to go naked at any time and we do though we have each been seen by the postman who always laughs it off saying that he didn't look. Initially we used to dare each other to go out naked to the gate and collect the milk and post. We thought that it was very daring but we have come a long way from then and quite often walk around anywhere within the boundary naked and sometimes even out into the road itself. I have washed the car down as it stood on the driveway, which is open to the lane, without wearing any clothes. There was one occasion when we were both in the front garden, which is overlooked from the lane. Chris was taking some photos of me nude by the pond when a couple went past on bicycles they almost fell off as they saw me standing there naked. A few minutes later when I was taking some photos of Chris nude they returned for a second look. They had clocked us both. Perhaps we should have invited them to join us.

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